Chavez – “You Must Be Stopped”, As Not Seen On Network Television

October 13th, 2011 at 4:33 am by Gerard

“You Must Be Stopped” (studio version available on the ‘Better Days Will Haunt You’ 2XCD/DVD set), video courtesy NBC and “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon”.  Earlier in the day, Chavez taped a version of “Laugh Track” for broadcast, but not before they were prevented from handing out copies of the newly released “Chavez : The Video Game” to every member of Fallon’s studio audience.  We heard something about “not upstaging the country-club pseudo-athlete” who was the program’s other guest.  That’s a pretty harsh way of referring to Alan Cumming, but whatever, we’re not about show biz squabbles.

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4 Responses to “Chavez – “You Must Be Stopped”, As Not Seen On Network Television”

  1. Andrew Hime Says:

    Third album?

  2. mookie Says:

    Third album!! Third Album!! Third Album!!

  3. Damien Treadwell Says:

    Queries about upcoming Chavez albums take me back to the old BB (pre-blog era that is). I hope interviewer Fallon pressed Phelps on his very tacky decision to picket Steven “Steve” Jobs’s funeral

  4. Chris Ortez Says:

    Hands-down my FAVORITE song by one of my all-time favorite bands EVER!! They played it flawlessly, too, which just seems amazing unto itself with that crazy time signature. I got to see their reunion shows New Year’s Eve in SF two(?) years ago and I’ve been praying for the third album ever since!! Thanks for posting, Matablog!