Ted Leo and The Pharmacists, Appearing At Lance Hahn Memorial Gig, Austin, Saturday 10/9

October 22 of this month will mark the 3rd anniversary of the untimely passage of Lance Hahn. Whether you knew Lance thru his tenures leading Cringer or J-Church, his Honey Bear label or his writing for MRR or his own Some Hope & Some Despair…or perhaps just knew him thru his years in the service of some of America’s finest record and video stores, you were lucky to be have a pretty inspirational guy in your ears or your head. Some of his friends are banding together this Saturday night at Austin’s Red 7 to raise loot for his family ; amongst the participants, our own TL/RX and ‘Casual Victim Pile’ grads Wild America. But the entire bill is great. C’mon out w/ cash in hand, or purchase advance tickets here.