Matador At 21 : The Lost Weekend – AUTOPSY TIME

October 6th, 2010 at 5:23 pm by Gerard

That didn’t turn out so badly
, did it? From our perspective the paying customers and bands at last weekend’s Matador 21 celebrations at The Palms (NOT SHOWN ABOVE, sheesh!) had a great time.  So did we — ridiculously so.  I think I can speak on behalf of Chris, Patrick and Martin when I say the 72 whirlwind was equal parts humbling, gratifying and inspiring — the overwhelming majority of performances were scorchers (feel free to rate ‘em yourself in the comments area) and we couldn’t have been more psyched to be surrounded by such a crazy bunch of friends, old and new, from around the world.  That so many of you went to such lengths to attend this event is not something we’re gonna forget for a very long time.

We’ve got a mountain of people to thank and if I’ve left anyone out, please take it easy on me BECAUSE MY HEAD STILL HURTS FROM SUNDAY.  To our co-promoter, FYF Fest (Sean Carlson, Phil Hoelting, Mariko Jones) gracias for believing this could actually work.   To our hosts, The Palms Resort & Casino, you couldn’t have been more gracious or helpful (especially when you removed the “PRIME RIB SPECIAL” text and replaced it with “MATADOR 21 : SOLD OUT” on the marquee).  Though the auspices of MySpace Music, millions of viewers around the globe were able to see Mitch Mitchell nearly get his lights punched out some amazing shows.  Altamont – thanks for the cool tote bags (and for not cursing us, with, y’know, Altamont-esque vibes) , Incase, thanks for the iPhone cases.  Sailor Jerry, Miller and Black Star — despite nearly killing a few of us, we’re thanking you as well.

Transmission‘s Graham Williams and Johnny Sarkis performed tireless troubleshooting duties just hours after opening a new venue in Austin, TX.   David Scheid became “THE FIXER” in ways that had no impact on Sunday’s NFL schedule, but heroically assisted our efforts over the weekend in ways we can barely quantify.  I’ve already thanked Nils Bernstein, Gabe Spierer and Adam Farrell privately, so I’ll not embarrass them by citing their brilliant work in this public space. Winston Case’s excursions into the Matador video vaults might’ve exposed him to asbestos, bed bugs and VIDEO MADNESS, but such sacrifices kept us entertained between bands. Archivist Jesper Eklow and former design geniuses, Mark Ohe and Frank Longo, helped assemble many of the fantastic materials that were on dazzling display over the course of the weekend.  We thank Zia Records and Origami Records for setting up show in the lobby, and patiently answering my inquiry about that “fuck you” song I’ve heard so much about (weirdly, that record wasn’t for sale).

Our masters of ceremonies for the weekend were thrown to the lions and somehow emerged unscathed ;  Jeffrey Jensen, Bob Nastanovich, Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster, thank you so much for sparing all 2300 ticket holders the “humor” of Jay Mohr.   On the DJ front, we commend Mike Haliechuk, James McNew, Dean Bein, Rusty Clarke and Dave Martin for supplying excellent pre-recorded entertainment.   Karaoke Underground made their Las Vegas debut late Saturday and Sunday nights and with assistance from such members of the Matador roster as Ted Leo, Sandy Miranda, Ira Kaplan and Georgia Hubley, showed the Matador at 21 attendees what Austin residents have known for ages (ie. K.U.’s shows-are-tops, so thanks, Kaleb & Hannah).

An attempt to do something on this scale wasn’t gonna be without hiccups  — or wild coughing spasms.  But by the time Guided By Voices had concluded their 30 song set early Monday morning, we felt like The Lost Weekend was everything we’d hoped for and a little bit more.  You might feel otherwise, and perhaps someday there will be an open forum of some sort where you can freely express your dissent. Until that day arrives, however, everyone who wasn’t there will just have to trust me when I say Matador At 21 Was  A Blast (and now I need a cold washcloth).  To the people who care so much about our artists and label, thank you for sharing it with us.

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82 Responses to “Matador At 21 : The Lost Weekend – AUTOPSY TIME”

  1. andrea Says:

    had a blast (i think), thanks matador and all those who participated!

  2. Doug Says:


    Thanks to everyone for everything. I love you guys.

  3. Andrew Hime Says:

    So, when’s the next one?

  4. Bubbles Says:

    That was the most fun I’ve ever had in Vegas. Many congratulations on an impressive feat.

  5. Ken Katkin Says:

    What a magical weekend! Among other amazing things that happened to me: (1) my son caught an autographed nerf football tossed into the crowd by Stuart Murdoch; (2) my cousin won a $1000 no-limit hold-’em tourney (on a $75 buy-in); two friends of mine who have been angry at each other for a decade reconciled; and (4) I learned of the existence of ancient cassette tapes of Tom Scharpling crank-calling my old WFMU show, back from before he had his own WFMU show! The music this weekend wasn’t bad either!

  6. Lena Says:

    Easily the best weekend I’ve ever spend in Vegas. Thank you so very much…it was amazing. Can we do it again next year? Pretty please?

  7. Chris Says:

    Amen, Gerard. The weekend lived up to my ridiculously high expectations am then some. Thanks to you and the rest of the crew for your blood, sweat and tears. See you at Matador 25…?

  8. Leslie Says:

    Agreed, it was the best birthday celebration ever. Read about it in the University of Las Vegas student newspaper here!

  9. noyoucmon Says:

    To the Matador staff: The weekend was magical and pulled off with very little to grumble about. I had a great time and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  10. susie g Says:

    seriously one of the greatest weekends of my life — thank you so, so much, matador!! the rest of my life shall now commence paling in comparison.

  11. Mark Says:

    Thanks guys. When your only beefs about the weekend are that the bar ran out of tonic on Sunday and that the gray Matador At 21 shirt in my size was solid out, you know things were pretty great (any chance of selling more shirts online?). So much could have gone wrong; so little actually did. The shows were amazing, the venue staff hospitable, the friendship and camaraderie priceless. I had a blast. THANK YOU ALL.

  12. Mandi Says:

    THANK YOU MATADOR! The Lost Weekend has easily become one of my most cherished moments in life, and I’m so fortunate to have shared it with all of you amazing people. For 21 years you’ve given me some of my favorite music, and now this?! What did I do to deserve this? The scene at the Palms was magical – a true celebration of your greatness. Congratulations, you guys are really the best and I’ll never forget it.

  13. Andy Says:

    Thanks for inviting the general public to a kickass weekend. It felt like a once in a lifetime experience for everyone in my group.

    Shows were mostly terrific. Sonic Youth wins – they destroyed (honorable mention to Superchunk and Yo La Tengo). The Palms was a great host venue. Great rooms, loved the matador music on the radio + having gold coast accross the street for cheaper gambling was nice. Indie rock karaoke was indeed badass and I even played a little drunken basketball in the VIP suite. By far the best “festival” i’ve ever been to. I’m not even sure I could compare it to regular festivals like Coachella/ACL/etc. I think almost everyone felt humbled to be a part of it.

    Minor curiosity – What was the deal with the sound during Pavement’s set (and a few others)?

    Also, I thought the security guard was going to MURDER the guy who ran accross the stage during Blue Line Swinger.

  14. TFlyAmy Says:

    Hey, dont forget Ticketfly. Those people all got in somehow, didnt they….?

  15. Jon Says:

    I think I’m one of the few guests that actually used the awesome whirlpool hot tub in the hotel room. Twice, but not necessarily in my own room. People were great, bands were great. Two points to settle: I’m not the Damien from Fucked Up, and I’m not the dude in the Hardwood hot tub that got messy.

  16. toby Says:

    Thank you Matador! That was one weekend I will never forget (and hardly remember…) It really was spectacular.
    I can’t thank you all enough.

  17. Gerard Says:

    you’d have to ask Pavement but they seemed to be having individual monitor issues — I think the actual sound in the house for their set was just fine (not talking about the actual performance, mind you). Opinions seem varied about the sound over the course of the weekend. I was pleasantly surprised at the overall quality but have read a handful of complaints.

    The guy who ran across the stage during “Blue Line Swinger” was Mitch Mitchell of Guided By Voices.

  18. oleus Says:

    one of the best weekends of my entire life, easily. if there were any hiccups, they must have been way behind the curtain because i sure as hell didn’t see any (pavement infighting doesn’t count). made it to every show except shearwater and the first late night show (really regret that one, but i was on my last legs, up for almost 24 hours and knew i’d be blowing it for myself if i stayed up one more minute). the surreal late-night-free-beer esben/coldcave/dead meadow experience seems like a weird dream. the downstairs bartenders were generous with their drink-special pours (anyone complaining about drink prices weren’t going to the right bartenders). even the intermission videos/music were eye opening, turned me onto at least 3 bands i didn’t know much about. watching kurt vile rip through “freak train” at the matinee while my braves clinched the wildcard was insane. sonic youth was insane. gbv – goes without saying. belle and sebastian gave me a fourth wind of happiness saturday night with their epic heap of brightness.

    I could keep going but won’t… this weekend is forever imprinted in my thoughts. for many reasons.

    thanks gerard, for everything….i didn’t know exactly what kind of vibe was going to end up happening but it blew me away in terms of both the music and the crowd dynamic. the setting was strangely perfect. kudos.

    PS – anyone else shocked how convenient it was to get back onto the floor when you wanted to? i expected that to be an issue. the pearl staff were very very unobtrusive…i

  19. dick Says:

    thank you matador!

    top five perfomances of the weekend:
    1. sonic youth
    2. chavez
    3. guided by voices
    4. superchunk
    5. yo la tengo

  20. Thanks Says:

    such a great weekend! Thank you.
    My favorite 3 sets were: Sonic youth was truly amazing 2. perfume genius’s “party jams”. This kid is great. Seattle!!! 3. GBV – although I thought the LA show was better, they are kings!

  21. Raul Cachay Says:

    The best weekend of my existence. Gracias infinitas. Matador!!!!

    Raul (the guy from Peru)

  22. TroutDog Says:

    Epic, epic epic. Thanks for everyone that made this happen and the awesome vibe throughout.

    In no particular order (except #1) – G-B-V, Chavez, Superchunk, The Clean, Sonic Youth, Jon Spencer. Collectively, the whole weekend ruled!!!!

  23. dam Says:

    Thanks again for putting this on – a great time was had.

  24. dam Says:

    I had such a great time that I may need to take another vacation to recover. Thanks once again.

  25. James J. Says:

    Great weekend – chronologically, Chavez, SY, Band Battle, Superchunk, Ted Leo, Liz, and GBV were my favorites. Friday & Sunday are now the two top concert experiences of my life, and everyone I met (fans, staff, musicians) was friendly and having as much fun as me.

    Gerard – I somehow didn’t make it home with my M@21 shirt. Will the leftovers be offered for sale in the online store?

    Thanks again!

  26. Derek Says:

    wow, what a weekend. thanks to all who helped make this happen. you guys make a big difference to a lot of people.

    favorite moments (from a big superchunk fan, so please forgive the bias):
    - during superchunk ‘sound check’, laura yelling ‘blues explosion’ as her mic was turned on
    - fucked up/ted leo after party show. i know a lot has been said about this, but a once in a lifetime show. ted leo was raised quite a few pegs in my book after this weekend, granted is the first time i had seem him play live.
    - run in with Pink Eyes and his wife and child in an elevator. i told them he made my wife and feel guilty about not bringing our kids to the shows, to which he responded, ‘we are getting a lot of that’. what a nice guy, he was so super friendly. and who knew they would allow strollers on the floor at the shows?
    - seeing mac all over the place – he really gets around. we even saw him at the airport on mon morn where he was as friendly as ever. i think he thinks i am stalking him after bum rushing him at the denver superchunk show and asking to get my picture taken with him. however, i saw a lot of people do this to him during the weekend, so that made me feel better about it.
    - times new viking show. a big highlight for me.
    - all the random conversations with fellow fans and band members, many of which i didn’t even know who they where at the time, but then saw them on stage at a later show. goes to show that most of them are also fans like the rest of us…
    - chavez show. i really hope they keep playing.

    my goal was to make it to every show, which i did except on friday night i couldn’t make it though the entire guitar wolf set. kinda bummed i didn’t see the karaoke underground antics, but the cold cave and dead meadow sets were cool too. esp. the fur monster.

    thanks again matador!

  27. Monroe Says:

    Last time I went to Vegas in 1993, suicide seemed like the only logical response to that town (the Luxor coupled with a tour of the nuclear test site will apparently have that effect), but this time, I was just so happy. Thank you so much Matador. It was an absolutely brilliant weekend. I’m incredibly grateful that I was able to able to attend … you all did a tremendous job.

  28. steven m Says:

    Thank you for the great weekend, Matador! This was seriously the best concert that has ever come to my town. I spent the whole weekend right on the front of the stage, caught every band, didn’t even sleep between one of the days (working on a paper for school) and it was totally worth it.

    My top five perfomances:

    1. Ted leo
    2 Fucked Up
    3. Sonic Youth
    4. Superchunk
    5. New Pornographers

    plus an honorable mention to the Ted Leo vs Fucked Up show which was completely awesome!

    The only band of yours that I had seen before this event was Fucked Up and I hope to get to see more of your bands again soon because they were all awesome! Not a bad set in the bunch.

  29. kerry Says:

    I had a great time. The crowd was especially wonderful. As ridiculous music fans, I suppose this was our religious experience. Hearts to all of you. Matador, you fill the music world with unpretentious love.

  30. richard Says:

    just wanted to put in a HUGE thank you to the matador label, the bands, and all the folks who enjoyed the shows with me. i’m 26, and wasn’t around for the touring heyday of most of these groups. i’d basically resigned myself to never seeing chavez, pavement, gbv and all the rest of the bands that played this weekend…so to get the chance to witness them playing live meant a lot. my liver is less thankful, but who cares

  31. Andrew Hime Says:

    But before you plan the next party, I think we all can agree: get Chavez to record a 3rd album.

  32. Dan Says:

    So so awesome. Thanks to Matador, the bands, everyone mentioned above, and props to Ticketfly for such a smooth registration bracelet delivery system.

    All the sets that I saw ranged from merely very good to one-of-a-kind spectacular. If nothing else, I’m going to smiling about that Ted Leo vs. Fucked Up punk-rock-cover-showdown for a LONG time. Just sorry I missed indie-rock-kareoke-shenanigans.

    Here’s to Matador 22 next year!

  33. Todd Says:

    This is actually a sound out to Katerina from Brazil, I would love the photo you took of me and my brother and Dad as an awesome reminder of our trip (and yes, to keep in touch!!).
    Email me at
    p.s. to the guy that generously handed me an unopened bottle of JD in the Hardwood Suite, thankyou very much also!!

  34. Long Time Listener Says:

    Loved every minute, one of the best weekends of my life. THANK YOU!!!

  35. MTS Says:

    Thank you Matador, for teaching me that roulette IS a perfectly good way to waste some time.

  36. johnnyburma Says:

    It was the best concert going experience of my life. It will be very hard to beat.
    Matador houses so many great, great drummers..

    My sincere thanks for everything,

    London, Ontario, Canada

  37. Sean Says:

    Thank you Matador. Truly amazing. Last weekend will go down as the greatest musical event I have ever had the pleasure of attending. Although I almost feel this weird sense of loss; like nothing will be ever be as fantastic as Matador at 21. Again, thank you. And, what the hell man, I love you.

  38. Tim Adams Says:

    Fantastic weekend, fantastic festival, salut to all involved in putting this on. So many great sets, but for me the two best bands were Belle & Sebastian and Sonic Youth, both of whom brought it like I’ve never seen them do before.

    Regarding the sound, our seats were in the front row right behind the mixing desk, and it definitely varied in quality — B&S, Chavez and SY sounded perfect, while the mixing of New Pornos was just “off”. The keyboards were louder than Neko’s voice or Kurt’s drums, which sorta ruined their set for me. Also, GBV’s drum/cymbal micing resulted in the drums being way down in the mix. Oh well, minor complaints during an otherwise stellar weekend.

    I also thought it was almost too perfect that we were greeted with a ginormous DJ PAULY D sign as we pulled into the Palms’ parking lot on Friday.

  39. Chris Bosh Says:

    I’m I the only one who thinks the best performance of the weekend was Cast a Shadow by Ted Leo at the Karaoke Underground party?

  40. Michaela Says:

    Thanks all at Matador for the spectacular event; there honestly aren’t words to convey how thrilling it was to see so many of my favorite bands of all time (Shearwater, JSBX, Ted Leo/RX, The New Pornographers, Belle & Sebastian), the new, charming faces (Esben and the Witch, Cold Cave), and some new/old faves (Come, Chavez, Fucked Up, Guitar Wolf) — not to mention that semi-nostalgic repeat of watching the Matador showcase at SXSW 1995 through the chain link fence at Liberty Lunch (vintage Liz Phair). Pretty close to perfect, in my estimation. xoxo

  41. TomO Says:

    This weekend had a feel different than any other festival. I can’t express enough how much fun I had, how much great music I saw, and how I want to do it all again tomorrow. Ok, maybe in another week or so, I’m still hungover.

    Having GBV close Sunday night was the best possible way to close the show. Completely fitting. Looooved Ted Leo. Was blown away by Yo La Tengo. Had no idea what to expect for Fucked Up, and it totally renewed my love for that.

    Random highlights? The fact that while gambling, you could see a wristband and randomly talk to anyone on a common ground. Everyone had a feel of excitement for being there. The couple who got married on Sunday that I met. Dancing in the suite at 4am on Sunday. Hanging out in the hot tub for 2 hours on Friday during the opening party (no, I’m not the guy from Fucked Up, yes, I am the guy in the Bowie shirt in the suite hot tub who ended up getting soaked).

    My only regrets? Not making it into the karaoke, not having enough gas to do the Ted Leo/Fucked Up set, and having such a poor jump shot while drunk during the pickup game Saturday night in the hardwood suite.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Let’s do it again soon.

  42. Clay Says:

    This was an amazing weekend. After trying to get tickets for months with no avail., it finally came through for me at the last minute. I had the time of my life. New Pornographers, Girls, Superchunk, Spoon, all ruled. No seat was a bad one, and being on the floor was a blast and everyone was so accommodating and cool (I am very short). I loved hanging out at the Palms all weekend, seeing indie rockstars hanging out so casually everywhere. My only regret is not getting to that Karaoke Underground. Something I am still beating myself up over! I hope I will get to go to Matador 25!

  43. Mike Goldsman Says:

    Nothing more to say that hasn’t been said above… Thanks to all involved!

    And ESPECIALLY thank you to the guy manning the registration table Sunday night! – My wife, who, with her very small hands, was able to remove her wristband, had left it back at the Bellagio. I told the man at the table what she had done and rather than make us go back to pick it up (and waste 30 minutes / $20) – he replaced it no questions asked. This was a perfect example of the vibe over the weekend.

  44. Lauren Says:

    This was so awesome! Thank you for making this so kid friendly. We (Holden the toddler included) had such a great time!

  45. Dave Says:

    TO: Matador
    FROM: Dave’s Liver

    I’ll forgive you the damage, but only because the event was so spectacular.

  46. Kendra Says:

    I have to say that the actual concert venue worked out really well–the sound from the balcony was fine for the most part, and I enjoyed being able to sit down, especially since I was sick the entire weekend (if I had to stand for the 10 hour marathon of bands on Saturday, I think I would have keeled over). I’m also glad that it was no-smoking inside the hall.
    As one of the younger attendees, it was really cool to be able to talk to older fans and boggle at concerts they’d been to in the past. My highlights were definitely Fucked Up, Belle and Sebastian, and JSBX–and I wasn’t even totally a fan of any of these bands previously! Wish there were more autograph sessions, meeting Pink Eye was awesome (and he drew in my sketchbook). My only complaints are that it would have been nice to (openly) have food in the venue (pocket-smuggled bagels are srsly lacking).

    I also enjoyed the between-set music vids and stuff on the screens, watching Pavement on Space Ghost or the Beavis and Butthead segments were entirely appropriate time killers.

  47. Dave Says:

    Seriously, this is one of the highlights of a long concert-going career. I can’t say enough about how great everyone was at the event. It was so much fun to connect with the fans (whether it was at the show, in a line, or just a funny comment in passing in an elevator) everyone was so nice/happy/content.

    One of the highlights of my weekend was seeing Jim White wandering through the casino. I didn’t know if he was there with someone (turns out Cat Power), so I went to speak with him. Such a nice and approachable fellow: we discussed ATP, Dirty Three, Bonnie Prince Billy and Nick Cave, all in about a 5 minute walk through the casino. What a treat to see and speak with him…

    Gerard, and all the people you mentioned, thank you! Thank you to the Fans, too.

  48. Dylan B Says:

    I don’t know if I enjoyed the music of the people more. What a crowd. And nothing, I mean nothing, beat being able to take a 3 minute stumble up to my room for a recharge. I was so excited about that I would walk up just for the sake of it, and invite total strangers with me for a free beer/cocktail to share the joy.

    I didn’t detect any problems with Pavement (outside of the usual), I was too excited seeing them for the first time to be upset. I kept telling everyone I could “We are seeing the last hour of Pavement in the U.S”.

    I think Sonic Youth stole the show though, what a set!!!

    Thank you so much Matador, I know you could have made a bunch more money with a typical outdoor festival, but I know you made about 2000 people absolute diehard Matador fans if they weren’t already.

    My only regrets were missing most of the Ted Leo vs Fucked Up show (Sleep) and not trying to buy a t-shirt until after GBV, because the merchandise was gone by then.

    Any chance I can get a Matador @ 21 t-shirt online later?

  49. Dylan B Says:

    One last thing. For my sanity, can someone else please tell that since they got home, they have spent every waking hour scanning the internet for articles, photos, and videos about this show?

  50. trappedinstatic Says:

    I had a great time watching all the streams. was there any mention or memorial for Jay? He was all I thought of while I was drinking and enjoying. RIP Jimmy lee….

  51. oleus Says:

    no formal mention of jay unless i missed it, but spoon played a reatard song, and they played “it ain’t gonna save me” on the video screens during an intermission. his presence was sadly missed.

    highlights for me (excluding GBV because i’m biased, favorite band ever)

    1. sonic youth (believe the hype, it was phenomenal)
    2. belle and sebastian (far exceeded my expectations)
    3. fucked up (a revelation)
    4. yo la tengo (hadn’t seen them since 1992 and they appear to have not aged)
    5. chavez

    runner up – esben/cold cave (dark electro goth dance music with free beer works for me)

    day 1 was insane.

    the only time i was distracted was New Pornos – something was off, not sure if it was in the performance or sound but it was like a different band than i’d seen a few months ago. hard to describe

  52. Chunge Says:

    Never could get the stream to work on iphone…

  53. blahblah Says:

    My prediction of the best concert event that will ever occur in the 21st century was spot on. That was so, so, so much fun. The whole weekend – from the insanity of the Hardwood Suite to the shieky digs in my 1-bedroom suite to the amazingness of the gigs themselves to the crazy and awesome people everywhere.

    I woke up every morning exclaiming “WOW!” about the night before. I’m still floating on air that I was actually there and witnessed every band (except Shearwater).

    My favorites in no particular order:

    1) Sonic Youth (top 3 performance of 34 I’ve seen over the last 20 years)
    2) Yo La Tengo
    3) Belle and Sebastian
    4) Ted Leo
    5) Superchunk
    6) Cold Cave
    7) The Clean
    8) GBV (they played “My Impression Now” WOW!)
    9) Every other band…

    Thanks Matador! I’ll see you in 21 more years!

  54. susie Says:

    Dylan B says: “One last thing. For my sanity, can someone else please tell that since they got home, they have spent every waking hour scanning the internet for articles, photos, and videos about this show?”

    yes, yes, yes. the other 5 people i knew there have been doing the same as well. And what Sean said:

    “Although I almost feel this weird sense of loss; like nothing will be ever be as fantastic as Matador at 21.”

  55. poisonafro Says:

    THIS Vegas local was super stoked to have y’all in town for the most amazing weekend ever! Chavez absolutely killed it, what band would want to follow that set? Seeing Come for the first time in 16 years was well worth the wait. And Sonic Youth and Yo La Tengo proved why they are indie legends. I was lucky enough to meet Liz Phair at the merch booth on Saturday night, she looked beautiful and sounded even better on Sunday night. Awesome awesome awesome weekend! Thank you Matador Records. Thank you:)

  56. Patrick Says:

    The box set is in memoriam to Jay (amongst others whom we have lost). RIP, Jay.

  57. Patrick Says:

    re: T-shirts – we do hope to have a few left over to sell. Please stay tuned, just waiting for returns from the West Coast.

    thanks to everyone for all the kind comments. it was the time of my life.

  58. Local Vegas Girl Says:

    Thank you Matador for the best weekend of my life thus far and for bringing this amazing event to my hometown. To the boy who I made out with at the Hardwood Suites afterparty, thank you for making me walk around all weekend with a silly grin on my face! Come back soon Matador!

  59. Mike T Says:

    Best weekend, best concert experience of my life. Just amazing to be able to walk down to within 15 feet, dead center, for any band. Some personal highlights: the faux-crowd baiting from new pornos in the “no no no” singalong (and chatting with their guitarist in the elevator directly after); B&S redeeming “Fold Your Hands…” – awesome setlist; SY laying waste. As others have said, there’s a sense of loss because it’s impossible to imagine a better event.

  60. JJ Says:

    Can’t believe no one is mentioning Cat Power. That was a real fest highlight for me, and I don’t even follow Cat Power.

  61. Shawn Says:

    What a great weekend. Made me a new fan of Chavez, The Clean, Dead Meadow, and Fucked Up. Reminded me why I love GBV and Sonic Youth. Kareoke Underground was a blast to watch – wish I’d known it continued on Sunday night too!

    For the above commenters, Jay also got a nice tribute when Fucked Up covered An Ugly Death during the band battle.

    Any chance some of the show posters will be for sale online? I really wanted to buy one but there were no tubes available at the merch stand and it would’ve gotten wrecked in transit. Also a big thanks for the lo-price Matador CD releases at the merch table – a great way to get caught up on albums I missed.

  62. Olivier Says:

    Gotta say Harlem were awesome, their short set was SO fun. It solidified my suspicion that Hippies will be my favorite album of the year.

    Girls’ set was beautiful, too bad it ended the way it did. Substance is an amazing song, can’t wait for the next album.

    My favorite moments would have to be Pavement ending their set with AT & T and Yo La Tengo with Blue Line Swinger though, my very favorite songs from both bands. Almost got pretty emotional actually! Add to the mix all those great performances from all the bands (past and current) and it went way beyond nostalgia. Thank you so much!

  63. MF Says:

    Fantastic weekend! I met some amazing people and had a wonderful time. Further, I was amazed by how every band put on what was one of their best performance. Highlights for me were: GBV (cuz it was a big party!), Jon Spencer, Sonic Youth, Kurt Vile, Superchunk, Fucked Up, and Come. There were certainly other great sets, but those are the bands that stick out. I really appreciate all the effort and passion that was put into making this weekend possible. Thanks Matador staff!

  64. Barabajagal Says:

    Loved it, keep thinking about it, wish I could do it over with massive amounts of stimulants so I would have been able to make all the early stuff and after-hours stuff, too. Sonic Youth was awesome, Pavement, B & S, GBV, Cat power was AMAZING (Jim White–so good)–hell, even groups I don’t like that much were awesome. So much fun! Thanks Matador, glad we could help you celebrate!

  65. susie Says:

    I can’t believe more people aren’t mentioning when Stuart Murdoch almost slipped onstage on a BANANA PEEL. total gag/cartoon moment!

  66. Kaleb Says:

    Patrick, are there any of James McNew’s posters with the Everything Flows chorus left? Kicking myself for forgetting to buy one.

    There were so many great performances, but to pick one, Chavez really blew me away. My expectations were pretty in sync with the other performers but for some reason Chavez’s records didn’t really click with me until I saw them this weekend. Hannah and I were staggering zombies singing “Unreal Is Here” all the way home to Austin.

    I’m humbled to see so many people mention Karaoke Underground as one of their highlights. We had an amazing time and we’re eternally grateful to Gerard and Matador for bringing us to Vegas. This was the best weekend ever, no doubt.

  67. Listener Greg Says:

    I can’t even begin to thank you guys for one of the most memorable weekends of my life. I was debating whether or not to pull the trigger on going because income has been spotty lately, but GOD is the credit card debt worth it. If I had known how life affirming it would be, I would’ve paid triple what I did.

  68. sonic tooth Says:

    such a ridic time. i knew i’d be bummed come monday…..but i still am. can’t that weekend just stretch out into life-size time? so. much. fun.
    my faves. 1. GBV 2. the Clean 3. Chavez 4. JSBX 5. Fucked Up 6. Sonic Youth 7. Everything else……………
    My apologies to anyone at the McCarran Intl Airport on Monday who doesn’t like drunken idiots saying “Blues Explosion!” in random bursts.

  69. humanclock Says:

    Wow! I didn’t know it was legal to pack this much fun into such a short amount of time! I echo the comments about Chavez. Both my wife and I only knew of them and they were one of the highlights. Even a relative in Arkansas who was watching the myspace stream told my wife how much he enjoyed their set even though he knew nothing about them.

    This event must have been a logistical nightmare to pull off. Question…how long before the announcement date had you all been planning and preparing for this event?

    I have to say that one of the highlights for me was actually the Karaoke Underground event. Of course I loved all the bands and everything, but it was really special to see regular people have a chance to sing songs that they truly love. (cue scene from Almost Famous with Sapphire saying “To truly love some silly little piece of music, or some band, so much that it hurts”).

    Speaking of which, I have a several minutes worth of video from Karaoke Underground that I’ll get online in the next day or two a few people can see themselves in action. (this includes you Gerard!)

  70. Anne Says:

    Wow. What a weekend! We just arrived home a few hours ago after the second road trip segment for us of our Matador 21 adventure.

    First, and foremost – THANK YOU Gerard for making this all possible for Michael and I. It was great to meet you and Molly, and Michael had a great time catching up with so many people from his past. The whole weekend was surreal, and intense, and incredibly fun.

    I don’t know that I could pick any one favorite performance. I saw people I never thought I’d see – Belle & Sebastian & Liz Phair. Sonic Youth were absolutely amazing. Ted Leo was a big highlight for me, both Friday Night and everything he did on Sunday (great interview, haha!). Others I loved – Fucked Up, Superchunk, Chavez, Yo La Tengo, Come, Jon Spencer, Guitar Wolf, Shearwater…

    Jessica, the bartender in the VIP box on Friday and Sunday was awesome, and the three guys in the Hardwood were working their butts off every time I saw them. I’m glad they got to come in and enjoy the music on Sunday afternoon.

    Las Vegas is crazy – I don’t know that we’ll ever go back, unless it’s for Matador 42…

  71. Sérgio Felizardo Says:

    I would do it all over again every weekend even traveling again for 8000 km without even thinking about it twice. that was how awesome these was. fabulous concerts, extremely nice people. a total surprise to see how polite everyone was at the shows. incredible people we met. it stays deep in our hearts. thanks Matador, thanks to everyone we met during the weekend, thanks to stephen malkmus for letting me take a picture with him when I found him playing cards at Gold Coast’s casino saturday afternoon

  72. Scott Says:

    That was one for the ages, thankyouthankyouthankyou!

    And count me as one more vote for more shirts – the merch area was all packed away by the time we staggered out of GBV, sigh.

  73. Andy Says:

    Any chance any of this will be released on DVD/CD/Streaming? Just reading about this show now – too, too late… I am not as cool and “with-it” as I once was, I guess…

  74. Ken Katkin Says:

    On October 9, 2010, Trash Flow Radio aired two hours of songs and stories of Matador-at-21. Featured: live recordings of M21 performances (including some primo Scharpling & Wurster intros); tracks by Matador artists who should have been there but weren’t; and post-game review and analysis from several attendees. For a limited time, you can download all the action, ad-free, in two parts from:

    Download: Trash Flow Radio Oct 9, 2010 (Matador-at-21 Special) – Part 1 of 2 (79 mins | 73MB): .

    Download: Trash Flow Radio Oct 9, 2010 (Matador-at-21 Special) – Part 2 of 2 (45 mins | 52MB): .

    Playlist for Trash Flow Radio — Oct 9, 2010 (Matador-at-21 Special):

  75. Patrick Says:

    The segments of the show livestreamed by MySpace will appear in pieces over the next few weeks, some excellent footage is here:

    Stay tuned for further announcements (and see elsewhere on the Matablog for an excellent 15-minute fan-made doc of the weekend, including an apparently unplanned wedding).

  76. tim Says:

    I figured that the weekend would be a lot of fun, but this totally exceeded expectations. ATP’s have given me a flavor of a well-sized, insta-community ready to wallow in rock and roll excess, and this also delivered on all fronts. only next time, i’d take more 21s at the blackjack table, please.

    i’ve got all my photos and reviews done now, for those interested:

  77. question Says:

    Hey Matadorians,

    Who was the dude carry the canadian maple leaf print here:


  78. James J. Says:

    Patrick, etc.

    I’m still looking to get another M@21 shirt as mine didn’t make it home with me. Will the leftovers be available in the store or somewhere else?

    Thanks in advance

  79. Wendy Says:

    I felt like I was part of history.

  80. oleus Says:

    any rough timeable on when a video release may happen? any chance of bluray?

  81. Gerard Says:

    neither we or the bands have been provided with all of the footage yet. So we’re a ways away from even deciding if there will be a DVD / blu-ray.

  82. Raul Cachay Says:

    It happened a month ago and I still can’t believe it… Thanks again, Matador…