eMusic Wants To Send You To Matador’s 21st Birthday Party In Vegas

August 26th, 2010 at 7:21 pm by Gerard

But only two of you.  Contest details are here, but the gist of it is pretty simple.  Our friends at eMusic are giving away two tickets to The Lost Weekend at The Palms, plus they’re springing for flights and hotel rooms. Gambling losses and legal fees are YOUR problem!

I know we keep promising more hard info about the actual event, and guess what…I’m doing it again.   Next week we’ll be confirming 4 additional bands, as well as providing further details about the weekend’s schedule.  Your patience is deeply appreciated, and if you have further questions, by all means, send ’em to 21@matadorrecords.com

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26 Responses to “eMusic Wants To Send You To Matador’s 21st Birthday Party In Vegas”

  1. Jodi Corley frankford Says:

    You guys have been my musical salvation. Thank you.

  2. ADam jureWICZ Says:

    Matador records….. It’s my generations Abby road.
    its been 10 years since I’ve been to Vegas
    And it’s my 40th Birthday

  3. Andrew Hime Says:

    I’m just commenting so you guys have something to delete.

  4. Ralphy Says:

    Matador > Motown Records

    Pulease, pick me! In addition to it being my birthday and anniversary, I wear false teeth and am easily persuaded to do just about anything when intoxicated.

  5. bizby Says:

    4 bands? Perfume Genius, Times New Viking, The Clean and Liz Phair?

  6. Todd Says:

    Bettie Serveert will be added to the bill. They have a night free in their US tour. Happy with that!

  7. blahblahblahblah Says:

    Times New Viking is so obviously being added to the bill. No surprise. I did see them open for The Clean once…

    Now if The Clean, however, were added to the bill, no concert festival that will ever occur again anywhere ever within my lifetime could equal this event. Add Lou Reed and this event would be the best lineup of the 21st Century.


  8. Laura Says:

    Sounds like a whol lotta shakin’ goin’ on in the desert!

  9. sonic tooth Says:

    The Clean? I’d shit my pants.
    But they have not been on Matador to my knowledge. Though I do think they are in the states coinciding with the Matador/21 timeframe…..hmmm.

  10. James Says:

    The Clean, please.

  11. face6 Says:

    Not too sure about Bettie Serveert myself. Seems like they need that day to go from Minnesota to Colorado. I mean it’s possible if they took some flights, but would be a tough and out of the way schedule. Times New Viking and Liz Phair both said they’d play, and Perfume Genius and Esben and the Witch were added recently but not on the poster, not sure if they counted as two of the four being added. If so that would count for all four. Unless Liz Phair changed her mind since announcing it in July (or Matador heard her new rap song and changed their mind).

  12. James Says:

    Has there been any firm denial in regards to a Helium reunion?

  13. Todd Says:

    Well Times New Viking are definitely on the bill, as they have put the dates on their Myspace page…..so that leaves 3….

  14. sonic tooth Says:

    Please. No Liz Phair.

  15. sean Says:

    if they add too many more bands, there won’t be any time for shenanigans!

  16. dave Says:

    Oh Sean, there will always be time for shenanigans (not to mention tomfoolery, mischief, monkey business and assorted antics, capers and high jinks.)

    I would love to see the Clean again, too, please.

  17. johnnyburma Says:

    What about a good old fasioned brouhaha?

    Yes, The Clean please!

    Have a nice day,

  18. sean Says:

    so..dead meadow isn’t a part of the official event but is in town and playing an afterparty somewhere else? i saw them recently and will probably skip it but at least they’ll be there i guess

  19. bizby Says:

    The Clean, Times New Viking and The Pony’s are all playing together at a festival on October 2nd… The Clean and Times New Viking both have a free day October 3rd with west coast dates after, so conceivably the Pony’s could join them on a bill at the Matador Fest which would be kinda awesome. Ah waiting… one more month, this is going to be a tremendous show.

  20. Smokey Says:

    Sonic Tooth — The Clean are listed here: http://www.matadorrecs.com/releases/date.html

    8/20/01 OLE-527 The Clean — Getaway CD

    Here’s hoping…

  21. bizby Says:

    I would love it if Tim and Andy from Silkworm were there (Bottomless Pit is fantastic), maybe a Crust Brothers set with Malkmus…

  22. johnnyburma Says:

    One month to go!!

  23. sonic tooth Says:

    Smokey – huh…I always figured that was a Merge release. Here’s hoping indeed!

  24. sean Says:

    eagerly awaiting a tentative schedule, should be interesting how everything is broken down. the pearl isn’t a huge place and is usually a one-band-a-night kind of theater, i can’t imagine the logistics off all these bands getting in and out of there!

  25. Leandro Souza Says:

    How about Teenage Fanclub, huh?

  26. sean Says:

    teenage fanclub would be cool – anyone else going to check out dead meadow in downtown/old vegas?