REVISED SCHEDULE : Matador At 21 : The Lost Weekend In Las Vegas, The Palms

September 23rd, 2010 at 10:00 pm by Gerard

First off, if these changes have left anyone disappointed or inconvenienced, we’re truly sorry.  I’ve been watching videos of the guys in the BP commercials all week trying to strike the right tone for this post, and wouldn’t you know it, MY VIDEO CAMERA IS BROKEN.   Bullet dodged.

On the bright side, hey, DEAD MEADOW are playing.    The opening VIP gala is still happening at 4pm Friday in the Hardwood Suite with dj sets by Ted Leo and myself.  Same room becomes a VIP lounge Friday and Saturday nights, plus late night dj action on Friday (James McNew, Dean Bein) and Saturday (Dave Martin, Robby Morris).  Here’s the live entertainment schedule of events.  Much like real life, everything is subject to change.


Pavement: 12:00am – 1:00am
Sonic Youth: 10:40pm – 11:30am
Fucked Up: 9:35pm – 10:15pm
Chavez: 8:30pm – 9:10pm
Guitar Wolf: 7:30pm – 8:10pm
Doors: 7:00pm

MC : Jeff Jensen

Fucked Up Vs. Ted Leo and The Pharmacists: 1:30am – 2:30am
(One stage. Two bands.  At once. They’re supposed to take turns, song by song…but who knows?)
Doors: 1:00am


Belle & Sebastian: 11:45pm – 1:00am
Spoon: 10:25pm – 11:15pm
Superchunk: 9:20pm – 10:00pm
Cat Power: 8:15pm – 8:55pm
Perfume Genius: 7:55pm – 8:15pm
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: 6:50pm – 7:30pm
Come: 5:45pm – 6:25pm
Girls: 4:40pm – 5:20pm
Doors 4:00pm

MC : Bob Nastanovich

Dead Meadow: 2:30pm – 3:15pm
Harlem: 1:30pm – 2:05pm
Doors: 1:00pm

Cold Cave: 2:25am – 3:15am
Esben and The Witch: 1:30am – 2:00am
Doors: 1:00am

STARTS AT 1:30am


Guided By Voices: 11:30pm – 1:00am
Yo La Tengo: 10:10pm – 11:05pm
Liz Phair: 9:50pm – 10:10pm
The New Pornographers: 8:40pm – 9:25pm
Ted Leo and The Pharmacists: 7:35pm – 8:15pm
Shearwater: 6:30pm – 7:10pm
Doors: 6:00pm

MC’s : Tom Scharpling & Jon Wurster

The Clean: 4:30pm – 5:15pm
Times New Viking: 3:30pm – 4:05pm
Kurt Vile: 2:30pm – 3:05pm
Doors: 2:00pm

General questions :

This event is sponsored by MySpace Music, Altamont, Incase, Sailor Jerry and Yowie.

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262 Responses to “REVISED SCHEDULE : Matador At 21 : The Lost Weekend In Las Vegas, The Palms”

  1. Fun! Says:

    MAN I am excited for this.

  2. Brent Says:

    Hell yes!!!!! Can’t wait to see y’all there!

  3. Fappingvigorouslyaboutthis Says:

    Great job sir! Can’t wait!

  4. dam Says:

    Thanks to all the people who are putting this together – only one week before I’m in Vegas.

  5. oleus Says:

    too amazing for words. insane. it’ll be fun to watch GBV try and smash through that 1am ending slot :-)

  6. eh? Says:

    re: VIP tickets… “- Access to Opening Party on Friday with open bar with staff and bands”

    what bands are playing?

  7. Gerard Says:

    there are no live bands performing at the Friday opening party.

  8. Jerrinna Says:

    1.5 hr for gbv…surely that can extended right?

  9. Anne Says:

    I’ve created a Flickr group for people to post their pictures of the Lost Weekend – if they make it home alive!

    We can’t wait!!!!

  10. JOHN PACKER Says:


  11. Marc Says:


    Will there be food or drinks in the VIP lounge Fri/Sat?

  12. kdart91 Says:

    Any chance of Pavement playing longer than an hour opening night? Would love to hear them do a full set.

  13. Jeremy Says:

    Bullshit. We pay at least $200 for the headliners to get an hour? I can understand some of the opening bands, but seriously? An hour of Pavement? 50 minutes of Sonic Youth? 90 minutes of GBV?

    I sure am hoping the headliners play way longer than that, otherwise I’m going to be pretty upset.

  14. Mike Says:

    I do hope that that 1am isn’t a hard and fast end time for the shows. Otherwise, I will start the petition for Liz Phair to cede her hour to Pavement.

  15. oleus Says:

    jeremy – i’m not sure exactly how they could divide the time up any better, and the headliners play longer than an hour saturday and sunday. i’m curious how definite the 1am outtime for the headliners is too (the Pearl may have a 1am hard ending for their shows) because i’d love for GBV to keep going but

  16. oleus Says:

    mike – liz phair’s getting 20 minutes !

  17. Gerard Says:

    Mike, Liz isn’t even the same night as Pavement.

    Look, we regret everyone cannot play as long as they like. The 1am curfew is no joke and neither is trying to cram this many bands into 3 nights and two afternoons. This event isn’t just about the headliners. That said, if you honestly this much music over a weekend is either insufficient or not what you thought you were signing up for, again, that’s a drag. It’s hard for us to satisfy everyone — some folks would’ve prefered we’d booked MORE bands and not put so much of the budget towards 4-5 headliners. Assuming you’re still going, I hope you end up thinking it was worth it in the end.

  18. Fappingvigorouslyaboutthis Says:

    Jeremy, I’m sure there are people willing to buy your tickets..
    Stunning there are people who could complain about this.

  19. Jeremy Says:

    I know there are more bands playing Saturday than on Friday, but if Saturday can start after 4, why can’t Friday?

    You say it’s not just about the headliners, but I guarantee you more people would rather see the headliners get more than ten to twenty minutes than the opening bands.

    I’m still excited about going, but wow, I’m already reading how much this is pissing all the people off, especially those flying in.

  20. oleus Says:

    gerard the schedule breakdown looks great, i don’t think some people realize the Pearl is different than a small rock club as far as the out-time goes. i can still see bob pollard being dragged out by security sunday night :-)

  21. Gerard Says:

    Drinks, yes. We’ve no plans to serve food in the hardwood suite.

  22. oleus Says:

    no food in the hardwood suite? i’m already reading that people are angry about this, they were counting on having their meals there, especially those flying in. (couldn’t resist)

  23. Mike Says:

    Also, no sex in the champagne room.

  24. T-Bone Says:

    Quick (possibly dumb) question: Will VIP (and otherwise) be allowed to leave and re-enter the Pearl?

  25. oleus Says:

    can i bring my cats

  26. Stoked Says:

    Looks great to me! Anyone else going to LA the next night for gbv/tnv? Caravan to LA about 11am!

  27. Theo Says:

    ONE WEEK TO GO! This is going to be awesome. Thank you Gerard and staff for all your hard work. I cant imagine what it took to set this up. The logistics and the questions and complaints would have overwhelmed me.

  28. Jay Neil Says:

    Holy mother uh joseph…this is gonna be “hella” fun indeed!

  29. oleus Says:

    and to think at one point i actually thought there would be time to bowl at the gold coast.

  30. el bano Says:

    I asked this in the other thread:
    How will the standing room floor thing work? If I get a spot in there, can I leave to pee and come back? How many people will be let in there, and is it open to everyone?

  31. Jeremy Says:

    Bano- The GA section has it’s own separate rest room section, so I’m sure if you get in you can go pee and get back into the pit (getting your spot back is a different thing all together though).

    The pit holds around, in my estimate, 500 or so, maybe more.

    I too wonder since it’s first come, first serve seating. It was a mess getting into the GA section when I saw The Cure and that was for assigned seating. Hopefully it’s not too chaotic since some people got HURT trying to get into the GA section then.

  32. James Says:

    Jesus H Christ. This is going to be one of the most memorable shows I guarantee any of you (us) will ever have or have had the PRIVILEGE of being able to attend. You whiners should put your tickets up for sale right now so we don’t have to deal with your negative bullshit attitudes all weekend. I am pretty sure there are plenty of other people who weren’t able to secure tickets who would gladly take your place. Seriously, you crybabies need to shut the hell up. Gerard and Matador have quite obviously stressed a great deal in putting this festival together, and Gerard is STILL being gracious dealing with your lame ass complaints. Thank you again Gerard for putting together one of the most INCREDIBLE line-ups most of us will ever see in our lifetime. I’m sure it is going to be fantastic.

  33. face6 Says:

    Well said James. So sick of hearing crybaby bullshit on here. Wahhh…. where’s my room upgrade?…..Wahhh….. why can’t Guided by Voices play more than an hour and a half….Wahhh…. Why won’t you bring me a filet mignon in the middle of Pavement’s set… Wahhhh….. why won’t you hit me with an 8 when I’m holding a 13?…. Wahhh….. And no Jeremy, I wouldn’t want to see Pavement and Sonic Youth get more than 20 minutes than Chavez and Come get. It’s a celebration of all of Matador’s awesome bands and not just the ones you saw on 120 Minutes.

  34. James Says:

    Face6, you and I should have a drink together at some point next weekend.

  35. face6 Says:

    And no Jeremy, this set list isn’t pissing off anyone but you. Just stay home. We’re all flying in and we’re all very happy about this show. I’m guessing you were the only person who got HURT at the Cure show there. Gimme a fucking break.

  36. Jeremy Says:

    Yeah face6, since I TOTALLY only like the popular Matador bands! You definitely have every reason to believe that, with a few sentences I wrote and everything…. Please. Please stop being ignorant. I never said I didn’t want to see those bands, I just think some of the more major bands deserve some more extra set time.

    For people saying “Don’t complain”, consider this: I live in Las Vegas and originally there were going to be no tickets for residents, I would have had to buy a hotel room for three nights. Of course they changed it, except I had to win a raffle at a record store. I got fortunate with tickets, but still. I’m still very excited to see all this, and I appreciate all that Matador has gone through, but to announce this a WEEK ahead of time? I’m just upset knowing my favorite band is getting roughly an hour to play (and that’s assuming they go on right on at 12 and have zero banter between songs) and I’ll likely to have zero chance to see them again.

  37. Jeremy Says:

    Fuck off face6. “I’m guessing you were the only person who got HURT at the Cure show there.” Seriously, childish much? Yeah, me informing the guy and telling him how people got hurt at an ASSIGNED seating show. I’m such an asshole. And since you were there, you know I’m the only person who got hurt.

    Please grow up?

  38. James Says:

    Gerard is it too late to move this to a completely different venue in another state?

  39. Dave Says:

    You guys are all acting like foolish children. Jeremy is obviously upset at the fact that the schedule is a little odd (which I can agree with), and you guys are tearing him apart. Face6, for you to assume that Jeremy only wants to see bands he has seen on 120 minutes, that he’s the only one upset about the set times, and that he was the only one who got hurt at a concert he went to at the venue (of which he obviously knows much more about than you), is pretty much the most prideful and absurd interaction I’ve seen around here in a very long time. You’re definitely a cool indie rock fan man! You definitely root for the underdog! Now go somewhere else to show how cool you are, because it’s doing little good here.

    Sorry….rant over. I too wonder why they can’t start friday earlier. And what if there’s setup delays between bands? Are you telling me I paid money for a concert of which I knew Pavement was headlining, and they might end up playing for less than an hour?

  40. trollin Says:

    I vote that just for Jeremy (since he had all year to see em anyway) that you guys cut 45 minutes off of Pavement’s set and add it on to GBV’s – deal? cool ty!

  41. Dave Says:

    Really Jeremy? I’m sitting here ad my desk silently weeping for your epic struggle. You had to win a lottery at a store? Heavens. Oh, and you MAY have had to buy a hotel room, but don’t now? OH NOES! Your favorite band is only playing an hour? GASP How will you ever make it though this weekend?

    Here’s a suggestion:

    Your next post should read “Eternally disgruntled crybaby can’t believe his favorite band only has an hour, so my tickets are for sale.”

    Face6 and James: I’d happily share a drink with you both. Jeremy, meh, not so much.

  42. Dave Says:

    Oh yeah, Gerard et al:

    Congratulations on putting together one of the greatest events in modern history. (Only a little hyperbole intended).

    My small group of travelers appreciates all your hard work.

  43. johnnyburma Says:

    Hey folks,

    Anyone know what kind of beers they serve at the Palms / the Pearl ??

    James, we should have a drink.


    Thanks, and hope everyone has a nice weekend,

  44. Chris Says:

    In all honesty, despite some disappointment we may only be able to see Mr. Pollard get 1.5 sheets to the wind instead of the full 3, this weekend is still going to be truly epic.

    Remember in the Simposons when Homer thinks back to the best days of his life, he sees getting married, the birth of Bart, and running in circles, giggling like a schoolgirl in his underwear while an overturned tanker showers him in beer? Yeah, this is going to be like that for me, just for three whole days, with most of the bands I love a few feet away. I think I’ll cope.

    That being said, Gerard, if one well placed hooker can help us extend that curfew an hour or two, let me know, I’m on it.

  45. JimC Says:

    Coming directly from London for this (and to see a bit more of the US while over as well) and so so very excited. Thanks to Gerard and all at Matador for sorting out such a brilliant event, I’m just really appreciative that we managed to get tickets.
    As a veteran of many ATP festivals in the UK, I can truly state that I’m way more excited about coming to this event than any one of those great festivals (and that includes Slint’s first reformation gig) although the location may also have something to do with that! Don’t listen to the naysayers this is going to be a fantastic weekend.

  46. Well Placed Hooker Says:


    Which one is Gerald? Is he the one who looks like Jeff Goldblum?

  47. David Says:

    synchronize twitter accounts.

  48. Ray Manzarek Says:

    Looking forward to seeing the Doors. Maybe Bobby could sing LA Woman.

  49. baconfat Says:

    so is the “late night DJ action” in the Hardwood Suite open to everyone (up to capacity) or is it VIP only?

  50. spacejace Says:

    Absolutely LMAO and CAN\T agree MORE with James (at 2:20am), face6 (right after), and all the other people ripping the whiners with their real life perspective, and sarcastic wit! I thank you! namely, because I don’t have to do it here!

    But if I see it or hear any of that nonsense in person, I will laugh at you in person (I’ll be the only person in Vegas that Sunday wearing an Eagles Green #5/McNabb Jersey).

    I. Am. Loving. Everything, about this event! Now that I see the new schedule, my two \favorite things today\ about the festival are Dead Meadow playing, and Cold Cave, playing in the middle of the night (2:35am) – perfect! I might actually die when they play \Love Comes Close!\

    Can’t wait to see you all in a week!

  51. spacejace Says:

    Dave, at 8:29 and 8:31: also brilliant! Yes, where/how do us appreciative, very lucky, we’re not worthy, can’t-feel-our-feet-on-the-ground-because-we’re-so-excited mofos meet for a drink!?!?

    (btw, you can click on my name to go to my hobbyblog and see the Cold Cave video, w Lyrics, I spoke about. friggin genius).

  52. al Says:

    can’t wait for this!!! heck yeah

  53. Reberb Says:

    Jeremy, be sure to bring extra diapers and Kleenex. This show is not about headliners or your favorite band. If you want to see your favorite band, go to their show. It’s about all the Matador flavors, whether it be whiskey soaked, sugar sweet, or greasey grimey. I wouldn’t be attending this show if it was just a GBV/Pavement/Sonic Youth show.

    Just because Vegas was logistically chosen doesn’t mean you should have random priority. Personally, a 3 hour GBV set on top of everything else would be waaaayyy too much. That will be left for a unique night unto itself in my hometown. If you want to go to a 7-10 hour festival and eat corn on the cob, head to Bumberfuck or the ICP Gathering.


  54. Monroe Says:

    Thank you Gerard.
    Thank you Matador.
    It’s going to be amazing.
    I never thought I’d say I can hardly wait to get to Las Vegas.
    What a treat this is going to be.

  55. Chris Says:

    Fucked vs. Leo should be a lot of fun, looking forward to the madness there. Hope McNew/Gerard will still be jamming when it’s over…

  56. Olivier Says:

    Moving Cold Cave’s set was such a good decision! With Esben, in the middle of the night, will be perfect.

    It’s perfectly understandable to INITIALLY feel disappointed by those set times though (just look at that update’s opening statement). I thought that of all Pavement’s reunion shows, this one would be the holy grail.
    Knowing they played a non-headlining 1-hour set at a local festival this summer, AND reading the setlists (and length) of the current NYC shows, feeling an INITIAL sting of disappointment is warranted. In my case, the whole line-up/experience made me want to go, but it’s the headliners that actually convinced me to empty a large chunk of my bank account.
    I mean, 50 minutes for SY, 40 for Cat Power, 20 for Liz Phair, I’m sure it’s not what most expected at all.
    But obviously, I’m sure that if they could’ve given even 1 additional minute to each of those bands, they would’ve, I’m just surprised the curfew is so early.

    Let’s just hope Pavement can stand each other for at least one more week!

  57. spacejace Says:

    This thing is @#$%^&* iLL. seriously. it’s iLL. Thank you to everyone at Matador for making this happen! And just to state for the record, or for anyone who doesn’t know: managing those kinds of sets, with those kinds of bands, on that kind of stage, with goal of adhering to those set times as one best can, is quite sincerely, practically impossible. I stage managed some for a living back in the day, and can speak from experience, it’s extremely tough – a living nightmare at times…

  58. James Says:

    If any of you fun dudes want to have a drink to celebrate this amazing weekend Gerard has put together for us I will be the one wearing the embroidered dragon party shirt. You’ll know it when you see it, believe me.

  59. JackLloyd Says:

    As far as I’m concerned this bill looks fucking awesome and I still can’t believe I’m actually going to it. Kudos Matador. Seriously.

    One question though about the Fucked Up / Ted Leo show: is it VIP only or is it guaranteed for VIP’s but also with room for a limited amount of people with regular passes?

  60. Michael Says:

    Hey, does anyone need a Matador 21 ticket?
    I have a new job, which is good. But I now have to work that weekend, which is bad.
    Anyway, I have a ticket that I cannot use. I think it’s possible to change the name on it (from mine to yours), if we go through the official channels. I would like to sell it for $175 (I paid $200). Please write to me if you’re interested. all best.

  61. johnnyburma Says:

    Count me in James…oh wait…we’ll be flying in together. Let’s have drinks all weekend long! I’m up for a few!

    Can’t wait to see Chavez!!

  62. blahblah Says:

    Hey I am Gen X douchebag. Headliners should play longer. Fook, everyone should play longer… Simple solution is to start the day earlier.

    And fook the Pearl on the Sunday night – GBV should play until they shut them down and pull Bob off the stage by his designer shirt.

    Flame my ass hipsters, then sucka my dicka.

    Thank you,

    ps: And I’ve seen SY 33 times and Pavement 15x (and only once in the last 11 years) and GBV on every tour since Alien Lanes. And Liz Phair on Exile. And The Clean with TNV at the Cake Shop. And the JSBX on the Orange tour with RL Burnside. And Cat Power. And Superchunk x5. And Come (and I saw them sign the damned T-Shirt on the cover of Washing Machine in Amherst MA at Amherst College – I saw Kim take the damned pic, beyotches). And the New Porns. And Guitar Wolf.

    I am very happy with this whole event. I am not complaining. I just want selfishly want more music.


  63. johnnyburma Says:


    you’re like the Matador Olympian. Congratulations and bravo!

  64. Gerard Says:

    Jack, the Fucked Up vs. Ted Leo and The Pharmacists battle late Friday is NOT VIP only. But it’s in a smaller room than the Pearl. First come, first served.

  65. Gerard Says:

    Hardwood Suite access is VIP ticket holders only.

  66. Gerard Says:

    Starting Friday’s live music earlier was certainly a consideration. However, there are so many people in transit who are arriving late friday afternoon, early Friday evening, we were concerned about the first few bands potentially playing to a half full room.

    I know there’s anxiety about set times running over on the part of the early bands, but we’ve got a very solid team in place at the venue, our own support staff, and we do have the cooperation of the artists themselves.

  67. ballz Says:

    Gee wizz there’s a lot of testosterone on these boards! Please tell me there will be some other women-folk at this remarkably well-thought-out and impressively orchestrated shin-dig! Thanks for everything, Matador. Can’t wait!

  68. em Says:

    Maybe Pavement will junk their reunion setlist and fill in the hour with more obscure stuff. Wonder if Malkmus will be back in Portland by Saturday morning.

    I love Yo La Tengo, but I can see them mailing it in with a 55-minute jam.

    GbV can still fit 40 songs into 90 minutes, so I think that’s still going to be epic. I just hope Bob’s voice can hold up, because it doesn’t sound so hot on his recent solo stuff. Can’t wait to hear the “G-B-V” chant before they go on…

  69. bill Says:

    This is marginally related, but is there an update on the deluxe edition of \Terror Twilight\? I thought pavement would have that ready to go and sell on their reunion tour, but I guess the tour has delayed it?

  70. Andrew Hime Says:

    Hey Gerard… when I’m there next weekend, will you be deleting everything I say?

  71. Gerard Says:

    that would be a pretty awesome way to spend 3 days celebrating the label’s 21st anniversary, Andrew, being holed up deleting your fascinating comments. But I’ll see if we can’t automate that feature.

  72. Dave Says:

    ^^Gerard, you rock.

    In one week, I will be feet wet in Vegas.

  73. Dorgon Says:

    So happy to see the Karaoke Underground moved to Saturday night. We wanted to do that and the late night Fucked Up show, and now we can.

    The set times are short but perfect. I’d much rather see a band energetically blow through 45 minutes than drag it out. Expect every act to be on their game. This is gonna be good.

    Only one week away!

  74. randall Says:

    fuckin’ aye!!!

    FUCKING AYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. oleus Says:

    what dorgon said x10000 – i cant believe anyone could logically take a look at the list of bands and expect anyone to play a long set….and this way we get no filler!! and this is the old GBV lineup too, 90 minutes is going to cover a lot of ground there (the 3 hours setlists they were playing in the final years were epic mixes of their new lineup songs and old, this will just be the old stuff).

  76. Karen Says:

    What time is will-call, and what do we need to bring to claim our tickets?

  77. Matt Says:

    I’m also happy the karaoke afterparty got moved to sat, eliminating the Ted Leo conflict. I’m already picking out songs to sing!

    I guess Liz Phair & Perfume Genius only perform with a piano and not a full band? I’m not complaining about their short set times, but I’m trying to understand why they’re sets lead directly into the next bands’ (without the usual 25 minute stage change).

    I’m also wondering if Spoon’s set is gonna lean heavily on their early Matador stuff. I don’t really no any of their stuff pre-Girls Can Tell, so it’ll be interesting to see what they’ll play.

    Anyway, hope to meet some of you there. I’ll be the guy most likely wearing a WFMU shirt. Say hi.

  78. johnnyburma Says:

    Hi Gerard, was wondering if capacity in Palms Ballroom will be in the ballpark of 600-800? Trying to gauge my chances of actually getting in..

    Thanks in advance,

  79. Mike Says:

    I think everyone should get full 2 hour sets!!

    Of course the weekend has to run over 72 consecutive hours with no down time.

  80. sonic tooth Says:

    i’m also curious what the beer selection is like at the Pearl. i suppose it isn’t like ATP in NY where you can just stroll into the venue strapped with your own beers/cocktails from your personal stash in your room?

    with that wall to wall music and short sets…’s going to be a blur….

  81. bill Says:

    From what I can see online, it looks like the capacity for the Palms Ballroom is around 350-400.

  82. johnnyburma Says:

    I found this online…

  83. face6 Says:

    I saw the capacity was 800. Got that off johnnyburma’s link.

    And spacejace,I would also be wearing a green McNabb #5 jersey if I had one. Of course I couldn’t announce that if I was wearing it because one of these crybabies on here would probably sucker punch me for hurting his feelings.

    Of course I don’t have a clue about or care whether someone was the only person hurt in the assigned seating of a Cure concert which I know nothing about. It was a jab pointing to the physical/emotional fragility of the person, not a factual literal statement I was claiming to make. Jeez.

  84. Matt Says:

    As far as the beer selection goes, keep in mind the venue is in a Vegas casino, not a field in the midldle of nowhere, so expect a full bar (with overpriced drinks). My advice: find a bar in the casino with video poker, and play real slow while loading up on as many free drinks as possible :)

  85. peterman Says:


    Looks good! Thanks for all your hard work!


  86. oleus Says:

    if it’s anything like the Joint at hard rock (seems like a very similar venue) they may even have drink service from cocktail waitresses coming around to the seats.

  87. paul w. Says:

    hmmmm, $200 for the three day pass, a hundred a night for the hotel room, and an expensive ticket to fly in…. so I can see rushed set lists.

    i can’t believe people are getting so angsty against people who are complaining about set times since they have the right to. as paying customers, we deserved to know this ahead of time before some of us shelled out some big money to see a few half hour sets or so.

    so am i going to get flamed now because like other people in this thread i have perfectly viable reasons to be upset? or does that make me a “baby”? especially since matador at the start of this blog apologized head of time so obviously they didn’t seem too happy about it either….

  88. face6 Says:

    Matt- Don’t let out the video poker bar secret! There’s a lot of competition for those seats on weekend nights.

  89. oleus Says:

    the video poker bars serve them up STRONG, too, if you tip decently

  90. Patrick Says:

    to the guy who asked about Terror Twilight: yes, it’s delayed. We’d hoped for this November to wrap up the incredible Pavement year, and because we’ve been doing each of the 5 albums every two years starting with Slanted in fall of 2002 – it would been neat to end this way.

    But between Pavement’s commitments and the label’s schedule, including the 21st, there’s just no way it’s gonna make it. We’re aiming for sometime in first half of 2011 now. Probably a good thing for the release – there’s been so much Pavement in 2009 and 2010 that the public thirst has been somewhat satiated.

  91. Lourawlsparadeofstars Says:

    I am outraged by this! It is obvious you have done nothing to customize this weekend to my specific tastes. First, you chose Las Vegas instead of my city for the weekend. Then you chose the Palms without consulting me. Then you didn’t guarantee me a ticket. I was forced to take my chances on the internet. As a final insult, you didn’t tailor the lineup and set times based on my favorite Matador bands. I’ll go to your little party, but I will do my best to make sure I don’t enjoy it.
    Good day, sir.

    I said good day!

  92. sonic tooth Says:

    video poker bar secret has been leaked!!!!

  93. Matt Says:

    “video poker bar secret has been leaked!!!!”

    oops, my bad!

  94. sonic tooth Says:

    i’m not going to gripe about the short sets, but the abbreviated Pavement set will certainly limit Malkmus’ MLB pennant race stage banter, which was a funny treat when they came through Denver a couple weeks ago.

  95. Dan Says:

    I heard that Mother 13 are crashing the party by playing in the parking lot all three nights. They’re fresh off the Mountain Dew/Massengill Do the Douche™ Tour. I might step out between sets to see what all the fuss is about.

  96. face6 Says:

    “A few half hour sets or so”? There’s 26 amazing bands (give or take one or two, didn’t double count) playing an average of 45 minutes each. Believe me, by the end of Guided by Voices set on Sunday night you’ll be plenty satisfied with the fill of music you got. Saturday is 14 hours of show time. Of course there’s going to be set up times in between each band. And the giving advance notice of set times before even selling tickets is not done ever for any festival or show. I love Guided by Voices, Pavement, and Sonic Youth and am completely happy with the amounts of time they’ll play. If I was only seeing one of those bands with one opening band like a normal show then I would expect a longer set, but not in a 3 day festival type of schedule.

  97. red lorry Says:

    there are other video poker bar secrets at some of the places :-)

  98. Lauren Says:

    Here’s hoping we can miraculously keep Holden awake at least for part of the nighttime shows every night!

  99. Brian Renshaw Says:


  100. Anne Says:

    James with the embroidered dragon shirt – I will want to get a picture of that shirt!

    ballz – you won’t be alone!

    This is a highly amusing thread. I’m expecting brawling fights onsite, at this rate. Great fun!

  101. face6 Says:

    I won’t disappoint you Anne. I’ll be wearing a Pantera shirt and working out my shit in the pit if anyone wants a piece of me. Screw this anonymous crap. I’ll take on all crybabies at once. And if you all try to bumrush me at once look out behind you for a green eagle and a dragon swooping down from the skies to even things out a bit.

    (FYI- No, I don’t own a Pantera shirt so don’t look for me or throw a bottle at an innocent Pantera fan. Or course that would be really awesome to see someone in a Pantera shirt starting a pit during Belle & Sebastian though. Unfortunately, I don’t suspect it’ll happen.)

  102. Mike Goldsman Says:

    Awesome!!! The Doors are playing every show!!!! But why such short sets?

  103. Jesse Says:

    Hey if anyone still has tickets to unload, please contact Conan writer Brian Stack on Facebook. In addition to being a hilarious dude he has fantastic taste in music and I want him to go so I can geek out all over him in between sets and geeking out over Scharpling.

  104. Jesse Says:

    Also, for those wondering about the seating layout, the Pearl is all assigned seating and I don’t recall seeing an area where one could mosh when I went there for the Conan Live show. Of course that doesn’t mean accommodations might not be being made, but it’s definitely not set up like the Joint at the Hard Rock (thank God, fuck that place).

    I cannot wait for this show, but I wish no ill will towards anyone who has issues with the set times, I just think they need to obtain a little perspective is all.

    I’ll be the guy wearing the Gorch t-shirt, come beat me up!

  105. Pete Says:

    The people who are complaining do have a right to vent a bit. Some folks don’t take spending $250 per ticket, $200+ for a hotel room for a weekend, hundreds on a plane ticket, plus food and drink for 3 days lightly. Face it… these are big name bands some people may have understandably expected were playing full sets, or close to full sets.

    That said, it’s an amazing lineup and it’s unlikely any of us will see anything like it again so we should all be thankful. Personally I’m super excited and hope in the end it will have been worth all the money and effort.

    I have to ask though, just not being familiar with the way the Pearl and Vegas works, why the 1 am curfew? Isn’t this the city where people stay up and gamble and party all night? Where there is no last-call? Seems kind of bizarre a show would have to end so early there. I’m kind of shocked.

    I’m also shocked at Liz Phair’s 20 minute set time. Really? Jeez… is that like 5-6 songs? I was really excited to see her. That’s literally the shortest set of the weekend (along with Perfume Genius). Isn’t she kind of one of the biggest names on the bill? Bummer.

    So sure, there are a few frustrating details but overall should be a once-in-a-lifetime weekend. Thanks for making it happen.

  106. face6 Says:

    No, it’s a different set up for this show. There won’t be seats on the floor (which holds 800 until I start the pit and it’ll drop to 500) and the built in seats in the balconies are general admission, except for VIP ticket holders who got assigned seats for the whole weekend. The Palms website has photos of what the Pearl looks like inside.

    I would be pissed if I went to Conan Live and didn’t have anywhere to mosh.

  107. Jesse Says:

    Well then, I’ll be taking up residence in the balconies, looking down my aristocratic nose at all of you dirty plebian moshers.

    Also I am an old old man and the mosh boat passed me by long ago

  108. face6 Says:

    I found the photo to save people time. The floor looks small in the photo but compare it to the stage for a better perspective. It’s a weird angled lens photo taken from the top balcony. I saw another photo where it looked bigger.

  109. John Says:


    is gary young playing with pavement?

  110. Smokey Says:

    Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum is a sponsor?

    Does that mean Ibold will be whipping up some Shaggys in the Hardwood VIP Lounge? He might have to slightly adjust from using Goslings.

    That would go really nicely with the 95+ temps that are predicted for Las Vegas next weekend.

    Hope the Maloofs’ AC is working well….

  111. Anne Says:

    I’m expecting everyone to be wearing shirts (or nametags) with their screen names…

    Strange angle indeed. I can’t wait for the Belle & Sebastian mosh pit. By the sounds of it, this event could rival the juggalo gathering in its levels of mayhem and chaos. Fans coming to blows over the set lengths of Liz Phair vs. GBV vs. Pavement vs. Doors!

    I will be the short woman with the camera, let me in front please kthx…

  112. Anne Says:

    I’m thinking also that photographing the fans will be just as great as taking photos of the bands.

    Want your portrait taken for the weekend? Just find me and I’ll be happy to do it. My nametag will read Mrs. DUSTdevils.

    I’m really getting the sense that the fans are just as much a part of this as the bands…

  113. face6 Says:

    Anne- Are you selling the portraits or taking them for yourself? Also thanks for reminding me to bring my camera. Not to hold in the air to film shitty sounding live youtube clips but for snapshots of a great weekend.

    By the way Matador, awesome scheduling. Having Guitar Wolf open the thing is really cool. Guitar Wolf isn’t one of my tops of the line-up, but will be great energy to start it, and then transitioning from that to Chavez (one of my tops), and then to Fucked Up, and then to Sonic Youth, and then to Pavement. Fucking amazing. No other label could pull off something like this. Sub Pop and Merge had their anniversary things, but the stars all aligned with yours. Incredible how devoted those bands were to schedule their tours around this weekend and also for a pay cut. And to get Chavez, Come, Blues Explosion, and Guided by Voices to dust off their instruments for it. Crazy. And we just have to shell out a couple hundred bucks and party in Vegas. Gladly. Thanks.

  114. Gerard Says:


    the term curfew in this instance doesn’t refer to a legal curfew. It’s our curfew with The Pearl. We’ve got staffing and union issues to adhere to and you’ll note we’re putting on more hours of live music than you’d typically see in that room over the course of a night. You’re right — it’s a late night city, and with that in mind, we added 3 late night events (two shows, one karaoke night)

    Understood that Liz’ set is gonna be shorter than some would prefer. In our mild defense, we did initially sell out before she was added to the bill, so we hoped the cameo nature of her appearance would be viewed as a plus. I’m not questioning your right to feel otherwise.


  115. face6 Says:

    Pete- “Seems kind of bizarre a show would have to end so early there”? The shows go to 2:30, 3:15, and 1:00 in the morning each night. And there’s matinee shows Saturday and Sunday. If you don’t want to sleep do some meth and play craps during those 11 hour slots of no music. And like Gerard said, Liz Phair was an added bonus so you have nothing to complain about. I viewed it as a plus, but crybabies don’t view anything as a plus unless the world revolves around what they feel is owed them. Ridiculous. Please section off these people into their own little crybaby section so we don’t have to see them.

  116. oleus Says:

    shorter sets = higher potential for insane no-filler setlists…i can’t believe that for an event featuring 2,583 bands that people actually expected anyone to play longer than what was scheduled… donnie and marie play a full setlist down at the flamingo though, i’ll buy cabfare down there for anyone bringing a downer vibe to this thing because they aren’t getting to hear their favorite b-sides. i can already hear the complaining about people’s seats being taken if they get up and leave for a bit and find their general admission non-assigned seat taken. or their spot on the floor gone….

  117. face6 Says:

    One of the best shows I ever saw was a 15 minute headlining slot by the Dwarves. They came out, blasted through 10 songs quickly and furiously and left and no one said a bad word about it. It’s always better to be saying “god that was so good, I wish they did another song or two” than “I wonder if there’s many people at the roullette table right now”.

  118. RooTeefy Says:

    I agree. A 15 minute Dwarves set kicks the shit out of a lot of full sets I’ve seen. They don’t fuck around. They come in and destroy the place and leave you fully satisfied. When and what venue did you see them?

  119. Otelo Says:

    I just got a e-mail and wonder if it’s true or not.

    Hey All:

    Tomorrow a very small amount of tickets will be released for Matador 21 at 12:00pm Pacific, Saturday, September 25th. Here is the link. These will sell out so act fast.

    This includes a small amount of VIP tickets and General Admission Tickets. These tickets do not include hotel room

    General Admission are $250 + TAX and Service Fees

    VIP are $449 + Tax and Service Fees

    This is it. No more tickets after these. Please don’t ask.

    The Tickets are listed as $275 and $493 being that tax is included in that price (10%).

    Any questions please send an email to

    Thank you
    FYF & Matador Records

  120. Otelo Says:

    Is it a spam? I got it from

  121. Mat. A. Dor Says:

    I think everybody just needs to take a deep breath and join together in a group hug. I think we all want this weekend to be the best weekend EVER, and it will be if we all go there with smiles on our faces, realizing how bloody lucky we are to be seeing so many awesome bands on the 1 weekend!!
    The weekend will only bother you, if you let it. I choose to embrace and enjoy!!
    Who’s with me?????

  122. CB4 Says:

    I can’t see why anyone is bitching about set times. I mean seriously, did people honestly expect 2 hours set time??? You’ve been invited to a three day party and some complain. I certainly don’t want complainers at this party. An hour and 15 mins for headliners is plenty considering the amount of music we are all going to be privy to on this fine weekend.

    Good job Matador, I am certainly psyched!

  123. Rick Says:

    CB4, Pavement don’t even get \an hour and 15 minutes\, and they’re the headliner (or so it seemed). Don’t think many festivals only give an hour to their headliner. Oh, it’s a \party\, riiight. We weren’t \invited\, some seem to have spent more than $1000 to attend.

    Here’s a typical set list from their NYC stint, 100 minutes. Now, where’s the 40 minutes of \filler\?

    # Cut Your Hair
    # Date w/ Ikea
    # Rattled By The Rush
    # Elevate Me Later
    # Grounded
    # Frontwards
    # Shady Lane
    # Unfair
    # Perfume V
    # Fight This Generation
    # Silence Kit
    # Box Elder
    # Stop Breathin’
    # Two States
    # Father to a Sister of Thought
    # Heckler / In the Mouth a Desert
    # We Dance
    # Summer Babe (Winter Version)
    # Fin
    # Stereo
    # Encore:
    # Spit on a Stranger
    # Trigger Cut/Wounded-Kite at :17
    # Starlings of the Slipstream
    # Encore 2:
    # Gold Soundz
    # Kennel District
    # Range Life

  124. don Says:

    more tickets on sale:

  125. oleus Says:

    how many more going on sale?

    i saw the dwarves play a dive bar (bay street bar) in savannah, GA around 1997. it was 15 minutes of mayhem followed by the band calmly mingling with the 50 kids who showed up, it was kind of funny. a few people were confused but i think word had gotten around that they only played 15 minutes before the show

  126. oleus Says:

    it’s resorted to people posting their “expected” setlist for a particular band? now i’m REALLY starting to worry about the overall crowd vibe at this thing. as for the “i spent a lot of money on this”, you realize our ticket prices would have skyrocketed to cover pearl sound/staff/cleanup overtime if this went any longer each night? and why shell out all the money before a schedule is released if pavement playing their standard full set was a requirement for you to find the weekend acceptable? pavement can talk less and play a few less songs and pack in more of their classics than you might think in an hour.

  127. tobyd Says:

    I agree that Pavement should play 90 minutes especially as this is slated to be their last US concert – the main reason a number of us plunked down the do-re-mi. Can’t you move everything up an hour and start early?

  128. Olivier Says:

    johnnyburma, thanks for the link! I had been searching for a good Palms map.

    maybe i’m blind but i can’t seem to find the “palms ballroom” though (for ticket pickup), though it says “palms ballrooms” (on 2nd floor I think), so I’m guessing there’s more than one?
    is it the same for ticket pickup and the late night/matinee shows?

    less than a week to go!!

  129. Jackpot Says:

    These are fantastic bands, and they will deliver the goods next weekend.

    Ever heard Dylan’s electric set on “Live 1966″? It’s under an hour long.

  130. face6 Says:

    I’ve seen the Dwarves several times (sets are longer now, but not as good), but the first time was probably 1993 at Coconut Teasers in L.A.

    I don’t think I considered Pavement “The headliner”. Thought of them as one of the 4 headliners, and after that Spoon, New Pornographers, Yo La Tengo etc. all very established and popular bands. And Pavement played a 100 minute set in New York because it was a Pavement show, not a Matador festival. If you bought tickets solely because you wanted to see a long Pavement set you made a mistake, that shouldn’t have been expected. I mean, they (or anyone else) could cancel last minute and you won’t get a cent back.

  131. Gerard Says:

    the Palms Ballrooms are on the 2nd floor. There’s temp. walls that separate a couple of rooms and we’ll expand to full size for the live music.

  132. Anne Says:

    Face6 – good question. I’m not selling any photos. I generally take photos for myself, and if I take a picture of you and have your email I’ll send it to you. I pretty much just put photos on my flickr site. I enjoy taking photos at shows, and otherwise documenting any concert or event I go to. I’ve started a public Flickr group for anyone interested in sharing their photos, or just seeing all the fun.

    I don’t really understand all the complaining either – I’m just happy we get to come! Thanks Gerard!

  133. oleus Says:

    is that new ticketfly link for real? more tickets on sale at 3pm est?

  134. Stoked Says:

    I’d rather pavement not play than play longer than an hour! Gbv is king!

  135. Devon Says:

    The Ticketfly link is indeed real. Looks like there are VIP and GA tix available. WOW!?!?!

  136. James J. Says:

    I would love for Pavement and GBV to get to play longer, but my guess is that if unions in Vegas are invovled, the end time will be hard. My only concern is that if there are delays in setup between groups, the end result would be reduced time by the headliner each night, since they are at the end. It’s probably not possible from the standpoint of coordinating with the venue at this point, but the only way to allow headliners to play longer would be to start earlier.

  137. Gary Says:



    Is there any possibility of adding Steel Panther to the lineup as a last minute headliner? Maybe you can make this happen?

    Cant fuckin wait!!

  138. face6 Says:

    James J.- Someone else brought that up earlier about delays in set up, but Gerard assured us there’s Matador staff who will be ensuring it goes fine. Plus the 25 minutes in between most set times is definitely enough time. In my experience it seems like the larger a show is the more punctual start times are. Little small clubs with a 3-4 band line up are the ones who have problems with time management. It’s possible a band or two may have some kind of problem, but I think it’ll only impact their own set time and not cause a domino effect that carries to the last band. And hopefully it’s a smooth quick entrance with no pat downs or id checking or any of that stuff. Just flash the wristband as you walk in. Could be a line of several hundred waiting to go in as the doors open 7:00 Friday night and would be nice to get them in quickly. Luckily the ticket pick up is earlier in the day, so that’ll help I’m sure. I’m sure it’ll all go pretty smooth.

  139. Chris Bosh Says:

    I have an extra general admission ticket available. If interested, email me at

  140. Gerard Says:


    the email is correct — we made a point of sending it to persons who weren’t selected in the last lottery first.

    There is one VERY important correction, however. The $449 seats should not have been listed as “VIP”. They’re excellent seats from an allotment we’d previously reserved for friends, familes and artist guests. But they will NOT include the same benefits as the earlier VIP tickets we sold (ie. opening gala party, access to the Hardwood Suites for late night parties on Sat. and Sun.) because we are already at capacity for those events.

    thanks. this has been corrected on the Ticketfly site.

  141. Gerard Says:

    the email is correct — we made a point of sending it to persons who weren’t selected in the last lottery first rather than making a big announcement and pissing a ton of people off.

    There is one VERY important correction, however. The $449 seats should not have been listed as “VIP”. They’re excellent seats from an allotment we’d previously reserved for friends, familes and artist guests. But they will NOT include the same benefits as the earlier VIP tickets we sold (ie. opening gala party, access to the Hardwood Suites for late night parties on Sat. and Sun.) because we are already at capacity for those events.

    this has seen been corrected on the Ticketfly site. In the event the tickets aren’t gone by tomorrow, we’ll do a formal blog post about, but we suspect that won’t be necessary. We talking about somewhere in the range of 75 tickets total.

  142. Dryw Says:

    If anyone is still looking for a cheap room near the Palms check out the Valley View Extended Stay America which is, apparently, right across the street from The Palms. I got the the three nights of the festival there for about $150. It is a good cheapo option for fellow cheapos.

    Pavement should get an hour and a half by the way. I mean they may never tour again. Give the peeps who missed their other tour dates some lovin’ and elongate that set. It’s not like they would struggle to fill up a 90 minute set. They have like a gazillion songs and most of them are quite radical. Maybe knock five minutes off everyone elses sets and start two hours earlier. That should give them a nice three hour plus block which would be cool.

  143. Mike T Says:

    Hey, if anyone is still looking for tickets I should have (2) GA, passes only (no hotel). You can email me at michael dot thieme at


  144. Moe Green Says:

    Quite a weekend but the best show of all will be at 5:45 on Saturday. Don’t miss Come. Consider yourself warned.

  145. oleus Says:

    FYI the “priority seating” tickets were never listed as VIP on ticketfly , there was a clear description that it was great seats and no additional special access to anything else.

  146. oleus Says:

    meaning today’s seat offerings, i never saw VIP listed at all…i was really close to getting a GA for a friend coming along who doesn’t know any of this music, and still might, they’re still available on ticketfly. i think he has a craps plan laid out and he loves vegas so i think i might hold off

  147. face6 Says:

    oleus- I saw the same thing you did (which was before the tickets went on sale luckily), but Gerard said that they were listed as VIP and the mistake was corrected. Probably did say VIP at first but was corrected before we saw it, maybe some other people did see the VIP thing though. Hopefully they noticed the correction when they went back on the site to purchase the tickets.

    Moe Green- I agree about Come. Am very excited to see them. Especially since they aren’t playing any other shows (that I know of) and this is their third show in 10 years. Probably more excited to see them than anyone else, except possibly Chavez, who also are dusting off the instruments just for this. It’s a shame they’re only getting 40 minutes each to play. Totally sucks and is complete bullshit. Just kidding.

  148. Chris Bosh Says:

    Just went on ticketfly. There are still tickets available!!!!!!!

  149. joe johnson Says:

    i’m spending some of the extra cash the Hawks paid me in the offseason on one of the “priority” seats, i’m thinking these seats might be nice.

  150. Matt Says:

    There’s (surprisingly) still tickets available on ticketfly, so hopefully everyone still needing a ticket got one by now, but if not, someone on the NYC craigslist is selling 1 for less than face:

    Good luck!

  151. Michelle Says:

    Well I am one of the one’s who thought I was buying VIP tickets because the email said “VIP” and when I went to the site right at 3pm ET yesterday I was pretty sure it said “VIP”…but then again I was clicking really fast because I didn’t want to miss out on tickets again.

    If I knew that it was only for “preferred” seating, I probably would have opted for GA since we also had to buy some pretty pricey last minute flights.

    All that being said, I am stoked!

    I also wish Pavement, as a headliner, had at least another 15 mintues. Malkmus banter is an essentail ingredient to all great Pavement shows I have seen…I saw them at pitchfork and they played an abbreviated set because of a long winded MC at the start and a hard curfew at the end. Was hoping for a bit more…but, all that being said, I’m really EXCITED to see all these bands!

    Thanks Matador.

  152. spacejace Says:

    any of you who’ve mentioned wanting to get together for a beer/meet each other there (“the non-whining contingent!”) have a twitter acct? might be a good way to connect, rather than emai…

  153. face6 Says:

    Friday early afternoon bowling at Gold Coast? Of course this would only work for people who don’t arrive last minute. And VIP people would be gone at 4:00 for the Hardwood Suite party. But once the show starts Friday there’s little time for anything else but eating, sleeping, and music (and football and gambling).

  154. spacejace Says:

    I might head over the Rio Texas NLH Tourney on Saturday (Noon start time). Gametime decision. It’s $80 buy in, 15 minute blinds, but almost 5,000 in starting chips; a format/chip count that’s fairly decent for being close by. If not, I’ll def be at the cash game tables at Palms thru out weekend while wife sleeps/naps. I’m seriously considering staying awake for the entire 66-hours I’m there, registering a vocal journey entry every hour at the top of the hour, just because I can…

  155. susie Says:

    Gerard, you rule and Matador 21 is going to rule. SO EXCITED! Does the rum sponsorship mean drinks flow freely (in every sense of the word)? If so, I think you just made the most perfect weekend possible even more perfect. Only a few days to go!!!

  156. Matt Says:

    I like the idea of the Gold Coast bowling meetup friday afternoon. The wife and I get in at 2pm so we can meet there around 3:30 after settling in and getting our passes.

  157. Matt S. Says:

    I like the idea of the Gold Coast bowling meetup friday afternoon. The wife and I get in at 2pm so we can head there around 3:30 after settling in and getting our passes.

  158. Jsquared Says:

    I also get in around 2 that afternoon from canada and would be totally down for some Lebowski like activity before the music.

  159. oleus Says:

    considering how many people were left out the first few go rounds, i’m shocked there are still tickets!

  160. Jsquared Says:

    PATRICK or GERARD I have a query involving the vinyl releases of the Pavement deluxe editions. I have bought the BTC vinyl edition which I was very stoked about as that album played as a soundtrack to lots of great times in my life. My only concern is as I don’t buy CDs or much MP3 content due to my my personal vow to support vinyl only I truly hope you release the rest of the albums on vinyl as well. Also wondering if you’ll have a good selection of your vinyl catalogue for sale there as I still do have a few holes in my collection, especially a copy of Mah Earwig is greatly desired.
    Cheers and as a canadian I am so stoked for this event.

  161. CB4 Says:

    Oleus, I don’t think many people realize there are tickets available outside of this current blog.

  162. CB4 Says:

    Gerard, the priority seating tickets, are they close to the stage? Is it an actual seat number which is reserved?

  163. Patrick Says:

    Jsquared: Unfortunately the cost of producing the deluxe Pavement editions on vinyl is VERY high. Very few collectors were willing to pay the 79.98 list price for BTC Deluxe vinyl, even with the 8 extra tracks. The fact is, these records have been released in many formats to date and many people feel like they have bought them several times already. It’s totally understandable. There is a very limited group of people like yourself who are willing to shell out that much more for records they already own in one form or another, let alone several forms. So right now there are no plans for vinyl versions of the other deluxe editions.

  164. oleus Says:

    cb4 i think you’re right…

    gerard – are those cool looking box/booths in the upper levels available to GA ticketholders, first come first serve? i’m just curious, i don’t really care where i sit to be honest, as long as i can get close on the floor for gbv :-)

    the reviews of the pearl i’ve read online sound pretty impressive, the only negative i read on yelp was that it’s cold, well i’ll take cold over the 100 it’s going to be outside

  165. Jsquared Says:

    Thank you Patrick for your response. I totally understand the issue and will have to suffer their absence in my collection. Though I would beg for just the edition of Terror Twilight to released on vinyl as my copy got melted by a stray sunbeam and I have held of replacing it in hope maybe the deluxe edition would appear.

  166. oleus Says:

    notice how many people in that yelp listing describe it as a “small intimate venue” – that is a very good sign IMHO!!! only things that scared me were several mentions of a cluster**** in regards to floor/pit access, reports from more than one person (and someone mentioned it here) of borderline dangerous rushes to the pit because the Pearl doesn’t allow a line before shows for access to it. that’ll be interesting the final night in regards to getting a spot down there for GBV imho

  167. fight the scalpers Says:

    Here is some d-bag scalping tickets. How about Matador “buying it now” and then confiscating all their tickets, then reselling them to the people who didn’t get lucky?


  168. James Says:

    Spacejace, Face6, I am still into the idea of meeting up for drinks if we can work it out. Our flight from Toronto gets in just before 2 and Johnny Burma and I have VIP tickets for the weekend, so we’ll be in the Hardwood suite after 4:00 p.m. I’ll be wearing my dragon party shirt Friday so I should be easy to spot. I don’t do the Twitter thing but I am in the Facebook event group.

  169. Mike Goldsman Says:

    Anyone have an extra hotel room at the Palms? (I have tickets but am on my own for accoms…)


  170. Matt S. Says:

    Oleus, that’s the one thing about Vegas – everything indoors is kept at sub-zero freezing temperatures. Even though it’s gonna be 100 degrees outside, it’s a good idea to pack some long-sleeves for the shows.

  171. johnnyburma Says:

    Spacejace, Face6…I have twitter @jburma

  172. Burkie Says:

    I’m in Kansas on my way to Sin City – should be there Tuesday if the trucker I’m riding with stays on schedule. I couldn’t pony up the cash to see the show but still hoping for a miracle. Def gonna catch Mother13 in the lot. Don’t be a hater and turn jealous if you miss M13. If you go, make sure and wear sunglasses, or better yet welding goggles, cause they like to fire laser beans at the crowd. If any of you slip up and land in the Clark county sheriff’s office, I’ll buy your wristband off you cheap.


  173. Anne Says:

    Thanks Matt for info about how cold it will be inside! I’d rather be comfortable than freezing!

  174. face6 Says:

    They do keep it pretty cool but I’ve never had the freezing experience in any theatre or casino in Vegas. Maybe Palms does keep it a little cooler though, haven’t been there. So I’d probably be prepared for temperatures inside in the 60s, but don’t take the freezing description completely literally. If you can handle 60s then you’ll be fine. However, if you do chill easily then yeah, carry something around to put on. What does suck is the transitioning from outside to inside and vice versa. Does make the temperatures seem even more extreme than they are. It’s 104 in Vegas tomorrow, so 64 degrees is a 40 degree drop and does feel like you just walked into a freezer. To me the reverse is worse though. I’m not a 104 degree guy. I’m staying at the Rio so have to do those horrible transitions. And I think that mad rush probably won’t apply as much here as people won’t rush in before Shearwater starts to stake out their GBV pit spot. People will be going in and out over a long period of time. Could be a crowded pit though. My plan is pit for early bands, seats for headlining bands. There may be a small crowd ready to stake out good seats which they’ll hold onto with their lives throughout the night.

    And spacejace, james, johnnyburma, Dave (the one who didn’t call us foolish children), etc.- Have to consult with my lady about plans for weekend but yeah, I like Friday bowling, and also some Sunday football in the sports book. And Anne, you can come take our pictures. You guys coming in at 2:00 may not make the Friday bowling but if not we’ll do a shot before Guitar Wolf if I catch you.

  175. face6 Says:

    And I do want to do that shot before Guitar Wolf with you so I can hear about the VIP Hardwood Suite party. Should be fun. Would be great if a lot of the artists were there and were friendly. I’m guessing the ones who are there will also be the ones who are friendly. Not to say any of the Matador artists aren’t friendly, but some are more friendly than others. Hopefully no cries bullshit if Stephen Malkmus isn’t there to become their new BFF.

  176. Anne Says:

    We’ve just made some changes to our itinerary, so now we’ll be in Vegas on Thursday. I’m glad, since we’ll have more time to relax and settle in. So where is this Gold Coast Bowling…?

  177. face6 Says:

    Good move switching to Thursday flight. We’re getting there then too, but late. At least we can sleep in though so we’re adjusted to Vegas schedule quickly.

    Gold Coast is the hotel/casino across the street from the Palms. It has a bowling alley. Never been there but others have mentioned it on these comments.

  178. Anne Says:

    Flight? Who says we’re flying… ;-)

    We’re driving down from Washington state, leaving tomorrow. I’ve just booked us a room in the Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada on Wednesday night ~

    Staying at the Extended Stay America hotel a block away from the Palms. I checked out the Gold Coast and saw that it was right across the street, so we might try to swing through. Any idea what time people are meeting? I don’t do twitter, so not following that thread. I just want to make sure I get a chance to see a bit of the strip while we’re there.

  179. michael duane Says:

    to all you complaining motherfuckers:

    this is a celebration of Matador Records.

    Chris & Gerard should be respected for what they have done over the the last 21 years.

    just get a fucking grip & enjoy what you are presented with.

  180. face6 Says:

    Oh yeah, I guess I just assumed everyone was flying. Very ego-centric of me. God, that’ll be a hot hot drive at the end. Be careful with car.

    I don’t do the twitter thing either. It’s not impossible for me to look up someone else’s twitter, but have only done that a couple times and barely even know how twitter works. Don’t have internet on my phone. No one has set up any bowling time yet, but will likely be somewhere within 2:00-5:00 range I suppose.

    I see there’s a new Matablog posting on here so these comments may continue into there.

  181. Anne Says:

    I draw the line at twitter. Facebook is bad enough! Time suck…

    No internet phone for me either, haha! We may have internet at the Clown Motel though. Fortunately the last day’s drive won’t be too long, and will give us time to rest up a bit before all of the madness.

  182. E. C. Gladstone Says:

    I know Las Vegas better now than I once knew the entire Matador roster. Please let me advise:

    Piero’s is bullsh**t. If you want good Italian food, you won’t do better than Nove right in the Palms. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about. If you have a jones for “old school Vegas” go to the Golden Steer on Sahara, the oldest continuously operating restaurant in town. Binion’s Ranchhouse on the top floor overlooking Fremont Street is also pretty classic old school, and thoroughly digestible.

    I realize that all East Coasters have the romantic image of In N Out, but understand: INO is only “great” in comparison to other fast food alternatives, like McDs and BK. If you’ve had Shake Shack, you will say “BFD.” Want a great burger in Vegas? Simon in Palms Place is one of the best. N9ne is too, but it’s pricey.
    [I'm not shillng for the Palms by the way, just trying to save people from spending too much taking cabs all over town for nothing] Want a great CHEAP burger in Vegas? Find one of the Smashburger outlets, or go to the snackbar at (again) Binion’s.

    Speaking of CHEAP, if you’re looking to not go broke eating, you will do alright at the very inexpensive but edible enough Ports of Call buffet across the street from Palms at Gold Coast casino. Also the chinese restaurant there Ping Pang Pong is well regarded by a lot of locals, believe it or not.

    You might find answers to other general Vegas questions on my blog here:
    and specifically, here:

  183. Matt S. Says:

    I don’t do twitter either, so hopefully we’ll keep each other posted about the possible friday bowling meetup on one of these comment threads. It’d be cool to meet some of y’all.

  184. Chris J. Says:

    You do not want to miss Come, folks. Caught them in Cambridge last night and they were amazing. Too bad they’re only playing two dates this year.

  185. JTC Says:

    I have 3 general admission tickets available for face value, email me at if you’re interested. I am attending and so can meet you in Vegas on Friday afternoon after I pick up the tickets from will call.

  186. spacejace Says:

    great stuff, all! Okay, I can’t even remember at thsi point, who all said what, which witty/sarcastic smackdowns belonged to whom, but I’ll assume that those of you metioned connecting recently here, were the ones who we laghed on line w/ a couple days ago.

    Johnny Burma, will DM you soon on twitter.
    James, I will most assuredly look for the dragon party shirt, at HWood Suite, as we have VIP tix also and that will be our first stop, approx 4PM.
    Face6, others, I won’t be making it to Gold Coast, but will be kicking it around Palms all day, all night.

    On the twitter front, I can tell you, it’s every bit as useful as Facebook, although of course, they’re diff things. But twitter is tops, I’ve found, for gatherings like this. Tops. I jumped in before SXSW2009, and it was invaluable for keeping up w/ people who were right where I was, breaking show updates, etc.

    Just like FBook, it’s only as much a timesuck as you want it to be. But I really recommend it. This is a perfect event to sign up for twitter, and get on board. Remember when you first heard about Facebook, and were like, “huh?,” and “what is it?” and “not sure..” Now look at y’all! Same w/ twitter. it’s easier, faster, very effective for meet ups and there is no source for news/politics that’s quicker. None. It makes Drudge seem like molasses.

    anyways, good luck and safe travels all! C u in 98 hours!

  187. Dryw Says:

    YAY!!! Someone else is staying at the Extended Stay…now I don’t feel like the cheapest person going to this festival anymore!

  188. Gerard Says:


    thanks for the useful info. Just wanna say that while we’ve certainly seen some negative notices for Piero’s, the matador exec council dined there twice in the past calendar year and had an excellent experience both times. Conversely, a subsequent visit to the Golden Steer was pretty disappointing — A+++ for atmosphere, but we’d give the meal a far lesser mark.

    re : In N Out vs. Shake Shack. I’d pick the former any day of the week, though our own Mr. Lombardi has already weighed in on this matter some years back, touting the virtues of Culver’s.


  189. spacejace Says:

    longest. week. ever. seriously.

  190. Nancy Says:

    I have one regular GA ticket — half up front via paypal and half at the show as we walk in together on Friday. Face, of course ($250). Email

  191. peterman Says:

    i will try and make bowling friday afternoon, we should be pulling in about 2pm. I am 6’6″ super skinny mean looking mofo. may hit the pool first though, 1-2 hours only, no roasting just yet. just HOLLA “peterman!”

    i will HOLLA back.

  192. face6 Says:

    Wish I could focus on the eating choices, but this weekend will be so packed with stuff that I’m eating whatever’s near me and ready to be bought and devoured quickly. Am going to live on room service and snacks I bring with me and carry around. Glad i just reminded myself about those granola bars I need to get.

    Kinda wish I took an extra day off now and came in Wednesday. Actually wish I was flying there right now. Having a couple days to gamble, drink, swim, etc. would make this week go by much quicker and easier. My player’s card is going to wonder why the hell I’m not gambling. Which reminds me, make sure you all get players cards when you arrive. You’ll probably get good coupon books and may get some good comps if you gamble a decent amount while you’re there. It’s how my room during the weekend is free (Rio, across street). Coupon books usually have a lot of 2 for 1 coupons for buffets, drinks, etc.

  193. E. C. Gladstone Says:

    I guess it’s a matter of taste. But as far as Eye-talian in Vegas, Nove’s chef Geno Bernardo is from North Jersey. Need I say more?
    As far as steaks, the best in town are actually at Craftsteak, Carnevino and CUT, but N9ne is pretty close.
    As far as burgers, I won’t argue In N Out vs. SS, but I will argue Smashburger or Simon over INO (Simon’s pricier, Smash isn’t, but further away).
    Where is Culver’s?

  194. Dorgon Says:

    This’ll be my 4th of 7 Vegas trips this year, and there’s a couple of places I try to make it to each time:

    Eliis Island Casino (The Super 8 Motel at Koval and Flamingo) makes some pretty good beer, and serves up a legendary off-menu steak dinner for $6.99, which includes steak, potato, veggies and a beer of your choice.

    Main Street Station, downtown, also brews beer, and their beer is SPECTACULAR. (Their Porter is my fave.) So is the building. I find it an absolute must-see, and the gambling is reasonably priced, too.

    Both places are mega-cheap for their beer and their food, and at Main Street Station, you can even piss on a chunk of the Berlin Wall.

  195. James J. Says:


    West-most Culver’s is in AZ – none in NV. Good burgers and great sides (including green beans and cheese curds).

  196. James Says:

    Spacejace, I’ll see you in the Hardwood Suite. The rest of you come up and say hello when you see me staggering around on Friday.

  197. Gerard Says:

    “Nove’s chef Geno Bernardo is from North Jersey. Need I say more?”

    well, that’s it! If he’s from North Jersey the way these guys are from Hoboken, we’re all set.

  198. jensen Says:

    the BIBLE of Vegas websites for cheapskates like me:

    it’ll fill ya in on ALL the bargains in town.

    my two cents for italian: battista’s hole in the wall (located behind the Flamingo about a mile from the Palms). ALL YOU CAN DRINK RED AND WHITE WINE WITH EVERY MEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    also, the Mexican-themed buffet at none other than the Palms (in their Garduno’s Restaurant) is one of the best god-damned breakfasts in town on Sunday (all you can drink Cuervo 1800 Margaritas)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  199. eastvanhalen Says:

    Getting in from Vancouver BC at 5:30 Friday, just in time to scream over to the hotel for the dregs of the Hardwood party. I must admit that my excitement is rather blunted by Matador’s failure to provide personal wheelbarrow service to the airport service on Monday; nonetheless, I endure. (tl,dr; omg, gbv!)

  200. Jsquared Says:

    What I really want to know is where do I find the best coffee?

  201. E. C. Gladstone Says:

    GC, as soon as I hit ‘send’ on that Jersey comment, I knew I was in for it. haha. I guess the key distinction is that he LEFT New Jersey ;-)
    As it happens, Geno’s doing a cooking class on Sat AM. I’m sure nobody doing the Matador events will make it, but…oh well. Go to the Sunday buffet with the chicks in tutus dancing on the table next to the sopressatta instead. It’s Vegas, baby.

    For those on a budget, Palms also has a food court by the movie theatres with the usual suspects.

    Another tip: the Gold Coast across the street runs a FREE shuttle to the Strip. it’s not as frequent as you’d like it to be, but it’s FREE (a cab just from Palms to the Strip is at least 5 bucks each way, believe it or not)

    Jsquared, a lot of people think the best coffee in Vegas is at Silk Road in Vdara…but I doubt you’re gonna go there just for that. Most of the better stand alone coffee places in LV are off-Strip.

    BTW, those who might get the jones to do some vinyl hunting, probably the place in town to see is Record City in a tiny purple bunker on Sahara Blvd near The Sahara. The prices aren’t bargain, but you will see some stuff there that you won’t anywhere (once saw a Velvet Underground promo single, 60s French eps, etc)

    Also, Zia is a very solid indie store.

  202. mike Says:

    ^^^ I’ve spent alot of time in Vegas and I live in Seattle…The only thing I miss in Vegas is good doesnt seem to exist. a double short americano is quite often 2 bad shots and 16oz of water…

    Oh wait..the bellagio has awesome espresso that i’ve ordered in the sportsbook.

  203. Fred Says:

    I fucked up and bought a pair instead of a single “preferred seating” ticket for this sweet weekend. Anyone wanna take it for HALF I repeat HALF face value. Please contact me @

  204. James J. Says:

    Also, there are free shuttles running every 45 min – 1.5 hour (Palms to Caesar’s and Fashion Show Mall, and Gold Coast to the Flamingo area on the strip).

  205. Gary Says:

    My opinion: Garduno’s sucks all around…wouldn’t waste a dime on food there, but to each there own….If you want mexican, its just right up the street at Ricardo’s….been in Vegas forever and has a great lunch buffet cheap, as well as great mexican food overall. Very short ride on Flamingo and well worth it.

    As for Battista’s, I find it to be a little too pricey and would much rather eat at Ferraro’s at Harmon and Paradise (right across from Hard Rock Hotel). Check this out for some great Italian food.

    Another great place, for those looking to share some Tapas, is Firefly. 2 people could get full for under $50 here and these are some of the best tapas in town. Just north of Flamingo on Paradise. Pretty easy cab ride.

  206. spacejace Says:

    yes, what about Coffee? Is there a good coffee for snobs like me somewhere on Palms premises, or at least a coffee maker in the rooms? I’ll bring my own beans…

  207. johnnyburma Says:

    Hey spacejace, there’e one of these beside the Pearl and a 24/7 cafe…

  208. spacejace Says:

    that’ll work fine, thanks, Johnny. Plus, we’re staying in a studio suite in Palms Place tower. I’m assuming they have a coffee machine. If anyone can confirm that for me, who’s stayed there before, that would be great.

  209. artex Says:

    when do you all plan on going to all these restaurants?!

  210. Gary Says:

    If no coffee maker in Palms Place suite (would seem odd if there wasn’t one), I am sure that Simon Restaurant brews a great cup.

  211. face6 Says:

    I really want to change my plane ticket to right now. Don’t know if I can through the next two work days. The Palms should have a gift shop also with beer right? I stop into mine at Harrah’s because I have a player’s card and get them free with my comps from the gift shop, where they’re cheaper than the bar also.

  212. AnthonyCMoreno Says:

    I’m definitely going for the margarita brunch Sunday. So, Twitter, what tag are we using? #Matador21? Anyway, I’m AnthonyCMoreno on Twitter. I’ll be at the VIP party alone since Current Wife doesn’t show up until later that night. My only goal for the weekend is to stay just sober enough to remember the concerts.

  213. peterman Says:

    all the sundries/gift shop type places in ALL the casinos will have beer/alcohol for sale. also, there is probably a liquor store within a half mile walk of The Gold Coast/Palms area, for stocking up during the day. booze everywhere.

    i’m doing the Sunday brunch at Caesars palace’s Mesa Grill. maybe.

  214. face6 Says:

    I’m doing the sunday brunch via room service in my hotel room while I’m hung over and watching 10 a.m. football and can’t get my shit together.

  215. James Says:

    Looking forward to calling in sick Friday- FROM THE AIRPORT!

  216. oleus Says:

    face6 – i’m also at rio through my player’s card- i was shocked, i used to only get IP comp’d. i’ll hopefully be spending my off-show time in either the rio or palms sportsbook watching and wagering on some playoff-implication baseball saturday and football on sunday.

  217. face6 Says:

    oleus- When I bought my tickets I was a little bummed out that I’d have to stay on the strip so would be cabbing it, but then when I looked at the map I saw Rio and said “wait, aren’t they owned by the Harrah’s corporation”, and luckily they were. That is why I started playing at Harrah’s, was because they own a lot of properties all over the country and in Las Vegas so can stay at any of those places. I usually go to Harrah’s in Reno, but it’s nice to have a free place in Vegas even though I don’t go there often. I do get better comps at Harrah’s Reno though, but get the free rooms everywhere. I’m from SF so just heard the Giants take a 2 game lead, and they’re playing the Padres this weekend to end the season. That and the football will make a good Sunday morning. Hope it’s decided before the last game as I’d like to see Times New Viking. Will probably be at the Palms sports book after 1:00 so I can watch some games and then easily transition into matinee (assuming it’s not over-packed) without having to walk from Rio and miss some of either action. Plus I want to

    James- I guess I should tell my boss I won’t be in Friday or Monday. Shit, he’s lucky I’ll work Thursday before flying out. Will look out for dragon shirt Friday. I’ll be wearing my bowling shirt.

  218. face6 Says:

    Cut off my sentence up there, “Plus I want to….”. Don’t even remember what I was going to say.

  219. oleus Says:

    face6 – i’m a braves fan who hopes the games this weekend mean something, i’m hoping the padres keep skidding. i’m also not willing to miss times new viking since i like them more than a lot of the mainstage bands, but that will just make me concentrate on the morning nfl rounds , if concentration is even possible at that point. i’m actually glad i had an excuse to stay at rio, or else i’d get no sunlight. between rio, all the time at the Palms and some possible visiting of Gold Coast i see no reason to hit the strip on this trip

  220. face6 Says:

    Oh yeah, I have definitely done three day weekends in Vegas and Reno where the only time I went outside was to the pool and going to and from the airport. If I was staying at the Palms I probably wouldn’t leave the place, unless maybe I wanted to bowl at Gold Coast. Don’t need to see that stupid strip this weekend. Good luck with the Braves. Division is easier goal for Giants than wild card so don’t mind if Braves win at this point, especially since the Giants are playing the Padres to win it anyways so if they play semi-decent from here on out they’ve got the division.

  221. James Says:

    Seeing how there is no longer a Saturday matinee as both Harlem and Dead Meadow have been moved to the late night shows, maybe we should organize a Saturday brunch instead. Any takers?

  222. johnnyburma Says:

    Count me in James!

  223. artex Says:

    harlem and dead meadow moved to late night? says who / where?

  224. johnnyburma Says:

    Hey Artex, accoring to Gerard on here:

  225. artex Says:

    ah! Look at that… smart move methinks.


    Harlem are playing the Palms Ballroom Friday after Fucked Up vs. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists ; Dead Meadow are playing the same room Saturday after Esben and the Witch and Cold Cave. We’re NO LONGER featuring a Saturday afternoon Harlem/Dead Meadow matinee.

    Long story but we came to the conclusion a… 1:30pm start time on Saturday was a bad bad bad deal for the participants and everyone who’d been rocking Friday night combined. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

  226. peterman Says:

    i’m gonna be bowling saturday afternoon ~12-2pm. probably.

  227. Devon Says:

    peterman, FWIW I’d pass on the brunch at Mesa Grill. Been super disappointed in the past with their service and, primarily, their food. I hear the brunch at Simon’s is tops!

  228. johnnyburma Says:

    Hey folks,

    James and I were thinking of maybe doing brunch/bowl at Gold Coast early Saturday afternoon (since they’ve eliminated the matinee show).

    Anyone want join us..let us know.


  229. Dylan Says:

    2 ga seats available. $500 for the pair.

  230. spacejace Says:

    nightmare brewing for those of us in the DC/Philly/NY area, flying out Thur and friday. friggin storm of ages, bringing AVERAGE of 2″-4″ or rain w/ 45mpr sustained winds in some places, and localized amounts of 6″-9″!!! tapering off wee-hours Fri AM, but man, this is not good. That’s all I #$%^&* need….

  231. Matt Says:

    I’m up for bowling saturday afternoon. I’ll look out for you guys.

  232. peterman Says:

    “peterman, FWIW I’d pass on the brunch at Mesa Grill. Been super disappointed in the past with their service and, primarily, their food. I hear the brunch at Simon’s is tops!”

    thanks for the heads up Devon! i’ve had dinner there before, and i thought it was pretty good. don’t know if i can talk the yak out of it.

    bowling Saturday! i will be in my “major league drinking” GBV shirt.


  233. johnnyburma Says:

    How can we get ahold of you guys?

  234. face6 Says:

    Sorry to hear that about the storm, that fucking sucks if it delays you. Especially since the main VIP perk that I know of is that Friday afternoon party.

    Yes, bowling Saturday works good now without the matinee show. 12-2 range? We should try to grab a couple lanes around 21 (easy to remember, Matador at 21…) if they’re available. Guessing it won’t be too busy that early, even though it is a Saturday. Could be wrong though.

  235. johnnyburma Says:

    Hope it all works out for you SJ…hope there’s a favourable shift in wind direction.

    Picking the lane 21 is a good idea. Gold Coast site says it costs $3.00 to bowl. I assume 12-2 is the time we’d also want to go.

  236. AnthonyCMoreno Says:

    Rain TH & F in NYC? Noooooooo! I have TH night tix for an outdoor Belle & Sebastian gig in Brooklyn. Sigh. Let’s hope it’s not too bad. I just want to get on my plane out of JFK Friday morning, quickly slam down three bloody marys, and then sleep until I land.

    Anyone else here taking a 1030 Friday Delta flight from JFK?


  237. Matt Says:

    The one other time I went bowling at the Gold Coast we were practically the only ones there. The place is huge and it’ll probably be empty, so it shouldn’t be too hard finding each other. I’ll be wearing either a Newbridge is For Lovers or a WFMU shirt.

    Anthony, I’ll be on that flight too. Maybe we could split a cab to the hotel. I think the storm should pass by then. I also have tickets for the B&S show in Williamsburg. I hope it won’t be too much of a mess. I’ve been looking forward to it for months.

  238. Kicker Of Elves Says:

    how about Jetblue 777 out of Boston on Thursday, anyone headed there on this flight?

  239. johnnyburma Says:

    Just in case you didn’t already know:


    ATTN: NY’ers. All-too-rare Chavez gig tonight, #matador21 tune up, Parkside Lounge, Houston & Attorney
    about 7 hours ago via TweetDeck

  240. oleus Says:

    ha the flight 777 thing must be common to vegas, i have flight 777 too (ATL)

  241. James Says:

    Alright Dudes, Hangover Bowl at the Gold Coast, Saturday from 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. Lane 21. See you there.

  242. face6 Says:

    Hangover Bowl? I’ll still be drunk possibly. I’ll be wearing bowling shirt with my name, Ace, on it. Didn’t make up that name for myself by the way, had it my whole life. And I’ll be sans girlfriend. We split up two nights ago. Don’t worry, it was short term and I’m not shedding any tears this weekend. Going to have awesome time. And hopefully craigslist buyer doesn’t flake out of taking her ticket off my hands. If i’m not there to bowl at 12 don’t wait for me or anyone else. Especially with games being only $3 a piece. They are like $6 a piece in San Francisco. Total rip off.

  243. James Says:

    Okay, Ace, hopefully I’ll see you at Gold Coast for Drunken Bowl if we don’t cross paths the night before. Keep an eye out for that dragon shirt and I’ll keep an eye out for yours.

  244. face6 Says:

    You sporting the dragon shirt Friday though right? How about Saturday? I want to start packing now as I’m flying out a couple hours after I get home from work tomorrow, but I’m afraid I’ll get too excited and soil my pants. And I suppose one give away to help know who we are is the wristbands we’ll be wearing.

  245. James Says:

    I hadn’t planned on wearing it all weekend as it is sure to eventually be soaked in various bodily fluids. I also have an ATP NY Don’t Look Back hoodie which I plan to bring as I am a Canadian and need to wear layers to maintain a comfortable body temperature. I also hear that the air conditioning is regularly maxed out in the Palms.

  246. James J. Says:

    Just got back from the GBV kickoff show in Dallas. It was everything you could hope for – high kicks, striped white pants, three encores, etc. Around two hours total – I’m sure the setlist and reviews will be posted elsehwere soon, but it was light on the UTBUTS.

  247. peterman Says:

    nice James J!

    anyone got any setlists?

    damn, i bought $187 worth of booze last night. driving up from Phoenix friday morning, setting up bar in my room Gold Coast room #???!!!

  248. James J. Says:

    I was too into the show to note the songs, but as Bob said during the set, “We’re playing all the hits, kids”. 4-5 Toby songs (including Good Flying Bird). A roadie picked up all of the setlists from the stage and had the band autograph them at the end (ebay fodder?). There was a Doug Gillard show afterward, but I had an early morning meeting and had to head out. Mitch and Greg were really playing to the crowd for the whole show, and Mitch sat on the edge of the stage afterward to talk to everyone.

    I’m at the Gold Coast as well – hope to make it to the bowling on Saturday.

  249. peterman Says:

    Dallas, TX – 9/29/10

    A salty salute
    shocker in gloomtown
    tractor rape chain
    pimple zoo
    closer you are
    buzzards and dreadful crows
    break even
    my valuable hunting knife
    cut out witch
    hot freaks
    a good flying bird
    striped white jets
    mater eater lad
    gold heart mountaintop
    watch me jumpstart
    awful bliss
    14 cheerleader coldfront
    quality of armor
    gold star for robot boy
    dodging invisible rays
    queen of cans and jars
    unleashed the large hearted boy
    echos myron
    my impression now
    i am a scientist
    my son cool
    drinkers peace
    game of pricks
    smothered in hugs

    postal blowfish
    don’t stop now
    motor away

    jar of cardinals
    exit flagger
    some drilling implied

    johnny appleseed

  250. cleveland! Says:

    where should i watch the cleveland browns game sunday morning?!
    see ya tomorrow!

  251. cleveland! Says:

    are there any non matador secret shows going on?! before the main shows?!

  252. johnnyburma Says:

    Safe travels everyone. It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  253. AnthonyCMoreno Says:

    Those going to B&S tonight: It’s been announced that they’re taking the stage a half hour early (8:00) in order to try to beat the storm.

  254. face6 Says:

    Yeah, good luck with all your flights east coasters. Good luck to the bands too that need to make the same flights. Hopefully Matador does some shuffling around with the schedule rather than cancel bands if necessary and possible. I’m luckily flying in from San Francisco so will be fine. Leaving house for airport in only 3 hours!

  255. face6 Says:

    And oh yeah, I just finished beer #1 of the weekend. Will be one of many. Peterman, can we fill our flasks in your room after bowling? Just kidding. Kind of. I’m sorry but $8 bud lights can kiss my ass. Will definitely be sporting the cargo pants.

  256. James Says:

    Alright everybody, have yourselves a safe flight. See you in Las Vegas.

  257. JP Says:

    Hey Gerard and Patrick,

    In case the nasty wind and rain delays arrivals from the East Coast until later in the evening Vegas time, will we still be able to pick up our tickets/wristbands for Friday entry?


  258. peterman Says:


    my room is open to flask filling, tequila shots, high-kick contests, etc etc.


    ps that’s goes for all y’all!

  259. AnthonyCMoreno Says:

    On my way to JFK now. C’mon, 1st class upgrade and free bloody marys!

  260. AnthonyCMoreno Says:

    Got the 1st class upgrade. “Why, yes, I’d love a bloody mary.”. Suck it, coach.

  261. Gerard Says:


  262. Denton Says:

    I’m at the palms with an extra ticket, email me if you need one!