Ira Kaplan Wins “First Radio Promo of 2011” Award

Provided that were a real thing, perhaps. But Yo La Tengo’s Ira Kaplan will, indeed, be the first Matador artist to take part in any radio promo in 2011. A mere five days into the new year, Ira will take to the airwaves at WNYC to chat with host John Schaefer in a segment entitled “The Art of the Set List”. Sure to be discussed will be Yo La’s upcoming tour dates and the fascinating Wheel of Wonder/Mystery/Confusion/Something that will be present during all the gigs on this run. Tune in to gain a behind-the-curtain glance at the YLT set list decision process at 2:30PM on 93.9FM or click on over to WNYC’s website for your inside look.