Matador Releases For Record Store Day, April 16

March 29th, 2011 at 12:09 pm by Patrick

To be perfectly frank, we thought about blowing off Record Store Day this year. It’s not that we don’t support record stores – far from it, it’s what 37 of 38 employees prefer – but the huge glut of supposedly limited-edition releases, the scrum to get to the counter in the morning, and then the instant reappearance of many of the records on eBay at inflated sums are all an unintended and unwelcome side-effect of the event.

That said, we couldn’t help ourselves, and neither could three of our artists, so we proudly announce the following limited-edition items. They’re all awesome, they’re all limited, and if you don’t succeed on getting your hands on them on Record Store Day, just remember that the prices on eBay will (most likely) come down over time.

SO, on Saturday, April 16, Matador will have the following RSD exclusives:

From Byrdesdale Garden City in the UK comes the compilation album DAVID’S TOWN. Featuring 11 unreleased tracks from local bands including Gacy and the Boys, Animal Man, Grain and Hateful Coil, in styles varying from DIY to post-punk to power pop, this limited edition from FU-Discs was recorded in Byrdesdale between 1976 and 1979 and not released until now. An essential document of a thriving scene.

Next comes the new 7″ single from THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS, “Moves.” Currently moving up the radio charts, and of course featured in Tom Scharpling’s genius video for the track, it comes with the unreleased B-side “Drug Deal Of The Heart,” recorded at the sessions for the album Together. (Note: the band is playing Coachella on RSD weekend, and then will tour out of there through April and May.)

Finally we have the new 12″ from ESBEN AND THE WITCH, the great trio from Brighton, UK – many of you will have seen one of their great shows at SXSW this month. They just wrapped up their US tour and returned to their homeland. The single is the radio edit of “Chorea” and features a remix of their pounding classic “Eumenides” by Stuart Braithwaite of MOGWAI, along with an entirely unreleased 18-minute version of “Corridors” recorded for The Creators Project and only played at a special installation in London for Karl Sadler‘s Lit Forest. (Note: Esben return to the road in the UK starting this Friday.)

As usual, we will be taking down our webstore in observation of Record Store Day. Get out there, get in line, and spend some money, goddammit!!!

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12 Responses to “Matador Releases For Record Store Day, April 16”

  1. Noah Says:

    Is there a list of record stores which will be carrying these releases? Or would I be better off contacting the individual stores in my area? David’s Town must be mine.


  2. Dave Says:

    Where do you live? Where do you normally buy records?


  3. Chad Pry Says:

    You can find your local participating stores there!

  4. Jordan Says:

    how many copies of David’s Town are you guys pressing?

  5. Joe Castrianni Says:

    If you are not into the records ending up on Ebay, you should press more than 500 of the Moves single and 800 of the David’s Town LP. Thise quantities are ridiculous.

  6. kip kelgard Says:

    For the sake of argument, wouldn’t it be fair to say that without the limited releases nowhere near as many bearded hipsters would stand in line on a Saturday morning to get this shit? It is my understanding that RSD is meant to get folks(and their money) back into record stores. Filling those stores with limited releases does just that. So to Matador and all the other labels big and small participating in this event, well done. You have succeeded in putting interest into the “dying” culture of record stores. If only for one day. I guess what I’m saying is, look on the bright side motherfucker. So there.

  7. Brian Says:

    Anyone else having trouble with the New Pornographers download? I’ve tried and failed twice now to download the file. The download keeps quitting in the middle and, since you only get 3 downloads, I’m concerned that the same thing will happen with my remaining download. I’m hoping the server is busy because everyone’s trying to grab it. Will have to try again another day.

  8. eastside Says:

    I was second in line at Wax ‘n’ Facts in Atlanta on Saturday and managed to procure a copy of David’s Town. I can assure you my copy will not end up on ebay. Maybe Matador or FU would consider a free download of this crazy good record via the blogs for those who missed out? Just a suggestion. David’s Town is well worth seeking out, for sure. By hook or by crook?

  9. eastside Says:

    I just walked out of Criminal Records in Atlanta and they have two copies of David’s Town. Don’t pay outrageous prices on ebay for this. Do a little leg work, you can find this for what I paid: $17.

  10. Lightning Baltimore Says:

    OK, please tell me the guy who looked like Gerard standing in line at Criminal Records in the ATL on RSD was not actually Gerard. If, in fact, it was, then I officially feel like a poopyhead for not saying hello. It just didn’t really make sense that it would be him, you know? Then again, the glasses, requisite sideburns, omnipresent leather jacket . . .

  11. Gerard Says:

    don’t forget the coughing up of blood / constantly adjusting my toupee.

  12. Lightning Baltimore Says:

    So it was you? No wonder I kept slipping in those strange, sticky red puddles.

    My apologies for not saying hello, then.