Matador At 21 – The Lost Weekend : Final Opportunity To Purchase General Admission Tickets

September 10th, 2010 at 5:44 pm by Gerard

(it isn’t that kind of lottery)

We will be releasing a small quantity of GA tickets for Matador 21 next week by lottery. Winners will be picked at random and notified on Tuesday, September 14th at 9:00am. Winners will have 24hrs to purchase their tickets. If they fail to do so, a new winner will be selected the following day at 9:00am. All winners will be given the option to purchase 2 tickets at $250 each + service fees and taxes. This is your last chance (we hope!) to be part of the greatest weekend in human history

To enter the lottery please send an email to with the title, “21 LOTTERY” in the subject line of your message.


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77 Responses to “Matador At 21 – The Lost Weekend : Final Opportunity To Purchase General Admission Tickets”

  1. Ashley Says:

    I purchased the option “Weekend Pass + Hotel Package”. I did receive an e-mail about a week ago from someone at Matador asking for my room preference (which I replied to) but haven’t seen a room confirmation or any number I can use when calling the Palms to add a night to the package.

    Thank you so much for your help. I know you’ve been getting a zillion questions/e-mails and I really appreciate it!


  2. mnm Says:

    has anyone actually been called back after winning the lottery yet?

  3. matt Says:

    i did i get another email around 4 oclock saying someone from ticketfly would be calling ….but it’s 8 now oclock in here in wisconsin, and no phone call. i know it’ll all work out, right? i just really want to book my flight and hotel so i can relax.

  4. matt Says:

    typo there. meant to say i did get another email…

  5. maur0 Says:

    still want some tix 😀

  6. Nerdcoreboi Says:

    Have any lottery winners heard back from Ticketfly yet?

  7. Joey Says:

    I’m a winner, yet I only received some brief e-mail from some guy with FYF, stating that i would get a confirmation once my order has been processed. It has been two days and still no confirmation. I would like to get my room and flight in order, but i’m not going to make any reservations until I know for sure i get the tickets.

  8. dinesh Says:

    I just got my confirmation email moments ago, FYI.

  9. Brian Says:

    Joey, I’m in the the same boat. I trust Matador & Ticketweb need time to coordinate this batch of sales. Fingers crossed…

  10. Brian Says:

    OK! I just got my confirmation from Ticketfly. Heads up to raffle winners, as this was a dynamically generated notification from Ticketfly it went straight to my “junk” box, so, be sure to check your spam boxes!!! See ya in Vegas! xo

  11. Joey Says:

    I received my confirmation as well! Yay!!!!

  12. maur0 Says:

    any tickets left?

  13. Lauro Says:

    i got mine! thank you!!! See you guys in Vegas…

  14. lynshroom Says:

    We’re still looking for two tickets, ideally meeting face to face at the Palms on Friday. pls email lynshroom

    We’re coming over from London and are staying at the Gold Coast, so we’ve already sorted out everything else and will be in Vegas that weekend, whether we’re going to the Matador fest or not. We were promised places by someone with a contact at the Palms but that seems to have gone, if we can’t go, then we can’t go, but if there is a way to attend we would love to. This is part of a longer US trip that kinda “fitted into our year” and the Vegas weekend fitted into the trip. Just to explain. Thanks! Thomas x

  15. lynshroom Says:

    Ok, we’re sorted now and are no longer looking for tickets. Good luck to everyone still looking, see you in Vegas! Happy birthday to Matador! x

  16. maur0 Says:

    still looking for tix 🙁

    damemp3 (at)

  17. Mike Says:

    Anybody need 2 tickets for Matador 21? Let me know if interested.

    Face value only!

  18. Colleen Says:

    Mike, I’ll take them!!!! colleen at compairspec dot com

  19. Lauro Says:

    Mike, please, we´re going from Brazil and a couple of friends from London…
    lauro.netto at gmail

  20. Dbuck Says:

    There is a real possibility of us having 2 extra tix. If you are going to be in Vegas anyway and already have room reservations, then hit me up at Once again, this is not a guarantee on tix, just a likelihood, so I only want to work with someone who will be there anyway and already has a room to avoid making anyone travel unnecessarily. Face value, and maybe a round of drinks 😉

    I should know as early as this weekend, maybe even tonight.

  21. Colleen Says:

    Mike, we can pay you cash at the door. leaving work for the day…please e-mail c3stewart at verizon dot net if you get this tonight (9/23). Thanks!!!!!!

  22. Nancy Says:

    I have one extra ticket (no room). I’m going to ask for half of ticket price (face value) up front (paypal) — once I’m in Vegas on Friday I will not be able to sell the ticket if someone decides to bail on me. I will send you my confirmation as verification that I have tix and they’re in my name. Getting to Vegas about 9 p.m. on Friday. Email nancy_bagot at yahoo. Thx

  23. salty Says:

    I have two extra GA tickets, I am completely against scalping so I’m just looking to sell them for what I paid which is $250.00 + 14.50 fees each = 529 for the pair.

    Email me at if you want them. I think Nancy’s plan sounds good – half now via Paypal, half in cash when we pick them up. I will be there Friday afternoon so we’ll have plenty of time.

  24. Tatiana Says:

    I came from brazil to pavement´s central park (awesome) concerts! I tried buying vegas tickets, but I kept receiveing error messages and it was sold out in half an hour…

    I´m leaving on sunday, unless i get a ticket for vegas…

    if anyone have an extra ticket, I´ll be thankful 4ever! tatiana.guimaraes (at)

  25. Colleen Says:

    Got my two tickets, so I’m no longer in need. Maybe Lauro still needs them.

  26. Mike T Says:

    Hey, I should have 2 GA tickets (weekend passes). If interested email michael dot thieme (at) – thanks

  27. dbuck Says:

    Its official, 2 extra GA tix. First come first serve, list price, just want our money back.