Belle and Sebastian : ‘Write About Love’ TV Episode One, New Single, Twitter Contest


Today (3rd Sep) sees the launch of the first in a series of televisual transmissions of varying sizes and shapes from us to mark the impending release of our album, Belle and Sebastian Write About Love.

Available to view on the widget below, the first episode is a fully realised, half-hour mix of music, chat and revealing (and not so revealing) insights filmed in Glasgow over the last few weeks.

Presented by Dougie Anderson and produced by Forest of Black, it features  performances of two of the songs from the album: “I Want The World To Stop” and  “I Didn’t See It Coming”

As well as the performances, the show offers the chance to see us as both questioners (Stuart and Chris discuss DIY strategies with various Glasgow bands) and questioned (by fans in the studio). It sees us faced with the harsh realities of the changes in the music business since we last made a record but grappling with solutions and offering some insight into the processes involved in making the record.

In addition, the soundtrack also includes a mixture of snippets of B&S music (some previously heard, some not) set against a backdrop of Glasgow in it’s full autumnal glory. Other visuals come in the form of some of the photographs and videos submitted by you as part of the Write About Love competition.

Twitter / Write About Love

Aside from the songs in the TV show, we are releasing “Write About Love” as lead track /single.

It will initially be officially available from our website from the 7th of September for a very limited period to download – but we want to let one of our twitter followers have the track  for themselves – ahead of it being more widely available on iTunes and the like. It’s official digital release date in the USA is 7th September (iTunes Only) and in the UK not until the 25th October.

We will mail an mp3 of the song to a randomly selected follower on Monday (6th) and they will be the only person outside the band and those closest to them to hear/ own a digital copy of the song for 24 hours. It will be the winner’s choice what to do with it ahead of release. They can keep it to themselves in the knowledge that no-one else has it; share it with their friends; hold a listening party at their home or they could let the world either hear it or hear all about it online (and see if we get upset in the process!) – the choice is entirely theirs. . . .

To put yourself in the frame to receive your own copy of “Write About Love” on Monday, here’s what you have to do:

If you haven’t already done so, sign up to follow us on twitter @bellesglasgow and then post one 140 character message using the hashtag #writeaboutlove. The content of the message is entirely up to you: it could be to share the TV show with your followers, or be more generally about the band or the album – it is up to you.

As well as mailing the track to the winner immediately, the winner will also receive a finished copy of the album on vinyl and CD before its release and some other assorted B&S goodness delivered to their home.

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  1. Bonjour à tous Luc 26 ans. J’ai une question qui est tout autre. Devant le peu de forums existant sur les complementaires sante, je voudrais savoir si quelqu’un d’entre vous pourrait me donner une adresse de site web pour souscrire une complementaire sante pas chere (J’ai un tout petit budget).

  2. does anyone know the music used under the opening credits of the B&S TV show? i’m assuming it’s a B&S piece, but which one? is it new?

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