Belle and Sebastian Write About Love Contest FAQs

October 19th, 2010 at 2:03 pm by Michael

Jeez you people are psyched!! And we couldn’t be happier. But we have received a fair amount of questions pertaining to this contest so here you go. Hope this covers it.

Q: Can I enter more than once?
A: Each code is good for one entry, so yes as long as you have more than one valid code than you can submit multiple entries.

Q: Will I retain ownership of my entry?
A: Nah. Everything submitted becomes property of Matador. Of course, the winner will be credited on the record (and thus thoroughly blogged about and locally hi-fived).

A: Deep breath. Email and we’ll replace it.

Q: I live in Belarus. Can I enter?
A: Belarus is actually AWESOME. But sorry, no. The contest is open to U.S. and Canada only.

Q: Can I log on to the website more than once?
A: Yes. Your code is not marked as “used” until you submit it with an essay. Meaning you can enter your code, log in, collect your thoughts, spell check, have a coffee and then go back and submit your entry.

Q: What is the deadline for the contest?
A: January 1st, 2011… or 1/1/11… or New Year’s Day 2011. However you wanna look at it.

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15 Responses to “Belle and Sebastian Write About Love Contest FAQs”

  1. Lauren Michelle Says:

    If I buy the CD on iTunes, will it give me a code?

  2. Patrick Says:

    I’m sorry, but this contest is limited to physical purchases only.

  3. Seamus Says:

    All the entries become property of Matador, even the ones that don’t win? Why?

  4. AbbyLeigh Says:

    Where on the CD is the code? having trouble finding it – probably being stupid!


  5. Mike Says:

    It should be on the outside wrapper. Did you get all excited and throw that part away? If so, email me for a replacement.

  6. Mike Says:

    I guess it would help if I included my email.

  7. ArthurMiller Says:

    i just want to download the MP3s that are supposed to come with the album but all i can find is the card for the contest. Am I missing something?

  8. Phillip Park Says:

    Hmmm- really?

    What a shame that the above, NEWLY-CREATED contest ‘rules’ (including this humdinger: “Everything submitted becomes property of Matador”) were NOT EVER spelled out (here or anywhere) until well after so many of us submitted pieces of our own original writing – in good faith – for a contest that Matador’s website presented as “the coolest thing ever”.

    No worries, though, considering that I have two complete, time and date stamped screenshots of my own full submission, taken immediately before the ‘submit’ button was mouse-clicked.

    These at least will prove beyond a doubt that my submission was made at least one full week before October 19th, 2010, when the above “Belle and Sebastian Write About Love Contest FAQs” first appeared, introducing these COMPLETELY NEW rules after the fact.

    So… I guess I probably shouldn’t hold my breath waiting to win THIS particular contest, should I?

  9. Miki Says:

    This is so not fair! I want to be in! Belle & Sebastian are playing here in Argentina tomorrow, maybe if they really like it here they could let Argentines be contestants, right? Right? 😉

    And I’ll say it here too, please pick me, MIKI, tomorrow to go on stage! I want to dance with Stevie! Please! Hey, it’s only fair; I can’t be part of this contest, you should at least let go on stage :).


  10. Kathryn Owens Says:

    Is there any way we can see our story after we submit it?

  11. Noelle Says:

    Hi there,

    I just submitted my ‘Write About Love’ entry but I didn’t receive any type of confirmation email back from anyone saying it was received… Should I have received one, or no? Just wanted to double check!!

    Thanks so much!!

  12. Ray Says:

    I’m with Kathryn and Noelle — as with any “official” online contest, we should receive an e-mail confirmation that our entry was received. If not, there should at least be a way for us to use our original code to log in and confirm that what you received is verbatim what we submitted. That’s only fair, since our entries become the property of Matador and we cannot go back and edit them.

  13. Kip Says:

    I too received two entries to the contest, but nothing about the “free download of entire album” (which is why I bought vinyl). I also have emailed Matador about this with no response – help?


  14. Mike Says:

    You can login more than once. But entries are limited to one per code.

    Kip can you email me at and I’ll help you with that download.

  15. Mike Says:

    Hey guys,
    Just so everyone knows the contest has closed as of 1/1/11.
    We are working on finding our winner and will have news of him or her soon.
    Thanks for participating!