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Coming In 2012 : A New Album From Ceremony

By Gerard on Thursday, June 30th, 2011

For several of us at Matador Records & Filmworks, ‘Rohnert Park’, the 3rd album from Northern California’s CEREMONY wasn’t merely one of our favorites of 2010, it also represented one of those moments where we sit around in a dark room and wonder aloud, “can you imagine what these guys will do next?”

Those moments usually don’t last long. Often one of the cleaners will turn on the lights and we’ll have to explain they’ve not walked in on some kind of corporate hazing ritual. In this instance, however, the moment seemed to extend for several months, finally culminating in the worst kept secret in our version of the rock biz this spring ; Ceremony’s next full-length studio album will be a Matador release in 2012.

Big Smile’s Conor Crackford called ‘Rohnert Park’, “one of the best hardcore punk albums of the new decade, a testament to punk’s relevance in the American Apocalypse and to classic hardcore’s endurance as a form of pop in it’s own right,” a statement that feels less like hyperbole and something closer to a truism after living with that record in our heads over the past year.  We’ve too much respect for what  Ross, Anthony, Andy , Justin  and Jake have already done and too much optimism over where they’re going than to raise the spectre of post-hardcore.  For starters, that would suggest we think hardcore is done & dusted .  It would imply there’s a label mandate about Ceremony’s next creative move.  Both of these things are untrue.  There’s gonna be a new album recorded this autumn, released in the first half of next year, and beyond that, we expect to be as surprised as you (albeit a bit earlier).

The announcement of Ceremony’s signing to Matador also coincides with the band’s swan song for Bridge 9, a 6-song 12″ EP/CD/digital EP entitled ‘Covers’.  Songs by Urban Waste (“Public Opinion”), Pixies (“Nimrod’s Son”), Crisis (“Holocaust”), Eddie and the Subtitles (“American Society”), Vile (“5 to 10″) and Wire (“Pink Flag”)  are reinterpreted by Ceremony on this collection of outtakes from the ‘Rohnert Park’ sessions.  Bridge Nine are taking preorders starting today.

“Sick” (mp3, from ‘Rohnert Park’, courtesy of Bridge Nine)

Ceremony (band site)

forthcoming dates :

Thursday — 30 —  Greenpoint NY —  House of Vans —  with No Age, Health, Cults

Friday — 1 — Brooklyn, NY — 538 Johnson Ave — with Veins, Give, Zero Progress, Hounds of Hate
Saturday — 2 — Baltimore, MD —  Charm City Art Space — with Joyce Manor, Sacrum, Fox & The Hound
Sunday — 3 — Philadelphia, PA — The Barbary — with Kromosom, Gypsy, Pink Coffins (3pm)
Sunday — 3 — Philadelphia, PA — Philly Punx Pinic at Blockley Pourhouse — with Kromosom, Bloodcrow Butchers, Cleansing Wave, Dopestroke, Piss Ant
Friday — 22 — Santa Barbara, CA — Sound And Fury Festival
Sunday — 24 — Rokycany, CZ — Fluff Fest
Monday — 25 — Wein, AT — Arena
Tuesday — 26 — Munchen, DE — Feierwerk
Wednesday — 27 — Stuttgart, DE — Juha West
Thursday — 28 — Zurich, CH — Dynamo Werk 21
Friday — 29 — Koln, DE — Underground
Saturday — 30 — Mol, BE — Breakout Fest

Sunday — 1 — Hannover, DE — Bei Chez Heinz
Monday — 2 — Hamburg, DE — Hafenklang
Tuesday — 3 — Berlin, DE — Hafenklang
Wednesday — 4 — Fredericia, DK — Fredericia Hardcore Festival
Thursday — 5 — Leisnig, DK — Sucks’n'Summer
Friday — 6 — Brugge, BE — JH Comma
Sunday — 8 —Port Lympne, UK — Hevy Fest

Matador New Releases Page updated

By Patrick on Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

After updating the Complete Discography page, we discovered that the New Releases page hadn’t been updated since September 2010. Maintaining a website is a funny thing, especially if it’s packed with static templates created in May 2001, when browser windows were narrower and PHP was virtually unheard of.

We often wish other labels maintained a new releases section so that we could see what they have been putting out lately, and what’s coming up soon. However there’s not much point to having one if you don’t keep it updated.

Check out the New Releases page to catch up on Matador and True Panther releases you may have missed in 2010 and 2011, and to see what’s coming up this July and August:

New Releases page

FU – David Comes To Life – The Four Singles, out today

By Patrick on Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

The four singles and 7 songs comprising the introduction and epilogue to David Comes To Life are out today for lucky participants in our Buy Early Get Now promotion.

The first 6 songs comprise an “Act 0″ to the play and introduce the setting and the characters, as laid out below. And the final one-sided 7″, “Octavio Made The Bomb,” forms the conclusion to the opera.

We’ll be laying out ways for the rest of you to get hold of this music later in the year.

OLE-960A “Byrdesdale Garden City” turned paradise into a factory
OLE-960B “Into The Light” pleasure on the edge of a knife
OLE-961A “Do All Words Can Do” David Eliade
OLE-961B “What Would You Do (For Veronica)?” Veronica Boisson
OLE-962A “Remember Me (That’s All I Ask)” Vivian Benson
OLE-962B “What They Didn’t Know” Octavio St. Laurent
OLE-963 (one-sided) “Octavio Made The Bomb” He was the one all along

Matador Complete Discography updated

By Patrick on Monday, June 27th, 2011

The Matador Complete Discography has been updated for the first time in four years.

Here you can find the answers to such burning questions as:

- why are there two catalog numbers for the Bailter Space “Thermos” LP?
- which early Matador Yo La Tengo single almost had different catalog numbers for its different FORMATS?
- what was the name of Matador’s promo-only hip hop compilation?
- what are Matador’s three jukebox-only 7″es?
- what Matador release contains “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”?
- what do the format number codes mean?
- how do I calculate the check digit for a Matador barcode?
- what Mammoth artist did Atlantic put on a split promotional cassette with a Matador artist (without asking us)?
- what is the 1200 series? the 8000 series? the 9000 series? the ELO series?
- what True Panther releases have come out since Matador acquired the label?

And so much more!!!

ENJOY. And collect ‘em all.

Matador Complete Discography

Thurston Moore – “Blood Never Lies”, An Outtake From Wednesday’s ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’

By Gerard on Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Even if you remembered to DVR watch Thurston’s appearance on national TV last night, here’s even more to chew on. Video courtesy ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ / NBC.

‘Demolished Thoughts’, LP/CD/digital album, out now.

Esben and The Witch – Film and Music Festivals, New Remix

By Judge on Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Photo of Dan and Rachel nicked from M4DW0RK‘s Flickr

Starting this weekend at the legendary Glastonbury festival, Esben and the Witch will be playing at a host of festivals across Europe this Summer, plus taking their first steps into Japan at Summersonic in August.  Whilst you’re perusing the dates, why not check out the new remix of Marching Song by Mark van Hoen (Locust, Seefeel) on the YouTube link below.

YouTube Preview Image

26th – Glastonbury Festival, UK

6th – Teatro Lara / Estrella Galicia party, Madrid, Spain
9th – Pohoda Festival, Trencin, Slovakia
10th – Volksbühne, Berlin, Germany w/ Deerhunter
15th – Latitude Festival, Southwold, UK
16th – Rock’n Coke Festival, Istanbul, Turkey

5th – Stuck Festival, Salzburg, Austria
6th – Piazza Castello, Castelbuono, Sicily
13th – Summersonic Festival, Tokyo, Japan
18th – Paredes De Coura, Porto, Portugal
19th – Pukklepop, Hasselt, Belgium.

4th – Electric Picnic, Stradbally, Ireland
9th – Bestival, Isle of Wight, UK

As well as these, E&TW are also featured at a couple of film festivals this Summer.  The incredible video for Marching Song is up for awards at the following film festivals in July.

The 19th Vila do Conde International Film Festival (Portugal) – 9th-17th July.
The 13th Rushes Soho Shorts Film Festival (UK) – showing at the ICA, London, in late July.

The truth about Toto

By Patrick on Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Fucked Up premiere video for “Queen Of Hearts”

By Patrick on Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Scott Cudmore directs the first video from Fucked Up’s David Comes To Life. His “Queen Of Hearts” is a spectacular reimagining of the song, shot on film in a remote schoolhouse in northern Ontario. Watch it in HD and full screen for best results.

YouTube Preview Image

Fucked Up start their East Coast tour this Thursday in New York, heading down to Atlanta and then back up through Chicago. West Coast follows starting July 22. Then Canada in August with Foo Fighters, and back to Europe for the rest of the month.

Thursday – 23 – New York, NY – Terminal 5 – with Dinosaur Jr. and OFF!
Friday – 24 – Boston, MA – Royale Nightclub – with JEFF The Brotherhood, iceage
Sunday – 26 – Philadelphia, PA – First Unitarian Church – with JEFF The Brotherhood
Monday – 27 – Washington, DC – Rock And Roll Hotel – with JEFF The Brotherhood
Tuesday – 28 – Raleigh, NC – Kings Barcade – with JEFF The Brotherhood
Wednesday – 29 – Atlanta, GA – The Earl – with JEFF The Brotherhood
Thursday – 30 – Nashville TN – Exit/In – with JEFF The Brotherhood

Friday – 01 – St Louis, MO – Firebird – with JEFF The Brotherhood
Saturday – 02 – Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall – with JEFF The Brotherhood
Sunday – 03 – London, ON – Call The Office

Friday – 22 – Seattle, WA – Capitol Hill Block Party
Saturday – 23 – Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theatre
Monday – 25 – San Francisco, CA – The Independent
Tuesday – 26 – Los Angeles, CA – El Rey Theatre
Wednesday – 27 – San Diego, CA – The Casbah
Saturday – 30 – Montreal, QC – Osheaga Festival

Tuesday – 09 – Toronto, ON – Air Canada Center – with Foo Fighters
Wednesday – 10 – Montreal, QC – Bell Centre – with Foo Fighters
Saturday – 13 – Sweden, Gothenburg – Way Out West
Sunday – 14 – Denmark, Aarhus – Voxhall
Monday – 15 – Germany, Hamburg – Hafenklang – Headline
Tuesday – 16 – Germany, Berlin – SO36 w/ OFF
Wednesday – 17 – Germany, Munich – 59 to 1 w/ OFF
Thursday – 18 – Germany, Weisbaden – Schlachthof w/ OFF
Friday – 19 Germany, Cologne – Underground w/ OFF
Saturday – 20 – Belgium, Hasselt – Pukkelpop – Club Tent
Sunday – 21- Switzerland, Geneva – Usine
Monday – 22 – Italy, Milan – Magnolia
Tuesday – 23 – Russia, Moscow – Flacken Design Centre
Wednesday – 24 – UK, Portsmouth – Wedgewood Rooms
Thursday – 25 – UK – London, XOYO w/ OFF
Friday – 26 – UK – Leeds, Leeds Festival – NME Stage
Saturday – 27 – Finland, Jyvaskyla – Luttakko Liekeissa
Sunday – 28 – UK, Reading – Reading Festival – NME Stage
Looking For Gold

Various Thai dishes

By Patrick on Sunday, June 19th, 2011

I recently was fortunate enough to acquire an Ultra Pride wet grinder, a contraption from Southern India that I’ve been lusting after for some time. It promised to take some of the labor out of making Thai curry pastes, an unforeseen use that was discovered on this egullet thread. Up till now I’ve been pounding the pastes by hand, one ingredient at a time, up and down not round and round, in a large granite Thai mortar and pestle. The resulting paste is smooth and creamy, a texture that is impossible to achieve in a food processor or a blender with their metal blades. The wet grinder rolls massive stone “blades” over each ingredient, mimicking the action of a pestle, really pulverizing them (and not heating them and slightly “cooking” them in the process).

You see the result above – the paste for a dry red curry of chicken, sitting on top of the blade mechanism. The paste contains seeded, soaked dried red chiles, salt, galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime zest, coriander root, red shallot, garlic and roasted shrimp paste. Here’s the finished dish:

I adapted the recipe from David Thompson, who makes it with lobster. I deep-fried slices of chicken thigh for about 30 seconds, so still slightly pink in the middle, removed the chicken, and saved 5 tablespoons of the oil. I then fried the curry paste in the oil for quite a long time until fragrant, and seasoned with fish sauce and white sugar. I then added baby bok choy and stirfried in the oily paste briefly until not quite done, and removed it. Re-added the chicken and simmered, moistening with some chicken stock, then re-added the bok choy and cooked until done (perhaps another 30 seconds max). I checked the flavor and balanced the seasoning – the curry should be quite dry and oily, and taste salty, hot, rich and slightly sweet in that order. I garnished with shredded kaffir lime leaves and cilantro leaves.

This is stir-fried minced beef with chiles and holy basil, another David Thompson preparation. The chiles are a mix of long, medium-hot green or red chiles for dark & earthy flavor, and the short, fiery, floral Thai bird chiles. It is cooked in a wok over extremely high heat (watch the garlic in the chile paste reconstitute itself in seconds and don’t burn it!), and seasoned with both light and dark soy sauce. The holy basil leaves must actually be stirred into the dish over heat and not simply laid on top as a garnish, since the intense lemony-minty flavor of holy basil only truly emerges when it is cooked.

Make sure you are buying true holy basil, with its small green leaves, not Thai basil with its large, purple-veined leaves and stems. They are quite different and serve different purposes. This does not stop many stores from selling Thai basil as holy basil, including the great Manhattan grocery Kalustyan’s (otherwise a terrific place to find Thai ingredients, including some that are hard to locate in Chinatown).

This is Thompson’s jungle curry – his recipe calls for duck and snake beans; in this instance I used chicken and apple eggplants. The recipe calls for two pastes, one of jungle curry paste (fresh green bird chiles, salt, medium chile, galangal, lemongrass, wild ginger, red shallot, garlic and roasted shrimp paste) and one of garlic, wild ginger, salt and more fresh green bird chiles. It is fiery hot but bursting with herbal flavor from holy basil and green peppercorns. Some of his ingredients I’ve not been able to find, including (on this occasion) wild ginger or grachai, and pea eggplants. I’ve substituted young ginger and mature ginger for the grachai and had great success.

Live From Toronto : The Shy, Retiring Fucked Up In A Pastoral Setting

By Gerard on Friday, June 17th, 2011

Fucked Up @ NXNE, footage courtesy NOW Magazine.  Calling the assembled throng in Dundas Sq. a sea of humanity would be a slight exaggeration.  A giant lake, however, might be accurate enough for our purposes.