Matador At 21 – The Lost Weekend : Final Bill, Schedule Info

September 3rd, 2010 at 5:36 pm by Gerard

First of all, we know you’ve been waiting patiently for the information below, and we sincerely apologize for the length of time it took to get it together. But if wanting to put together an even sicker bill than previously announced is a crime, PLEASE LOCK US UP.

1) 50 additional pairs of tickets priced at $250.00 per person  (not including taxes and fees) will be available via a public lottery sometime next week.  We’ll announce the details here and on the 21 site beforehand.

2) Details regarding a limited number of room upgrades will be available at that time.

3) We regret to announce that at present, our supply of VIP tickets has been exhausted.  If that situation changes, we’ll let you know.

4) As rumored in a bunch of places (including this very blog), we’re very happy to confirm the following additions to The Lost Weekend Bill ;  Liz Phair, Times New Viking, Esben and the Witch, Perfume Genius, The Clean, MC’s Jeff Jensen, Bob Nastanovich, Tom Scharpling & Jon Wurster, and a late Friday evening presentation by Austin’s Karaoke Underground. The rough schedule can be found below, and is very much subject to change :


4 PM: Gala opening party, Hardwood Suite (VIP ticketholders, limited capacity)

MAIN STAGE (The Pearl):

doors open 6 PM, first band (Guitar Wolf) on at 7 PM

Sonic Youth
Fucked Up
Cold Cave
Guitar Wolf

MC : Jeff Jensen

2am onwards :  Superchunk/Fucked Up/bands TBC,  Hardwood Suite (VIP ticketholders only, capacity limited)
2am onwards :  Karaoke Underground at Little Buddha (open to all ticketholders, space permitting)


MAIN STAGE (The Pearl):

Belle and Sebastian
Cat Power
Perfume Genius
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

MC : Bob Nastanovich

2am : Esben and the Witch, Harlem,  Key West Ballroom (open to all ticketholders, space permitting)

Sunday (MATINEE, in Key West Ballroom, open to all ticketholders, capacity limited):

The Clean
Times New Viking
Kurt Vile

Sunday evening :

MAIN STAGE (The Pearl):

Guided By Voices
Yo La Tengo
Liz Phair
The New Pornographers
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists

MC’s : Tom Scharpling & Jon Wurster

Matador at 21: The Lost Weekend takes place at the Palms Resort and Casino in Las Vegas from October 1-3, 2010. This event is sponsored by MySpace Music, Altamont and Incase.

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208 Responses to “Matador At 21 – The Lost Weekend : Final Bill, Schedule Info”

  1. sonic tooth Says:

    hell yes. Less than a month of waiting left.

  2. Dave McNeilly Says:

    Stoked !!!!!!

  3. summer babe Says:

    This event is out-of-this-world unbelievable. Whoever worked on organizing it, I want to hug you and kiss you over and over. I am lucky to have tickets and fate willing,
    will be there in Vegas to celebrate Indie’s best label and best bands with all of you.
    I’ve heard separately over the years: B&S, Cat Power, Liz Phair, GBV, Sonic, Ted Leo, Pornographers and YLT. So amazing to get to hear them all at once in a relatively
    intimate venue. Sonic Youth is my favorite performing band of all time.
    I am psyched to hear Pavement for the first time. You will definitely be hearing me
    sing with Karaoke Underground if I have any choice in the matter.
    This all is really just too good to be true. Don’t wake me if I’m dreaming!

  4. Fappingvigorouslyaboutthis Says:

    So psyched!!!!

  5. face6 Says:

    How the hell am I supposed to pace myself to see Harlem at 3:00 a.m. after all those bands playing before them? Better sleep in Friday morning. Luckily I’m catching a Thursday night flight. Please God don’t give me the flu that weekend.

  6. face6 Says:

    Oh wait, I meant better sleep in Saturday morning. And not get drunk by 4:00 p.m. like I usually do in Vegas.

  7. Matthew Says:

    Gosh. I’m very, very excited. Coming from London for this and going on my own, but going to be totally worth it.

  8. Jeremy Says:

    The whole thing looks incredible. I’m going to try all I can to be in front of Stephen Malkmus for night one.

    Questions though, if I may ask: The matinee on Sunday night won’t be running the same time when bands start performing at The Pearl, I hope? Do you have any specific time the matinee will start?

    Maybe you do/don’t know this one… Seeing as how Sonic Youth and Pavement are playing back to back, is Mark Ibold playing with both bands that night or just Pavement?

    Thanks again Matador. I can hardly wait!

  9. sean Says:

    face6 – truer words have never been typed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. TractorRapeChain Says:

    I just came.

  11. sean Says:

    gerard – thanks for the info. is it likely that saturday’s music will be getting started before 7pm with the number of bands playing that night?

  12. face6 Says:

    Saturday’s will start for sure earlier than 7:00 with 8 bands playing in the main room. It’s likely starting kind of later Friday so people coming in that day will get to see the whole show easier. Saturday will definitely be the longest day. The awesome thing about this being in Las Vegas is the lack of show curfews, last calls, or worries about getting home.

  13. Tim Says:

    For the Friday late night VIP show with Superchunk and Fucked Up, who is playing first and what time do you think the final set will finish up?

    Thanks for setting all this up — an amazing fucking lineup, for sure.

  14. Gerard Says:

    saturday – prob earlier than 7pm.. Sunday, also prob. earlier than 7pm

    Tim, not sure who is going first on Friday, Superchunk or Fucked Up, but i suspect the clean up crew will begin work at around 4am.

  15. Gerard Says:


    the sunday matinee will end shortly before the doors open at the Pearl.

    re : SY/Pavement. I think we assumed that Mark was playing with both. I guess we should ask!

  16. Wayne Says:

    Can’t say thank you enough for all your work, & to top it all off: Come, who I never thought id get to see!!
    Technical question: check in time Friday?! I’m doing the pavement/SY Hollywood bowl the night before & trying to figure if I should fake some sleep or just drive…Woot-really can’t wait!

  17. JP Says:

    Best multi-day lineup ever. Period. Amazing. So totally stoked for this event. Amazing.

    S to the T to the O to the K to the E to the D. Stoked!! Awesome!

    The Clean!!!!!!!! Wow!

  18. Kelly-o Says:

    I think it’s time to start looking for my 1994 Tobin Sprout guitar pick.
    Gerard, you’re blogging pretty late, is that how ya’ll at Matador roll? Workin’ 24/7? Or are you excited about the lineup release too?

  19. MTS Says:

    I am pretty freaking excited about Karaoke Underground coming to Vegas for this special event. The one time I attended an event of theirs it was so much fun!

    Thanks, Matador!

  20. Gerard Says:

    most hotels won’t guarantee check in until 3pm unless you’ve made prior arrangements. that said, it’s also pretty standard practice to put you in a room if there’s an empty one available in the tier you’re reserved.
    what do i look like, Conrad Hilton?

    (sorry, it’s early. DRIVE SAFE)


  21. Sérgio Felizardo Says:

    Hi Gerard
    quick question: do you have a more concrete idea of when you’ll have the room upgrade thing available next week? me and my wife are going from portugal and we have already spent quite a large amount on these and even booked 2 night (friday and saturday) at the palms but at a quite expensive fare. It would be great to reduce a bit these cost with a room upgrade:)))

    thanks. can’t wait:)

  22. Gerard Says:


    we’ll make the info available as quickly as we can. However, I should stress that the limited number of room upgrades we’re offering are only available to persons who’ve previously booked a room via TicketFly during the original sale. There might be a way for you to upgrade your Friday and Saturday room directly thru the Palms, but you’d have to take that up with them directly. I don’t know how you’d reduce your cost that way, but again, you’ll have to talk to the Palms about that.

  23. Sérgio Felizardo Says:

    ah alright cool. no worries. I thought the upgrade could be for the simple tickets. that’s fine, maybe we get something in the casino:))).

    see you in 27 days

    thanks for the prompt answer

  24. Gary Says:

    Since most people are coming from out of town for this shindig, thought I might drop some tips at some great places to eat that might not break the bank.

    *First, anyone looking for a good steak or the babyback ribs in Vegas has to go to Ellis Island Casino (Koval & Flamingo, short cab ride from the Palms). They have a small barbecue restaurant there and for $11.99 you can get a full rack of BB Ribs with corn on the cob, beans, garlic bread and cole slaw. These are some of the best ribs in the city and super cheap! Additionally, they have their own brewery there and 20oz craft beers are only $1.75. They also have a cafe and the unlisted special is a 10oz Filet Cut steak, 2 sides, a salad, and a 20oz beer for $6.99. Another great meal at an amazing price.

    *Next, the recently opened Monta (5030 Spring Mountain Rd, also short cab ride) is the best true Japanese ramen bar in town. This place has been getting written up everywhere, and in the short time of being open has already weekly eatery for plenty in town. $6.95 gets you a huge bowl of ramen with fresh braised pork on top. 3 different broths are all fantastic. This could be the hangover cure everyone will be searching for. A MUST TRY!!

    *Last, but not least, is the best brunch in town. Not necessarily cheap, but right in Palms Place(attached to the Palms). Simon at Palms Place is the place to go for all you can eat on some of the best food in town. Sushi, Shrimp, Fruit Smoothies, Chicken and Waffles, etc… The brunch is roughly $39 a person, but it is well worth it. Make reservations if you plan to go.

    If I think of some more suggestions, I will pass them along, but since people are paying alot to come to this gig, I figured I would pass along some ways to eat good in Vegas that aren’t at premium prices in the Casinos.

  25. Gary Says:

    *Forgot to mention that the brunch at Simon is Sundays only, and they have an all you can drink Bloody Mary offer for $10 too.

  26. face6 Says:

    And if you plan to gamble a semi decent amount at Palms or wherever you are staying get a player’s card and give it to dealers when you buy in or put it in slot machines. At least you can get comped free meals and most places give you coupon books for 2 for 1 offers and whatever when you sign up for the card. And play penny and nickel slots slowly if you want to get free drinks and not spend much. Blackjack can wipe out in a matter of minutes.

    Gary- That better be a damn good brunch for $39 (may have 2 for 1 offer in coupon book which would make it a better deal)

  27. sean Says:

    face6 is right. i’ve actually gotten better comps playing cheap slots over a period of time than when i’ve played hours of blackjack, at a fraction of the cost. Gary – thanks for the food tips i think we’re gonna check that Ellis Island deal out, and the $10 endless bloody mary at Simon on sunday is going to be a must-visit

  28. face6 Says:

    I wish I liked bloody marys. And please no one tell Robert Pollard about this special. We need him to sing that night.

  29. sonic tooth Says:

    The \pacing one’s self\ concern is terribly high.
    Can any locals give any hardware store tips? I’m planning on buying a smallish wheel-barrow at some point over the weekend to cart my liver home in come Monday.

  30. face6 Says:

    sonic tooth- If you construct a wheel-barrow to get me to the airport at 6:30 am Monday I’ll chip in for the materials.

  31. Jeremy Says:

    Thanks for the info Gerard, I have another question, though.

    I bought my tickets at Zia when they went on sale. My name was just put on a list and I have the receipt for purchasing two tickets/passes. They said I’d be able to pick it up on Friday, October 1st at The Palms but weren’t able to provide much more information. Do you have any info for those picking up the passes? Will we just pick them up at the ticket service line?

    Sorry for the stupid question. Thanks again.

  32. Gary Says:

    Face6 – It is well worth the $39. It is not a buffet, but it is all you can eat and everything is prepared fresh when you order it. Plus, it sits right looking at the pool at Palms Place, so there is usually alot of great eye candy to stare at.

    Gerard – I would also love to know anything you know about the Zia tickets? I did get an email confirming I had bought the tickets, but no new info since.

    This is going to be interesting having shows in the Key West Room (usually where they do slot tournaments or player’s club giveaways) and Little Buddha (which I would not highly recommend eating at….decent food at best for expensive prices) which is a rather tiny restaurant. I would have thought more in Moon or Playboy Club before either of those places. I cannot wait!!

  33. Gary Says:

    sonic tooth – there is a Home Depot on Tropicana not far from the Palms…lol

  34. face6 Says:

    I’m sure the 500 capacity Key West room willl be fine for the 2:00 a.m. show as people will be wiped out by then (I could be wrong), but I’m guessing it might be packed for the matinee show with the Clean/TNV/Kurt Vile. If only 1/4 of the ticketholders go then it’ll reach it’s capacity.

    Gary- Is it a champagne brunch? By the way Gerard, that would be a good VIP event, private swimming with Stephen Malkmus and Neko Case.

  35. sonic tooth Says:

    face6 – 6:30am….Monday? you are brave.

  36. blonde machine Says:

    gbv to close it out sunday night? my flight out monday morning is going to suck. worth it, but still.

  37. JP Says:

    GBV on Sunday night means 2100 hangovers Monday morning!

    GBV! GBV! GBV!

  38. face6 Says:

    Yeah, the early flight sucks bad but have to be back so had no choice. I can deal with the waking up with 4 hours sleep, but I also really enjoy sleeping in. Do you all know that this may be Pavement’s final show also? They won’t advertise it as such because you know how that always goes, but maybe it will be.

  39. Todd Says:

    Face6, what’s all the talk about 4 hours sleep???? Surely, GBV will be playing from
    midnight until 6am!!

  40. Todd Says:

    Hey Gerard,

    When you guys say limited capacity for the VIP opening party and for Superchunk at the Hardwood Suite, are you saying that some people who have bought VIP tix, may still
    miss out??? That would really blow. I saw the Hardwood has a 325 capacity. How many
    VIP tickets were sold.
    Cheers, so looking forward to the weekend.

  41. Tom Scharpling Says:

    Thank you for spelling my name right! Oh wait, you only spelled it right once.

    Tom Scharpling.

  42. Gary Says:

    Face6 – I am pretty positive there is champagne served by itself if you want. I know they have mimosas and bellinis.

  43. Jsquared Says:

    Hey there all. I’m coming down from Vancouver Canada and would love to hang out with any other canucks as well as anyone who may want to chat some music maybe roll some balls at the gold coast with a white russian or two.

    Gary I thank you for the advice on food as I love to eat and am a chef as well so if you have places you feel I should check out let me know as I will always schedule time to eat.

    And can anyone tell me about Zia in regards to vinyl selection.


  44. Fully medicated spiderman Says:

    J squared-
    Don’t know what Zia will have at the show but vinyl selection in the shop is excellent.Easily could have dropped a grand in there if I had it.

  45. Logiola Says:

    Jsquared: A buddy and I are coming down from canada… and a little bit of rolling is always a great time.. just don’t bring your pomerianian or step over the line.

  46. face6 Says:

    Jsquared- When are you going to schedule time to eat with that sick line up? I’m going to buy a box of granola bars Friday morning. This line up is almost too good. Doesn’t leave much room for doing other stuff, especially with the matinee show and late night shows. Would love to do some bowling and gambling (and eating and sleeping) but this line up doesn’t leave too much wiggle room. Won’t be rude and name names but there’s only about 3 acts on the whole weekend that I wouldn’t feel bad about missing, leaving 20 or so that I want to see. It looks like the Sunday matinee show will be starting only about 8-10 hours after Esben and the Witch and Harlem finish Saturday night since Gerard said the matinee show will be finished before Sunday’s main stage show begins.

  47. Gerard Says:

    Please accept our sincere apologies, Tom. And I use “our” instead of “my” despite it being entirely my fault. We’re a team here at Mammouth Matador Records.

  48. Antony Says:

    hey there – this message is for Wayne – I’m going to the Pavement/Sonic Youth Hollywood Bowl shindig as well – if you want to give me a lift to Las Vegas the next day I’ll split the gas with you – would save me having to get a bus or something – email me at honkytonkpopcorn at yahoo dot co dot nz if you’re keen

  49. Matthew Says:

    Face6 – we won’t have the honour of seeing the last Pavement show, I’m afraid. They’re played in Brazil and Argentina in November.

  50. face6 Says:

    Matthew- Oh, thanks. It didn’t have anything listed past this on the tour page here but I did just remember that Matador may only be putting U.S. dates on there, or they just haven’t updated it.

  51. Tom Scharpling Says:

    I love you, Gerard. You know I could never hold a grudge against you. We bonded over that episode of Diff’rent Strokes eight million years ago and never looked back!


  52. Fully medicated spiderman Says:

    Hi Gerard,
    Any idea if Sonic Youth will be playing mostly Eternal material still?And Cat Power solo or Dirty Blues Band?Thanks

  53. sonic tooth Says:

    I’m also leaning toward the “box of granola bars” as weekend (non-liquid) subsistence…

  54. kdart91 Says:

    anybody in need of a ticket? I had someone drop out. email me.

  55. kdart91 Says:

  56. Gerard Says:

    maybe you never looked back, Tom. I’ve been in therapy ever since!

  57. peterman Says:

    will the pools be open at that time? some pools have a memorial day-labor day schedule. fuck, i gotta find out, that would suck if they were closed.

    …and Gold Coast still has bowling !

  58. face6 Says:

    peterman- on the website it said “open seasonly” and that’s all. i’m sure seasonal means spring through fall in las vegas. they keep the pools open there as long as they possibly can to help draw guests. and it’ll still be in the 90s there for several more weeks, including when we’re there.

  59. Leandro Souza Says:

    The countdown is on. COMING FROM BRAZIL! Can’t wait!

  60. Annie Shaw Says:

    I wasn’t able to get a room, but a friend and I got tickets. If anyone out there was lucky enough to get a room and has room for 2 more, we will gladly compensate you and buy you drinks.

  61. Annie Shaw Says:

    I wasn’t able to get a room, but a friend and I got tickets. If anyone out there was lucky enough to get a room and has room for 2 more, we will gladly compensate you and buy you drinks.

  62. Raul Cachay Says:

    Anyone coming from Lima, Peru??? I can’t wait!!!!!! And, hey, I’ll bring peruvian pisco to the party!

  63. Sérgio Felizardo Says:

    Leandro, temos de beber uma cervejinha por lá:) um abraço

  64. peterman Says:

    i called the Gold Coast and they said the the pool…

    IS OPEN!!!! the girl said it’s open year-round, which i thought was very weird. fuck yes!

    it’s on.

  65. face6 Says:

    peterman- you sound like you like swimming almost as much as i like gambling. wish there was more time to do both. or wish i could go for an extra couple days to enjoy that stuff. oh well. i live close enough to do it whenever. a quick dip is always good in the morning when hung over though.

  66. T-Bone Says:

    What happened to Superchunk at 2:00 AM?

    Is there more to the VIP package? Like a meet and greet with Bill Boggs, or the 21st Anniv. Box Set included (or other swag)?

  67. James Says:

    Chavez in place of Superchunk at 2:00 a.m. please.

  68. theo Says:

    No Superchunk on the hardwood in the suite at 3:00am? That sucks.

  69. Todd Says:

    Chavez to replace Superchunk??? Really. Could anyone replace Superchunk at 2am in the Hardwood suite??? I am devastated. Please tell me everything is still ok with the chunk next day. After GBV, they are the reason I am flying from Oz.

  70. Gerard Says:

    Superchunk are def. playing the Pearl. The 2am show on Friday may or may undergo a change. We’ll let you know soon.

  71. Derek Says:

    chunk rules all. please, please beg then to play the 2am dealio.

  72. face6 Says:

    Matador- Maybe you should watch this before allowing Fucked Up to play in the Hardwood Suite. Don’t want you guys to wear out your welcome before the weekend’s up.

    It’s them playing in the bathroom for MTV Canada in case you’ve seen it and don’t want to click the link.

  73. Fappingvigorouslyaboutthis Says:

    Except fucked up isn’t doing the VIP show either.

  74. Matt T Says:

    Screw Woodstock, I would rather be at this.

  75. The Wook Says:

    I second the notion that a Bill Boggs seminar replace Superchunk at 2AM

  76. spacejace Says:

    that F’d up clip is f’in hilarious. love it. totally hilarious…

  77. johnnyburma Says:

    Looks like they may not play either…? Bummer.

    I guess everything is “very much subjest to change”


  78. Gerard Says:

    there appears to have been a not-so-small misunderstanding regarding the 2am VIP party in the hardwood suite. Suffice to say we’d never have knowingly advertised either band’s participation had we not been assured this was a done deal. That portion of the weekend is a little up in the air right now but WE’RE WORKING ON IT and shall come up with something exciting (and legit) regardless. Please hang on to your suggestions (I say this with all due respect) because a) we’re feeling bad enough about this as is and b) we’re not gonna have time to read all of ‘em. THANKS!

  79. johnnyburma Says:

    Totally understandable GC. This must be a logistical nightmare for you guys..

    VIP ticket holders will be stoked regardless. The experience will be great!!!

    Best regards,

  80. Gerard Says:

    thanks for being so reasonable. I will say that recent events aside, we’re not in the habit of promising stuff we can’t deliver (or attaching artist names to projects they’ve not signed off on). We’ll figure this one out.


  81. Derek Says:

    Sorry for the emotional outburst last night regarding Superchunk being crossed out. It was late, and I had just finished listening to the new album streaming from NPR. Still super excited for the show. And even if they don’t play the 2am party, they still rule all.

  82. trey Says:

    any word on the ticket lottery? I’ve been obsessively checking on the blog all week.

  83. Stevo2000 Says:

    Any details yet on the lotto for the remaining 50 tickets? I was on vacation when the tickets went on sale and have been kicking myself since. Cheers!

  84. sean Says:

    if you were in a band playing a weekend festival in vegas, would you want to be working at 2am?

  85. Fappingvigorouslyaboutthis Says:

    ^^ yes.. Rather 2am than a matinee show

  86. benno Says:

    I think it’s time for Mr. Scharpling to showcase his stand-up skills and shame the rest of these chumps (Kevin Pollak is playing the Palms the same night).
    DO IT!

  87. spacejace Says:

    you’ve never played in a band, have you Sean? the answer is, “yes.” most bands wouldn’t even consider it working, and I would say, the overwhelming majority of bands at THIS festival would play in that spot if asked.

  88. sean Says:

    spacejace – so that’s why two bands already backed out of doing it :-) i agree with your overall sentiment though…did you think maybe aband wouldn’t want to play again at 2am after already doing a set

  89. Fappingvigorouslyaboutthis Says:

    Sean you don’t seem to have any idea what you are talking about..I’d wager anything you like that 2am had zero impact on fucked up pulling out of a “VIP” event.

  90. David Says:

    idea for the VIP afterparty—
    Live Band Karaoke.

  91. sean Says:

    hey really i was just playing devil’s advocate, if i was one of the bands i’d be chomping at the bit to play the hardwood suite show!

  92. Chris Says:

    So if the issue is the room, I’d just like to offer my hotel room as an alternate venue.

  93. sean Says:

    the OC hipster 22 years olds who frequent the Palms aren’t gonna know what hit’em!

  94. johnnyburma Says:


  95. peterman Says:

    i’m gonna stalk the shit out of Liz Phair. yes!

  96. Jensen Rufe Says:


    I’d be happy to just come into that room and shoot hoops till sunrise!

  97. esmeraldaisacat Says:

    I have one ticket available–email if you are interested:

  98. esmeraldaisacat Says:

    Sorry–dropped a letter:

  99. bizby Says:

    One VIP ticket available at face value – email me at if you are interested in taking it off my hands.

  100. sean Says:

    judging by sonic youth’s recent setlists i’ve seen posted, that first night is going to be amazing

  101. Fully medicated spiderman Says:

    Why are The Clean not on the main stage.Although it will be amazing seeing them in a more intimate venue,not everyone is gonna get in.

  102. sean Says:

    it’s gonna be a madhouse to get into that room. times new viking and kurt vile too…i wonder how they’re going to handle admission into that event.

  103. Smokey Says:

    Yeah, ideally The Clean would be in the Pearl. Wish they could trade places with Phair.

    Would be nice too if VIP got priority admit to the matinee show.

  104. face6 Says:

    One idea would be for the Clean and maybe Times New Viking to play the VIP hardwood suite show which FU and Superchunk came off of. That way VIP ticket holders would get to see them for sure and might ease congestion for the matinee show. Will still be packed either way, but is just a suggestion. Just realized though that their tour schedules may make that difficult. Didn’t look at their itineraries.

  105. face6 Says:

    Never mind my above comment. The Clean definitely couldn’t do it and TNV would need to really hustle from Texas to do it. Hopefully a lot of people are hung over, bowling, swimming, gambling, etc. on Sunday morning and miss the matinee.

  106. Gerard Says:

    we’ll have an announcement regarding friday night’s late show very soon. The Clean/TNV/Kurt Vile show is not gonna be a VIP event, but thanks for the suggestion

  107. Chris Says:

    Fingers crossed for Condo Fucks, would love to hear them rip it up.

  108. sean Says:

    i think it’s kind of awesome TNV and the Clean are playing a smaller room, even if it means getting there early to get a spot.

  109. brownelectricbronco Says:

    I have an extra VIP ticket I am looking to unload. What is the best way to do this? Is it safe to put my post my email address?

  110. Fully medicated spiderman Says:

    Hi Kate,
    I’m very interested in your VIP ticket.Feel free to contact me at or 561-9016159.You can leave your number at my email address if you like.Have 2friends that were shut out of getting tix.There is nothing illegal about selling the ticket for face value.Mr Matador said it himself.

  111. CB4 Says:

    Are we going to get exact start times for each band so we’ll know when we can come and go?

  112. peterman Says:


    please forgive my shit brain, but what time does The Clean/TNV/KV show start? matinee?

  113. brownelectricbronco Says:

    I have an extra ViP pass that I would like to sell. Any recommendations on how to safely sell it? Thanks.

  114. face6 Says:

    Here’s an idea (sorry, know you’re sick of them) for the potential problem of too many people wanting to see the matinee show. Have a second simultaneous matinee show in another room or the hardwood suite or something with solo acoustic sets by some of the artists who will already be there (Stephen Malkmus, Carl Newman, Thalia Zedek, etc.). Some people with hangovers might enjoy something like this and could be semi-easy equipment wise.

  115. Gerard Says:

    I appreciate the suggestions.

    a) we’re gonna be doing a late night show on Friday but it will take place somewhere on Palms premises BESIDES the Hardwood Suite. We’ll have that locked down super soon.

    b) we’re moving the matinee to a different ballroom (details) to follow a short stroll from the Pearl. It’s obviously not gonna be the same size as the Pearl, but we’re feeling OK but most persons wanting to get in being able to. Does seem as though a percentage of persons in attendance are gonna take the afternoon off.

  116. Fully medicated spiderman Says:

    Unfortunatly there is no real safe way to sell it.The 2parties involved are gonna have to trust each other.Maybe send half the price of the ticket and the other half upon meeting up.I’d like to buy the ticket from you for a friend.Please call me or email me at

  117. Todd Says:

    Hi Gerard,

    Is the opening party still going to be in the hardwood suite?

  118. Gerard Says:


  119. Emily Says:

    I don’t know if any VIP pass holders are still looking to unload, but I would be more than happy to take them off your hands. Email me at emily dot yoshida at gmail dot com.

    I have two GAs, looking to trade for two VIPs for the tickets + price difference.

  120. bizby Says:

    Still one VIP ticket available at face value…. email me at

  121. Randy Says:

    While this whole “Matador @ 21″ thing is surely going to be amazing and beyond fun, it seems strange to me that with two weeks remaining before the event, THERE ISN’T EVEN A WEBSITE FOR THE FESTIVAL–nothing about the bands or the history of the label, nothing about the schedule, nothing about peripheral/V.I.P. events.

    Compare it to the All Tomorrow’s Parties website which is quite nice with its links to the bands’ websites and myspace pages for song samples and videos.

    Please! We want info/content! We want to know what’s going on at the festival! We want to wrap our arms around this event, but there’s nothing to read!

  122. johnnyburma Says:

    15 more sleeps folks!!

  123. Dorgon Says:

    Odd merch question: if I’m gonna buy one of everything I assume will be there (t-shirt, poster, CD box), is there going to be tons more merch? What kind of merch budget will I need? Any idea?

  124. spacejace Says:

    actually, Dorgon, a good question – in that I was thinking the same thing. I was wondering if the bands, themselves will have their T’s, CD’s, etc. I am hoping to clean up on many things, but namely outfit my self w/ a dozen T’s or so!

  125. Gerard Says:

    matador will have specially designed tees (at least two designs) for the occasion, plus a couple of ltd. edition posters (not the art you’ve previously seen for this event). Most of the bands will have merch for sale though we can’t guarantee every participant is bringing stuff. Las Vegas’ Zia Records and Los Angeles’ Origami will be on site selling music.

  126. Dorgon Says:

    Oh wow. Gonna need 7-7-7 on the slots to afford all the merch! :)

    (Why did I tell my friends I’d cover the hotel room?)

  127. Paul Says:

    so, just to confirm:

    there will be just two V.I.P.-only events–both on Friday (the opening Gala and TBC late-night gig)???

    no V.I.P.-only events Saturday or Sunday???

  128. peterman Says:

    holla if you a gold coast non-vip peasant!


  129. Gerard Says:

    at the moment the only confirmed VIP only event is the opening party in the hardwood suite on Friday afternoon. We’ll be announcing a Friday evening late night show very shortly but it will be first come, first-served for all ticket holders.

    The late evening events on Saturday and Sunday afternoon are NOT VIP only.

  130. sean Says:

    i’ll contribute to a bribe pool to help convince Dan “Destroyer” Bejar from New Pornographers to play the 2am show.

  131. John the Dwarf Says:

    from the FAQ: VIP tickets are available for $SOLD. These tickets (21+ only) will get you:

    - Reserved Seating at the Pearl (AT THE FRONT)
    - Access to Opening Party on Friday with open bar with staff and bands
    - Priority access into afterparty shows
    - Priority access into sky villa parties
    - More TBA

    So, the last three items on this list turned out to be false? Or are there going to be further announcements re: VIP events?

    Also, what happened with the room upgrade info?…I thought that was being disclosed when the extra tickets were distributed.

  132. randall Says:

    friday night’s 2 a.m. show should be V.I.P. only–as was originally announced.

    those of us who splurged are gonna feel jipped in receiving only one V.I.P. “perk.”

    late arriving V.I.P. holders (who miss the opening gala) are gonna feel REALLY jipped.

  133. Gerard Says:


    fair point but that’s not the only VIP perk. For starters, VIP’s have pretty fantastic seats. And we’re gonna be using the Hardwood Suite as a VIP lounge over the course of all 3 nights (it’s a pretty amazing set up).
    I could mention some other perks but we’re still working on ‘em.

  134. oleus Says:

    hey gerard – quick question. does the Pearl venue have a curfew time that the shows have to be over by? i.e.- can GBV rock as long as they want sunday night???

  135. randall Says:

    I suppose me complaining about anything having to do with my V.I.P. status at this event is kinda like a customer complaining that there’s no A1 sauce for their Ruth’s Chris filet mignon…..

  136. Todd Says:

    John the Dwarf,

    We have VIP tickets and have been told we will be upgraded to a suite at Palms place. I suggest you email, who got in contact with us.

  137. Jackpot Says:

    John the Dwarf seems to make good points about the VIP tickets. At this point, is there priority access into afterparty shows? Is there priority access into parties at the Sky Villa?

    I have regular tickets, but these questions deserve answers.

  138. James J. Says:


    I have never before hollaed, but I am also a GAGC (General Admission Gold Coaster).

    The most interesting thing for me so far in preparing for this trip is that I’ve been exposed to a couple of bands of which I previously didn’t own any CDs (Chavez & The Clean). Thanks again, Matador!

  139. peterman Says:


  140. Gerard Says:

    We’re gonna do our best to make sure there’s an ample supply of A1 sauce. I’m not kidding.

  141. Gerard Says:

    having moved the live music aftershows to a larger hall on premises, the policy is gonna be first come, first served rather than priority access for VIP’s. However, VIP (in addition to improved seating) will have exclusive access to the opening party on Friday, as well as entry to the VIP/artists lounge aka The Hardwood Suite over the course of the 3 nights. We’ll also be keeping the Hardwood Suite open late each night w/ drinks and dj’s.

  142. brownelectricbronco Says:

    Still have one VIP ticket I’m trying to unload. Any takers??!!

  143. Olivier Says:

    so were room upgrades only available to VIP ticket holders?
    will everyone else have the opportunity to purchase an upgrade at some point if they wish so?

  144. Gerard Says:

    Ticketfly has contacted lottery winners. If you have a further ticketing issue, please email

    I’m sorry to say we have no additional room upgrades to offer thru our allotment. But you can certainly check directly with the Palms to see if they have anythin else to offer.

    Someone suggested we publicly reveal the names of the lottery winners. I’m afraid we can’t do that.

  145. oleus Says:

    gerard – i had heard that the ballroom that times new viking can hold around 500, about how many people can we expect to be allowed entrance to the 2am shows? thanks

  146. face6 Says:

    oleus- that matinee show with kv/tnv/the clean was moved to another room according to gerard, but he didn’t say (or doesn’t know) which room yet. guessing it’s a larger room as it was moved after a lot of people expressed concern about not being able to get in. he did say it wouldn’t be in the Pearl. i think the 2 a.m. show after Saturday night is still in the keywest ballroom. guessing 500 capacity will be fine for that one. he didn’t say where the friday late night show would be yet (or who it would be), but did say it was now open for all ticketholders, not just V.I.P.

  147. oleus Says:

    cool. i’m mostly concerned with seeing TMV/Clean on sunday afternoon….although i’m psyched that the 2am show may be easier to get access to now. really can’t wait to see who’s playing it. guitar wolf would be fun, but i’ll aim high and assume a robert pollard solo set :-)

  148. Gerard Says:


    we’re no longer using the key west ballroom — it’ll be a different ballroom a shorter walk from the pearl. capacity for TNV/The Clean/Kurt Vile should be more than 500. We’re working on this as quickly as we can — I know a little more than I’m letting on but can’t reveal details until everything’s set. We apologize for any confusion and do understand your need to know what’s up


  149. face6 Says:

    Oh, o.k. I thought it was only the matinee show that was moved out of there. I don’t personally need to know where it is until the night of the show. Just hoping to make it into those shows. I won’t cry if I’m shut out though. There’s always drinking and gambling to be done. And sleeping. Besides, I can always make it in if I REALLY want to and get in line before it starts. Guessing that all who come in by the time Kurt Vile (or whoever) starts will make it in easily. If anyone’s shut out it will likely be those who come straggling in towards the end, and if they like the Clean that badly they’ll scope out the situation early. I guess a lot of it will depend on the start time. And I understand not wanting to reveal details prematurely Gerard as situations and deals sometimes change with this elaborate of a weekend, and people will say “but you said….”, like has happened a couple times.

  150. blahblah Says:

    I gotta agree a little bit with John the Dwarf on this one regarding VIP access… Rooms are nice, reserved seating is nicer, ensuring we see The Clean. Priceless.

  151. oleus Says:


    thanks for the info….and for not leaving me much time to lose at the craps table! this is gonna be insane.

  152. kaleb Says:

    just wanted to let y’all know that if you have song requests for Karaoke Underground on Friday late night, we’re adding new videos through this Friday (9/24). the request queue is pretty long, but I think we can get through everything requested so far. some requests that will definitely be added: “New York City” by Cub, “Nefarious” by Spoon, “Sheet Kickers” by GBV and “Totally Wired” by The Fall. contact details on the KU website,

  153. DJ Summer Scarf Says:

    Providing priority access into afterparty shows for VIP ticket holders as promised doesn’t seem like an unreasonable thing. The logistics would seem to be pretty simple.

  154. Gerard Says:

    Eric, it might seem simple enough but there was a slight misunderstanding regarding the late night show on Friday. More than slight, actually. One of the bands hadn’t confirmed they’d play, and the other signed off prior to being informed it was a VIP ticket holders-only event. As such, we’ll be doing something late Friday that’s first come, first served. We’ll have a revised schedule hopefully as earlier as tomorrow

  155. face6 Says:

    I can imagine that Superchunk and/or Fucked Up wouldn’t want to do a VIP only show. I wouldn’t. Too many people would fight over who got to be in line first to go in.

  156. johnnyburma Says:

    Still can’t believe I was able to score VIP tickets let alone any ticket at all. It’s going to be an overwhelmingly fun time..11 more sleeps!

  157. Chris Says:

    Better get that sleep now, cause it’ll be hard to come by that weekend. I’m thinking that on Friday I’ll be awake for 29 hours straight, and drinking for the last 17 of them. This is gonna be interesting…

  158. face6 Says:

    I’m counting 10 sleeps as I’m arriving Thursday. Am sleeping in until the afternoon as late as possible Friday if I can. Better remember to bring the Ritalin also. And also better pay my rent and bills BEFORE going out there. But luckily won’t have too much time to gamble.

  159. Chris Says:

    Good call on the Thursday arrive time face6, kinda wishing I’d taken that route myself. Can’t wait to hang with y’all, I kinda feel like I’m going off to war. I’ll be a changed man on 10/4…

  160. face6 Says:

    Yeah, I definitely wanted to get there a little early. Am actually working Thursday so am arriving close to midnight, but at least I’ll be sleeping in Friday rather than dealing with my flight then. The main pain is coming back, I had to get a super early Monday flight as I have a class I’m taking Monday afternoon which I can’t miss. Am skipping work that day though. I’ll survive though, even though it’ll be on about 3 hours sleep. Am totally going to be reeking of alcohol and nodding out in my class. Am also going to wear my new Matador shirts on Monday and Tuesday, just like in the old days when I’d go to the Metallica concert and show off my new shirt the next day at school so everyone knew how cool I was.

  161. Gordon Says:

    Face6, I am totally wearing my new merch, the next day too. High five!

  162. peterman Says:

    driving up from Phoenix Friday morning. i will not sleep that whole weekend, balls out!

    cannot fucking wait! just got into The New Pornographers and they are melting my face.


    and i don’t think any band would be into doing a just-VIP show. Matador, IMO, is sooo not a VIP-only show type label. if that makes any sense. just my .02

  163. oleus Says:

    i’m just gonna wear a shirt that says VIP and hope for the best. peterman – i remember when i first for into NP, it was one of the best musical revelations i’d ever had, so much fun. i’m assuming dan bejar and neko case are playing with them, but even when it’s just carl newman and catherine calder it’s great, she does most of the backup vocals now anyway

  164. face6 Says:

    Neko and Dan both have been playing on this tour with them so far.

  165. oleus Says:

    cool – “jackie dressed in cobras” in vegas will be epic!

  166. peterman Says:

    football 10am sunday!

  167. face6 Says:

    Yes, I am eager to see the matinee scheduled start time on Sunday. Now I kind of wish it was still at the Key West Ballroom as that’s right next to the sports book. Will probably overlap the 1:00 games. My lady is a Raiders fan, which is on at 1:00, so she’ll be running in and out of the matinee show probably. Maybe I can win some games and turn it into free merch. My goal is to win as much the plane and tickets cost me. That would make it the perfect weekend. Guessing it’ll end up being a $3000 show though.

  168. Gerard Says:

    sunday tripleheader starts at 3pm — if the Clean/Kurt Vile/TNV are poor competition for a Matt Schaub/Jason Campbell duel, there’s not much I can do besides curl up in a big ball and cry.

  169. face6 Says:

    Hey, I said SHE would be running in and out, not me (she’ll be on a Belle & Sebastian hangover). However, if I put down some good money on a 1:00 game …. Thanks for the start time though Gerard. And hopefully it’ll be Gradkowski starting for the Raiders. Jason Campbell hasn’t figured out that the Raiders offensive line gives him only about 0.8 seconds to get a pass off.

  170. face6 Says:

    Gerard- Jets or Giants? Please don’t say Giants. Especially after last night’s game.

  171. Gerard Says:

  172. face6 Says:

    I like the gratuituous use of the Heisman trophy as a part of the cover design. Guessing neither of those two guys won it. And I just looked at the schedule and saw the game of the year (for me at least) is on at 1:00. Washington vs. Philadelphia. I totally dumped the Eagles as my team because of what they did to McNabb. Hoping he embarasses them that day. I hope Kurt Vile isn’t playing first. I know he’s from Philly and if he likes football won’t want to miss the 4th quarter of this game. I’m not familiar enough with him to know if he’s a footballer though.

  173. RooTeefy Says:

    Number 34 is Herschel Walker and he did indeed with the Heisman trophy.

  174. RooTeefy Says:

    Number 34 is Herschel Walker and he did indeed WIN the Heisman trophy.

  175. face6 Says:

    I’ll be damned. He did and then played for the New Jersey Generals of the USFL. I forgot about that. No wonder they highlighted that on the cover of their media guide.

  176. face6 Says:

    Of course I got that info from Wikipedia as I totally forgot about the USFL. Glad to see at least two people remembered it.

  177. face6 Says:

    And #22 is Doug Flutie who also won the Heisman trophy. I guess that’s what happens when Donald Trump owns a football team, even if it is the USFL. Wikipedia is awesome.

  178. peterman Says:

    my Bears got the late game sunday, starts about 5:30.

    though i hope to be watching The Clean about that time.

    Da Bears!

  179. Todd Says:

    I was lucky enough to secure a VIP ticket and am kind of insulted that a band didn’t want to play to a VIP only crowd. I booked a VIP as it was the only thing left, and am coming from Oz for this celebration, so I would hardly consider myself, or anyone else attending Matador as a VIP to be a corporate freeloader/ non-music lover, as seems to be insinuated.
    Am still stoked to be coming, I just question why there was even a VIP option to begin with??
    I really just wish I got to see Superchunk twice.

  180. Todd Says:

    Also, me and my brother are big fans of horse racing, and are wondering if anyone else is?? Would be awesome to have an afternoon betting with Bob Nastanovitch!!

  181. face6 Says:

    I used to be a big horse racing fan. Went to the off track betting site at the Stockton race track every weekend with my dad. Had him place my bets for me. Then after that went to Golden Gate Fields and Bay Meadows all the time here in the San Francisco bay area. Only go once or twice a year now though, but still know how to read the form. Don’t know if I’ll be betting the ponies on this trip though.

  182. spacejace Says:

    My wife and I are coming from Philly (with at least 10-20 others, some of whom I know and am friends with). We’ll de want to check out SOME of the ‘skins/birds game. We were going to the game (season tickets) until we got tickets for this – “priorities, baby!” – made a nice chunk of change selling them, as this is one everyone in Philly wants to go to. I’m a fan of McNabb and a Reid-hater, but above all, Eagles fan first; hardcore mofo fan. Will have to check out some. I’ll be wearing my Eagles-green, #5 McNabb Jersey for a while that day, representing both loves (not to mention the dysfunction that is being an Eagles fan) – come say “hi!” I hope McNabb has a great game, throwing for 250, running for 50, w/ 3 total TD’s…but Birds win! Can’t wait to see Chavez, Cold Cave, Pavement, TNV, GBV, Girls, and all the others!

  183. Brent Says:

    Gerard wrote, “I’m sorry to say we have no additional room upgrades to offer thru our allotment. But you can certainly check directly with the Palms to see if they have anythin else to offer.”

    What?!? We have V.I.P. tickets and have been contacting Matador, Palms and Ticketfly asking about this for weeks. We have been told on several occasions that information was forthcoming, and now this? For example, on Sept. 3, Nils told us, “yep, we’ll have upgrade info soon – it’s actually a pretty good deal.” Then nothing. My wife has asked Gerard directly in the lottery thread, and again, after an initial response, nothing. We are not concerned with getting some fancy room, we just wanted to add another night to our existing room reservation.

    We love you, Matador, and are super psyched for this event, but we have been asking about this stuff since July and are flying across the country in two weeks! We AT LEAST need a confirmation number for our three night stay. When will we get this information? Thanks for your help!

  184. Gerard Says:


    I’m told everyone will be getting their room confirmation info TODAY.

    thanks for your patience.


  185. face6 Says:

    Anyone staying over Monday night in Vegas will have places like the Palms doing everything they can to accomodate you the extra night for a low price. You may have to switch rooms, but you’ll have an inexpensive place to stay regardless.

  186. kdart91 Says:

    Thanks for your continued activity on these threads, Gerard — Was just wondering two things:

    - if the next update could include set times for each band so we can plan entrances/exits (trying to find a time to eat with so much good music is going to be a real challenge)
    - to that end, whether the Pearl Theatre allows food to be brought in or sells food on the premises


  187. Matt Says:

    I too am hoping for a more specific set time schedule soon, but I’m assuming that at the very least there will be a festival guide with the schedule given out during the weekend. Hopefully.

    And just an fyi as far as food goes, having been to the Palms before I can tell you that if you’re looking for a quick bite between sets, there’s a food court (McDonald’s, pizza, etc) in the casino right around the corner from the theater (next to the movie theaters) as well as the usual casino buffet, 24 hour cafe, fine dining, etc.

  188. bwana Says:

    yes…a more concise set time schedule please…?!!

  189. xippi Says:

    I encourage all to ck out the Palms web site many questions where answered for me there.
    little difficult to find on the Palms web site.

    the Buffet is right next to the Pearl , and the Food court looks very close to the Pearl, of course with no scale it could be a 5 min walk

    There are some great pictures of the Pearl, go to then at the top of web page is “Gallery”

    Kdart i would say Yes to drink no to food in the Pearl.

    Brent, I booked my Thursday room at reg Palms for 99 +tax way back in July , looks like they still have rooms for thurs for 99+ today. I’m actually not sure what tower my Matador room will be I will just stick with the reg room and move or change it to whatever Matador gives me so i can sleep till 4pm on fri. I’m actually getting there late Weds, staying across the st. at the Rio for the thurs cheap Poker tourneys and 35$room(via Rio comp card from previous visits) I lucked out being a Patriots season ticket holder we have the away monday night game. Go Patriots!


  190. peterman Says:

    how long does Guided By Voices get?

  191. James J. Says:

    Since I’m sure that all of the bands playing at this event actively read the comments on this blog post, I would like to make the following requests:

    Guided By Voices: Pantherz
    Pavement: Painted Soldiers
    Sonic Youth: Schizophrenia
    Chavez: Relaxed Fit
    Spoon: Advance Cassette
    Superchunk: Train from Kansas City
    New Pornographers: Twin Cinema
    Yo La Tengo: The Asparagus Song
    The Clean: Quickstep

    The bands should feel free to exhange these songs amongst themselves, if they like. Thanks!

  192. Fappingvigorouslyaboutthis Says:

    Update for the 2am show 1x!!!

    Oh and I’m a horse racing degen! Saturday is jockey club gold cup day at Belmont! Something like 4 grade 1′s being run. I’ll be posted up in the sports book by 9am!

    Oh, we gonna get a 5 card draw game going?
    I’m getting in Wednesday at 830am to get my degen on!

  193. face6 Says:

    spacejace- I totally get the loyalty to your team no matter what the jackasses on the field and front office are doing to wreck it, but I need to give the Eagles a year without my devotion after this whole quarterback thing. I’m from San Francisco and was a 49ers fan as a kid, but the winning got boring and I liked Randall Cunningham so switched over to the Eagles even though I never lived there in Philly. But anyways, I’ll buy you a beer if the Eagles win that game spacejace. Will look out for #5.

  194. oleus Says:

    anyone else think it’s weird that the 2am friday show is still vacant yet Matador band Dead Meadow is playing an unofficial “afterparty” the same night in downtown vegas??

  195. face6 Says:

    The 2am Friday show is probably unofficially decided but not announced yet. Matador probably wants to be 100% sure of the bands’ commitment and the available space, staff, security, agreement, etc. that needs to be agreed with the bands and the Palms before announcing it, especially after what happened with the previous one.

  196. oleus Says:

    i’m really curious to find out who it is, fine with it being a surprise although i may not be able to make it (have a friend without a ticket coming along and don’t want to totally be MIA all weekend) – fucked up/superchunk would have been impossible to pass on though.

  197. easymorningrebel Says:

    Anyone get a room confirmation yet?

  198. David Says:

    @easymorningrebel – none over here. i’m probably going to call the palms tonight.

  199. Gerard Says:

    it’s gonna be Fucked Up vs. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists for the Friday late night show in one of the Palms’ ballrooms (after Pavement’s set is finished) — details forthcoming in a subsequent Matablog post. Said event is NOT VIP ONLY nor will we be giving VIP ticket holders priority access. Fucked Up and TL/RX are still doing their full sets at the Pearl

  200. theo Says:


  201. David Says:

    If yous all wants room confirmations, i recommend calling the palms and asking nicely.
    i just gots mine that way.

  202. Todd Says:

    To fappingvigorously,

    Me and my brother are following you and Bob to the sportsbook on Saturday morning!!

  203. Todd Says:

    And I guess we know now that Superchunk hadn’t agreed to the 2am show, and Fucked
    Up wouldn’t play a VIP only show!!

  204. el bano Says:

    I have some questions about the floor. Is everyone allowed there, up to capacity? What happens when I need to hit the bathroom? Will I be allowed back onto the floor, or should I bring the catheter?

    If this has been answered elsewhere, my apologies.

    I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!

  205. oleus Says:

    2am friday night just saved me more money i’d be losing somewhere!!!

  206. peterman Says:

    make it fucked up!

  207. GFoyle Says:

    I think I have an extra VIP ticket – if interested email me:

  208. Chris Bosh Says:

    I have an extra GA ticket. If interested, email me at