Coming In 2012 : A New Album From Ceremony

June 30th, 2011 at 11:00 am by Gerard

For several of us at Matador Records & Filmworks, ‘Rohnert Park’, the 3rd album from Northern California’s CEREMONY wasn’t merely one of our favorites of 2010, it also represented one of those moments where we sit around in a dark room and wonder aloud, “can you imagine what these guys will do next?”

Those moments usually don’t last long. Often one of the cleaners will turn on the lights and we’ll have to explain they’ve not walked in on some kind of corporate hazing ritual. In this instance, however, the moment seemed to extend for several months, finally culminating in the worst kept secret in our version of the rock biz this spring ; Ceremony’s next full-length studio album will be a Matador release in 2012.

Big Smile’s Conor Crackford called ‘Rohnert Park’, “one of the best hardcore punk albums of the new decade, a testament to punk’s relevance in the American Apocalypse and to classic hardcore’s endurance as a form of pop in it’s own right,” a statement that feels less like hyperbole and something closer to a truism after living with that record in our heads over the past year.  We’ve too much respect for what  Ross, Anthony, Andy , Justin  and Jake have already done and too much optimism over where they’re going than to raise the spectre of post-hardcore.  For starters, that would suggest we think hardcore is done & dusted .  It would imply there’s a label mandate about Ceremony’s next creative move.  Both of these things are untrue.  There’s gonna be a new album recorded this autumn, released in the first half of next year, and beyond that, we expect to be as surprised as you (albeit a bit earlier).

The announcement of Ceremony’s signing to Matador also coincides with the band’s swan song for Bridge 9, a 6-song 12″ EP/CD/digital EP entitled ‘Covers’.  Songs by Urban Waste (“Public Opinion”), Pixies (“Nimrod’s Son”), Crisis (“Holocaust”), Eddie and the Subtitles (“American Society”), Vile (“5 to 10”) and Wire (“Pink Flag”)  are reinterpreted by Ceremony on this collection of outtakes from the ‘Rohnert Park’ sessions.  Bridge Nine are taking preorders starting today.

“Sick” (mp3, from ‘Rohnert Park’, courtesy of Bridge Nine)

Ceremony (band site)

forthcoming dates :

Thursday — 30 —  Greenpoint NY —  House of Vans —  with No Age, Health, Cults

Friday — 1 — Brooklyn, NY — 538 Johnson Ave — with Veins, Give, Zero Progress, Hounds of Hate
Saturday — 2 — Baltimore, MD —  Charm City Art Space — with Joyce Manor, Sacrum, Fox & The Hound
Sunday — 3 — Philadelphia, PA — The Barbary — with Kromosom, Gypsy, Pink Coffins (3pm)
Sunday — 3 — Philadelphia, PA — Philly Punx Pinic at Blockley Pourhouse — with Kromosom, Bloodcrow Butchers, Cleansing Wave, Dopestroke, Piss Ant
Friday — 22 — Santa Barbara, CA — Sound And Fury Festival
Sunday — 24 — Rokycany, CZ — Fluff Fest
Monday — 25 — Wein, AT — Arena
Tuesday — 26 — Munchen, DE — Feierwerk
Wednesday — 27 — Stuttgart, DE — Juha West
Thursday — 28 — Zurich, CH — Dynamo Werk 21
Friday — 29 — Koln, DE — Underground
Saturday — 30 — Mol, BE — Breakout Fest

Sunday — 1 — Hannover, DE — Bei Chez Heinz
Monday — 2 — Hamburg, DE — Hafenklang
Tuesday — 3 — Berlin, DE — Hafenklang
Wednesday — 4 — Fredericia, DK — Fredericia Hardcore Festival
Thursday — 5 — Leisnig, DK — Sucks’n’Summer
Friday — 6 — Brugge, BE — JH Comma
Sunday — 8 —Port Lympne, UK — Hevy Fest

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5 Responses to “Coming In 2012 : A New Album From Ceremony”

  1. Joe Says:

    holy mother of fuck THE YOUNG and now CEREMONY, matador you dudes are the BEST.

  2. Conor Says:

    You spelled my name wrong, it’s Crockford 🙂 But thank you anyway for citing me, much appreciated.

  3. Some Hardcore 2011 Says:

    JUYL 31st playing SOME HARDCORE 2011 in Luxembourg

  4. joe Says:

    On AUGUST 3rd its CASSIOPEIA in Berlin

  5. some jealous guy Says:

    i’m glad i sold all my ceremony records