Perfume Genius slipcase edition out Tuesday, new songs

Just in time for the holidays, we’re reissuing the devastating debut album from Seattle’s Perfume Genius, aka Mike Hadreas, in a new slipcase edition. If you missed ‘Learning’ when it came out last June, now is your chance to explore the most critically acclaimed album Matador released this year. Get one for yourself, then get another for your loved one.

The new version of the CD comes in a cardboard slipcase with new artwork (above), along with a coupon entitling you to downloads of three new tracks: “Dreeem,” “Your Drum” and “Divine Faxes.” The new version of the LP is stickered with information about the new tracks, which have been added to the standard download coupon inside.

Check out an MP3 of “Dreeem” here:

Dreeem (192k mp3)

Preorder the slipcase edition here:


Perfume Genius will be playing one more show this year, in Seattle this Saturday December 4, at the Healthy Times Fun Club.

The first proper video for Perfume Genius, “Lookout Lookout,” directed by Patrick Sher, will premiere next week. Keep your eye on this space for further information.

5 thoughts on “Perfume Genius slipcase edition out Tuesday, new songs”

  1. And for those of us that didn’t miss it last June, we are rewarded by having to buy it again in order to get these new tracks?

  2. The extra tracks will be available as a la carte downloads. Look at it this way – you’ve gotten to enjoy the album for six months longer than anyone else.

  3. What is the bitrate for the bonus songs? Are they available in flac? I have the CD already, but would buy it again to get the 3 extra songs if they were available in flac.

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