Matador At 21 : The Lost Weekend – VERY Limited # Of Remaining Tickets On Sale Saturday, July 10 at 9am Pacific

July 9th, 2010 at 8:22 pm by Gerard

(some very weird stuff comes up on Google image seach when you enter “Matador 21″)

Earlier today, we sold out of our initial quantities of tickets and hotel packages for Matador At 21 : The Lost Weekend, taking place October 1, 2, 3 at the Palms Casino & Resort in Las Vegas.  Said sales took somewhere between 2 and 15 minutes to complete, and we sincerely apologize to anyone who was stymied in their attempts to purchase tickets.

We are putting additional tickets on sale tomorrow morning (Saturday, July 10) at 9am pacific time (noon eastern) via Ticketfly.  There are limited quantities of tickets paired with hotel rooms ($SOLD per ticket plus a $SOLD per night room charge, 4 ticket limited per person) a few remaining VIP tickets ($SOLD each plus a $SOLD room charge per night, two ticket limit) and weekend passes only ($SOLD, no hotel reservation required, two ticket limit).

We’re pretty certain these tickets will sell out very quickly.  At present, we cannot guarantee any additional tickets beyond this batch will be offered for public sale, but if that change, we’ll certainly let you know.


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375 Responses to “Matador At 21 : The Lost Weekend – VERY Limited # Of Remaining Tickets On Sale Saturday, July 10 at 9am Pacific”

  1. Aaron Raeder Says:

    Non-Phixion or Arsonists please!!! Got my tix today (Vegas local) :)

  2. Glenn Danzig Says:

    Hum, maybe I will go. May share a room with my friend the Wicked One.

  3. Bryant Says:


    Some guy asked about the Ponys in the last thread. Will they be there? The answer would help me decide if I should wake up early tomorrow and attempt to buy tickets.

  4. Jesse Says:


    How many Zia tickets did there end up being left? Hopefully those can be re-distributed into this sale so some of the online people who didn’t score tickets in the first wave have a slightly better chance.

    I’m actually astonished that Zia didn’t sell out as quickly as the online sale did, I guess I overestimated either the demand here in town or the number of Las Vegans who can afford to take the day off and brave the heat at Zia.

  5. Trane's Sound Says:

    I was at one of the Zia’s earlier and was astounded that few patrons were there @9:30. Had visions of a Black Friday madhouse. Like Jesse above, not sure why as there is a healthy enough local scene here – certainly enough to absorb a hundred tickets.

    Anyway: best of luck to those still trying. Been there.

    Thanks to Gerard for making tix available to locals – a very classy gesture and one much appreciated as few touring bands play here. One would think it would be a local stop between LA/PHX/SLC, but alas…

  6. Matt Says:

    I’m trying to decide if I should bother having my heart broken again tomorrow at Noon. I would assume we are fighting for a two digit number of tickets tomorrow. Any way you look at it, this was pretty much a lottery and that was the best way for Matador to handle this kind of event. I’m sure some folks will manage to scalp, but in general it should be a nice random sampling of the folks who like me, grew up with this label and that is great.

  7. Gordon Says:

    Hey Gerard, please wear a sign at this event saying “Hi. I’m Gerard, and you all owe me a drink.” You deserve a couple thousand of them.

  8. Really? Says:

    The Ponys seriously are enough to make or break this for someone?

  9. Jesse Says:

    I hope Gerard takes Gordon’s advice because I for one at least owe him several drinks.

    I’ll be the guy wearing the “I’m Gonna Get Drunker Than Bob Pollard” t-shirt if anyone wants to chastize me for being such a whiner in person.

  10. dd Says:

    Really? – I briefly considered mounting an “I’ll only go if Couch plays” campaign. Abandoned it because I doubt anyone besides me even remembers Couch (and also because it wasn’t true).

    Would love to buy Gerard, Patrick and crew a drink. I’ll be the guy who flew from New Zealand. Well, one of them anyway.

  11. Alex Says:

    That image is from the DVD set of “Matador” a Danish TV series that chronicled life in Denmark before, during and after WWII by charting the fortunes of two families over several generations. I’ve always assumed it kinda like the Danish equivalent of “Berlin Alexanderplatz,” given that I’ve not yet seen the Fassbinder series. “Matador” is actually really good, I could offer a copy of it to whoever is kind enough to sell me their Lost Weekend spares.

    No takers? Oh well. Fingers crossed for everyone tomorrow.

  12. Gary Says:

    I can’t wait to hear the additional bands being announced, so I decided to search through the roster and pick out a few additional performaces that would make this even more amazing than it already is (in no order):
    Mary Timoney/Helium
    The For Carnation
    Mark Eitzel/American Music Club
    Bettie Serveert
    MC Paul Barman
    Arab Strap
    Demolition Doll Rods….just for the nudity.

    Gerard….Can you confirm/deny any of these possibilities coming true?
    I just can’t wait!!! October needs to be tomorrow!!

  13. sean Says:

    gary, if they add any more bands i won’t have any time to play blackjack. anyone know who the final night headliner is? i kind of assumed it was GBV but i don’t think it’s been officially announced.

  14. dcooper Says:

    Bardo Pond. Bardo Pond. Bardo Pond.


  15. Mike Says:

    I’m assuming it’s going to be GBV or Pavement headlining the last night, although I think if it’s GBV, the likelihood of me making it onto my flight home monday night decreases several thousand percent.

  16. sean Says:

    mike – my flight would be monday morning at the latest, at least you get to recover! Bardo Pond was added? that’s pretty awesome

  17. darrell Says:

    I am just glad u got tickets or we would have never heard the end of it about how unfair everything was. I guess matador knew what they were doing in the first place when they had less tickets assigned to the locals.

  18. is JFA playin? Says:

    @ darrell: cue… BLATANT LOCALISM!!

    to wit:

    The hippies they hate us
    We steal their chicks
    They beat us up
    But they’re still the dicks
    Surf punks we’re not
    Skateboards we do
    We have the fun
    We’re the new crew


    seriously, best of luck to y’all queuing up today. I only ask that you imagine what life is like in this postmodern hellhole where a decent gig is a 5 hr drive in any one direction. And I’ve gone through similar numbers booking flights and rooms with a groaning bank acct in tow to catch a must-see gig.

    Hope as many can will make it. :-)

  19. Paulo Says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t get the tickets yesterday.
    I was all day waiting and 9 o’clock pacific time I was there… and I couldn’t get it,
    tried a hundred times and nothing!! I’m in London, would that be the problem?
    Friends of mine in Brazil couldn’t get it neither….
    I love all the bands playing, can’t wait to see guided by voices, sonic, pavement… again. Come on guys I NEED it!!! What do I have to do???? Will try today again….

  20. Todd Says:

    Hi all,

    I may have 1 ticket available in the near future. My brother unfortunately has had to pull out, with some family issues. We have offered it to a friend and if he cant make it, I will be happy to pass it on to someone cost price. I will keep all informed if said ticket becomes available.

  21. mike gargiulo Says:

    If only my non-refundable extra ticket was allowed to be part of the pool of tickets. But they won’t take it back, so one of you will be screwed as it goes to waste. Don’t complain to me! I want you to have it at no extra $. Talk to Matador and Ticketfly.

  22. abevigoda Says:


    This is what is in your confirmation e-mail:

    “Tickets cannot be resold; Matador reserves the right to invalidate any order found on sale on scalping sites for greater than the face value.”

    I would focus on the second clause and try to work something out with an interested party.

  23. darrell Says:

    Ok fine I admit it. I’m not happy jesse got a ticket. I wish it had been somebody else from london or brazil or anywhere. Someone wiliing to come half way across the world just to see a show. I love those people. But like someone said yesterday there will be other great shows in the future and I think they will win out more times than not just because they are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. I hope some of them get lucky today.

  24. Katey Says:

    Selling the ticket to a friend at face value is not illegal or unethical. You must have some friends that want the ticket.

  25. Jack Says:

    I got tickets yesterday but I’m still curious about seating. All I know for sure is that VIP’s get reserved seating at the front. Which to me would imply that temporary seating will be setup in the open area near the stage.

    What does everyone else do? I received no information about where me and my 3 friends (non-VIP) will be seated so at this point I’m assuming everything but the VIP’s will be a general admission free-for-all. Can this be confirmed or denied? I’m sure it will all be revealed in time but I’m sure I and many others would love to have their curiosity satisfied on this.

  26. Steve Says:

    Darrell, you’re a real asshole.

    Mike, are you retarded, dude?

  27. AnthonyCMoreno Says:

    If I can grab a couple of VIP w/ room tickets I’m going to have 2 left over GA tickets. I hope there’s no issue with me selling them, but I did read somewhere that to pick up the tickets you have to present your credit card at the venue on 10/01. That makes it a bit more complicated than just selling my tickets before the gig. I really hope Matador and/or Ticketfly works out something so it’s a bit easier to unload any extra tickets.

  28. bill Says:

    I actually appreciate that Matador is selling tickets this way. It makes it much harder for scalpers to load up on tickets and unload on ebay/Stubhub/etc… This ensures a little more that those who want tickets also really want to be there. Wish more shows were like this. If you have an extra ticket or two, just arrange for folks to meet you at will call and pay you the day of the show. Not that hard.

  29. James Says:

    So are there no VIP tickets left now? I see links for tix + hotel and tix alone but no VIP tix + hotel as stated above.

  30. Gerard Says:


    ticketholders are receiving three day wristbands at the Palms on October 1. My advice to you (and Mike ) is that you and your friends (who might be people you’ve met very recently) turn up together to collect your wristbands. We’re ok with you purchasing tickets for your friends (and if your friends reimburse you at face value, that sounds like you have a great relationship). It’s the resale thru eBay and Stubhub that we’re trying to prevent.

  31. AnthonyCMoreno Says:


    I actually agree with you. I’m also glad Matador is doing all they can to keep the scalpers out of this. Ideally, though, they’ll set up a buy-back system where I can sell my tickets back to Matador/Ticketfly, and they’ll put them back up for sale.

    Granted, I understand that Matador might not want to go to the extra trouble. Just wishful thinking. I’m sure if I have any extra tickets at all (find out in about three minutes), I’ll be able to sell them at the door as you pointed out.

  32. sean Says:

    anthony you might want to consider settling for your two GA tickets and let people who haven’t been able to get anything yet get first try and these last tickets..

  33. Glenn Danzig Says:


    My wicked friend suggested I buy you a ticket today. You are the perfect candidate to be baptized into our sect during out black mass on Saturday. What do you think? Please also note, my wicked friend makes some evil jello shots.

  34. Larr-O Says:

    Same problem as yesterday, must have sold out in 15 seconds for the 2 person + hotel GA tix.

  35. kim Says:

    i guess by “very limited number” they meant like, six, because i was shut out (that’s too many tickets to try to buy!) within 12 seconds of these shits going on sale. on the bright side, gbv is touring, b&s is touring, and the thing keeps trying to make me put in eerily pollard-esque authentication phrases like

  36. susie Says:

    two days in a row, i entered ridiculous captcha phrases over and over and over and over trying to get tickets to this. :( so disappointing. if anyone decides they’re not going to go, or has two extras, please let me know. this sucks.

  37. Gerard Says:


    there were more than 100 total tickets on sale this morning – not sure of the status of the leftover tickets from the Zia Las Vegas sale (they’d not sold out of their 100 allotment yesterday), but we’d planned to redistribute what was left to the general pool this morning as well.

  38. OS Says:

    I somehow stumbled into four tickets. Maybe it could be because I was blasting GBV in the background. GBV GBV GBV!

  39. AnthonyCMoreno Says:


    Not a problem anyway, as I wasn’t able to get through. Congratulations to those that did.

  40. george Says:

    congrats to anyone lucky enough to get these last tickets. I was not.

  41. JC Says:

    They actually did have tickets, i somehow scored two in the lotto. I had an easy captcha.

    Love you Gerard.

  42. Brandon Says:

    Man. I actually managed to get one. I can’t believe it. YES!

  43. James Says:

    kim – Based on how the powers that be presented this, I think it’s perfectly reasonable to assume there were only 10 or fewer packages left for sale this morning. Remember, there probably weren’t a heck of a lot to begin with yesterday and these are just what was left order from eroneous orders that bought too many tickets. If we assume most people were buying 2 or 4 ticket packages, 10 orders would mean 30 tickets or so.

  44. Brian Says:

    YAY! my gf helped this time and she has the magic click! we’ll see all the other lucky folks there!

  45. dave Says:

    Oh well. It was worth a shot! Sold out instantly! Two mornings of lost sleep opportunities. Atleast my coffee and GBV is keeping me company. E-bay here I come. What is the initial guess for how much scalped tix will cost???

  46. Leah Says:

    I’m with you Kim. Two days in a row of being shut out, despite trying and trying from the stroke of 9:00.

    Today I had to put in GEORGIA JINGOISM, though, and that was almost worth giving up trying and taking a screen shot.

  47. Sara Says:

    Yes, I HAVE the magic click! Love you, Brian… we’re gonna have so much fun :)

    (Captcha = RELIABILITY MR. Fortunately, I work for an electric utility company, and I have to spell things like “reliability” all day long, LOL.)

  48. Thad Says:

    Matador + Ticketfly = I gotta give up on this indie rock crap. New boss same as old boss.

  49. James Says:

    Ok, so based on Gerard’s comment, there were at least 100, but using my (possibly flawed) math, that’s still less than 50 orders. Way less.

  50. rachel Says:

    ahh, shut out again! seriously if anyone has two extra tickets, please email me at, I WANT TO GO SO SO BADLY

  51. jeanie Says:

    hey i used to be part of the original 93-96 intern lineup and i can’t get tix! hows a former schlepper catch a break?

  52. thissucks Says:

    ticketfly is awful

  53. Chris Says:

    I got shut out again :(
    Wish I had seen Gerard’s note about most of the tickets this morning being a la carte, would have tried that first.

    I’d love to help any of you with extra tickets, would be happy to go with you to will call day of and give you cold, hard cash.

    If you have 2 extra tickets, please get in touch!
    Please make an old man happy on his birthday!

  54. Katey Says:

    I got one! Thanks!!!!!!!!!! And for anyone who got tickets, but still needs a room, definitely check out the Gold Coast, as suggested. The \premium\ room total for the 3 nights came out to slightly less than the discounted Palms price. And it really is right accross the street!

  55. joe w Says:

    i cant believe ticketfly did it to me again! wouldnt load a captcha phrase for me to type in and poof they are gone…

    never been more disappointed in my life. we seriously wanted to bring the party to the palms!

    someone please take pity on us and sell us your 2 extra tickets or hotel room or anything…

    a fifth of jameson for whoever helps our desperate asses out.

  56. Mike Starr Says:

    Are the Ponys playing?

  57. James J. Says:

    No luck again. If anyone ends up with an extra ticket of either type (VIP or GA), I would would be very grateful: n.phelge01 at gmail . com


  58. Matthew Stecker Says:

    Hi. Shut out again, like many others. I’m happy to take anything off of your hands – cash now. Email me or call me 215-888-3296

  59. Sarah Says:

    can we do this again tomorrow, plz? Just want to rip the stitches and rub some salt in one more time…

  60. B Says:

    Well, shut out again, so is life, If anyone that scored a VIP/HOTEL package is willing to sell me one of their VIP tickets, I’ll pay for the ticket and cost of their room, your not scalping, you’re just meeting a new friend that shows their appreciation by comping your room, it’s a desperate move but that’s where we are now. Standing offer for the next 24 hours, after that I probably need to move on. Will pay the $700 immediately.


  61. Otelo Says:

    Hello everyone. I would like one VIP or general admission ticket. If you have it, please, please e-mail me at THANKS

  62. Lauro Says:

    4 Computers in a row, more than 200 attempts and…NOTHING!
    We tried 225+room, Vips/room and 250. Have already booked a flight from Brazil…
    But we still believe!

  63. rachel Says:

    i’ll be your best friend and buy you dinner one night, I just need two tickets plzz email me @

  64. James Says:

    Got 2 VIP tickets today. Thanks Gerard!

  65. Lauro Says:

    4 Computers in a row, more than 200 attempts and…NOTHING!
    We tried 225+room, Vips/room and 250. Have already booked a flight from Brazil…
    But we still believe!

  66. Jonathan Reeve Says:

    This is crushing. I am now very tired and very depressed. Two days straight of trying to get one ticket were fruitless. This leaves a very bad taste. Gerard, I do not think Matador ever was trying to squeeze its fans for lots of money. But I think you need to find a way to bring this experience to more people. Please consider hosting an additional two or three of these events (say, Atlanta, Chicago, NYC).

  67. pabst blue robot Says:

    the stresses of trying to get tickets to this caused my girlfriend and i to get into a fight and break up.

    2 years together, no tickets, no more best friend, i hate my life right now.

  68. guided by choices Says:

    big thanks to Gerard and the rest at Matador for all their hard work. i may have failed to get tickets for Matador 21, but thanks to this event i have a chance to see GBV when they tour the US (even if it means flying from the UK) and i may not have had that chance otherwise. life should be about opportunities, not expectations – less power to the moaners!

  69. B Says:

    Gerard, is there any thought of making any of the post concert, activities, parties, aftershows available via a separate process for those who decide to go to Vegas anyway, but were shut out of tickets, perhaps some of the smaller bands could play additional sets, bigger bands guest DJ, I don’t know just some additional activities for folks that want to be a part of the celebration even though we weren’t lucky enough to get tickets?

  70. Casper Doc Says:

    Please Matador, give us a bigger venue!

  71. sean Says:

    another good hotel option for those who couldn’t get a palms room – THE RIO. it’s a little pricier than gold coast but the rooms are really big, it’s a short walk to Palms, and if you book their basic room there’s usually a decent chance of getting upgraded by asking nicely or bribing the check-in clerk.

  72. Gerard Says:

    B –

    thanks for the suggestion. I don’t think we’re going to be able to sell additional tickets — even if they’re just tickets to aftershows, parties, etc. — as we have limited space at the Palms (and some, though not all, of those extra events are meant to be part of the VIP package). If there’s any change to that — or if, for instance one or more of our bands are doing something else in Las Vegas that week — we’ll certainly do our best to get the word out.

  73. Rob Says:

    same time tomorrow?

  74. tom v Says:

    Whata load of bollocks this has been. Even if I got tickets, which I did not, I would think the process is so poorly thought out that it borders on imbecilic. Reading comments you can see people had to buy multi-ticket packs to get a single ticket, and those tickets “can’t be sold”, so there will, by design, be empty seats for this. The ridiculous ticketfly website where you need to scroll through the more than 1 screen of choices to re make the choice you just made and enter an unreadable phrase again did not make it an easier. Anyone dyslexic and have trouble reading and typing ? Sorry, you are not fit enough to be considered to go …

    30 seconds of thought can see how this process could have been immeasurably improved, like pre-register, choose ticket type, number and hotel. Even a lottery would have eliminated so many of the stupid aspects of this. Ok, rant over.

  75. B Says:

    Gerard one final plea for a charity auction, put up 10 individual VIP tickets with the proceeds to go to a charity the Matador staff decides upon, money for a good cause, ten additional happy campers, and I don’t think 10 bodies is going to break the Palms fire codes, it would probably be off set by unused band passes over the three days. Pretty please, at least consider it?

  76. Lindsey Says:

    If you need to sell some tickets and make a group of girls happy, please contact me! writelindsey(at)


  77. steven m Says:

    One of my friends stopped by Zia last night and said they were out of tickets (I don’t know if both were or just the location he went to) so I assume people had to wait until after work to go up and get them.

  78. Rick Says:

    WOW. Sounds like a change of Venue is required.

  79. steve Says:

    b, you could be onto something with the additional sets idea. seperate from the matador party, theoretically some bands could add shows of their own around town before friday or after sunday. that’s 100% guess/wishful thinking, though.

  80. darrell Says:

    Nope. Just don’t like when whiners are rewarded for their whining when others out there will do whatever it takes to get a ticket. And then when the whiner gets their ticket and then they act like they are all concerned about the greater good….I find that a bit irksome. If that makes me an asshole then I’m okay with that . Throughout all of it matador tried to accommodate whenever possible. I hope they don’t let all this negativity keep them from putting on more awesome events in the future.

  81. blonde machine Says:

    went straight for the a la carte tix this morning. score. i’ll be the drunk girl up front.

  82. Dan Says:

    Once again. So sad. So sad. :(
    Thinking about flying down there anyway to try but don’t want to feel like this all weekend on vacation. Anyone with an extra or 2 that wants to make a very grateful new friend who will buy you lots of drinks? Email

  83. mike gargiulo Says:


    This is what is in your confirmation e-mail:

    “Tickets cannot be resold; Matador reserves the right to invalidate any order found on sale on scalping sites for greater than the face value.”

    I would focus on the second clause and try to work something out with an interested party.”


    I read “invalidate any order” meaning that they could invalidate everything, as in confiscate my hotel and room and my ticket. I just wish I could get a thumbs up from Matador.
    Even if I got the OK, I wouldn’t know how to make it happen as far as the exchange.
    No, I’m not retarded – I just want to do this in the full light of day without consequences.

    captcha = “pacify entry”. That’s what she said.

  84. mike gargiulo Says:

    “hotel room” – derp

  85. What a World Says:

    I’ll be the fan since ’93 eating my own eyeballs come 10/1 as I failed. What an event, you luckies. As a side note, the kick in the teeth was that my ex, whom I introduced to nearly all of the bands in question, got tickets. Ack.

  86. LeBron James Says:

    Even LeBron James didn’t get tickets on Day 2. LeBron James is not happy.

  87. LKJ Says:

    I wrote a big rant directed to all the self-entitled babies who think THEIR needs MUST be catered to, but I forget to enter my e-mail address and lost it all.

    Suffice to say, none of these things are \required\: bigger venue, different city, more tickets. Life is life. Spaces are finite. Move on and hug your kid or take a walk or tell your parents you love them.

  88. Ethan Says:

    I’m still trying to figure out what kind of person books a plane ticket before actually getting tickets to an event.

  89. LKJ Says:

    To clarify my previous comment, I don’t think everyone who’s sad about losing out on tickets is a self-entitled baby.


  90. LKJ Says:

    Ethan, sometimes a pure sense of adventure and hope will make a person get plane tickets before they know if their destination will even have them.

    I’ve done it a couple times and have been lucky. When Tom Petty played his sold-out shows at the Fillmore in San Francisco in ’99, I was actually in line and the line was moving toward the door before I got a ticket. To do that kind of thing, you have to possess a pretty good zen sense of “que sera, sera” and not get too bummed if you miss out.

    I don’t think the folks who booked flights first were dumb, but if they now expect Matador to “do something” to obviate their disappointment, then those folks were pretty daft in their execution.

    Funnily enough, one of my captcha words is now “entitled.” Haha.

  91. LKJ Says:

    P.S. I neglected to say that yes, I flew to San Francisco not knowing if I’d get in.

    End of commentary…10-4.

  92. Laksmono Says:

    \Move on and hug your kid or take a walk or tell your parents you love them.\


    Could you be anymore insensitive toward Lebron? I’m sure he would tell his father he loved him if he know who he was – open mouth, insert Nike Air Zoom Lebron VI signature kick.

  93. Matt Says:

    Mike G,
    Not sure why you can’t figure this out: you have an xtra ticket you’re willing to sell for face value; there are hundreds of people on this thread leaving their e-mails begging for a ticket. All you need to do is e-mail one of them and work out a way to meet at the Palms Oct 1 when the wristbands are distributed. As long as you trust each other, what’s the problem? Chances are you’ll sell it someone so grateful they’ll buy you beer and hookers all weekend (hey, it’s Vegas!). Even Gerard gave you the ok to do this. Are you worried that Matador has federal agents monitoring personal gmail accounts looking for resales?

  94. Xippi Says:

    “3.) Can I purchase multiple hotel rooms at the time I purchase the tickets?Yes.”

    I was lucky enough to get 4 tix but only one room deal. I would like to get another room at the special rate how can i do this?


  95. Jeff Says:

    “All I know for sure is that VIP’s get reserved seating at the front. Which to me would imply that temporary seating will be setup in the open area near the stage.”

    I mentioned this in another blog comment thread, but The Pearl has two seating arrangements, not counting one designed for boxing matches. One has about 3800 sq ft of floor space surrounded by seats, the furthest of which are 50 feet from the stage. The other has seats covering the entire floor area. Since the latter would not allow for any standing area, I am assuming the former option will be used. I would definitely still like to know where exactly the VIP seating will be, as well as how many total VIP tickets (including freebies given to bands, journalists, staff, whoever) were distributed.

    “I read “invalidate any order” meaning that they could invalidate everything, as in confiscate my hotel and room and my ticket. I just wish I could get a thumbs up from Matador.”

    Mike: YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN A THUMBS UP FROM MATADOR. See Gerard’s post at 11:57am on this thread. They do not have a problem with you selling wristbands at face value, so please quit your hand-wringing over it! Either sell it to someone who’s already posted an e-mail address on this thread — personally, I’d sell it to Lauro from Brazil, who already bought a plane ticket for the event — or post an ad on Craigslist offering to sell it at face value.

  96. Dan Says:

    :( Please?
    1 or 2 tickets?

  97. Dan Says:

    I forgot to say that I will happily and gratefully buy you dinner and drinks. :)

  98. Moe Green Says:

    Let me second Xippi’s question. I need a second room. The pre-purchase FAQ said there would be a way to do that, but now I don’t know how. How do I go about buying/reserving another? Was expecting to be able to upgrade to two rooms during purchase but didn’t have the option to do so. I too was lucky to get 4 tickets but have 5 going (yes, this is required–long story.) I’ll be looking for a fifth ticket but the most important thing is to get a 2nd hotel room.


  99. Patrick Says:

    Moe Green and Xippi:

    Researching this for you.

  100. virginie Says:

    “# Ethan Says:

    I’m still trying to figure out what kind of person books a plane ticket before actually getting tickets to an event.”

    well hey let me see if I can help you with that since I did book my plane ticket beforehand.
    what kind of people am I? mmmh jeez, 34 year old girl, huge fan of the label, huge fan of music, huge fan of live shows, pretty optimist overall, who figured that worst case I would spend 3 days in Vegas having a good time no matter what and even may be meet some new peeps who like music as much as I do and could not get a ticket either, best case I would get in and have a blast.
    but I think your underlying tone is that we must be stooopid people, well yeah I might be a bit stupid too,
    thank you for that
    and hope that helps you put a label on us

  101. chris Says:

    As one of the ticketless, still put me in as one who’s glad that Matador didn’t decide to have matador@21 in a field with 10,000+ people (that’s what most European festivals- and Coachella- are for), and am appreciative of the efforts and thought the Matador folks have put in.

    While demand vastly exceeds supply at the moment, I’m hoping that in the long run there will be tickets that free up due to the situation created by the room-related buying options- i.e. people bought 3 or 4 tix w/rooms when they needed fewer because that’s what they could get at the time. Assume that some of these tickets are being held currently for “old friends,” but may need to be used for “new friends” by October.

    I’ll throw my hat into the ring for anyone who finds themselves in that situation:

    Went to XX merge last summer, saw versus and unrest last night at Teenbeat 26, hoping for Matador @21, but there’s I can aiways start planning for matador@42 (the midlife crisis “meno-porsche” edition, to be held in boca raton)

  102. James J. Says:

    If anyone ended up with an extra ticket of either type (VIP or GA), I would would be very grateful: n.phelge01 at gmail . com


  103. Moe Green Says:

    Thanks, Patrick. I’d written separately under the email address that’s associated with this comment. I think it is entitled “one weird ticket question” or something like that. While I definitely need the second room, my situation is a tiny more complex than that. I’d love it is you could look for that mail from me as well, among the thousands you got, and get back to me in private. I sent the mail yesterday afternoon, I believe. Tried more more tix again this AM and this time was unsuccessful.

  104. Otelo Says:

    If you have one extra VIP or general admissin ticket, please e-mail me at I really really want to go to the show to see Cat Power and Sonic Youth. Thanks

  105. Nita Says:

    There’s any chance to get one more night at the price of 99$? I’m flying from Spain with my boyfriend and we will arrive on thursday night. Can we book this extra night via Matador with this discount?
    Yesterday I was near a heart attack when i get my ticket, gracias!

  106. mike gargiulo Says:

    Ha – I didn’t see Gerard’s post earlier because it was addressed to “anthony”.
    OK, so I’m looking for this long lost friend. We might not recognize each other, but this friend would know the answer to a specific question. I’m thinking they might be checking this thread around 8pm tonight (EST). So I’ll come back around then and ask the question. I know my friend will be the first one who can answer.
    If you see my friend, remind him/her (may have had a sex change) that he/she owes me $225 + $20. (a fee for our buddy TF’s service.)

  107. J Derty Says:

    I just want to say you’re welcome to whoever benefited from my mistake. I, like many others, chose 2 VIP + Hotel Room but picked a quantity of 2 (most idiotic set up ever by a ticket seller, but thats what you get from a third tier company like ticketfly). I realized that the total was DOUBLE what I needed to pay before processing my order so I let them go to try again to get it right. In the end I would have been better off paying twice the amount because ticketfly would’ve called and given me the chance to correct this, which has never been allowed (and should never be allowed) by a ticket seller. I guess I should have expected an inferior set up from a company like ticketfly. Maybe for the Matador at 30 show they will use some common sense and use a company that can get things right the first time. Yes I am crying and whining like a baby over this. If I got the sold out message from the start I would be saying oh well it wasn’t meant to be. Instead I had tickets in my cart and ended up losing out in the end. So to whomever benefited because of my foolishness you are welcome.

  108. Mr. Smith Says:

    Hi lucky people,

    I’m another unlucky one still hoping to get lucky. I am an old-school Pavement fan and this is the closest they are coming to where I live (still a 7 hour drive), so if you have an available ticket or two, I’d start feeling lucky again just in time to live it up in Vegas.

  109. Chris Bosh Says:

    Got one. When the went back up today, I went right for the ticket-no hotel option. Wasn’t going to try for the hotel/ticket option as I figured those would be the most popular.
    I feel so guilty as I have like 6 friends who really wanted to go and couldn’t get tickets.
    And I just read on this blog some dude and his lady broke up over not getting tickets. Dude, a concert ain’t worth you’re best friend. Take my advice call up your lady, beg her to take you back, and book 2 tickets to Las Vegas. I bet you’ll be able to find some tickets that weekend. So many people who bought multiple tickets will be stuck with extras. Always happens, even at small, exclusive events.

  110. Mr. Smith Says:

    oh yeah, if you got a ticket email me at

  111. Amelie Says:

    Long shot, but if anyone has a ticket available of any kind, I will take it pronto in exchange for cash or a plane tix to Vegas (on United). My kids pushed restart on my computer when I was about to purchase…I haven’t been anywhere since my kids were born 4 years ago…take pity on a mom who desperately needs some time off to enjoy her favorite bands!

  112. Ryan Says:

    My favourite captcha from the Ticketfly site was “Clam Chance”
    It kinda made me laugh during an otherwise very frustrating time. The Ticketfly layout for the packages was quite poorly laid out. I’m assuming a lot of folks lost out on tix by taking a few extra seconds to double check confusing scroll down menu quantities and whatnot. That’s life I guess, enjoy the shows!

  113. ScottDesign Says:

    Ethan, not sure if you realize, this isn’t Woodstock, way out in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do but the show. I expect there will be a few more people in Vegas than the 2100 people going to the Matador party. Buying plane tickets to one of the most visited cities in the US doesn’t seem like too much of a bad idea, even without tickets.

    I know I’ve traveled over 2000 miles to sold out events that I did not have tickets for, with only hopes that I’d get in. I’m sure it doesn’t work out great for everyone, but it has for me.

    You can’t succeed if you don’t try.

  114. sonic tooth Says:

    Looking forward to seeing the bands added to the show roster….here’s a couple to add to dd’s excellent request for Couch (I remember!). Though I’m still going even if none of these get added, unlike the Ponys-lover.

    Liquor Giants
    …oh, and Mission of Burma

    Been listening to GBV non-stop since yesterday afternoon. Feeling lucky.

  115. Mr. Smith Says:

    To people that need a second room:

    Have you tried calling the Palms? I would think that would be the protocol at this point.

  116. sean Says:

    sounds like the potential exists at the palms for the rooms to be packed crazy and loud with people piling into rooms….. i’m asking for the old people’s section in the rio LOL. that $99 a night deal at palms was really really good even for a group rate at a place like that, i guess the complaining on this board that resulted in the a-la carte option (which i opted for) wasn’t as hot a ticket as the room option because of the overall value

  117. rachel Says:

    what happened to matador21 sending out e-mail updates! i’m a little sad that i didn’t know about the additional sale. boo!

  118. mike gargiulo Says:

    There’s a GBV album with cards being held out to the viewer.
    Google it and count how many cards.
    Post the number of cards and the album title.
    My friend should know this – gimme your email, old buddy!

  119. Andy Says:

    First GBV reunion show. Fuck yeah!

  120. mike gargiulo Says:

    OK, be back in a while…

  121. sean Says:

    does the right answer get a ticket? my buddy needs one bad and he’s coming ticket or not. i know the answer

  122. James J. Says:

    Mag Earwhig!

    10 cards

  123. James J. Says:

    and, in my excitement, I forgot to include my email: n.phelge01 at gmail . com

    Thanks, old buddy!

  124. mike gargiulo Says:

    James has it. Long time no see!
    Email coming….

  125. Chipwich Says:

    B U N N Y B R A I N S

  126. Bryant Says:

    I can understand the kind of person that books a ticket with first buying tickets. I am one of them, in a way . I was was able to get tickets to this show today. I bought them because I believe the Ponys will be playing at this show in Oct. Have you heard the new EP?

  127. sean Says:

    i have a show ticket and i haven’t even booked a ticket yet. waiting to see the show sched, if GBV headlines the final night i might get fired from my job.

  128. martin c Says:

    i’m looking for 2 extra beds at the palms!! if anyone can help let me know


  129. Yvonne Says:

    Just a question….Everything was sold out 1 minute after the sale time began. How is that possible?

  130. Dan Says:

    WHAT!??!? The only reason I didn’t hang around my computer until Mike G’s 8 o’clock question was because my friend who is good at trivia said he had me covered and I am tired of staring at the screen and hoping!

    The question was that easy??!?!?

    Why didn’t I stay home by my computer??? Stupid me!!! STUPID!!!

  131. Gerard Says:


    if you mean Friday, it was somewhere between a minute and 12 depending on which ticket configuration you were trying to purchase. This morning, it was certainly faster given there were very few tickets.

    We don’t know for sure how many people attempted to purchase tickets on Friday — some of the visits to the Ticketfly sales page for the Matador shows were undoubtedly repeat visitors. But it’s a pretty conservative estimate that we had somewhere between 15 and 20 thousand people vying for fewer than 2000 tickets. Not only did such numbers guarantee disappointment, but also ensured the supply would disappear almost instantly. I’ve read one comment on twitter where we and Ticketfly were assailed for “insufficient bandwidth”. In reality, their bandwidth was more than sufficient to sell out of the available tickets in crazy fast amount of time.

    There’s obviously frustration for those who had tickets in their shopping carts who were unable to complete those transactions. In the future, we’ll have to consider a means in which after you’ve selected tickets (assuming they’re still available), said ducats are HELD in your cart for a short period of time (eg. 3 minutes, 5 minutes) as you move through the purchasing process (this is not a new thing to many of us who’ve purchased tickets online) ; otherwise, customers won’t be given the option to purchase a particular sales level. But without making any excuses —it has to be a very cruel tease to think you’re on the brink of completing a transaction only to learn otherwise — Ticketfly couldn’t sell tickets that didn’t exist. There are some very obvious ways this experience could’ve been less aggravating for our bands’ loyal fans, but none of those changes would’ve resulted in ten times more tickets magically appearing.


  132. Otelo Says:

    Please Please Please. If you have one extra GA or VIP ticket, please sell it to me. Thanks My email is

  133. Yvonne Says:


    I appreciate your response back to me and the others who commented. I wish I was one of the people who thanked you about being able to get a ticket but, even though I couldn’t and tried very hard both days; I do want to say Thank You. I just got disappointed because I pumped myself up for weeks thinking I WAS going to go. I read all the blogs, got answers to all the questions that was asked and was very prepared. Oh, well that is life. The name of the event is perfect…It is a Lost Weekend! I am sadden that I cannot attend but, thrilled that this event is able to take place. Great Music by Great Musicians….I forgot how much people there is out there who actually love good music because they’re are so much fake people listening to crap music. Thank You Matador!


  134. Yvonne Says:


    From a Austinite to another Austinite….



  135. Richard Says:

    As yet another austinite (tho I’ll admit that “austonian” sounds classier), I am mostly ignorant of Vegas geography (been there 3 times, but who remembers it?).

    It’s been noted that the gold coast is literally across the street, but I’m wondering if this is a street you can walk across easily?

  136. James Says:

    Not to encourage scalping, but as an attorney, I’ll note that this “invalidate the sale” business is most likely unenforceable. I think the measures taken with regard to will call tickets will thankfully prevent most scalping. But matador or ticketfly cannot forcibly take your property once they’ve sold it to you nor can they dictate what you do with the ticket once it is yours. The fact that the ticket is not actually in your possession is irrelevant.

    I’m only pointing this out for the people who are concerned they may not be able to sell their extra ticket. Boiler plate language in an email sent after the transaction is just a reasonable, but non-bonding scare tactic. There is zero chance anyone would litigate this anyway because the it’s not worth $500 an hour for matador or ticketfly to hire a lawyer. Sell your ticket with a clean conscience, but font scalp it for some insane profit. Also before someone without a legal education starts arguing with me, please remember that no one can reserve a right (including a right to cancel your ticket) that was never theirs to begin with.

  137. Glenn Danzig Says:


    Rookie mistake. I will take on the scalping cases pro bono for matador. Forget LexisNexis or Westlaw, I have an extensive library from which I will not so much draw cases, but macabre examples which will compel the court to rule in my favor.

    BTW – I will not be wearing anything that resembles a shirt in court.

  138. James J. Says:

    Info about walking from Gold Coast & Rio to Palms:

    Mixed opinions, other than jaywalking will get you hit. I’m looking at the Gold Coast as the cheap alternative for staying offsite.

  139. Uncle Bob Says:


    Gold Coast is directly across the street from Palms. It is very easy to cross. There is a traffic light and crosswalk right there. I stayed there once and it is a clean hotel at a good price. Gold Coast consistently has $5 tables as well. You won’t find cheap tables at Palms on the weekend.

  140. Smokey Says:

    Bailterspace please please please. Dustdevils reunion would be great too. Either way, perfect openers for B&S right?

  141. Mike Says:

    I’m one of the many who failed to get tickets on both days…

    To anyone with extras: I’m looking for 3 tickets, but am of course taking a one-at-a-time approach. Me and my friends primarily want to see COME, which is the only big band of the weekend that people will most likely NOT get another chance to see! This is my absolute favorite band, and I’d always assumed that I would NEVER get another chance to see the original lineup perform. Like the other folks posting here, we’ll hook you up (dinner, drinks… we’ll discuss). Please email: jet_en_mer[at]yahoo[dot]com or call/text

  142. Jennie Says:

    Hi Gerard, I think the most frustrating thing was that it appeared that I got 4 tickets because the dropdown menu was still active. But by the time I typed in some kind of long phrase, they vanished (over and over again, both days). It would have been much better to have some kind of sign-in system set up so that you type the phrase once and then afterward you have the ability to get the tickets. If 20K people were trying to get tickets, I guess that means we had a less than 10% chance to get them. Like many thousands of others, I have been a huge fan of Matador music for 20 years. I am so disappointed and I wish more than anything that I could find 4 tickets. The demand greatly–and quite unfairly–outweighed the availability.

  143. Gerard Says:


    it’s a legit gripe that you were forced to retype a security phrase over and over again after the tickets had already sold out. But the part you might not understand is that for the persons who successfully purchased tickets, THEY DID type a phrase once and received tickets.

    I’m not sure how the demand outweighing the availability could be described as unfair. Frustrating, certainly, but we made it clear from the start the venue in question had a limited capacity (as all venues do, whether that capacity is 500 or 50,000). No one who purchased tickets thru Ticketfly on Friday or Saturday had an unfair advantage over you.


  144. Jennie Says:

    I guess by “unfair” I meant that there are a lot of people who would love to attend but 90% are unable to because the venue is too small to accommodate all the willing fans. Okay, let’s go with “frustrating.” :) Seems like a larger venue would have been ideal, maybe not a huge festival-style arena but something in between.
    Mostly, I just really want to go. I will get over it. But I will also keep my eye on this site and the facebook page *just in case* more tickets ever pop up.
    And I’ll look forward to the Pavement show in Portland, which I do thankfully have tickets for!

  145. Otelo Says:

    Please Please Please. If you have one extra GA or VIP ticket, please sell it to me. My email is Thanks

  146. Gerard Says:


    I hear you loud and clear. The thing about a larger venue is, how large is too large? Had we opted for 5-6K capacity room — and it appears we could’ve easily sold that many tickets on day one, the experience would be awfully different for the fans furtherest away from the stage and/or in upper tiers. Someone might describe that as unfair, y’know? Had we opted for a smallish arena or an open air venue, it’s likely a good chunk of those paying $250 or more would’ve been reduced to watching Yo La Tengo or Pavement on a big screen. There’s already festivals like that (ie. Coachella, ACL).

    The other factor is that for some folks — not all, I’ll granted you — the intimacy of this event is part of the appeal. In any event, I apologize for the time you’ve put into this (and for misspelling your name earlier)


  147. Jennie Says:

    Maybe there’s a “Matador at 21 Road Show” in the future? Now you know you have all these people willing to travel great distances to see your line-up. You could pick 5 or 6 intimate-style venues in different areas of the US…that would be fun.
    (I totally get the appeal of a small venue. I have never even been to one of those gigantic festivals before because I know I’d have a lame time.)
    Anyway, thanks for listening!

  148. Sean Says:

    To all of my fellow unlucky non-ticket-holders: let’s all meet up for the Elton John show on 10/1. If we gather in enough numbers, maybe we can convince Elton to sing both the Marilyn Monroe and Lady Di versions of “Candle in the Wind”.
    P.S. I’m still going to try and play keno with Robert Pollard.

  149. Dan Says:

    Still holding out hope.

    Turn my :( into a :)


  150. Always Crush Me Says:

    I can’t seem to get past this. The dream is dead. I just sit here in front of the computer & read these blog comments. I know many of them by heart now. I haven’t slept, I haven’t eaten. Sometimes for a change, I’ll click on the Ticketfly link & stare at the sold out messages. The words seem to burn themselves into my eyes & it cuts, it cuts deep. I know I should try to hold my head high & think positive but I can’t shake this sinking feeling.

  151. krk Says:

    Wait, wouldn’t the Elton John tickets be 3x pricier than even scalped Matador show tickets? Plus, I’m hoping Bob’s more of a craps player, I can see him rolling all night, and I am definitely betting pass for his rolls.
    I would also like to add my voice to those saying: THANKS for not making this a huge outdoor FEST-fest, there’s enough of those already. The intimacy of the venue will make it feel (almost) as if I am seeing these bands in the heyday. As rare as some of these sets will be, there WILL be other chances for everyone to see great shows, and I think the whole weekend experience will be worth it for those of us lucky enough to go.
    Also, when do I find out if my room is next to Mitch Mitchell? Are the bands on their own floor, or will they be sectioned out like camp counselors. Actually, that would be great if we had a Matabandmember as our tour guide to welcome us to sin city. Were the 5 card stud tips to prepare us for the bands and fans card tournament?

  152. james Says:


    Is there a way that those of us who could only get weekend pass tickets can place a reservation at the Palms to take advantage of the $99 rate?

    Thanks in advance

  153. Gerard Says:

    Not thru Matador or Ticketfly, James. We exhausted our supply of held rooms pretty fast. You might be able to find a cheaper rate at the Palms thru a third party (many have mentioned Priceline). Also, the web quoted rates for the Gold Coast (across the street from the Palms) work out to $217 for a three night stay.

  154. mike gargiulo Says:

    I know it’s easy for me to say as one of the lucky ones, but without a doubt the small venue is a huge selling point. I would definitely not attend a show like this if I was watching on a screen 60 rows back. There are bands I love that I would not go see live because of the different vibe a stadium or arena has. Flaming Lips is one of those bands. I love them to death but even with their awesome show it’s too impersonal at those big shows.
    Luckily most of the bands I like are too obscure to play those venues!
    I never had the chance to see Pavement for instance, and would not be overjoyed about having to see them at a festival.

  155. Matt Says:

    I know the festival is a few months away, but while you’re still in the planning stages, here’s some ideas for events/afterparties that would take full advantage of the location:

    - high stakes Scrabble tournament with Stuart Murdoch in the poker room
    - beer pong competition with Bob Pollard
    - A Neko Case solo set in the Lounge
    - live band karaoke with Ted Leo + Pharmacists
    - stripper competition with Damien ‘Pink Eyes’ at the Playboy Club
    - Tom Scharpling as Master of Ceremonies, or better yet: a whole comedy stage hosted and curated by Scharpling & Wurster
    - Matador movie screenings (Watch me Jumpstart, Fans Only, etc) at the Brenden Theaters

    No need to thank me if you use any of these ideas, although I wouldn’t say no to a free VIP upgrade for me and the wife :)

  156. caleb fraid Says:

    if i had an extra ticket i would sell it to Always Crush Me.
    somebody help Always Crush Me!

  157. Moe Green Says:


    Does your reply to James above mean that those of us who got one room and need two are also out of luck? All of the pre-purchase communication was very clear that we’d be given a chance to buy more than one room. I can’t split hotels for my second room.

  158. Stephanie Says:

    Hi Moe,

    Unless I missed something (quite possible), the pre-purchase communication was all about upgrading rooms. Upgrading usually refers to the class of room, not the number. The rooms sold through ticketfly are standard double queens, and so upgrading would be for a different class (e.g. king, suite, view, concierge.)


  159. virginie Says:


    I am part of the ones who faithfully tried to get tickets exactly at 9:00am on both days, with no luck, while refreshing the pages over and over.
    I know of a few people that got their tickets by refreshing and refreshing so really at the end it was a factor of luck.
    One interesting thing Burning Man has and that I would encourage you and Ticketfly to consider for future events is that as soon as you press hit, you are put in a queue. So everybody could have been put in queue for the options they wanted.
    If it sold-out by the time they get their turn, well then too bad but at least people would have get tickets based on when they tried rather than on their refresh luck.
    Also a time-limit on how long people could keep their tickets in their basket would have been great.

    In any case, thank you for putting the event together. Still going to try to find a way in or will be rocking the alternative parties.

    PS: anybody with 2 extra tickets, I would gladly pay for them and offer you dinner/drinks in exchange. :) My email: virginied at

  160. Jack Says:

    I am interested in any available tickets and or packages – willing to deal. or 301-908-8396.

  161. Graham Says:

    I’m desperately seeking 2 tix at any level for my wife and I. These bands mean a lot to us!! reactone@netacc dot net.

  162. dudeman Says:

    Whatever you do – don’t listen to Virginie. “Virtual Waiting Rooms” are the worst possible ticketing experience. Sadly demand exceeded supply and network bandwidth, latency, proxies, browsers, and so on all contributed to the “luck of the draw” for this gig. Sucks, but that’s life. Wasn’t it SY that once said “sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes you got to spill the news…”

  163. Hiro Says:

    Hey Guys,
    I wasn’t able to find any tickets on Friday or Saturday….blah. For those people that were able to get one extra ticket and/or hotel room, please contact me at I would really love to go to this.


  164. Graham Says:

    Hey, I also have an extra ticket for Pavement 9/22 in Rumsey Playfield that i’ll throw into the mix! Email address is two posts above.

  165. Dan Says:

    I think I will have to invest in an iphone so I can check this board more frequently without being limited in traveling around this summer.

    I’ll be broken-hearted if I don’t get a ticket. Any kind of ticket. What will it take?

  166. Dorgon Says:

    For the people looking for rooms:

    Don’t book through the hotel or through Priceline or Travelocity …

    Book through the CASINO. The casinos always offer better rates than the hotels. Even though the rooms are the same, the rates are different.

    I got casino rate for The Rio at $80 Friday/$80 Saturday/FREE room Sunday.

    Gold Coast should be even cheaper.

    If you call the Palms Casino and explain you are visiting for Matador 21 and they filled up the $99 rooms, they may give you the same. Don’t call the hotel! It’s not the same!

    Good luck everyone!

  167. James J. Says:


    What number did you call to get the Casino versus the Hotel?


  168. Matt Says:

    Dorgon, I’m confused – if you call any casino to book a room or just get a rate (whether it’s a casino #or hotel #) wouldn’t they just transfer you to the same reservation line? I’ve booked a lot of rooms in Vegas and Atlantic City and I’ve never heard of casino v hotel rates differences.

    Though I already booked my room at the Rio online for around that same price through a discounted players club rate (yes I like to gamble :) ) I’d also like to know what number you called to see if I can save a few more bucks. thanks

  169. Moe Green Says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I’m not sure if you’re from Matador or not but either way, I’ll quote the Matador FAQ that Patrick posted to this blog on July 7th:

    “3.) Can I purchase multiple hotel rooms at the time I purchase the tickets?


    That’s what I’m referring to. I know I’m in the extreme minority because I need (not just want, but need) two rooms at the Palms, not a second one across the street. In this comment thread Gerard said he’d research this for us but I’ve not heard back yet.

  170. Stephanie Says:

    Hi Moe,

    I’m not from Matador. I just didn’t notice multiple room info, just the info about upgrades (I noted I might of missed something). When I bought the tickets there was an option to buy multiple rooms by buying multiple packages. However I’m not sure if that was changed because it allowed people to go over on tickets.

  171. Otelo Says:

    If you have an extra GA or VIP ticket, please sell it to me. I really want to see Cat Power and Sonic Youth.

  172. Dan Says:

    @ Moe: see Gerard’s post above on July 11 at 9:24 pm. No more rooms left. If that’s a problem, I can take the tickets off your hand if you need ;)

  173. al Says:

    here’s hoping Jeff Jensen MC’s as Bleachy!!!

  174. David Says:

    dorgon is right…casino marketing definitely has better room rates than regular hotel reservations.
    but generally you only get these casino rates and offers by establishing levels of play in the casino…
    for instance…i booked a tentative reservation at the mirage that weekend for way less than rack rates, but i go to vegas twice a year and tend to stay at MGM resorts while i’m there.
    i doubt that folks heading to the palms for the first time will have access to anything, unless they’re applying for a line of credit to use for gambling while there.

  175. LKJ Says:


    (And my captcha is Catcall President. Pollard, are you collecting these for the new GbV album? Don’t forget \Cringing Rebels,\ or I will use it.)

  176. Matt Says:

    David, that’s the point I was making. I was personally able to get a discounted room rate at the Rio because I always stay (and gamble) at Harrahs hotels, so I have reward points there. That’s a different story than getting $200 off your room rate just by calling the casino instead of the hotel, as Dorgon seems to have done.

  177. Frank Says:

    When I ordered tickets, my captcha was “Lou Reed” and “will be added soon.” I passed out soon after completing the transaction and woke up a few minutes ago only to notice this captcha prophecy hasn’t came true yet. Please advise.

  178. no culture icons Says:

    trying again for a ticket, or room, or whatever. definitely have to be at this show!

    please let me see gbv. thank you.

  179. karen Says:

    Release more tickets!!!!

  180. David Says:

    so…are those of us who did get tickets going to talk craps and blackjack strategy, poker rooms/times, or other vegas diversions? i mean, this is like 72 days away.

  181. David Says:

    my bad…78 days.

  182. fishbone5000 Says:

    if GBV wasn’t playing this thing, i wouldn’t drive across the street for it.

  183. Gerard Says:

    by all means, I think we need to take booking advice from someone with the handle “FISHBONE 5000″. Thankfully, since GBV are playing gigs post-Matador At 21 is the worst kept secret since, well, Matador At 21 itself, anyone who shares f-bone5000 opinion need not feel obliged to travel across the country (or across the street) to attend our vegas spectacular.

  184. peterman Says:

    hey people, Gold Coast has a bowling alley!

    driving up from Phoenix, pumped for GBV! gonna be totally rad.

    ps Fishbone(the band) is awesome.

  185. Otelo Says:

    If you have an extra GA or VIP ticket, please sell it to me. I really want to see Cat Power and Sonic Youth.

  186. Lauro Says:






  187. sean Says:

    gold coast has a bowling alley? we gotta set up a game time to roll!!! i’ll run over from the rio

  188. james Says:

    If Ibold is playing with both Pave & SY, could we please get sets by the Jicks and Spiral Stairs to round everything out?

    I will also be lodging at the Gold Coast – not sure how much time I’ll be spending there, though.

  189. sean Says:

    matt – i also got a great deal at rio through their total rewards card. it’s easier to rack up play rate on those cards now that Harrah’s owns 2/3 of the strip LOL. plus you can see your comp rate online, the MGM group of hotels require a call to casino marketing

  190. Matt Says:

    The bowling alley at the Gold Coast is a great place for a meetup – it’s got a ton of lanes and games are around $3 – for someone used to bowling in NYC, that’s crazy cheap. You’ll be finding us there or at one of the $5 blackjack tables at the Gold Coast either way :)

    Maybe someone should start a ticket exchange thread on the Matador message board for people looking to buy or sell. As long as it’s monitored by someone who could delete any posts selling above costs. Even though there doesn’t seem to be a lot of xtra tickets going around now, I’m sure more tickets will be freed up the closer we get to the weekend.

  191. sean Says:

    wow that’s great that the bowling isn’t a ripoff. i’ll definitely head over there for a few games, i’m no good but i have fun bowling. plus it will give me a reason not to play blackjack -losing money is how i got the room deal at rio :-)

  192. toenails Says:

    “11.) What sort of additional events — parties, performances — etc. are planned for the weekend?

    That’s still being determined, but rest assured that we are taking full advantage of our host venue.”

    So we are forced to stay across the street or pay ~ $230/room at the Palms because of the limited release of ticket w/room packages.

    Are we going to have to pay extra to do the “additional events” at the Palms? Am I going to get to rub elbows with my friends in the Palms’ pool?

  193. Gerard Says:


    we’re still working on it — there’s a bunch of scheduling / space availability things we’re trying to get straight. There will certainly be something or other (how’s that for vague?) happening in addition to the shows at the Pearl that’s reserved for VIP ticket holders, but that’s not meant to be the extent of it. We’ve no plans at present to schedule parties or gigs at the Palms that will require an separate admission on top of what you’ve already paid for a ticket.

  194. Dan Says:

    This show is going to be epic.

    Which is why I am still looking/begging/selling my soul for a ticket. Please?

  195. peterman Says:

    are you amplified to rock?

  196. Worl Says:


    What percentage chance do I have of knocking back beers with Uncle Bob at the VIP party?

  197. toenails Says:

    Thanks Gerard! We appreciate your hard work.

    You’re from Austin, how about a Drake Tungsten show at “the Lounge”

    Thanks again for your attention

  198. Emily Says:

    Not that there aren’t a lot of other people also posting a plea here, but if you happen upon this and have a ticket or two to sell at face value please email me!

    I guess I should have posted this days ago but I wasn’t sure that was kosher. I’m a very nice person and would LOVE TO GO!


  199. Emily Says:

    Also–Gerard and everyone else I LOVE the intimacy of this show and I ACCEPT that fact that not everyone gets to go. I’m totally not into big big big venues and would not go if this had been scheduled for a larger arena. Regardless of the messy ticket purchasing process, only so many tickets were out there and so be it. TOTALLY worth it, as far as I’m concerned. Even if I don’t go…I’m super happy Matador chose to celebrate in this way. Just another reason Matador is so awesome.

  200. brandi Says:

    I would be interested in getting 2 tickets for face value if anyone has extra. Like everyone with tickets or asking for tickets knows, this show is bound to be epic…

    I am willing to pay face value plus barter some graphic design or image retouching to suit your needs (i.e. Company Logo, letter heads, advertisement, CD cover- posters, product or model flaw removing, image manipulation, dropping back grounds ect.).

  201. johnnyburma Says:

    I’m so lucky to actually have the opportunity to go. And even better to have a VIP ticket. Truly looking forward to it. Can’t wait to get more details.

  202. gsjohnh Says:

    if anyone is looking to sell two tickets of any kind, my wife and i are dying to go, and willing to pay immediately please email me at:

  203. Jeff Says:

    “As yet another austinite (tho I’ll admit that “austonian” sounds classier)”

    No. Just … no. The only thing Austonian is is an ass-ugly, way-overpriced white elephant in downtown Austin that will remain mostly empty for many years, given its Manhattan-equivalent pricing, and with a cheesy name obviously derived from Bostonian.

  204. bill Says:

    A few questions/items…

    * Is there a curfew at the venue, meaning if GbV headlined one of the nights and went on at midnight, could they play until 3 a.m.? I’d love to have GbV and Pavement back to back, just like I saw them back in 1994.

    * A GbV classic reunion needs to include the rolling cooler of beer just before they go on, brought on by their “manager for life” Pete Jamison. not sure if he’s kept in touch with the rest of the band or what kind of terms he left with, but it would nice to see him on the side of the stage.

    Since Malkums will already be there with Pavement, why not tack on a Jicks set too? Same with Tobin Sprout and GbV.

    I’m 40 (squarely in the GbV demo) and I feel like I’m 25 again with the anticipation for this thing. “Echos Myron,” “Gold Star for Robot Boy” and “Lethargy” with the classic lineup? Yes. Hope Pollard has started stretching and Demos is working out to fit into those striped pants.

    October can’t come fast enough.

  205. Graham Says:

    Well, it looks like i’m rolling into Vegas from NY with no tickets. I wonder what my chances are of finding 2 tickets there??

  206. Jesse Says:


    How was I “rewarded” for whining, praytell? I got lucky and got some tickets, others didn’t, 15 to 20k people were vying for them. There were other people who had issues with the rooms + tickets set-up besides me, so Matador freed up some of the tickets for carte-blanche, which all got snapped up by lots of people other than me. I never once said there should be more tickets or that the venue should be bigger or anything like that, my only qualm throughout all of this was that having a room was initially mandatory. It’s not as if Gerard or Ticketfly orchestrated giving me a golden ticket due to my bitching, I just lucked out and got a pair of tickets for myself and my fiancee.

    Normally I’m not the type to rub people’s noses in my good fortune, but in your case I’ll make an exception due to your asinine crybaby bullshit: Nyah nyah I got tickets and you didn’t. I don’t believe in karma or God or anything like that, so I’m not going to match your stupidity and say that you deserved not to get tickets anymore than I’d say I deserved to get tickets. Grow up, dude.

  207. bill Says:

    GbV just posted the rest of their reunion schedule (

    all on sale times are local

    9/30 – East Side Drive, Austin, TX
    On Sale 7/16 at 12pm
    with Times New Viking

    10/3 – Pearl Theatre @ Palms Hotel, Las Vegas NV
    Matador at Twenty-One Las Vegas

    10/4 – Wiltern, Los Angeles CA
    On Sale TBA
    with Times New Viking

    10/5 – Warfield, San Francisco CA
    Pre-sale FRI 7/23 10am-10pm password “bee thousand”
    Regular On Sale SAT 7/25 at 10am
    with Times New Viking

    10/7 – Crystal Ballroom, Portland OR
    On Sale 7/20 at 10am
    with Times New Viking

    10/9 – Showbox So Do, Seattle WA
    On Sale 7/26 at 10am
    with Times New Viking

    10/12 – First Avenue, Minneapolis MN
    On Sale 7/16 at 12pm
    with Times New Viking

    10/13 – The Vic, Chicago IL
    On Sale 7/24 at 10am
    with Times New Viking

    10/15 – Southgate House, Newport KY (Cincinnati)
    On Sale 7/16 at 10am

    10/16 – Outlands Live, Columbus OH
    On Sale 7/15

    10/21 – 9:30 Club, Washington D.C.
    On Sale 7/17 at 10am

    10/22 – Cat’s Cradle, Carrboro NC
    On Sale 7/16 at 10am

    10/23 – Buckhead Theater, Atlanta GA
    On Sale 7/24 at 10am

    11/4 – Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
    On NBC at 12:35/11:45C

    11/5 – Paradise, Boston MA
    On Sale 7/17 at 12pm
    with Blitzen Trapper

    11/6 – Trocadero, Philadelphia PA
    On Sale 7/17 at 12pm
    with Blitzen Trapper

    11/7 – Terminal 5, NYC
    On Sale 7/23 at 12pm
    with Blitzen Trapper

  208. Matt Says:

    So I’m guessing these GBV tour dates means Times New Viking is getting added to the festival lineup?

  209. James J. Says:

    One more reason I wished I lived in Austin instead of Dallas – Pavement on the 28th and GBV on the 30th.

  210. bill Says:

    @ Matt: Whoops, hope I didn’t ruin anything on Matador’s end by posting this now. Sorry Gerard!

  211. David Says:

    @bill it’s also on pitchfork. you didn’t ruin anything.

  212. J.D. Says:

    times new viking rules

  213. R.A. Says:

    I was waiting for single day tickets to go on sale. Guess that’s not happening. Looks like the entire crowd is going to be made up of yuppies and V.I.Ps that overpaid for an indie rock show. I’m a vegas local and I’m sick of the local music scene. Bands come here and think they could charge triple what they charge everywhere else because it’s Vegas. Pffft to Matador and FYF for fleecing “true” indie rock fans. I’d rather go to Double Down, Beaty Bar, or Divebar and watch a real indie rock show minus the Vegas yuppies and V.I.Ps!

  214. Gerard Says:


    very sorry you couldn’t get your shit together to buy one of the 100 TICKETS RESERVED FOR VEGAS LOCALS AT TWO L.V. RECORD STORES for a lower price than anyone else in the country had to pay. Equally sorry that you believe this 25 band bill is overpriced compared to a Coachella, ATP, etc. But I’m sorriest of all that you would seek to disparage the couple of thousand folks who are attending this event as somehow being not as “true” as yourself. if you wanna believe they’re all yuppies, go right ahead. You’ll note that I’m not suggesting they simply give a shit more than you because I don’t know that.

    Perhaps if more persons were devoted to attending shows at the venues you mentioned, Matador at 21 wouldn’t be the first time so many of these bands played your town. And we certainly hope it isn’t the last time.

  215. sean Says:

    anyone that thinks this event was overpriced has a serious lack of perspective about how much MORE it could have cost. would have sold out if they were $1000 a ticket

  216. Scott Says:

    4 more bands TBA? I’m casting votes for Railroad Jerk and The For Carnation!

  217. sean Says:

    BAILTER SPACE!! BARDO POND!! please :-)

  218. Anitzy Says:


    Why even bother coming on here to complain when: a) it sounds like you didn’t want to attend anyhow. And, b) you seem happy with your chosen venues and indie bands/scene???

    Perhaps you’re just now realizing you live in a destination location, and, (likely; seeing as how you didn’t try/end up fruitful at Zia) you were unable to score tickets. It definitely shows that you’ve not exactly been keeping a good eye on these forums, because otherwise you would have known there would be no single day purchases. Not to mention the price is more than fair for what you get.

    You stick to your “real indie rock show”, while we’re at Matador 21. Enjoy.

  219. sean Says:

    anyone know if GBV is going to be allowed to play a full set? i can’t make any of their tour dates, so i would have been screwed if i didn’t get lucky last friday. i also wonder if this place has drink service at the seats like the Joint over at the Hard Rock… some of us yuppies as RA thinks we all are may enjoy that :-)

  220. Lauro Says:

    Hi Gerard! Good morning!
    Could you please answer my post above?
    Thank you,
    Lauro (from Brazil)

  221. James J. Says:

    I think it would be a shame for GBV and Pavement to have to play truncated sets (mainly because I won’t be able to see them at any of their other shows). I’m hoping that they will be the last performers on their respective nights and will be able to plow on as long as they can/want.

  222. Jackie Miles (to go) Says:

    Yuppies?! Shut the door, I had no idea! Thank you for the 411, Egyptian Sun God! I will be packing a top hat, a dinner jacket with tails, a monocle, and a cigarette holder to wear at the show!

  223. Gerard Says:


    the shows are completely sold out. I am sorry you had difficulty obtaining tickets but the can be said for thousands of people around the world. If we do release additional tickets — and would hesitate to promise such a thing — we’ll make a formal announcement (in advance) on the Matablog.


  224. Jesse Says:

    Speaking as another Vegas local, let me say that R.A. doesn’t speak for me and also that championing the fucking Double Down, Beauty Bar and Divebar as refuges from yuppiedom is fucking laughable. For those of y’all don’t know Vegas bars, those three bars are the biggest scenester/hipster/entitled douche dens in town. The only thing separating their clientele from the magical yuppie (seriously, who still complains about yuppies in 2010?) is a whole lot of scene hair.

    Get fucked, R.A. If you think Matador 21 is in any way overpriced you’re an idiot. I assume you’re comparing the cost per band to getting to see your roommate’s shitty LCD Soundsystem wannabe band for free or some such shit, otherwise you’re just being deliberately obtuse.

    Matador’s not fleecing anyone, you god damn walking cliche. Your opinions are bad and dumb and you should feel bad.

  225. sean Says:

    i have a lot of yuppifying to do before now and october.

  226. Herr Gropius Says:

    Personally, my vote would be for Run On and Railroad Jerk. But since Solex just released an album with Jon Spencer and Cristina Martinez, giving her one of the slots could be a good choice.

  227. yum Says:

    I’m onna HUNGAH strike until Bardo Pond gets added to this. Hurry up! Imma HUNGRYB

  228. JC Says:

    Just wondering how many people will be included in the VIP’s?

    Thanks for your help,

  229. theo Says:

    Bring your Izod shirts and Sperry Topsiders.

  230. Oli Says:

    When should we receive the email concerning the room upgrade?
    The VIP upgrade email stated it was supposed to be before the end of the week, just want to make sure I didn’t miss it somehow.
    Thanks a lot!

  231. 5 Says:

    wow, Gerard and Jesse’s deconstruction of R.A. had me tinkling all over myself.

    i am one of the chosen few who grabbed one of the few despised “yuppie VIP” tickets. Jesse, if i run into you that weekend, i owe you a beer and and a shot for introducing “douche den” into my vocabulary. brilliant.

  232. CB4 Says:

    Yuppies? I’ll tell you this, I’m over 40 and will be the least hip person at this event. But I’m no yuppie, and I’ll tell you most of the late 20, early 30′s crowd that will be there won’t be yuppies either. Last I checked, the yuppie crowd will be at Celine, Elton, and anyother lame ass pansy show in town. Matador 21 will be a hipster duffus crowd. And we’re all going to be proud of it! Long live us grown up slackers!

  233. Jesse Says:


    Thank you, I’ll be wearing a sweater vest and $300 loafers, natch. Buy me a Yuengling or get fucked, poormo.

  234. Gary N Says:

    I had a realization this week when purchasing an used copy of the “Teenbeat 50″ slab o’wax, that it was released on none other than a lil label called Matador. So, I figured I would throw a guess out there that maybe a recently reunioned band called Unrest might make a friendly appearance at this shindig to show their support. Its a long shot, but figured I could dream of hearing Mark Robinson, Bridget Cross, and Phil Krauth alongside all the other great musicians performing. Any thoughts on making that happen Gerard?

    Also, for Sean above, the Palms has drink service for the box seat areas only, unless something special has been arranged. If not, there are large bars in the outer areas of every floor. Hope that helps!

  235. Gerard Says:

    no plans for Unrest to participate in our 21st anniversary spectacular, Gary. Though we salute TB on their 26 years of being awesome — and some of us REALLY FUCKED UP by not making plans to see Unrest’s recent reunion shows. And by some of us I mean me.

  236. sean Says:

    the recently announced GBV shows are selling out almost as fast as the lost weekend did….maybe people underestimated the pull a GBV reunion had on this event. that’s going to be a crazy night….

  237. David Says:

    @ Gerard:

    i thought VIP seating info was going to be emailed out this week…no dice?

  238. Caitriona Says:


  239. captain sulu Says:

    Will the members of Chavez be performing in ascots?

  240. Adam Says:

    Glad I live in ATL and at least get GBV and Pavement.

    Still, would love 2 tix:

  241. Lauro Says:

    Gerard, thank you anyway.
    I’ve been thinking in try to obtain these tix at the door. But its a big and too expensive risk.
    Therefore i’ll be waiting for a miracle (additional tickets).
    Thanks from Brazil!


  242. Tate Says:


    I’ve sent a couple of emails to 21@matadorrecords regarding a ticket dilemma. Can someone please respond to me?



  243. sean Says:

    is there any approximate kick-off time on friday october 1st?

  244. darrell Says:

    First off….for the love of god please stop mentioning your fiancee in every other sentence. We get it. We all get it. You found someone that can tolerate your whiney little self. Way to go. Secondly, you were in theory rewarded for whining because matador changed the set up for how this on sale was going to go down. They increased the number of tickets the locals could get which meant they probably pulled those from the batch the rest of the planet had to pick from and I thought even though you were bitching you were gonna find a way to get down there to your local record store and snag a couple of tickets. Tickets that would have gone to someone else in some other city . And hey if you got them online like the rest of the world…good for you. If that is the case then okay …you personally didn’t benefit from the increase in local tix but someone did and it was because of your whining. And I don’t necessarily care if some other local benefitted or not…good for them. It was only you I didn’t want to get a ticket because you’re so annoying. But I don’t blame matador for the fact that I am wasting my life getting sucked into a useless discussion with you….its not their fault its my own. And the difference between whiners and the people that had legitimate questions about the initial set up is that the people that were just asking questions were trying to clarify just exactly what they needed to know to be prepared for the day of the sale. The whiners acted like it was an event that they were entitled to go to and that things were unfair if any and every little thing didn’t meet their needs. And you were the most annoying of all those whiners because you couldn’t get off work and you and your fiancee don’t know anyone who can stand in line for and the kids at zias are gonna get all the tickets and I don’t think I can justify the expense and I don’t need a hotel room and etc etc….I didn’t get on the blog and cry about airfare or my job or anything. I took it at face value like you’re supposed to do and I didn’t start crying about how unfair matador is and what corporate nazis they are like so many of you whiners did. Gerard/matador decided to put this event on and tried to be nice and accomodating with this room deal and sorry if that doesn’t go over well with you locals but it was done in the spirit of trying to make it convenient and affordable for the fans. And then crybabies start crying unfair. How disrespectful and manipulative on the part of all you whiners trying to get your own unfair advantage like I said before at least you don’t have to pay for traveling and you could mentally write that excess room price off to being a travel equivalent. Or you can decide not to go. You don’t have to go and on the

  245. darrell Says:

    oh! And by the way jesse….I don’t think I will grow up dude! the end.

  246. Fiona Says:


  247. Chris Bosh Says:

    ……and next on The Young and the Restless.

  248. Gerard Says:

    Darrelll -

    sorry to be the resident comment nazi but I’ve deleted your last 3 posts on the matter of Jesse. I think you’ve made your point / had your say on the matter. We’re pretty good about allowing all sorts of critical commentary on here — including stuff that’s unflattering towards the label, it’s artists, owners, etc. But we’re gonna have to draw the line at repeatedly singling out one individual / fellow fan, even if you’re pretty sure they were asking for it.


  249. popegreg Says:

    Gerard — This selective answering of questions and lack of updates is getting annoying. Could you please tell us when we are getting our seat assignments for the VIP tickets? THIS WAS PROMISED FOR LAST WEEK!!! And when will we get the information on room upgrades? Really at this point you need to let those of us who just shelled out hundreds of dollars know what is going on.

  250. Gerard Says:


    my apologies. I’m sure you’ll hear from someone shortly. I would ask if you have a specific question regarding tickets you’ve already purchased that you email ; you’ll probably receive a faster reply than using this forum. That said, I’ve forwarded your email address to the appropriate department and I’m confident you’ll be contacted very soon.

  251. darrell Says:

    Its okay. I needed to be stopped. I hate blogging. Sure wish I could get that time back though….

  252. Caligula Says:


    Will Neko be appearing with the Pornos at the spectacular?

  253. Caligula Says:

    Also, what are the odds of letting A.C Newman, Dan Bejar and Neko Case play separate sets with their respective bands?

  254. sean Says:

    any ballpark estimate for the start of the first show on friday??

  255. Gerard Says:

    probably 7pm. possibly earlier, probably not much later. But that’s an estimate

  256. Gerard Says:

    we certainly hope so. That’s the plan

  257. Gerard Says:

    fantastic suggestion, Caligula. However we’re already pressed for time/space. More likely we’ll be including another artist who isn’t part of another Matador band.

  258. sean Says:

    thanks for the timeline info gerard….really hoping bejar shows up with the new pornos….

  259. Chris Bosh Says:

    Sean, I really hope Bejar shows up too. I was really upset when I saw them a few years ago and he didn’t show up. To me, they are not the Pornographers without him. I did see them once with him, and it was fantastic.

  260. dd Says:

    hoping against hope the remaining members of Silkworm get invited for an acoustic reunion …

  261. face6 Says:

    Well my girlfriend I was going with just dumped me so as of now I’ll have an extra ticket. Not looking to sell it now as I’ll try to get another friend to go with me, but just giving hope to people that tickets may pop up due to circumstances like this. But I wouldn’t fly there from another country hoping to get lucky.

  262. popegreg Says:

    Thanks for the quick reply and apology, Gerard. Sorry that you take the brunt of complaints just because you’re the only one nice enough to respond here. That said, I know there’s probably a lot going on, but you guys really need to send out an update to those of us who have tickets. Seat assignments were promised for last week, and many of us would like know what the status is on the hotel rooms as far as upgrades and/or adding additional nights. Should room upgrade requests be going to ? The FAQ has not been updated, nothing from the email list, and the latest update on this site still says “almost sold out.”

  263. face6 Says:

    I’m not sure why seat assignments are so important to know right now. Sure there are things that are important to know for advance planning, but seat assignments aren’t. I’m sure Matador and Gerard would tell you what your seat assignment is if they knew, but it’s obviously taking a little extra time to get that information because it’s not being relayed to them by the Palms.

  264. Patrick Says:

    Guys – re seat assignments.

    We’re working on getting this info from the promoter (FYF) – please stay tuned, and thank you for your patience.

  265. Patrick Says:

    We are also told we will have room upgrade info available this week – hopefully Weds. Thanks again everyone.

  266. the Emerald Seer Says:


    Don’t give up on love because of a little adversity. Suppose Prince Colwyn gave up on Princess Lyssa, thinking the Slayers were too strong and that the Black Fortress was impenetrable? You must convince her that together the beast (the fractured lens of modernity) can be eradicated (understood) if you both work together toward a shared cause (vision). The Fortress will then disappear (the prison in your hearts that doesn’t allow each other to be understood) and your off-spring will then rule the galaxy.

  267. Lauro Says:

    Gerard, please…2 tix. any kind…

  268. Tired of Lauro Says:

    Lauro, is Gerard supposed to give you tickets because you said “please?” He already explained to you that there are no more tickets and thousands of other people around the globe did not get tickets. Living in Brazil does not earn you a special accommodation.

  269. sean Says:

    has anyone here been to a show at the Pearl that was general admission seating like this one? just curious as to how much of a cluster**** it is or if there ends up being room in the seats due to the standing area in front of the stage? i guess my main question is whether or not a “full sellout” accounts for a seat for everyone once everything shakes out or if it’s going to be completely packed insanity in there.

  270. face6 Says:

    Haven’t been there myself, but I think I read there was standing room for about 800-900 or so and a little over 1000 seats, which is a pretty good balance as there will always be a lot of people who want to stand and a lot who want to sit. The good thing about this festival is people will be going in and out so I can’t imagine that everyone who bought a ticket will be in there at the same time at any given time, except mainly when the 4 top billed bands play. And even then some people will pass on one or more of those. I’m planning on watching about 3/4 of the bands that are playing myself overall, especially if Saturday and Sunday start early. The only way it would likely be screwed is if it was oversold.

  271. James J. Says:

    On the Palms website, it has three seating charts for the Pearl: with floor standing room, without floor standing room, and UFC. For this event, there might be a hybrid. Maybe we will also get a Malkmus vs. Pollard cage match!

  272. peterman Says:

    Pollard would throttle Malkmus. Pollard’s a baller.

  273. sonic tooth Says:

    Malkmus is going down!!!

  274. face6 Says:

    Sorry but Pink Eyes from Fucked Up would take on all comers. How about Pink Eyes versus all of Belle & Sebastian at once.

  275. Lauro Says:

    im not asking for a special acommodation. Just trying to buy a couple of tickets.
    living in brazil its not the same when your favorite bands arent from here…
    by the way, it was a dialog…and it means, 2 people talking…
    thank you and take care!

  276. peterman Says:

    the bigger they are the harder they fall. wouldn’t want t be anywhere near a Pollard high-kick that’s aimed for your head.

  277. James J. Says:

    If I was to make a bracket, my final four would be:

    Bob Pollard
    Pink Eyes
    Bob Nastanovich
    Neko Case or Kim Gordon (I can see it going either way)

  278. face6 Says:

    I say Thalia Zedek vs. Laura Balance in the woman’s final.

  279. Dan Says:

    Somewhat relieved that GBV & Pavement are touring, but still looking for tickets. FV + 50% anyone?

  280. Damien Treadwell Says:

    Seems possibly too rich for my blood but I’ll take a number, if anyone in the N. Calif. area needs to sell for some reason. Happy 21st

  281. peterman Says:

    my apologies in advance…

    for getting beer all over you during GBV. sorry ’bout that!

  282. JTFIII Says:


    As a yuppie who will be wearing a very expensive sweater-vest (it gets chilly in the desert at night, don’tca know?), I accept your apology in advance…please try not to step on my penny-loafers, I will have just had them shined up and a new penny inserted in the tongue.

    Thanks for your concern,
    Jarvis T. Featherbottom III (V.I.P.)

  283. yuppie Says:

    dude, that’s what i was gonna wear. uncool

  284. Derek Says:

    request for original lineup of seam to perform headsparks (i know not matador proper, but close?). mac will be there, i’m sure he will be game. one of the best albums ever.

  285. johnnyburma Says:


    Are any records being repressed for this event?? (i.e. Chavez)

    How cool would that be?

    Have a nice day,

  286. Smokey Says:

    Patrick/Gerard — any update on the room upgrade info for VIPs? Would like to know if possible to upgrade our room or if possible to get an additional room. Thanks, Smokey.

  287. sean Says:

    quick question for patrick/gerard – how soon before the event will the schedules be posted?

  288. Chip Says:

    Two tix were listed on stubhub for this event. No, they aren’t mine, but i am curious if somone would be willing to pay 600 a ticket to attend this event.

  289. Chris Bosh Says:

    Chip, I just saw this too. What I don’t understand is how they are going to fedex the tickets if it’s pick up only. And if you need id and the credit card it was ordered with, how does this work? I would be weary for anyone thinking of ordering this.

  290. peterman Says:

    those tickets may have been bought by a Vegas local at the Zia Records.

  291. Chris Bosh Says:

    Peterman, you may be right!

  292. James J. Says:

    I would have thought that Zia should have used the same type of ‘purchase now/sign-in at event’ approach as ticketfly as a means to prevent scalpers. Otherwise, this is just another reason that approx. 10% of the tickets shouldn’t have been made available to Vegas residents.

  293. Chris Bosh Says:

    To be honest, if I didn’t have a ticket, I would have been tempted to pay a lot for one.

  294. Chris Bosh Says:

    And those tickets on stubhub have been sold!

  295. Ronnie James Dio Says:

    Any word on the additional bands?

  296. johnnyburma Says:

    Or voided?

  297. peterman Says:

    why do you think they were voided? people, yourself included, can buy any ticket for any event and sell it for whatever they well please. you can sell it for below face value or for more than face value. may not make you happy, but oh well.

  298. dave Says:

    Hey gang,

    Did anybody get the email from Ticketfly with promised VIP info on 7/28? Just wondering if I missed the boat…

    Maybe my spam trap was hongry.

  299. AnthonyCMoreno Says:

    Dave, I’m waiting for the same, so guess you didn’t miss anything. Hopefully we’ll hear something soon.

  300. RooTeefy Says:

    More of the same… I guess no reason to know about your VIP seats. Just be happy you got some… I guess… sort of…

  301. chris Says:

    You’re not alone Dave, still waiting here too.

  302. scottdesign Says:

    I did get the promise of more info on 7/28. Nothing in my spam net, nothing in my in-box.

    I’d like room upgrade info more than anything. But I’d also like to request “Why Did You Land” if Bob happens to check this board.

  303. James J. Says:

    If we are going to start throwing out requests, then mine is “Pantherz”.

    I think it would have been great for them to have made this “The Power of Suck” tour and performed the album in whole. Who wouldn’t want to purchase a tour shirt with “The Power of Suck” on it?

  304. Ashley Says:

    I did get the ticket VIP information but not the room upgrade information.

  305. dave Says:

    I just checked my spam trap and couldn’t find anything from Matador, Ticketfly or the Palms. I will, however, have the largest penis, best replica watches and more prescription drugs than anyone at the festival!!!

    Really, where is the informaiton?

  306. Chris Says:

    Still no seating info here…Ashley, when did you get yours?

  307. yum Says:

    Dare to DREEM: Itssa gonna be great when Bardo backs uncle Bob for an uber-mushroomy version of “Smothered in Hugs.”

    Dig it.

  308. boy howdy Says:

    FYI: there were no physical tickets for sale at ZIA. Locals (thank you again, Gerard and co!) have the same dealio with showing up at the Palms with proof of purchase and ID. Anyone online claiming to have tickets to FedEx is lying.

    While we are discussing possible prodigal surprise Matador artists…..

    The Fall ?!?!?

    snowball’s chance, but I can dream-ah

  309. sean Says:

    are Bardo Pond, Liz Phair and Ponys definitely playing this?

  310. Doug Henning Says:

    That depends, sean. Do you believe in MAGIC?

  311. Ashley Says:

    Sorry about that – I double checked and I don’t have VIP seating information, just an e-mail about the VIP upgrade with the upgrade link.

  312. David Says:

    Hey, um, so did anyone else not get their room info for the Palms yet?
    Also, any more VIP ticket holders still not get seating info?

    I mean, I know the event is still like 60 days away…

  313. Chris Says:

    Nothing here either…will post when something arrives on my end. Glad I’m not alone in my compulsive e-mail checking.

  314. 5 Says:

    i haven’t gotten any VIP info so far. i’d like to request that info and that bettie serveert be added to the bill.

  315. mopey Says:

    Nothing here either about VIP seating info or room upgrades. It makes me nervous!

  316. David Says:

    yeah. i’m hoping there isn’t trouble securing the bookings. Palms doesn’t have a ton of rooms, compared to strip hotels, or even the Rio across the street.
    i still haven’t cancelled my tentative reservation at the Mirage just in case.

    i’m not too worried about the seating. the VIP seats can be first-come first-served for all i really care, as long as they’re clearly noted.

    in the end, i just want to know what’s going on and why they’ve now missed 3 deadlines on fairly important event info.

  317. Emerson Says:

    Yeah, I agree about the VIP seats. Just have them blocked off and have it be first-come, first-serve. There will be a lot of coming and going I’m sure.

    Yeah, a little weird how it just went dark here (no updates to the blog, the faq, no emails, no posts here). Updates from the train conductor as to why the lights are out, the train is stopped, and when we expect to be moving again would be nice to have. Hopefully the train is not going out of service.

  318. Kicker Of Elves Says:

    Still no information, how about filling us in? I think most are in the same boat with David about not really caring about our seating assignments, but really hoping they will come through soon with the room upgrade information.

    At this point I’m starting to assume that there will be no room upgrades, and they are just trying to figure a way to break that news to us.

  319. Gerard Says:

    Everyone should be getting an email from Ticketfly shortly. Apologies for the delays — we’re trying to very careful that we don’t oversell anything.

    an updated version of will have far more details regarding scheduling, an expanded faq, etc.

    thanks for your patience

  320. j. cox Says:

    awesome – thanks for update, Gerard!

    I would not even think of complaining if VIP’s were also their own ‘separate general admission,’ however, if Ihad a choice, I’d prolly still go with how they were sold: having our own seats. just supercool to have your own seats, and there is something to be said for rolling up to a specific set, just minutes before the band is about to go on, and having your seats right where you left ‘em.

    more importantly – and I guess this is for those who have stayed at the Palm before – is there something I should know about the basic rooms that came w/ deal? I’m seeing more requests/curiosity regarding upgrades, than I would’ve expected. is this simply a matter of wanting a better room/experience, or is there something about the basic rooms I should be concerned with/propelling an exodus to the next level? thanks all!

    just – and I mean, JUST – heard Ponys for the first time, and got WAY into them over the weekend. Love ‘em…

    j. Cox

    PS – there will be a substantial Philly contingent representing at festival – we’re all stoked!

  321. Yolanda Says:

    Still hoping the ponys make the spooktacular, though i heard they won’t be there. Philly fans, uh-oh. Please leave the d-cell batteries and beer drinking babies at home.

  322. Wildcard Says:

    Just read in the FAQ that if you are in a group from philly attending this show, someone from said group must be dressed as greenman.

  323. David Says:

    @ j. cox – i dunno for sure why the hubbub about upgraded rooms, but i can say that the standard Palms Tower rooms (the oldest in the joint) have yet to see a sprucing up since the place opened in 2002. they’re a little shabby, especially by vegas standards.
    whereas the two newer towers (palms place and the fantasy tower) have much more “current” amenities and two queen beds as opposed to two full beds (one bed in a room is still a king-size).

  324. Chris Says:

    I’m surprised people are planning on spending so much time in their rooms at all. My room = place to crash between drunken sessions of general debauchery.

  325. peterman Says:

    forecast for that weekend -

    14 cheerleader cold-front.

  326. sean Says:

    any update on the update?

  327. Randy Says:

    Oh, PLEAAAAAAAAAAAASE tell me Brightback Morning Light is playing!!!!!!


  328. Rob Says:

    Longshot….but if anyone has tix they cant use………………… I’ll do the usual searches, but if u hear of someone with can’t usey-s….

    Damn. I should have been on this.

  329. Rob Says:

    It’s a total long shot….but send any cant use-ys (tix) my way. I’ll do the usual searches but U just figured out I can fly to Vegas for cheaper than I thought….

    Postal Blowfish!!!!!

  330. Dbuck Says:

    Oh my god, you people are nuts. I came on to check to see if any new bands have been added and I see post after post of “Can I upgrade my room?”, “Where is the seating info?”, “Is this band playing?”, “Can I request this band top show up?”.

    The damn show is 2 months away, and you freaks are posting every hour demanding information. Friggin relax, go for a walk or something. If I was Gerard I’d cancel the damn show to prevent the Palms from being overrun by a bunch of prima donna cryasses. I mean why the sense of urgency?

    Holy crap, and requesting a band? Really? Like “The Fall” are just sitting around doing nothing, and one of them are gonna log on here and be like “Hey guys, we’ve been requested. Lets go to Vegas for this dude?” Holy crap. I am embarrassed for you monkeys.

    Go away, relax, show up in Vegas in October, and enjoy yourselves.

  331. 5 Says:

    hey Dbuck: close to a grand to fly out for 2 people and $400 a ticket for VIP plus hotel stay.

    i’d say i’ve earned the right to check on hotel upgrade status every now and then, and maybe toss a penny in the Matador wishing well for favorite band to magically appear.

    but really, thanks for hopping on the blog to try and unnecessarily provoke devoted Matador fans who just emptied their bank accounts to support their favorite label and catch some kickass bands. try finding a hobby to occupy your time instead, maybe fly-fishing, macrame, stamp collecting, or shutting the f*ck up.

  332. Chris Says:

    It’s all good…dbuck is right, I should be a little more patient…but it’s tough to not be beyond pumped for this. I plan on rocking out with my cock (figuratively (oh who am I kidding, ultra-literally)) fully out. Oct. 1st can’t happen soon enough.

  333. RooTeefy Says:

    Anybody else get their VIP seating information? I received mine a couple of days ago. Section 203 A. I’m pretty sure they are good seats but for some reason I was expecting seating closer to the front of the stage i.e. in front of GA not behind it. I wonder if there will be other perks to VIP such as drink service, special amenities (aside from the private parties), etc…

    Gerard, will there be further detailed information on the VIP package when you update the Matador 21 blog?

  334. Chris Says:

    Still waiting here…

  335. Matt Says:

    Section 203 Row A is front row center. You can’t get any closer than that, unless you were expecting Matador to set up folding chairs in the GA pit, which would just be silly.

  336. johnnyburma Says:

    This would put you at about 50′ from the stage. Awesome!

  337. big dipper Says:

    How did rooteefy get his VIP ticket info “a few days ago” while the rest of us have got nothing? The last e-mail I got from Ticketfly said a response would be sent by 7/28. Half a month later…crickets.

  338. David Says:

    i’m still waiting…but i got an email on sunday saying that seating info is coming.

    boy, am i ever impatient, huh?

  339. Tim Says:

    Has any one received their hotel confirmation info yet?

    And has any one received a response to an email to 21@matador?

  340. RooTeefy Says:

    I know the Pearl does sometimes setup seating on the GA floor but it probably isn’t practical for this event. I’m definitely happy with my seating arrangement though.

    I haven’t received anything on my hotel confirmation yet. Hopefully that will be coming soon, although I’m more interested in the updated FAQ Gerard alluded to a week ago.

  341. Colonel Pumpernickel Says:

    EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mark E. Smith just showed up at my door with a box full of 5,000 tickets to give out to anyone I wished, and also a magic tablet on which he asked me to write my three most desired Matador bands not already on the bill. I chose Bunnybrains, Miles Davis, and the Beatles, and he said my wish was granted! He also told me that Bettie Serveert would be happy to cancel their previously booked tour in order to appear in Vegas! Also, I learned that the Palms is a shape-shifting wormhole that allows fifty times as many attendees as its capacity claims to hold–thereby making possible the admittance of my 5,000 closest friends!

  342. Damien Treadwell Says:

    Anyone got tix? I am in the “Greater Boston” atm (actually about 1 hr south by I-93/I-95) but I will meet you anywhere. I don’t have *much* cash but I do have a few extra ATC cd’s, for example, that were included in the air-mail pkg anyway… even though I did not recall ordering those particular ones… They are for sure, originals. Anyway, unless the delightful “freres Flemion” will be there I decided I’m not interested. Screw you all!

  343. really Says:

    I will say, it is a tad frustrating to ask questions and get no answers (especially after shelling out $1,600 +).

    We’re not asking for the world here, just an update, maybe?

    Despite what Dbuck (dbag?) says upthread, some of us ARE interested in room upgrades/seat information.

    So, if any further information is available, I’m sure everyone (except maybe dbuck) would appreciate hearing it…

  344. Damien Treadwell Says:

    And one more thing. When we were reading (and in true “DIY” fashion, submitting) reviews for the Slow Century DVD to, which had, at that point, been pushed back to 2012 release, there was some talk about what was available, during that era of the release of “Slow Century” on digital video/versatile format… singing cars, robot maids… These reviews got several stars. And now it’s all been “obliterated.” Typical!

  345. Keith Says:

    Does the Matador 10th Anniversary footage exist somewhere? Will it ever be released? I remember it was simulcast on the internet, or at least the Pavement show was and it was available for a short time after to view online… I can’t remember if all the shows that weekend were filmed though.

  346. dirty Says:

    hookers and blow

  347. AnthonyCMoreno Says:

    Is RooTeefy the only one with seat confirmations? I haven’t heard a word from Ticketfly.

  348. mopey Says:

    21@matador replied to an email i sent, but said I’d hear about rooms and VIP tix this week… no such luck though. it makes me nervous.

  349. Chris Says:

    Same here mopey. Hopefully this week. Wish they wouldn’t tease us like this!

  350. AnthonyCMoreno Says:

    Got my VIP seating (I did not purchase VIP room, so can’t comment on that). Check your emails.

  351. spacejace Says:

    ticketfly sent an email (about 6PM eastern time) last nite, announcing “thank you for your patience,” and “within the next 24 hours you will receive your VIP info” and some other notes on non transferring of tickets and what not. it appears those who purchased VIP’s tickets will be getting all their info soon…

  352. Kicker Of Elves Says:

    The Eagle Has Landed. I got seating information today, section 203 row F.

  353. mopey Says:

    Does anyone know how the seat numbering works at the Pearl? The seat maps I’ve found seem to show the rows but not the seats.

  354. dave Says:

    I got my email saying more information in the next 24 hours, but haven’t gotten the information.

    I am a patient boy, I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait.

  355. Jensen R. Says:

    A few people have inquired on here about not yet receiving “confirmation” of our hotel rooms at the Palms.

    Isn’t the receipt of the initial purchase of the “Matador @ 21″ room+tickets from Ticketfly the confirmation in and of itself?

  356. David Says:

    @ kicker of elves – i’m in 203 row f as well. sup.

  357. David Says:

    @ jensen r. – no…the initial receipt said we’d be getting room confirmation numbers from the hotel on/about August 1.

  358. Chris Says:

    Why do you mock me, lord of Ticketfly?

  359. Smokey Says:

    Same Place the TicketFly Got Smashed? sorry…

    Any guesses on when the updated FAQ, VIP room upgrade info, and added band announcements will come through?

  360. dave Says:

    Still nothing for me.

    They must be readying a special Very VIP section just for me and my guests, I’m thinking lounge chairs, free booze, unobstructed sight-lines and a private bathroom.

    I’m pretty sure that’s why I haven’t gotten anything…

  361. spacejace Says:

    nothing here either. Chris, I’m laughing at your “lord of ticketfly” comment; love it. …I would def be lying if I said, “it’s not annoying in the least, to get an email from ticketfly, promising solid details within 24-hours, and not seeing that follow up email at 48 hours and counting….” I’m hanging. But if the next email I get is another one that says, “in 24 more hours you’ll be getting an email with more detail….” not sure what I’ll be feeling…

  362. Chris Says:

    Hang in there spacejace…just got mine! Had to send them an email asking about the delay, they got right back to me. Attleboro, MA will be representing in section 203, row B. Woohoo!

  363. dave Says:

    just got them:

    Section 101 row A.

  364. spacejace Says:

    nice tip, Chris – I replied to the email they sent (“…in 24 hours, you will receive more information…”), just letting them know I didn’t get anything and wanted to be sure. w/in minutes got email confirmation!!! Sec202, RowB – iLL!!!! … i get the feeling the mass info email is coming any hour now though… Philly representin’ hard, at Matador 21!

  365. xippi Says:

    Chris- My name is Chris and im from Massachusetts also. looks like we will be representing in Force. I believe Gerard is also a Mass native, from the town my HS played football against on Turkeyday.

  366. Chris Says:

    Nice xippi! Looking forward to meeting and bonding all weekend with you and all the other fanatics…I’m officially changing the name to Matador Lovefest 2010. Love is in, baby.

  367. Kicker Of Elves Says:

    Did everyone from Massachusetts get in to Lovefest 2010? I know Weymouth, MA will be in the house!

  368. 5 Says:

    if anyone is looking for an extra ticket, my friend had to bail, so i have a weekend pass that is available. please contact me at if you’re interested. thanks.

  369. Gary Says:

    This is for Dead Meadow fans coming into town. Stumbled across this today:–Matador-Weekend-DEAD-MEADOW

  370. Jsquared Says:

    Hey there just wondering if there’s any fellow canucks heading to this show? I’m coming from Vancouver and will be staying at the rio. I will say, you could also find me at Gold Coast rolling a few balls and enjoying a white russian or two.

  371. 5 Says:

    Just a heads up that my extra ticket is now gone. Sorry guys.

  372. Ben Says:


    we’re from Melbourne, Aust and we just found out about this, and we’re gonna be in Vegas in early Oct. – Don’t suppose anyone’s wanting to sell two tickets at regular price by any chance?



  373. Andrew McCullough Says:

    Retarded old guy who just heard about this…I usually hate festivals, but this is one I would die to go to. If anyone has an extra ticket please email me at


  374. FastEddie Says:

    Have 3 tix available, anyone interested let me know at

  375. Jessie Says:

    anyone have an extra ticket? please let me know!