Matador New Releases Page updated

June 29th, 2011 at 6:18 pm by Patrick

After updating the Complete Discography page, we discovered that the New Releases page hadn’t been updated since September 2010. Maintaining a website is a funny thing, especially if it’s packed with static templates created in May 2001, when browser windows were narrower and PHP was virtually unheard of.

We often wish other labels maintained a new releases section so that we could see what they have been putting out lately, and what’s coming up soon. However there’s not much point to having one if you don’t keep it updated.

Check out the New Releases page to catch up on Matador and True Panther releases you may have missed in 2010 and 2011, and to see what’s coming up this July and August:

New Releases page

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3 Responses to “Matador New Releases Page updated”

  1. stewrat Says:

    Thanks – I hate to admit home much I follow this stuff….

  2. baconfat Says:

    up next: overhauling the homepage so it no longer advertises a concert event that took place nearly a year ago?

  3. Patrick Says:

    We’re not advertising it, D***n*c. We’re commemorating it.