Matador At 21 : The Lost Weekend – Link For Ticketfly Sales (Starting Friday at 9am Pacific)

July 9th, 2010 at 1:26 am by Gerard

Tickets on sale Friday, July 9 at 9am pacific time, 12 noon eastern time.

(ADDENDUM For those that were able to get tickets but not reserve a room at the Palms please look into the Gold Coast which is located across the street from the Palms Resort. The rooms are very affordable and you will be close to the action.  THE EVENT IS NOW SOLD OUT. THANKS TO EVERYONE.

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376 Responses to “Matador At 21 : The Lost Weekend – Link For Ticketfly Sales (Starting Friday at 9am Pacific)”

  1. James J. Says:

    Thanks again for all the effort to answer everyone’s questions, but I have one leftover:

    Are the VIP seats in front of the standing area on the floor or behind the standing area? Or are they in the boxes? Since these will be reserved seats, I just wanted to get as much info as possible to determine whether I should go for this option.


  2. Joey Jo Jo Shabadu Says:

    I had no idea they would be this expensive.. pass.

  3. J.D. Says:

    So where are the VIP tickets among the three options at Ticketfly?

  4. nffcnnr Says:

    thank you for *not* using TicketBastard or LiveNation.

  5. mopey Says:

    Hi! It looks like the layaway option is limited to 2 tickets (based on price) — is that true? Can you let us know approximately how many (or what proportion, if you don’t want to say how many total tickets are for sale) are available on the layaway vs. the non-layaway option? Thanks!!! Just want to make sure I don’t put my eggs in the wrong basket…

  6. spd Says:

    Echoing James J’s question: planning to buy VIP passes and would like to know where exactly the seats will be, sections, boxes, etc.

    Also, will we have the option of choosing sections/seats for VIP?


  7. mopey Says:

    Never mind, I saw the answer to my question in the other thread — I should have looked there first. The layaway is limited to ala carte tickets. Thanks!!

  8. andy Says:

    Do the VIP tickets go on sale at the same time? I don’t see them in the list of what’s about to go on sale. Very excited!!

  9. D.G. Says:

    Andy, just based on the prices listed under the Pass & Hotel Package option, I’m guessing you’d have the option to choose VIP once you’re in there.

  10. shady lane Says:

    so…tickets are $225 / piece now? weren’t they supposed to start $195 until the presale sold out?

  11. Christine Says:

    So, I thought the initial round of tickets + hotel packages were supposed to be $199 (x number of tickets) plus $99 (x three nights). That would make the lowest price for a package $496 (1 ticket plus three nights). But the lowest price Ticketfly is offering for a one-ticket-three-night package is $524.50, which indicates that SOMETHING is more expensive than advertised. Please explain!

  12. curious Says:

    Do you think this will sell out within the hour it goes on sale?

  13. Patrick Says:

    D.G. is correct. And I’m afraid I don’t have the exact location of the VIP seats, but I believe they will be toward the front of the seated section, i.e. behind the standing area, and not in the boxes.

  14. Jesse Says:

    Given that I was one of the original bellyachers in the announcement comments, I want to strenuously point out that anyone who says the tickets themselves are too pricey is a damn fool. $250/per person is an amazing deal for the lineup at current and there are more bands to be added in the coming months. Probably no one as big as most of the headliners already announced, but if you’ve been a Matador devotee for years I hardly think you’ll be disappointed.

    I personally haven’t been as hardcore as some people so I’m very much looking forward to seeing a lot of the bands I’m not as familiar with in addition to GBV, Pavement, B&S, etc. I really hope I’ll be able to get some of the a la carte tickets in an hour, but if not I hope everyone who goes has an amazing time.

  15. Jackpot Says:

    I’m also wondering why the price is higher than advertised. And is the FAQ wrong about getting multiple hotels on a single order?

  16. D.G. Says:


    Just a WAG, but maybe it includes the hotel tax?

  17. D.G. Says:


    Someone named Taylor (10+ years booking!) said a few days ago that they won’t even sell half the tickets in a month.

    I thought then, and think now, Taylor was full of sh*t. I think we’re talking 15 minutes, here.

  18. Christine Says:

    Might be tax!

    But the reason I asked is because I know that the price of the second round of tickets goes up from $199 to $225, and the price as it is now on Ticketfly makes it look like they’re selling the $225 tickets right off the bat. Which would be confusing!

  19. Dan Says:

    Don’t be surprised to see more hidden service fees while buying the tickets, just like you see on ticketmaster. I’m out. I don’t want to pay to see bands I have already seen in the 90s. Sorry!

  20. Wendy Says:

    I understand that the VIP tickets will have reserved seating behind the standing room near the stage

    However, will the people with VIP tickets be allowed to go stand in the standing room section near the stage?

    I’m sorry to be asking again, but I haven’t seen an answer to this specific question – and it will help us decide which level of tickets to get.

  21. D.G. Says:

    Ah, Christine, I see, but the $225 ticket with 3 nights hotel would total $522. Maybe there’s a $2.50 charge somewhere.

    Basically, I don’t know what I’m talking about, so I’ll shut up and go back to Refreshing Ticketfly every 10 seconds. :-)

    Good luck, everyone!

  22. J.D. Says:

    Ticket Fly has a service charge. Must be the difference.

  23. Patrick Says:

    Christine and Jackpot, D.G. is right that the price includes hotel tax.

    $496 + $9.50 per night for 3 nights = $524.50

  24. D.G. Says:

    Wow, I’m right twice in one hour! Patrick I can offer a very reasonable consulting fee. :-)

  25. Jackpot Says:

    Thanks, Patrick and D.G.

    Hope to see you in October!

  26. al Says:

    can we still assume that the layaway plan is only the a la carte tickets and doesn’t include the hotel package? if that’s the case, that’s kind of a bummer since the tickets were basically the more affordable portion of this whole package.

  27. spacejace Says:

    I’m utterly terrirfied(!) I won’t get a ticket! AHHAhhhhhhhhhh!!! Oh no! the word “flunky” is part of my captcha!

  28. sean Says:

    got a ticket – see you guys there

  29. James Says:

    Did the VIPs really sell out that quick?

  30. Jeff Says:

    Okay, that is insane. I clicked on the link at precisely 11am, and VIP tickets were gone in 15 SECONDS. Then every other one was gone within 30 SECONDS. AAAAARGH!!!

  31. Jesse Says:

    God, you would have thought I was preparing for battle as shaky as I was, but I got my tickets! See you guys in October!

  32. sean Says:

    jeff – is it already sold out or are you pulling our legs

  33. Jamie Says:

    So how long do i keep trying for? Are they sold out already?

  34. OS Says:

    Tried multiple times. Says the 3 tickets with the hotel are all sold out. Promptly going to go kill myself. Thanks.

  35. Richard Says:

    Did they really sell out that fast? Because the website said they were gone before 11:01 am.

  36. adfdj Says:


  37. honeychain Says:

    got mine! SO PSYCHED that I’m shaking – thanks so much all and Gerard especially for the weekend pass only option – MWAH <3

  38. sean Says:

    i’m still seeing plenty of ticket packages available

  39. andy Says:

    My GF and I just bought 2 VIP tickets + Hotel, but by accident chose x2 and got booked for 4 VIP tickets + 2 Hotel rooms…oops!! Really hoping that ticketfly can toss one back into the pool. We got too excited. Damn!

  40. Tony Says:

    I was constantly reloading the page and missed out. It was less than 10 seconds. Insane!

  41. bill Says:

    This sucks. The second my clock struck 10 a.m. MST I went on and it was already sold out. What the heck? No doubt a ton of tickets are already on ebay and Stubhub.

  42. Steven D Says:

    Got em!! :-)

  43. nichole Says:

    i had too many tickets in my cart by mistake and couldnt edit them and i lost them. i am so, so, so, so sad. ticketfly is kinda confusing for frantic shopping.

    oh well, i tried. i hope everyone enjoys what is going to be an amazing show!

  44. what Says:

    submitted my request before 12:01 est. sold out/all in carts. this sucks.

  45. J.D. Says:

    Andy, I will buy your room and VIP if you can figure how to transfer. I tired to get VIP but did not get it

  46. Mike Says:

    Holy crap, did it seriously sell out that quickly? I got a pair of a la carte tickets, and I’m feeling damn lucky.

    So, can we upgrade these tickets to VIPs?

  47. Richard Says:

    Remember, you can’t put these on StubHub, because the person has to fly to Vegas to be at will call.

    The tickets were literally gone within 15 seconds. And even tho the hotel packages don’t all say \sold out\ yet, try buying one. They are gone.

  48. Jamie Says:

    Keep getting “The quantity of tickets you requested is higher than the quantity available. Please select a lower quantity and try again. If you have tried a lower quantity and are still receiving this message, all available tickets are currently in other shopping carts and may become available at a later time.”

  49. Adam Says:

    I went on the exact second they went onsale and was shutout. Tried every packages I could find, even VIP, and had no luck. I wonder how many of these packages went to scalpers beforehand..Ridiculous!

  50. sean Says:

    are you guys looking at the same pages i am? looks like plenty of tickets available even the layaway ones….

  51. evan Says:

    yep all gone. I went on as soon as the clock struck 9 and so did my wife, and every package we tried said no tickets were available. how is it possible that EVERY package was sold out within 15 seconds? this is ridiculous

  52. dave Says:

    I got 3 VIP and a room, my brother clicking at the same time got shut out…that was amazing. We were able to score a total of 3 vip and 2 GA no hotel.

    Who was that dope from the other comment thread saying that Matador would be lowering prices when this thing was still not sold out?

    Thanks Gerard for putting up with all the knuckleheads!

  53. bill Says:

    Hey, keep trying! I thought I was toast but then I somehow just got through for a weekend pass-only ticket. Maybe they’re staggering the release of them? Man… that was close.

  54. OS Says:

    I’ve never been more depressed to not able to get tickets for a show. I will not blame ticketfly, nor the lack of explanations from Gerard as Gerard has done an excellent job providing for everyone. I’m just infinitely bummed. I don’t think I’ll ever recover. Call it melodramatic, but I can’t really come to terms with this.

  55. Tony Says:

    It says they’re available, but when you try to buy them, you get rejected. I’m having flashbacks of the Reatard singles.

  56. Jamie Says:

    @sean Yes, but they are all in “shopping carts” I’ve been clicking over and over and over for fifteen minutes hoping they free up.

  57. Kevin Says:

    Andy, I did the exact same thing and now have a sinking feeling. Hopefully they will be understanding about it… or I can find someone as crazy as I am to buy it off me.

  58. dave Says:

    Hey andy if you can’t get rid of that extra, I’ve got a guy who will buy it from you, for sure.

  59. Spike M Says:

    Was sold out immediately for me. Early bird? What a joke. I suppose good publicity. Not so good for long time fans.

  60. D.G. Says:

    Yeah, I kept getting the none available,message for several minutes, but finally a pair popped open. If it doesn’t say Sold Out, it’s worth it to keep trying.

  61. Patrick Says:

    The event sold out in 2 minutes. Thanks everyone – and sorry for all the hassle and questions and answers.

  62. Tom Says:

    I’m too old for this. I prepared for a half hour prior to 9AM. Watch synched, check. Credit Cards on desk, check. Website loading properly, check At 9 on the dot furiously attempted to buy tickets, and reattempted, and reattempted. By 9:13, everything was sold out. A masterpiece of a bummer.

  63. Ashley Says:

    I kept trying and scored 3 w/hotel. I had four browsers open. We really wanted VIP tickets, but I’m glad to get any.

  64. sean Says:

    man – sorry guys.. i thought it would sell out but really surprised it was that fast. now i feel like i need to double confirm that i even have one, this is the first time i’ve gotten a ticket at launch since 1992

  65. J.D. Says:

    ANDY OR KEVIN. I got shut out of VIP and would buy if we can figure the transfer. email me at

  66. Terry Says:

    Os, there are still tix. Save the drama and keep trying.

  67. Patrick Says:

    For those that were able to get tickets but not reserve a room at the Palms please look into the Gold Coast which is located across the street from the Palms Resort. The rooms are very affordable and you will be close to the event.

  68. OS Says:

    People at Matador,

    Please tell me you have plans to make this into a DVD/Blu-Ray release for us people who weren’t lucky enough to get tickets?

  69. Ashley Says:

    By the way I was never presented with the option to upgrade, which I totally would have:

    “Does the VIP package include a room upgrade?

    No. You’ll have to purchase the room upgrade separately. When you get the rooms/tickets this Friday, it will tell you that you will have the opportunity to upgrade your room (as well as your ticket package, should you so desire) subsequently.”

  70. ohiocrow Says:

    Andy, I did the exact same thing. I already e-mailed customer service at Ticketfly requesting a credit for one of the packages. If they cannot accomodate, I have 2 VIP tickets and 1 room that I would be looking to transfer to a GBV fan who was shutout of tickets.

  71. Troy Says:

    Wow—what a drag.

  72. John Says:

    I’m thinking that there was a huge glitch on the website that caused these tickets to go faster than expected. I was going for 4 VIP tickets, so I went to that section and chose “4″ from the drop-down menu. I was then taken to a page that allowed me to buy 4 SETS of 4 VIP tickets (so 16 tickets, for close to $9,000!) — told me to enter credit card info, etc. But all I wanted (i.e. could afford) was the 4. By the time I realized this, and went back to the homepage to try for just 4, everything was sold out.

    So I think this could have some to do with that — people buying up 16 tickets at a time. Could this be true, Gerard/Patrick?

  73. Jared Says:

    What a bunch of crap. Tried logging into to Ticketfly at 8:55 am PST and tried numerous packages and everyone was sold out. Tried numerous combos for over twenty minutes. Something seriously wrong with the distribution here.

  74. Richard Says:

    Well, I got 2 stand alone tickets with no hotel.

    Does any Vegas resident or person who got the tickets with hotel want to trade? I really wanted a hotel room at the Palms, and I’m feeling only mildly resentful towards those who complained until the “no hotel” option was added. “Only mildly resentful” because HOLY SHIT I’m going to The Lost Weekend!!!

  75. Mike Says:

    @Ashley – I believe for any room upgrades you have to call the Palms directly and negotiate directly with them – if I read the FAQ right, they’ll credit you what you paid for your current room towards the price of an upgraded room.

  76. OS Says:

    @Terry I was trying for 25 mins nonstop, and now Matador themselves say it’s sold out. Drama will be spilled everywhere, no reason in saving it. Congrats to all those who got tickets, I’m sure it will be the weekend of a lifetime.

  77. Dylan Says:

    One of 3 of us got through and got our tix. It was pretty confusing with the different packages. The friend who got through accidentally selected 4 of the 4 packs thinking he was buying 4 single packs. We now have 4 rooms and 16 tix. We’re trying to get a hold of someone to see if they can take them back. If they can’t I’ll post my email and work with a few people at the show.

  78. Jacaran Says:

    Got two GA Layaway tickets and a hotel room. Needed three so I kept trying for another 10-15 and got lucky with another GA ticket w/o hotel.

    Had to read the confirmation nine times to make sure I wasn’t reading it wrong/getting my hopes up.

  79. D.G. Says:

    Patrick, you said the event sold out in two minutes. Ticketfly let me buy a pair at 12:12 and sent me a confirmation. They didn’t oversell, did they?

  80. Jay Neil Says:

    I’m in the same boat as some…

    I successfully got in and raced through the process, and when i was done, instead of one room and four tickets, somehow I had bought four rooms and 16 tickets, which the FAQ and ticketfly page said was not possible.


    I’m guessing I’m not the only one this happened to, and more tickets will be made available later, so “hold on hope,” and keep trying later today, folks!

  81. Clyde Says:

    Wow. Considering myself lucky. See you other fortunates in October. Thanks Gerard and Patrick for pulling all this together and dealing with a million inquiries.

  82. sonic tooth Says:

    whoa. few minutes ago got a 4GA / hotel package. bullets were sweated. thought i was shut out after countless tries….
    YES. GBV! GBV!

  83. TFly Amy Says:

    Hey Guys-

    We were given strict ticket limits by Matador, and no one is allowed to go over those. So you don’t need to worry about anyone getting 16 tickets.

    This event sold out very quickly. I appreciate all of your patience.


  84. dave Says:



    ps: captcha= approve purloin

  85. Troy Says:

    Top of the Matablog says sold out—so maybe no glitch.

  86. B Says:


  87. Jeff Says:

    Jay Neil and others who got more than one room by accident – I too would be happy to take 2 VIPs and one room off your hands! E-mail me at I’ll pay half now and the other half upon receiving the tickets and room key in Vegas.

  88. Mike Says:

    Just an heads up. This was guaranteed instant sell-out. The Pearl only holds 2,500. No doubt Matador only released a small amount of those-given you would expect all the staff and artists on the label to get a couple of tickets at least.
    Also these cannot be sold on Stubhub. There are none on ebay. Scalpers probably never even knew about it. There are no tickets on ebay or craiglist.
    I know it sucks, but the demand just exceeds supply. Personally I felt it should have been at the 4K Joint. But it should be a great weekend. Thanks Matador!

    p.s. all seats are behind the GA Standing Floor. No such thing as a bad seat at The Pearl. Very small theater!

  89. Gerard Says:

    Shady Lane,

    the $199 tickets + rooms sold out very quickly. The $225 tickets were the next to go.

    It appears the tickets + rooms packages sold out super fast. We were able to make a few more ala carte tickets available yesterday but as you’ve probably guessed, those didn’t last long, either.

    If you’ve experienced a trying morning, we’re obviously sorry but our selling a relatively modest number of tickets to fans around the world in a very short period of time is less a matter of a technical glitch and more to do with sheer demand.

  90. J.D. Says:

    ANDY KEVIN OR OHIOCROW. Email me. OHIOCROW, I am in Ohio too. Must be a way to transfer room name etc. for a case like this. For the record, I not a scalper etc. GBV fan since way early days.

  91. Troy Says:

    Yes, anyone who ended up with an extra pair of tix and room please email me @


  92. Phil Says:

    If anyone bought an extra package of four with a hotel I will gladly take them if that’s even possible. What a shitshow.

  93. Jamie Says:

    Wait, is the event completely sold out? I thought you were only releasing a certain number of tickets combined with hotels today and more at $225 later. Is it Sold Out Sold Out or is only this batch sold out?

  94. nichole Says:

    jay neil,

    if you can’t work something out with ticketfly, PLEASE LET ME KNOW AND I WILL PAY YOU CASH MONEY (nramirez(at)gmail(dot)com) for these because i almost did what you did and then lost the tix when i tried to fix it!

    PLEASE let me know!!!!

  95. Dylan Says:

    I would guess that was a glitch, allowing 16 tix per person. I would also guess that had something to do with the 1 minute sellout. Sorry to all those who didn’t get in. Pretty confusing configuration.

  96. Gerard Says:


    I can assure you we’ve not oversold. I can’t say for sure why your transaction went thru at 12:12 while others were shut out minutes earlier, but some configurations were sold out faster than others. Thank you.

  97. Jamie Says:

    I need a room and two tickets, so if you made a mistake and everyone above me hasn’t beaten me to it :) contact me. Thank you! cometstarmoon (at) gmail (dot) com

  98. Yvonne Says:

    I am so sad. I was fighting to get on at 11am. so sad :(

  99. Mark Fraley Says:

    Gerard et al.

    Thank you for putting such great bands in one room in one weekend. Thanks for your responsiveness to all the questions. I am greatly looking forward to \the lost weekend\!

    Mark Fraley

  100. OS Says:

    down and out couldn’t bear to shout it out

  101. JC Says:

    Tried non stop since noon on the point and got shut out, submitted >500 times and had a guy on the phone from ticketfly trying to submit for me too….terrible system / carts held.

  102. Yvonne Says:

    Whoever got extra room I will pay for 2, 2 VIP, 2 + HOTEL…..WHATEVER. jUST WANT 2 TICKETS. i”m at

  103. Brad Says:

    Got all the way to the shopping cart, and it wouldn’t accept any of my payment info. Tried three different cards. Gutted.

    If anyone out there has extras, I’d gratefully buy one. I’m at Thanks.

  104. Marc B Says:

    See you all there; so excited! People my age shouldn’t get this excited about such things… my first post, but reading all along the helpful answers Gerard. Much appreciated timely responses to the questions. See you in Vegas!

  105. Jake Says:

    Well hey, just for the heck of it, if anyone accidentally bought 3 tix plus a room and needs to get rid of them, I’d love to try to work something out.

    jmooney77 (at) hotmail (dot) com

    captcha: glummer Mr

  106. Spike M Says:

    e mail if you got extra tickets by accident or something. No room for me. Going to spoon at the Paladium the night before anyway. I suppose I will go to Wayne Newton. Regardless of intent this whole thing leaves a bad taste.

  107. Mitchell Says:

    So now that tickets are sold out, when do we get more bands? Or we still dragging that out.

  108. KB Says:

    If anyone has an extra ticket or an extra room with 3 or 4 tickets, please contact me at kburesh (at) hotmail (dot) com.

  109. B Says:

    There was no reason for any of the options to have more than 1 in the drop down menu, and that obviously caused some people to buy more than they intended, it was rectified after a few minutes, but by then it was too late. They should scour the transactions and “buy back” cancel any that consisted of more than “1″, all the possible permutations were listed so it should be difficult to fix this.

  110. Gerard Says:

    if anyone had any difficultly with a COMPLETED order (as opposed to not being able to buy tickets), please write to us at Chances are we’ll be able to address your situation faster that way. Thanks

  111. John Says:

    Yeah, same thing happened to me – went in to get 2 tickets and 1 hotel room, came out accidentally with 4 and 2. There were too many *&%# ticket options, and not presented clearly enough.

    I spoke with a Ticketfly rep, and she’s gonna work on getting my extra 2 tix plus hotel room back in the pool. Seems like this happened to a lot of folks!

  112. Tom Says:

    Anyone who ended up with an extra set of 3 tickets plus room, please email me at tomsweet (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

  113. Hiro Says:

    If anyone has an extra ticket/room, please email me at I’m from New York and I was obviously shut out of these tickets….really need to go:(

  114. dude Says:

    dear ticketfly, be less of a shitty site. thanks.

  115. B Says:

    I’ll buy ANY type ticket (just one) that was bought by accident, prefer a VIP. Can pay immediately.


  116. JC Says:

    I will buy 2 tickets VIP + room or GA, please email dougsimminson@gmail if you have them.

  117. Tom S. Says:

    Anyone who ended up with an extra set of 3 tickets plus room, please email me at tomsweet (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

  118. gbv Says:

    what a joke sale

  119. william Says:

    forty minutes of trying all the various two ticket methods…..oh well.

    to all who were lucky enough to get them….have a great weekend !

  120. Alex Says:

    I also need two tickets and a room, or even just two tickets. I’ll pay half now and the rest when we get to Alderaan. I was lucky enough to see GBV classic lineup back in the day a few times, but help an old school fan out! Have boots etc I can hook you up with too.

  121. matt Says:

    Having the same problem as Brad. Payment wouldn’t go through even though tickets were in the cart and tried several different cards, wtf??

  122. Megan Says:

    DYLAN, JAY NEIL! I need 4 tickets and a room. Please let me know if I can take some of those tickets off your hands.

  123. David Says:

    Hi. If anyone ended up with three (extra?) tickets, with or without room that you would like to sell, please email me at elliottda (at) gmail (dot) com. thanks.

    i took advantage of a virgin america sale yesterday and booked a flight already. now, i’m ticketless, and my face is very red.

  124. J.D. Says:

    ANDY KEVIN OR OHIOCROW. Email me. OHIOCROW, I am in Ohio too. Must be a way to transfer room name etc. for a case like this. For the record, I not a scalper etc. GBV fan since way early days.

  125. Masto Says:

    Nothing like a 44 year old man crying in to his coffee mug. Bummed.

  126. Marc Says:

    \There was a problem with your submission: the quantity of tickets you requested is higher than the quantity available. Please select a lower quantity and try again. If you have tried a lower quantity and are still receiving this message, all available tickets are currently in other shopping carts and may become available at a later time.\ LAME. LAME. LAME. Bummer.

  127. Vincent Says:

    Those of you who got extra 4-person passes plus room, please email me at vbarredo (at) gmail (dot) com.

    3 of us were trying to get 4-person passes but were unable to perhaps because people were picking 4 as quantity and thus getting 16 passes. I’ll be happy to take some. Thanks.

  128. Vincent Says:

    By the way, my friends and I are diehard GBV fans! Anyone who has those extra passes let me know!!!

  129. Marc Says:

    Any extra/unwanted tix, drop me a line: Congrats to those who got thru.

  130. Tony Says:

    So will there be some announcement/warning about tickets being freed up on ticketfly again because people accidentally bought more than they wanted? (I made this mistake too, although the transaction didn’t go through. The website was confusing.)

  131. David Says:

    @ jay neil…
    i’ll take tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    email me at elliottda (at) gmail (dot) com.

  132. B Says:

    Gerard, can you at least let us know if you’re investigating the possibility there was a snafu, that could possibly be corrected, there couldn’t have been any intention of selling 4 rooms and 16 tickets to any one person/card number.

  133. Peter I. Says:

    What an amazing way to piss off your most loyal customers. Keep fucking that chicken, Matador.

  134. Sheila Says:

    Would LOVE any three tix plus a room if you have extras! We got nothing. Email me –

  135. spd Says:

    It seems people didn’t take the time to read and chose incorrect quantities from the dropdowns, and some are stuck with WAY too many VIP passes.

    Is there any chance they will be released?

  136. Wendy Says:

    Yes, since it was clearly an error to even have the option of choosing more than one of each package (since we were told previously we wouldn’t be able to), seems like those who bought too many should be able to return them, then at a later date, those tickets go on sale at a specified time.

    We had 3 people trying all at once right as they went on sale, and still nothing!

  137. mark Says:

    Horribly limited supply of tickets + no ability to buy on Ebay + wonky website = thousands of frustrated fans. Hope it’s worth it.

  138. Sheila Says:

    Would also happily take 4 tix and a room. very sad

  139. Tony Says:

    If you take the time to read, you’re already fucked.

  140. Ralph Says:

    I bent my wookie!

  141. chalie Says:

    Als otrying to get lucky here. Please let me know if anyone has any extra tickets. Will be very grateful.

  142. mike gargiulo Says:

    Gerard and Patrick
    Can you please advise those of us who ended up with more tickets than we actually wanted? I bought 2 tickets by mistake when I only wanted one. On the layaway page, it was confusing because if you chose “1″ as the amount to purchase, and you were in a (justified) hurry, it was easy to miss that “1″ meant “1 set of 2 tickets”.
    I’d really like to sell the other ticket to someone, but I don’t want to be accused of scalping and to lose the ticket altogether. I’m not really interested in sharing my room with anyone.
    Is there ANY WAY that Matador could set up a page, even a blog page, which Matador could monitor, which would allow people like me to sell the extra ticket AT COST for NO PROFIT?
    I can’t get through to ticketfly to see about a refund for the one extra ticket, but I’m doubtful that they’d take it back.
    I know there are people who want this ticket, but I’m not going to risk being punished for selling it. Don’t bother asking until I get an official response on this thread. I’ll wait to hear from someone from Matador who’s qualified to give a yay or nay.
    Again, I’m NOT LOOKING TO MAKE ANY MONEY whatsoever, just trying not to eat a $225 ticket and have an empty seat at the show!
    Please help! I have no wealthy friends!

  143. chalie Says:

    Whoops. I’m my panicking frenzy mistyped that e-mail address:

  144. bonhomme Says:

    Was looking for a package for 4 people.

    Royal bummed,

  145. Matthew Lingo Says:

    if you are selling ANY Tickets call me. My phone number is 661-319-4955. Yes, I’m posting my phone number on the blog, that’s how much I need tickets. Three would be ideal, but I’ll take what I can get. Uggghhh.

  146. Dylan Says:

    We got through, allowing 16 tix per person was not supposed to happen. Matador told us they will sort it out. Ticketfly said they have to get with matador first. Looks like they’ll take the extras back and re-release them. What a mess. What a show. All night I was staring at 3 options, then they open the window and BLAM, there are now 16 options. Head spinning. The dude we spoke to at Ticketfly said it sold out in 20 seconds.

    I am so glad Matador decided to put this show on. They are right, some of us don’t want to do the 3 day outdoor festival anymore. Tents stink after one night. Nothing like stumbling up the elevator to your room after one of the best lineups ever put together. Thank you Matador for hooking up the South West United States. With all the boycott action going on, Arizona is going to miss out on a lot of bands, so its unbelievable to be able to see this lineup after a 5 hour drive. See everyone there!!! Pumped!!!!

  147. matt Says:

    Why won’t they take my money? Luck enough to make it to check out and then kept getting bs errors about payment, tried several cards with more than enough room on them…..

  148. Hiro Says:

    To: mike gargiulo

    Please email me at I would love to buy the extra ticket from you. I need to be there for Pavement’s last show:)

    Thanks so much!

  149. chris hartmann Says:

    filled in hundreds of captchas for an hour trying to get 4 tickets.

    if anyone has 2 or more tickets they overbought I would be glad to purchase!!

    email me at


  150. James J. Says:

    Was looking for a single ticket of any type, but no luck either. Highlight was entering the captcha ‘woodcock manhood’. If there ends up any way for those who overpurchased to let go of one of their tickets, I would appreciate it (n.phelge01 at gmail . com)


  151. robb wheeler Says:

    need 2 with or without hotel

  152. elliot Says:

    Congratulations to those of you who got tickets. How you got them is a mystery to me. I was ready to go right at 9am pst and have done nothing until now but try and get tickets off that ticketfly site. Now that whole damn thing is soldout?

    Matador: is this a done deal?

  153. Mozislove Says:

    I was looking for 2 passes plus hotel, but was totally shut out. If anyone has two passes to unload, hotel or not, please email me. mozislove(at)aol(dot)com

  154. Bags Says:

    You guys were not shut out in 10 seconds, the website was busy. Packages starting selling out one by one, whole thing took about 30 minutes. I got 4 GA at 12:30 because four of us kept trying and trying and trying. It wasn’t until a red notice of “Sold out” went up under a particular package that it was actually sold out.

  155. katey Says:

    if anyone got an extra ticket, email me Thanks! I just need the one ticket, nothing else.

  156. Matthew Stecker Says:

    If anyone has an extra that they bought with their room package, please email me matthew at appliedinformation dot com. I have a room, and a flight, but no ticket. Willing to be generous.

  157. Brad Says:

    matt: Yup, that’s exactly what happened to me. So psyched to get through to the shopping cart, no luck getting any kind of payment accepted. Never had that happen on any other online ticket sale I’ve done before. Pretty frustrating.

    I was highly amused by one of my captchas being “broken budget”, though. Had my purchase actually gone through, that would’ve been very true.

    Again, email if you’ve got an extra to spare. I’d be grateful, to say the least.

  158. eric Says:

    Already have flight in thurs and a room @ palms place–just need two tix. anyone have extras? we’ll make it work. thanks!

  159. Ray Says:

    Please let me know if anyone has 1 or 2 extra tickets I tried to buy them for the last hour and struck out but am still determined to go! peace –

  160. Eddie Says:

    So, after all the talk about “limits” and “separate transactions,” we get a set-up that effectively allows people to buy 16 tickets in one swoop — some without even meaning to or wanting to? Gee, is it any wonder they were all locked up so fast?

    Sorry guys, but that web layout was pure Amateur Hour. If the previously stated rules had applied, we’d either have gotten a pop-up menu for 1-4 tickets *plus* one room, or the long list of possible ticket/room combinations, but *no* pop-up menu that lets you multiply them –surely not both.

  161. kardyhm Says:

    LOOKING FOR EXTRA TICKET. I know a lot of people got dupes by accident – please email me if you have a ticket to spare!!!!

  162. Gerard Says:

    it appears as though somewhere in the region of 9-10 people purchased more tickets than we were supposed to make available per one card holder. We’re sorting out the refunds as quickly as possible and when those tickets are ready to be made for sale (and we’re not talking about a very large quantity), we’ll make it known in this space. Thanks for your patience.

  163. VR Says:

    damn, am i lucky. completely didn’t expect it to sell out so fast, so i bought my plane tickets yesterday itself. luckily, i was able to snag 1 layaway ticket. otherwise i’d be stuck with a $300 plane ticket with no good reason to go to vegas.

  164. jazzmaster Says:

    Could someone confirm if there will be tickets available later given the ticketfly clusterfuck? It is obvious that many people were able to purchase way more than four tickets. Will these tickets be reclaimed/resold by ticketfly or is there basically a huge group of people who will now have extra tix to sell at astronomical prices?

  165. kardyhm Says:

    LOOKING FOR EXTRA TICKET. I know a lot of people got dupes by accident – please email me if you have a ticket to spare!!!! kardyhm at gmail dot com

  166. mark Says:

    I feel for all of you leaving email addresses – but I don’t think it’s gonna do any good. I think they’ll just correct the orders and put ‘em back on ticketfly. Good luck getting those?

    Also, where’s that Taylor jackass? I want to see him admit what an idiot he is.

  167. theopponent Says:

    also looking for tickets. 2 if possible……..yikes. reach me at

  168. Gerard Says:


    I don’t wanna minimize the extent of the gaffe — there’s nothing cool about anyone being inconvenienced — but it seems fewer than a dozen people either took advantage of a technical error at Ticketfly or mistakenly purchased more than 4 tickets. We’re dealing with those persons as quickly as possible. I promise you, no one will end up being charged for 12 tickets they don’t want. We’re also doing everything we can to get those tickets back into the hands of other ticket holders, but I should warn you, the total number is going to be in the range of 100 or so.

  169. Sarah Says:

    Hey, a big f-u to those of you who bought more tickets than you have people confirmed to go. supposed to my mine and my husbands’ 5 year anniversary trip because we haven’t gotten to take a vacation together since we’ve been married. And if you’re scalping tickets, well, you’re just a shithead.

  170. Bags Says:

    I was super confused by the TicketFly page — the drop down quantity menu for the packages made little sense. Luckily I didn’t buy too many tix, but we got four tix with one room and really want more rooms. I’m assuming the note to try the place across the street indicates that the Palms is sold out of the Matador block of rooms?

    THANKS, glad just to have tickets!

  171. Sheila Says:

    Thanks Gerard, Matador, for working on the gaffe. Not all companies would be as responsive. 100 possible tickets is better than none.

  172. B Says:

    100 or so when I only want 1, gets me off suicide watch, so that’s nothing to sneaze at.

  173. Lindsey Says:

    If you have any extra tickets please email me at writelindsey[at]

    thank you!!

  174. daniel Says:

    I buy concert tickets all the time. Never in my life have I ever had an experience like I did today with Ticketfly. The options were ridiculous and confusing. I was on right at 9 am-and couldn’t get any orders in. There is no way that there was 2200 tickets for sale. I would like to know how many tickets were actually released and held for staff, bands, etc.
    Matador, why not move this to a large venue? Your screwing your fans.

  175. Rob Says:

    now everyone calm down, i’m sure the remaining tickets once the refunds are processed will be doled out fairly.
    first two go to me, and then so on and so on in an orderly fashion…

  176. spd Says:

    “I was super confused by the TicketFly page — the drop down quantity menu for the packages made little sense”

    I guess, unless you decided to look to the right and read the number associated with the package. Just saying.

  177. Cory Says:

    I like how the ticket posting on metablog had soldout prior to the opening of the ticket sales….at least in Canada it was displayed at 8:50 pacific time.

    I am sure there will be lots of tickets available later on.

  178. Evan Says:


    How do we get in line for those redistributed tickets?


  179. matt Says:


    Any word about ticketfly not taking payment after the tickets were in the cart? Used several different cards and had statements in hand so all the info was correct and am positive they had enough room on them.

  180. Bro Dudely Says:

    Who do I gotta bang to get one of those hundred? I’ll even pay for the ticket too.

  181. Jimbo Says:

    Gerard, if there’s Some sort of reserve list for the oversold tix please put me on it – looking for 2 tix with or without hotel and would be coming from uk.


  182. sean Says:

    i’m still not sure how someone could accidentally buy extra tickets when you get a price confirmation screen – i understand the mad rush of trying to get in, but i wonder if potential scalper/scammers took advantage of the 16-ticket availability for one order??? that would suck royally

  183. Bags Says:

    spd, won’t say what I want to say. Would love to hear if you got tix or not.

  184. jazzmaster Says:


    Thanks for the speedy reply, didn’t mean to come off like a jerk, especially as you have been more than cool about every aspect of this! I agree with Sheila, 100 is better than none, at least there is still hope.

  185. Tom Says:

    Gerard, thanks for keeping everyone updated. I was just wondering if you had any idea if the tickets would be reposted today, or if it would be at a later time.


  186. spd Says:

    @Bags: yes, I did.

  187. daniel Says:

    Another point, I was also on the phone with Ticketfly, said he had a 2 ticket package, said I’d take it, then the customer service rep said sorry their gone???? WTF. Say what you want about ticketmaster, but they at least no how to handle their shit.

  188. Gerard Says:


    we didn’t add the words “sold out” until after 9:30 pacific time.

  189. Jack Says:

    Anyone seeking to get rid of tickets I am a motivated buyer. 301-908-8396

  190. daniel Says:

    I’ll say this again. If Matador has any brains, they will move this to a larger Venue.

  191. Steven m. Says:

    Got my tickets! Apparently it is already sold out.

  192. Steven m. Says:

    Sorry, that was a cut and paste from early. I mean, I got mine BEFORE it sold out! I’m really excited for this!

  193. Frustrated Says:

    Having been a web programmer, the site left much to be desired with the options available and selection drop downs. Having attended many shows, it saddens me to be locked out by bad ticketing systems or hear others later in the queue getting tickets through whatever glitch.

    Frustrated like many others, especially since I also had Ticketfly on the phone and the rep had my 2 early bird + hotel pulled but then gave me the ‘oh no, sorry they are gone’ routine after he was done chit chatting about how quickly packages were selling. We walked through all other packages, came up empty, so very frustrating.

    I was planning to attend even without knowing much about the disability accomodation options.

  194. James J. Says:

    Thanks for the note about the freeing-up of the oversold tickets, Gerard. Maybe I’ll let lucky on the second chance.

  195. Matthew Lingo Says:

    Gerard, any idea when the next onsale will be? It would be cool to not be frantically refreshing this page every 30 seconds.

  196. sean Says:

    aside from making Cher move out of Caesars for the weekend of commandeering the UNLV arena i think you may have a hard time finding a bigger venue. at least one that isn’t already set aside with a permanent fixture, like Santana at the Hard Rock Joint…. i think people underestimate how hard it probably was to find anywhere like this for 3 nights

  197. B Says:

    Gerard, maybe you could auction some of these off for charity, it’s going to be a lottery anyway to try and get one of the possible 100, considering they originally “sold out” in seconds I probably have more money than luck.

  198. bobbo Says:

    Well done to those who got tickets. If anyone has spares, let me know.

  199. Brian Says:

    i got on the website right away and no luck at all. tried like 50 times, no tickets.

    anyone with extras who’s selling, i’m buying

  200. Nice Says:

    Already hearing tons of rumors of \pre-orders\ for friends and shit. I wonder how many went that way…

  201. Mike Says:

    Moving to a larger venue is difficult i.e. it costs money and will be inconvenient at this stage. This is Matador’s event-I would guess they will make very little money if any from it. If this were thru Ticketmaster, you would be paying a lot more for tickets-and I buy tickets a lot on Ticketmaster and that screws up all the just as often for high demand shows-plus Ticketmaster withholds tickets for its own Ticketsnow site. Ticketfly is one of the few firms holding out against a Ticketmaster monopoly. But yes Ticketmaster screws up too!

    I understand that demand is limited and probably less than 1500 were ever available, but Matador can’t spend big bucks on bigger venues. I found the ticket system to be perfect, had my tickets in the cart and consumed within 30 secs.

  202. Extra seats Says:

    Geez Sarah, we’re sorry. We anticipated an extremely quick sellout. Once opened, we had about 10 seconds to take it all in and the one friend who got through (out of three of us trying to get through, mind you.) got confused. We are giving them back to Matador, they just need some time to sort it out. Since you’re giving me an f-u, I will say that it probably was not too bright counting your chickens before they hatched when you consider the Pearl seats about 2100 people and not all of those were being released through Ticketfly. To boot, people across the entire country want to see this lineup. And for all I know, you’re probably a scalper just spoon feeding us a sob story……shithead. But hey, good luck getting in on the re-release.

    And yes SPD, I took the time (maybe 5 extras seconds) to scan the drop down menu options to understand them, which is probably why I didn’t get through. My friend who rushed through clicking whatever did, go figure. Also, going back once you saw the error would have cost you the seats. Sticky situation. I wish every fan could have gotten tickets.

  203. mark Says:

    Oooh, super great for you, Mike. I’d probably think it was a perfect system too if mine went through in 30 seconds too. I had attempts that never returned tickets or an error – it just sat there looking for tickets endlessly. The site was confusing and wonky from the get go.

  204. Jesse Says:

    My fiance and I were so excited to see GBV again and we were planning on getting married over the weekend. But we had no luck getting tickets. Man these tixs went fast! Bob, if you have a few extra tickets let us know. I would be honored for you to be my best man.

  205. jeff Says:

    i was unable to add a ticket package and hotel room to my cart, obviously due to overwhelming demand. once i saw the hotel room packages selling out i figured there just werent that many rooms available and i was able to get 2 passes right away. before they all sold out. lucky me.

    i booked a room at the rio, which according to google maps is close to the palms. they had some good deals id reccomend that to those shut out of rooms go to expedia and check out the rio.

    to those shut out, keep trying, if this glitch thing is for real some tickets should be going back into the pool, maybe you’ll still get lucky jsut to go to vegas.

  206. Mike Says:

    Re Mark says ‘Oooh, super great for you, Mike. I’d probably think it was a perfect system too if mine went through in 30 seconds too. I had attempts that never returned tickets or an error – it just sat there looking for tickets endlessly. The site was confusing and wonky from the get go.’

    Have you ever seen a perfect system? Like I say Ticketmaster does these glitches just as much. Just last week Ticketmaster cancelled two tickets for a show I bought-they were 2nd row, but Ticketmaster decided they shouldn’t have sold these at regular and were VIP. They offered them to me at $800 each or seats at the back of the arena. You can guess where I told them to shove those.
    But anyone, remember the old days when you had to wait in line for several hours at the venue? Mmm well, the trouble with the internet and tickets today is that everyone thinks they have a divine right to instant ownership and gratification.

  207. LeBron James Says:

    All the different categories were unnecessary and just led to confusion.

    Can’t wait to play with Wade and Bosh!

  208. Sarah Says:

    Hey, “Extra Seats” all I was saying is that people who were buying extra tickets just to make a buck off of them are lame and locking out those of us who really wanted to go to the show and had legitimate reasons for wanting to go. It’s not like those of us who didn’t get seats aren’t already bummed enough, you don’t have to be an asshole.

  209. sean Says:

    a less confusing ticketfly layout would have led to this selling out in 3 minutes instead of 2

  210. mark Says:


    On this blog, we’ve seen reports of people on the phone who told customer they had tickets, then said “oops, sorry”. There were glitches that gave some people 16 tickets instead of 4. There were glitches that declined payment for multiple people. 3 of my attempts to buy never returned anything.

    I’ve never had those experiences at ticketmaster.

    I’m glad you got tickets. Just don’t say it was a perfect system.

  211. B Says:

    I’m pissed but I’m not bitter, it could have gone perfectly and it was probably still just a lucky break whether you were able to get tickets or not, I planned the trip when the dates were first rumored and no bands were confirmed, I wish they would have done a presale without any info and allowed the truly faithful, those willing to trust the label, to buy in. Once the line-up was announced it was just a lottery, that’s life, I hope those that get to go appreciate it, we’re all alive, that’s something so just chill the phuck out while they straighten this out, and then cross your fingers.

  212. LeBron James Says:

    Don’t make me dunk on you Mike! I AM THE KING!

  213. Spike M Says:

    Why did you call them early bird? I know your not live nation. You did not need to tell us that but it is more obvious now. But calling them early bird, for the first 10 seconds, does prove you were slightly off on knowing what you were doing here. By slightly I mean “I don’t wanna minimize the extent of the gaffe-but”. That quote along with “and we didn’t add the words “sold out” until after 9:30 pacific time” seems a little passive aggressive towards these bands, not Matador Records, frustrated fans. We are still your business, hopefully anyway.

  214. Jeff Says:

    Mark – I don’t think the site had any errors; I think there was simply enough demand that every single ticket was in someone’s shopping cart in under a minute, with the apparently limited number of single VIPs (which is what I wanted) going first. The ticket categories didn’t show as “sold out” until the transactions were completed, which may have taken some people a while considering picking the options of upgrades at the Palms and whatnot, and entering all the credit card info. I also think either a few people mistakenly left tickets that they didn’t buy in their carts, or they had them in their carts an inordinately long time since they got distracted by something going on at work or something, and that those few were the ones that were showing as “available” until about 35 minutes after they went on sale.

  215. Jeff Says:

    In no context were they early-bird. I refreshed my browser several times in the 30 seconds before 9am PST sharp and again at precisely 9; the tickets went on sale then.

  216. chadpry Says:

    These Perfume Genius vids are really really good. ;)

  217. Tom Says:

    Frantically drove through usually non-existent traffic and dealt with the usual Las Vegas construction to get to Zia this morning, and I was so pessimisstic. However…all is well…two tickets purchased…this is going to be amazing!

  218. David Says:

    just got my tix…

    Gerard…what do i do if i have an extra VIP ticket? i’m not looking to scalp it, and i don’t want my order cancelled. if i sell it for face value, is that grounds to cancel my order?

  219. Extra seats Says:


    No one knew you would be able to buy extra seats going into this. It just happened. We were all on a conference call during the process, and once one of us was on the page confirming tix, and the other two were locked out, we knew we couldn’t go back and change it. The first thing we did after buying them was contact Ticketfly and Matador to let them know of the mistake. Gerard confirmed it and they will be returned and released to everyone again, no harm no foul. But no one could have gone into this expecting to be able to buy 16 tickets when it clearly stated a 4 ticket max was in effect. Hence the activity on this blog regarding the confusion.

    I was just telling you, it seems silly to have fully expected tickets for this. I didn’t, which is why I bought tickets for the Spoon show in Tucson on October 4th. I fully anticipated this selling out in minutes and being out of luck. The Spoon show our Plan B, and we thought “hey, we might get lucky and get into Matador 21″. I hope you have a Plan B too. Happy Anniversary

  220. Alex Says:

    DYLAN – I’m in AZ too (Phx), I’ll take one of your extra room/ticket combos.

  221. John Says:

    I think the whole process was one huge Mongolian cluster-f**k. The way the website was laid out… having to reselect the tickets you wanted AND type in a fresh security code EVERY time you tried to purchase a ticket… is terrible. I know there is no ‘perfect system’ yaddayaddayadda… but come on. Its not like online shopping is a NEW thing and they just have to work out the kinks.

  222. Brad Says:

    So the 4-ticket / 1 room purchase box just went live again, for about 2 minutes (although clicking it gave the same unavailable errors as this morning), then disappeared.

    Does this mean the extras just went on sale and are gone again? I’ve gone through denial, anger, bargaining, and depression. I’d quite like to be able to move on to acceptance so I can get on with my day.

  223. Mike P. Says:

    Hey guys,

    Big ups to everyone who was successful today–I wanted to throw my hat in the ring for anyone who ended up with extra tickets. I’m looking for a pair with a hotel, but can find my own lodgings if necessary. I kept refreshing for 70+ minutes (until Ticketfly finally took it down). Best Captcha words:

    Harlem Whatever
    Okay Sprial
    Bardo (something…I forget)
    Missles Bitches

    My email is the.michael.phelan(at) Hope everyone has a great weekend.

  224. James J. Says:

    Hey David,

    If Gerard gives the OK and you would like a new best friend, I would really appreciate your extra ticket. (n.phelge01 at gmail . com)


  225. Gerard Says:

    we’re make an announcement here before additional tickets go on sale

  226. rachel Says:

    oh man, I refreshed every 2 seconds and did not get a ticket, did anyone make the mistake by getting two extra tickets and want to make my like 100% happier?

  227. Tiki Says:

    Will the extra tickets going on sale….will it be just weekend tickets with no hotel reservations?

  228. dd Says:

    in the comments? or on the blog? hard to know what to keep my eye on.

  229. B Says:

    Can you spread the love as much as possible by limiting them to 1 or at most 2 per card holder?

  230. craigz Says:

    Hi Gerard,

    Just to be clear, is “here” in the comments of this post or a new blog posting? I’d hate to be ocd refreshing the wrong page :/


  231. Matthew Stecker Says:

    Hey, I already have a non-refundable room and a non-refundable plane ticket (poor planning). If anyone has an extra from their room package, call me 215-888-3296 or email and I’ll pay you within seconds. I’ll also be your best friend if that’s appealing to you.

  232. David Says:

    hey james… it might be 2 tix. and i have a room booked at the mirage already (but i could cancel that)…so it might be 2 tix and a hotel room.

  233. Brian Says:

    2 please, some of us have spouses who might want to go along.

    B Says:
    July 9th, 2010 at 2:31 pm
    Can you spread the love as much as possible by limiting them to 1 or at most 2 per card holder?

  234. Gerard Says:


    I only brought up the 9:30 am “solo out” reference because someone else had alleged the tickets were sold out at 8:50am. That wasn’t the case. I am not trying to be crazy defensive about this.

    Any reference on my part to “early bird’ has only been in relation to the initial quantity of $199 tickets we made available as part of hotel packages. Said $199 tickets sold out very quickly, at which point the $225 tickets went on sale.


  235. OS Says:

    Anyone who has frustrations or is disappointed with Ticketfly please send an email here: I will be doing so today.

  236. Bradley Says:

    Gerard……Any idea when these extra tix will go onsale- in a hour, tomorrow, next week, etc??? Would just like an idea so I don’t keep checking the page every five seconds.

  237. J.D. Says:


    I need a VIP ticket as per my previous posts. My friends have them but I got shut out. email me at jdsjr87 at hotmail dot com. I will be in Vegas and can get from you without hassle. thanks

  238. James J. Says:


    Could you please send me an email at n.phelge01 at gmail . com? From what has been said already, I don’t think it is possible at all to transfer a hotel reservation, and there would need to be some sort of OK from Gerard or someone else about transferring the ticket.


  239. rachel Says:

    Anyone into selling two tickets / and or the room plz email me @ we can work something out asap : )

  240. JC Says:

    Can you please tell us exactly what URL/page and choices/selections will be available when these get freed up?

  241. J.D. Says:


    I’ll pay for the whole thing and worry about the hotel room later jdsjr87 at

  242. Gerard Says:


    we’re working on it. we’ll do our best to give some advance notice. you might want to follow us on Twitter as well

  243. Moe Green Says:

    Looking for one ticket of any sort. VIP preferred. We’re a family of 5 that got lucky and was able to purchase 4 VIP tix but couldn’t get our hands on a fifth. Anyone willing to sell one please write me at

    I am also willing to buy anyone’s hotel room for all three nights (presuming I get that fifth ticket) as our room only holds 4 and we’ll need a second room.

  244. Mike Says:

    Re Mark: ‘ Just don’t say it was a perfect system.’

    I never said it was a ‘perfect system’, I asked you to show me one that is. It worked ‘perfectly’ for me, not denying there were problems for others. But I expect 99% of people had none. I have a friend who works in IT at evenue and he always says that very few problems are with the actual system, it is mostly critical server errors or the customers own technical problems. However, all technology has problems. But it is also the nature of any ‘sold out’ event-someone inevitably misses out.
    I am guessing you never used Ticketmaster over five years ago, when you were put in lines with wait times of 15 minutes. Often Ticketmaster would have you wait 15 minutes and say ‘sorry there was an error with your submission, please try again’. Often you would do that for an hour and find no tickets left. Ticketmaster still does that occassionally…Ticketmaster just has a massive server that means it happens less.

  245. happy Says:

    i was one of the ones who got an extra package… i accidentally ordered 2 packages of 2 tickets plus hotel room. confusing website + panic + elation = not realizing there was a $1500+ charge until after I got the confirmation email.

    happily, ticketfly just called me to verify whether my order of 2 packages was correct, and is refunding me for the second package, so I am pleased to report that another 2-ticket package will be going into the pool for the next round of sales. good luck to everyone and I hope to see you there!

  246. Jack Says:

    Moe Green see “David” above – unless he was just laying out a hypothetical….

  247. Zeb Says:

    Add me to the list of people who tried about a million times but no dice. Quite disappointed; I was really pumped to see GbV.

    I’m looking for 3 tickets (with or without hotel). Please drop me a line at with any leads. Thanks!

  248. Steve Says:

    Mike, all due respect, if you already got your tickets and are just trolling around with people who are clearly upset by the fact that they didn’t, why don’t you just go back about your day and stop stirring up shit amongst those of us who are really bitter and angry right now.

  249. andy Says:

    Dear Gerard, Patrick, and Matador at large,

    I’ve been following this blog since 8:30 pacific. To Gerard and Patrick, I would just like to say, thank you. Thank you for all your patience, your quick responses and for taking the, well, abuse from some of those who didn’t score tickets, with a calm nature. No doubt this sold out so fast. This is my 20th year of loving Matador. I am seeing Pavement 9 times on their tour (Toronto, Chicago, Boston, Brooklyn, Central Park x4 and Las Vegas) and feel like I won the lottery to be able to be part of THIS amazing event. So, thank you, thank you, thank you! Toro!

  250. daniel Says:

    Here’s a question. Will people be able to buy tickets off someone who has bought tickets already at the Palms (i.e. Scalping)?????

  251. Brian Says:

    hmm, i’m shocked that my inbox isn’t full of emails looking to sell an extra 2 tickets?! my clicking skills were not up to speed this morning. those suckers went too fast. boo!

  252. Ray Says:

    Ditto what Andy said!!! I didn’t get tickets the worlds not perfect life goes on, but everyone at Matador is handling it as best they can. Thanks

  253. Gerard Says:


    BOTH. thanks


  254. Mark Says:

    Given how many people on here didn’t get any tickets whatsoever, a request to buy one by a ‘family of 5 that got lucky and was able to purchase 4 VIP tix but couldn’t get our hands on a fifth’ is extremely lame. Just sayin’.

    Thanks for staying on top of this, Gerard & Co. I’m sure you didn’t want to spend your day trying to sell these tickets any more than we wanted to spend the day trying to buy them. Your efforts are appreciated.

  255. Jack Says:

    looking for tickets – 1 or more – any kind – I am indifferent to the package.

    Thanks Matador guys for this site, where at least those of us still pining for tickets, can pine/whine. or 301-908-8396.

  256. daniel Says:

    I would like to state that I’m not pissed with Matador. However, Ticketfly should have sold these ticket individually with ad ons. Had I not kept clicking 1 ticket with hotel room to no avail, I could have at least tried to get one ticket no room. It was a bad setup, plain and simple.

  257. J.D. Says:

    I would like to say that despite some confusion and despite the fact that I did not get what I wanted either, Matador and staff deserve a big thanks for putting on this shindig and putting up with all the negative BS on this blog. Thanks guys!

  258. LeBron James Says:

    Bob Pollard is mad at me and I have no idea why.

  259. don Says:

    any chance extra rooms were sold accidentally that could be released?

  260. al Says:

    the price confirmation screen broke it down like it was supposed to be….easy mistake apparently alot of people made! only problem now is it’ll take 5 days to clear the bank…

  261. val Says:

    ANy chance this would be moved to a bigger venue and sell more tickets? :( damn

  262. OS Says:

    Just a matter of time:

    I hate the world.

  263. daniel Says:


    I’m personally glad to see this. You see, I booked my flights already to Vegas, and of course couldn’t get the single ticket i needed this morning. At least now I know I can get tickets if need be. You may help scalpers, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

  264. OS Says:


    I’m partially in the same boat. Myself and two friends planned to go and made travel arrangements but we were unlucky as well. At this point, I’d rather give money to scalpers than to ticketfly, given my terrible experience with them this morning. I’m just worried to see how much the markup is going to be.

  265. daniel Says:

    OS, the market for sure will be high. I’d say at least double the original price. And you know what, it’s worth it. This festival could have sold 5000 plus seats. 200 for the all these bands? That was way too cheap and shortsighted. I appreciate Matador wanting to keep it cheap for the fans, but this is a special show, and I would easily be willing to pay 400-500 for a weekend ticket for the shows only.

  266. Brian Says:

    Am I just naive? How on earth are these even scalpable? They are all will-call photo id required passes, right? When my trip to XX Merge fell though (babysitting issues), I needed to get sympathy and help from the fine folks at the label to unload my two passes (at face value).

    Naturally, this time the babysitter is confirmed, and I can’t get tickets.

  267. sean Says:

    so just to make sure – there is no longer any way to get the $99 a night room deal correct?

  268. al Says:

    yep, despite the fact that the ticketfly site definitely left a lot to be desired, and (I am accepting as much blame as anybody), and I was overcharged, they are making it right….definitely kudos to matador (and the support at ticketfly) for this event…it’s gonna be awesome to say the least!

  269. Gerard Says:


    there’s no chance of the shows taking place in a venue besides the one we picked and booked. I truly regret that everyone who wants to attend cannot obtain a ticket, but we picked the Peal precisely because we thought it would be an intimate environment, provide good sound, sightlines, etc. Our intent was to provide the best experience for those in attendance, not necessarily the most lucrative for the organizers.

  270. rachel Says:

    Will there be more tickets going on sale online soon?/ Will there be some kind of alert?

  271. 5 Says:

    Thanks for everything so far Gerard, great job.

    Can you give us some kind of timeframe for the mistakenly purchased tickets to go on sale? Today? Tonight? Tomorrow? Anything helps. Thanks.

  272. bonhomme Says:


    Do you reckon the remaining tickets will be available today?

    Thanks for your help,

  273. B Says:

    Gerard, can you do a post-mortem break down on what was actually available, maybe if we saw how unrealistic it was to expect tickets it might help process the disapointment, I mean if only about 500 people were able to make a purchase, (of 1 or more ticket/packages, etc. ) then you can’t really feel bad that with the entire world having access that those folks won the proverbial lottery, when you buy a lottery ticket you know the odds are against you, but you don’t hate those that won, and you took your shot. I think the fact that at the moment they went on sale there was essentially no availability for some (most?) is why it’s so surreal, and folks think the system snafus were the culprit when in reality there just wasn’t really a realistic shot at getting them, either you were lucky or not, but it doesn’t feel that way at the moment, some numbers might bring it into perspective. Celebrating a storied labels’ 21 year history at a place that is smaller than most of these bands plays on a somewhat regular basis is going to be special, for those that can attend, it’s going to be essentially a private party and it probably should have been billed that way from the start so there could have been realistic expectations about attending. Just thoughts from a depressed individual trying to process how wanting a single ticket was too much to ask.

  274. blonde machine Says:

    obviously pollard was the author of the captchas. i laughed at nearly every single one. until, that is, i realized i was screwed at actually getting tickets.

  275. LeBron James Says:

    Can I upgrade to a King-size bed?

  276. Zach Says:

    Any chance that the non hotel package tix can be bumped up to a hotel package? I tried to get a hotel package, but was lucky enough to get tix without a room.

  277. Ray Says:



    there are STILL some tickets remaining for Matador 21 – at the Palms at both Zia Records L.V. locations (Nevada residents only)

  278. Buck Naked Says:

    Why are the Ponys not on this bill yet. Somebody please make a call. Better yet, give me the number and I will call.

  279. Gerard Says:

    B –

    more than 75% of the venue capacity was earmarked for public sale — the final number could well be higher. I know there’s some sentiment that this was essentially a private party, but we’re not throwing a private bash in a 2100 seat theatre.

    I apologize to anyone inconvenienced by spending a morning refreshing over and over again, but just for example, when 20,000 people attempt to purchase 2000 tickets, a pretty high percentage are going to be left on the outside looking in.

    Thanks (and congrats) to everyone who purchase tickets, and equal thanks to everyone who tried. We’ll let you know when more go on sale, though keep in mind, it won’t be very many.

  280. Bela Lugosi's Statue Says:

    FAIL :: slept through alarm (night shifter)! It’s not the end of the world, I can say, living in a well-served concert town. Just saw SPOON in a little tv studio, will see SHEARWATER there soon, YO LA TENGO played a smallish place in February, PAVEMENT’s here the week before Vegas, (hell, BETTIE SERVEERT’s coming in October), even Pollard’s Boston Spaceships did some GBV back in ’08. The reunions (COME, CHAVEZ), I can only hope they turn into more than one-offs. Don’t get me wrong though: I’m jealous as hell.

  281. Jake Says:

    Good thing you set aside all those extra tickets for Nevada residents …

  282. johnnyburma Says:

    I wonder if Jesse got one?

  283. BC Says:


    Thank you so much for your unflagging candor with the fans and customers. Your direct participation in these comment boards, especially when it’s evident that you are reading each post in detail, is to be commended. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a business director spend this much time in the trenches with his detractors. Your patience and tireless dialogue illustrates your integrity. Again, thank you.

    See you in October,


  284. JC Says:

    Any time window estimate for the “wont be very many” tickets?

    Im already 5 hours wasted on this, i want a chance to get hit the lotto.

  285. mark Says:

    Thanks Gerard. Can you lower the pain for those of us who struck out and let us know approx when the remaining tix will be available?

  286. Gerard Says:

    on the matter of the tickets for Nevada residents at Zia, we’re told there are still some remaining as of 1:54 local time.

  287. Eric Estrada Says:

    This is a great show which will only be made better with the addition of the Ponys.

  288. B Says:

    Gerard, sorry if you thought I was implying that you were holding back tickets, you made my point that there was a outrageous demand for a relatively small number of tickets, if a total of 2000 was available, then there was a possiblity that only 500 people could have bought all the tickets, (and thus the 2000 would attend), but out of the 20,000 people trying only 500 would have succeeded, so the chances were very slim, and knowing that probably wouldn’t have dissuaded many from trying, but it would have put their failure to succeed into context. Greatly appreciate the information, and while it may not have been intended as a private party, it’s going to be an experience that only a relative few will have, and I don’t begrudge that fact, just saddened that a more expansive and inclusive celebration wasn’t possible but as long as the quality recording material keeps coming for another 20 years there’s no need to complain.

  289. jazzmaster Says:


    Let me just say upfront that you have gone above and beyond in every aspect of this fest from the organization of the show all the way down to chasing problems with ticket sales. I am not surprised, as that has always been my experience with Matador all the way back to the \well concealed cash\ days of ordering your product through the mail (both ways!).

    I do have one last request though. If you could give some general idea of when the reclaimed tix might be available that would be fantastic. I imagine that most of the disappointed on here are in the same boat as me. Not only did we spend the morning hitting refresh on the ticketfly site, we have spent most of the afternoon doing the same here.

    I know there is only so much you can do and I appreciate all your efforts!

  290. Gerard Says:

    Mark, we’re working on it. We’ll give you a heads up on the blog, via twitter, email to our mailing (and in this comments section). thanks

  291. Lauro Says:

    Gerard and Matador crew, could you tell us how many tickets were available at the first \early bird\?
    Im trying to figure out how my chances are?
    We down here in Brazil have, for a long time, following Matador and bands. And will be such a pleasure share the 21st birthdate. Cheers! Lauro

  292. Brian Says:

    I did everything I could- submitted that stupid form 4x a minute for an hour- but still couldn’t score tickets. I’m envious. ENVIOUS!

  293. daniel Says:

    The tickets which are going to be released. Will there at the least be given some heads up so we all have a fair chance of acquiring them, or will there be very little notice given?

  294. LeBron James Says:

    What time do doors open? Also, will my massive ego fit through the venue doors?

  295. Jim Pollard Says:

    Hey Lebron! We know you are moving out of Ohio because you couldn’t stand being the second best player in the state! Don’t let the door hit you…

  296. ohiocrow Says:

    Thanks for everything Gerard.
    See you in the VIP section in October.

  297. LeBron James Says:

    Hey Jim,

    Maybe we should just all move this Matador Old-Enough-To-Drink thing to Quicken Loans Arena. There’ll be plenty of empty seats there for all the crybabies.



  298. daniel Says:

    Why is everyone here so thankful to Matador. They held back 25% of the tickets, they hired a company who had a major technical error which resulted in many people not being able to buy tickets who were signed on right at 9 am pacific. The concert is not for another 90 days, and they started out on the wrong foot. You wanted an intimate venue. So a 5000 seat venue wouldn’t have been intimate.
    So sorry if I come off all pissy. Had I attemted to buy tickets 2 mins after the start time I would be quite accepting of what happened here. I order tickets online all the time. Never in 15 years have I missed out on a concert where I was online from the first second on.
    Ticketfly fucked up.
    And LeBron, I’m 39 years old, married, and am old enough to drink. I’m also old enough to cite an opinion, however unpopular the kiss assess to Matador may think I am.

  299. Richard Says:

    So after all that complaining by the Nevadans, the Las Vegas residents didn’t even snap up all 100 tickets? Mystifying…

    I guess this is why bands skip Las Vegas. Thankfully, they have the chance to see Celine Dion every night of the week.

  300. Jim Pollard Says:

    Lebron, I’m calling you out, mono-a-mono, a game to 11 in Vegas, I will spot you 5, but you must down a case of the beast within 2 hours of tip off.

  301. LeBron James Says:

    Dear Daniel,

    Matador is making LeBron James wait for tickets. Why can’t you?



  302. Ralph Furley Says:


    Hold tight, a wah-ambulance has been dispatched to your nursing home.

  303. OS Says:


    I have to agree with you here. As much as I hate ticketmaster/livenation at least they have their shit together. Ticketfly came off as unprofessional and amateur and I voiced my opinion to them directly. I have wasted the day sitting around in the off chance that more tickets get released, and even then I do know I’m not guaranteed tickets for myself and my two friends. Where does the sense of intimacy end and elitism begin? It’s a fine line, and I understand the notion of wanting to keep it low-key. But it does suck for all of us who have been following this since day one devotedly, and just had the wrong side of the coin.

  304. daniel Says:


    So happy to hear you’re going to South Florida. Now I have a reason to go see the Heat-and Booooooooo!

    As a Raptor fan, and I will have to get used to the notion of you kicking are asses worse no that you have our former Prince Bosh with you.

    Don’t drop the ball. Better win a title or two.

  305. LeBron James Says:

    Hello Jim Pollard (if that is your REAL name),

    Does Bob still do those awkward leg kicks still in his old age? Or does he need them to collect his disability checks?

    As for the game to 11, sure, why not. Just know that Wade and Bosh are gonna cover for me while I get a mani-pedi.


  306. daniel Says:

    OS and all,

    I would love to see them auction off the remaining tickets. It would be a fair and just way for all involved. And I’ll pay plenty :)

  307. jack Says:

    Okay one of the giddy lucky ones is going to realize that they overbought or the “one” isn’t, or their best bud can’t come up with the coin. Call me. Message me. Still beggin….


  308. OS Says:

    ^^ Dude put his cell number. He’s not playing games.

  309. LeBron James Says:

    Hey Daniel,

    Wait a minute, Boshy was a member of the Rapture? Did he slap bass or something freaky-deaky like that?!. DAMN!!! He better hook the KING up with some CDs or there’s gonna be a Miami BEAT down.



  310. Luke N. Atmaguchi Says:

    Trying to look on the bright side: my client MC SERCH is Vegas-bound, to perpetrate his label-boss-impersonating scam. So he’s giving me his final-weekend Mets tickets, and I’ll get to watch the Natinals wrap up the NL East.

  311. Gary Says:

    I am surprised there are still tix left at Zia. I was there this morning to purchase my tickets and there was enough people there to buy all of them up. No lottery needed because there were exactly 25 people in line. I will say, though, that unlike those able to attempt to get tickets online (in the comfort of there house or job), I had to take the day off from work to ensure I could be there to get these at the physical location. So, although they are not completely sold out, I am positive by this evening they will be gone. Many Las Vegans have read all the local press (and there has been alot) and were probably disuaded by all of the comments to even attempt to get these tickets. I thank you Matador for putting this event on here and giving us locals an additional boost to make it easier for us to get into the event.

  312. sean Says:

    count me in as shocked that those vegas record stores still have tickets.

  313. Ryan Says:

    I’m doing my best here to Feel Not Crushed but I am unbelievably bummed. The extra tickets being released are a glimmer of hope but realisticly, it’s looking bleak.

  314. daniel Says:

    I will say this:, there will be a scalper culture at the Palms Hotel on Friday October 1.

  315. Joel Says:

    Need two (2) VIP passes, will settle for GA, but willing to pay PREMIUM! Don’t need hotel, but will take it. Contact me at

  316. mike gargiulo Says:

    Once again – I unintentionally bought an extra ticket. I’m willing to give it up for cost. But only through Matador or Ticketfly, because I don’t want to suffer any consequences for scalping. I don’t want any profit, just to not have to pay for an unused ticket. I know I’m not the only one.
    So rather than trying to contact me, please help press the issue about having an officially approved method of selling my unused ticket, along with anyone else in my situation. I’m not starting an auction, just looking for a sanctioned solution.
    I’ve got my emails in to the customer services, haven’t heard anything yet, but if you really want this ticket then help me find a legal way to sell it to you for the un-scalped cost of $225 plus the service charge that I paid for it.
    And no, you can’t share my hotel room.

    PS – Just got an email from Ticketfly – no refunds. So barring any help from Matador, my extra ticket goes to waste?

  317. mike gargiulo Says:

    Maybe I’ll bring an outrageously flamboyant and drugged up drag queen as my date….

  318. Jennifer Says:

    Hey mike gargiulo! Email me, and I can send you the money via Paypal

  319. Jennifer Says:

    please! I’m so desperate!

  320. Jeff Says:

    “Am I just naive? How on earth are these even scalpable? They are all will-call photo id required passes, right?”

    You’re being naive. As I understand it from a friend who managed to get through, bought four tickets and is letting me buy one of them, the only one who has to show an ID at will call is the purchaser. Said purchaser is then free to do whatever he/she wants with the tickets. I would not be at all surprised to see ads for tickets pop up closer to the concert dates on Craigslist in Vegas as well as LA, SF and possibly NYC; the buyers would simply have to be there with the seller when they get the tickets at will call, at least assuming the “ticket” is actually a wristband you have to put on immediately. I do not in any way endorse scalping, but I’ve resold tickets for face value several times in the past, most recently for LCD Soundsystem after breaking my knee a couple of weeks earlier, and I hope some of you who failed to get tickets for the show are able to find similar good samaritans!

    “Any chance that the non hotel package tix can be bumped up to a hotel package? I tried to get a hotel package, but was lucky enough to get tix without a room.”

    You can book a Priceline hotel room at the cheapest rates available by using the bidding tips at; five-stars nicer than the Palms can usually be had for under $99/night, even on weekends. Anywhere on the Strip is fairly close to the Palms, though Caesars Palace and the Bellagio are closest. If you bid on a four-star in the West of Strip zone, you’ll either get the Palms itself (unlikely given how many rooms concertgoers have already booked) or the Rio, which is not as nice but directly cater-corner across the street.

    “FAIL :: slept through alarm (night shifter)! It’s not the end of the world, I can say, living in a well-served concert town. Just saw SPOON in a little tv studio, will see SHEARWATER there soon, YO LA TENGO played a smallish place in February, PAVEMENT’s here the week before Vegas, (hell, BETTIE SERVEERT’s coming in October), even Pollard’s Boston Spaceships did some GBV back in ‘08. The reunions (COME, CHAVEZ), I can only hope they turn into more than one-offs. Don’t get me wrong though: I’m jealous as hell.”

    Hello there, fellow Austinite! I was at ACL for the Spoon taping last night, too. And yeah, I’d be jealous if I didn’t get a Matador ticket, too, but c’mon: aside from everything you mentioned we get ACL *and* SXSW every year. Think of it this way: that $500 you would’ve spent on the Vegas trip can instead be applied towards buying a badge for SXSW Music.

    “They held back 25% of the tickets”

    Considering the number of bands playing (who will likely want to see other bands playing when they’re not – counting all band members, that’s probably 100+ VIP tickets right there), plus current and former Matador employees, various VIPs and, of course, journalists, I don’t think 25% is unreasonable.

    “they hired a company who had a major technical error which resulted in many people not being able to buy tickets who were signed on right at 9 am pacific.”

    It wasn’t a “major” error; Gerard already said it only affected nine sales, and all of those tickets will be sold again shortly. In any event, if there were actually 20,000 people online simultaneously trying to buy tickets, then 95% were going to be disappointed regardless.

  321. Jeff Says:

    “Once again – I unintentionally bought an extra ticket. I’m willing to give it up for cost. But only through Matador or Ticketfly, because I don’t want to suffer any consequences for scalping. I don’t want any profit, just to not have to pay for an unused ticket.”

    Reselling tickets is not illegal or even unethical, nor would I imagine that Matador would even mind, if you sold your second ticket at face value to another true fan, and you have a couple dozen fans above who’ve posted their e-mails and even digits desperate for tickets.

  322. mike gargiulo Says:

    There was a pretty draconian warning about scalping around here somewhere – threatening that the ticket(s?) would be invalidated!

  323. OS Says:

    It kind of sucks spending the whole day sitting around for more tickets to be posted when your chances of getting those tickets are worse than at 9 AM.

  324. Renata Says:

    Jeff! Sell it to me!
    I agree with Lauro!! The brazilians are desesparate to go!!

  325. Charlie Says:

    I’s still like to know why the layaway plan required the purchase of a minimum of 2 tickets+room? I only needed 1 ticket and the room (it sucks not having friends that like the same music). Knowing this in advance would have been a huge help as I could have used a different card to buy the $500 package instead. I even managed to have layaway tickets in the cart but ended up passing on them because I couldn’t justify wasting 1 ticket.

  326. Armando Says:

    HA! that’s not gonna stop me from sneaking in. I have nothing to lose.

  327. KeithP Says:

    I’d like to throw my hat in if anyone has a ticket they would like to get rid of. I would dearly love to go. my e-mail is if anyone has one. I’ll bring you some authentic Montreal smoked meat! Thanks!

  328. Daniel Says:

    Jeff, holding back 25% of a 2100 seat venue when you know the demand is going be more than what you have is greedy. Period. And if this is not a \matador staff/band\ reunion, as Matador has stated, then there is no reason to do so. This should be for the fans, period. Enough of this elitist bullshit.

    I also don’t believe 20,000 fans tried to buy tickets for this event. No way. Not with the cost of travel, accomodations, food, etc.. Not in this economy. I live in Canda, where our economy is a lot healthier than in the U.S., and concert sales are doing horribly this year. If this event was held in a 5000 to 7500 seat arena, there would be no discussion of this going here.

  329. Yvonne Says:

    I feel like I f**ed up but, the site was confusing. I thought there was only going to be the early bird discount tickets available. I clicked on at 11:00am Central time (9am/Pacific…on time) and was waiting on the ticketfly website before the selling time. There was all the early bird, then the $225 ones, then the VIPS. Then there was choices of but 1, 2, 3 or 4 with scroll numbers on them; which was confusing…do I try to purchase 1 or is it 2….Should I have went to the $225 one automatically b/c many peeps would try to go to the early bird ones. I would be fair to sell the Early Bird tix …EARLIER than the others (a certain amount of tix). Then put a the rest to sale on a later time and date. I was on at 11am…took me 5 min to figure this shiat out (I AM NOT A 1st ONLINE TIX BUYER) then it WAS A LOST CASUSE after that…I so sad :(

  330. bill Says:

    I’ll be staying at a smaller hotel near The Palms. Anyone have any tips on the cheapest way to get from the airport to the hotel? Is it better to just rent a car?

  331. amy Says:

    If someone wanted to sell their ticket, how would they go about doing that? I have a ticket, and need an alternator for my car. sad. Would like to sell one GA + hotel for 3 nights.

  332. em Says:

    Thanks to Gerard and everyone at Matador for giving this party a chance, even if I didn’t get a ticket. Matador always tries to do the cool thing and of course this was going to make some folks very happy and some folks very upset. I’ll be waiting for a )hopefully larger) 25th party in 2014! Matador is still the coolest label out there.

  333. Mike Says:

    Just take a taxi – there’s a shuttle to the strip from the Rio (right down the street from the Palms), and taxis for 3 days will be less than renting a car for 3 days.

  334. Gerard Says:

    Daniel, I’m sorry you don’t believe the people who run Matador or have worked for the label for centuries qualify as fans, but as most of ‘em are actually working on this event, they’re gonna have to be there. There’s also no way we could contract our bands to play such that weekend without providing each of them with a very limited number of passes — that’s 25 bands (and keep in mind, there are 73 people in Belle & Sebastian).

    That 25% figure might end up being smaller after everything shakes out and we’ve pledged to do everything in our power to make as many tickets available to the public as possible. But that doesn’t take away from the fact no matter what we do, demand will outstrip supply. You think the 20,000 figure is inflated. Fine. But even if we’d sold 5000 tickets today, some folks were going to be very disappointed. And I’d argue those numbers would ultimately include persons traveling to and attending the shows. We didn’t want to see a show in 7500 seat arena, we didn’t want to put one on and we didn’t want to ask others to attend one. You can dub that “elitist bullshit” but there’s nothing elitist about wanting one of our newer or lesser known bands to receive a thoughtful, attentive response rather than play to a half empty hockey arena at 7pm.

    I’m sure the concert business is in the middle of a rough patch, much as I’m sure these concerts are anything but a bargain for many people. But there was clearly a huge demand for these tickets. We take no pleasure in disappointing ten people let alone a thousand, but the primary goal was to make certain these were fun, exciting events for the ticket buyers — not to maximize our bottom line.

    I guess we’re just going to have to disagree on this one — I don’t consider a show in a venue the size of the Pearl to be a private or industry party. I don’t think I’ve ever attended or heard of an industry event where this much effort went into selling tickets to the public. The number of non-connected types who’ve testified in this very space today should hopefully prove that we really did put tickets on sale.


  335. Jeff Says:

    Renata: I do not have an extra ticket to sell.

    Daniel: I live in Austin, a city of about a million. Phoenix (as in the band) played a show recently, at a venue similarly sized to The Pearl, that sold out in eight minutes. I can easily believe 20,000 unique users besieged the TicketFly site at 9am PST and that Matador 21 sold out almost instantly, even given the economy, given the completely unique lineup and circumstances — even attracting bands like Spoon that departed the label under seriously bad terms over a decade ago. I would also imagine a large chunk of the fans are driving in (L.A., San Diego, SF, Salt Lake and Phoenix are all relatively easy driving distance), thus saving plane fare as well. And from what I’ve seen on some of the blogs, a number of people were planning on flying in FROM OTHER COUNTRIES for the event (and I think someone here said they were wanting to come from Brazil).

    As for holding back tickets, it is done at every music festival I am aware of. While you have a point about it not being a Matador “reunion,” and I doubt *that* many employees are attending (it’s not exactly a massive label), Matador is still going to be fielding press passes from every major music critic in the country, not to mention Pitchfork, Brooklyn Vegan and all the bloggers, and that subsequent coverage helps support each and every one of those bands. I also think it’s perfectly fair for the bands to get free VIP tickets, considering nearly all of them are playing for an undoubted fraction of their regular performance fees (a Pavement ticket alone would normally be $50 with fees).

    In any event, even if Matador did have a couple hundred extra tickets, tens of thousands would have remained empty-handed.

  336. Jeff Says:

    Gerard: please don’t let one naysayer piss you off. 99% of us on here have seen how hard you’ve worked to make this an event predominantly for the fans, and we very much appreciate it. You are totally correct that it wouldn’t have been the same if you’d held the event in an arena-sized venue.

    Bill: there are several shuttles that will take you to/from your hotel. The other option is renting a car on Priceline, which you can do for about $12/day, if you plan on visiting other casinos or doing any sightseeing (I recommend Hoover Dam in particular if so). If you’ll be mainlining music like many attending, just take a shuttle and cab it around when necessary. Taxis are ubiquitous at every large Vegas hotel, and there’s usually a queue for them.

  337. Brian Says:

    canadians are apparently really good at complaining and they know a lot about the concert industry

  338. Daniel Says:

    Thanks for your response Gerard. My elitist comment was a bit over the top (sorry, I’m frustrated). But I feel an event of this magnitude should have been a bit easier for fans to get tickets for. Having only around 1500 seats for sale for a show of this magnitude, in my opinion, is doing a diservice to your great fanbase. I buy many of your cds, vinyl, and support so many of your bands. I have always been, and always will be a support of your fine company. It’s a shame so many of us are left out in the cold on this.

    As to not wanting the smaller bands to play in empty arenas, I understand, but I think the fans should come first. I was at the Flaming Lips show in Toronto last night, and Fang Island was the first of 3 openers. They did not play to many people, and the Ampatheter was and looked sparse. But I’m sure Fang Island was glad to be given the oppurtunity to play in front of more fans then they may have attracted at a small bar venue.

    As it is, I will find a way into the show, either by getting a ticket from a new batch, or by buying from a scalper on site (which we all know will be happening). I will not miss this awesome display of talent you have put on for us.

    I vent, and will continue to vent. I do appreciate hearing from you, and hope we will hear about the extra tickets very soon.

  339. Gerard Says:

    Earlier today, we sold out of our initial quantities of tickets and hotel packages for Matador At 21 : The Lost Weekend, taking place October 1, 2, 3 at the Palms Casino & Resort in Las Vegas. Said sales took somewhere between 2 and 15 minutes to complete, and we sincerely apologize to anyone who was stymied in their attempts to purchase tickets.

    We are putting additional tickets on sale tomorrow morning (Saturday, July 10) at 9am pacific time (noon eastern) via Ticketfly. There are limited quantities of tickets paired with hotel rooms ($225 per ticket plus a $99 per night room charge, 4 ticket limited per person) a few remaining VIP tickets ($399 each plus a $99 room charge per night, two ticket limit) and weekend passes only ($250.00, no hotel reservation required, two ticket limit).

    We’re pretty certain these tickets will sell out very quickly. At present, we cannot guarantee any additional tickets beyond this batch will be offered for public sale, but if that change, we’ll certainly let you know.


  340. Daniel Says:

    Brian, don’t forget the war of 1812 :)

  341. sean Says:

    for anyone doubting the pearl as a cool place to see a show, this is from a pretty reliable vegas review site,

    The Pearl Theater: This is a nice room to see a live performance. The farthest you’ll sit from the stage is 120 feet, and you know what that means: you can buy the cheapest seats they offer and not get stuck behind a pylon.

  342. B Says:


    This is great news, but the quantity can’t be limited to 1, to accomodate as many people as possible? Inevitably someone is going to by more than they need “just in case” if everyone has to get there own it’s seem like a fairer system and there would be less of a chance of someone getting too many while others get none. Either that or allow anyone with extras to sell them back only to you, and you can redistribute them, so EVERY ticketholder has to show up with their ID to claim a ticket, that would eliminate all resells and maybe cause anyone not seriously about going to think twice about taking a ticket that would otherwise go to someone desperate to go. Just my two cents while a dance a jigg about the possibility of salvaging this trip. Gracias.

  343. steve Says:

    if i panicked and only bought 1 a la carte today, can i still try for the room/ticket package tomorrow, or are today’s buyers not allowed? thanks.

  344. Steve Says:

    B, that’s a ridiculous proposal. It seems from this like most of the people who got screwed out by the overbuyers were people attempting to buy sets of 4, because it seemed that most people reported buying 16 tickets instead of 4.

    The only fair way to do it is to release the tickets just as they were originally alotted, and I would hope that this is how it will be done. If 10 people accidentally bought 16 instead of 4, then 30 sets of four should be released. If 5 people bought 2 sets of 2 instead of 1 set of 2, then only 5 sets of 2 should be released, and so on and so forth.

    People are coming from all over the country, and perhaps beyond that, to see this show—not everyone is willing to do that to spend 3 days staying by themselves and not knowing anyone at the show.

  345. Googie Says:

    Can someone please change Daniel’s didie? Sure sounds like it’s full. WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  346. Jesse Says:

    For anyone having an misgivings about attending solo, let me offer you this cautionary tale:

    Several years ago when Radiohead and The Pixies were headlining Coachella, I bought tickets for myself and my then girlfriend as well as plane tickets and hotel rooms. A week before the show, she broke up with me and declined to attend the show anyway. Instead of just going and having an awesome time by my lonesome, I sold the tickets on line to make up for the wasted plane ticket and rooms. I have regretted it ever since.

    If you’re not a total weirdo, you can chat people up at the even, have drinks at the bar, etc. Trust me when I tell you that if you have a chance to go, even if you can only get one ticket, you should take it or you’ll regret it for a long, long time.

  347. daniel Says:

    Googie, I know something was wrong. No I’m changed and much chipper.

    Seriously, nothing I’ve said here is in screaming anger. It’s disappointment. Period.

    As I’ve said, I’ll be going to this show, by hook or crook.

  348. Yvonne Says:

    Thank You :) Round 2 tomorrow….

  349. steven m Says:

    I was surprised to find out that the Zia tickets were still on sale. I talked to a few friends and the general statement was either “I couldn’t get the day off of work to go up there at 10,” “I thought they were already gone so I didn’t try,” and the majority of them were just upset over the whole way they felt things were handled from the beginning and decided to skip it all together. I know a bunch of people were going up after work so I wouldn’t be surprised if they are gone now.

    There’s also this, I don’t know if it’s like this in other states, but this weird culture of waiting until the very last minute to buy tickets for shows out here. I”m not really sure why that is, but I heard that it makes some bands nervous. Tickets will move slowly and then sell out day of. Obviously people who were waiting on this one missed out (and will be shortly).

    Anyway, I’m glad I was able to score a pair of tickets and thanks again Gerard for going through all this trouble of answering every question, making changes, and putting on this event.

  350. daniel Says:

    Round 2 tomorrow, i don’t know if I can take 2 rounds of beatings!

  351. Luke N. Atmaguchi Says:

    @ JEFF: You’ve ooted me as an “Austinite.” Don’t want us to become hated gloaters (Gloat? I didn’t even get a ticket!), but yeah, living here it’s hard to complain about access to bands. If Sonic Youth does an ACL fest after-show, I’ll have assembled most of my pieces anyway. I attended all three nights of the CASUAL VICTIM PILE showcases in February, where the closest thing to a snafu was a Beerland-historic-first two minute wait for one-out one-in. SXSW badge-less free shows nowadays for me, it’s a local quality of life elevator.

    As is seeing bands like SPOON in the improbably intimate (< 300 capacity) KUT studio, where the PBS tv concert program "Austin City Limits" is taped live. Getting in if you're not a major donor to the station? It's a LOTTERY.



  352. Emily Says:

    ooh another try tomorrow yipee!
    mike gargiulo if you can’t find a way to sell the ticket back, why don’t you take me? I’ll pay you for the ticket but it won’t be scalped because we can walk into the first show together. yeah?

    Well anyhoo…I’ll be trying online again tomorrow. cheers.

  353. B Says:

    Steve, when the original tickets went on sale, and there were no more options than 4 VIP Tickets with Room, I was willing to buy that in order to get something, although I only needed 1, anyone that goes to this will be attending with 2000 others, so they we will be far from alone. But my point is that if each person is responsible for their own ticket then there is NO chance of someone not committed to going to get extra tickets, as soon as 1 ticket plus room sells out, anyone needing only 1 is going to try for anything and the vicious cycle continues, if you make it one ticket per person, that gives many more folks a chance, this is going to be luck anyway so if two people that want to go together get lucky so be it, but give as many people a shot as possible. But my second suggestion, and more realistic one can possibly solve this issue as well, just allow anyone with extras to give them back to Matador to be redistributed. No one wants to say it, but they made this too good of a deal, too many great bands, too moderately priced, and too accesible, everyone wants to go, and everyone can afford it, so demand is too high. Damn Indie Music Socialist.

  354. sean Says:

    this is easily the best value in a big lineup ticket i’ve ever seen. not even close.

  355. Bryant Says:

    Is there anyway Daniel could be banned from this event, maybe by citing a Douche Bag clause?

  356. daniel Says:

    Bryant. Douche Bag? Please.
    You don’t know me. Seriously, you don’t have a clue.
    You’d meet me, love me, and never know I spoke my opinion.
    This concert is a dream for people like me. It’s heartbreaking how many fans who want to see this cannot. That is why I cried for a larger venue. It’s about the music and the fans. Period.

  357. daniel Says:

    It’s because I’m Canadian, that’s why I’m hated. :)

  358. Jesse Says:


    I sincerely hope you’re able to score some tickets tomorrow, but the people organizing the event are well aware that “it’s about the music and the fans” which is precisely why they wanted to make it an intimate 3 day party for the Matador Family and some lucky fans. A larger venue in this town would have ended up with a very impersonal, sterile feel and would not accomplish what they wanted to with this weekend. Those of us who managed to get tickets against the odds should feel very lucky, but those of you who did not certainly shouldn’t take it personally or whinge on and on about how unfair it all is. I was prepared to be bummed but not destroyed if I had ended up without tickets today, but if I had walked away empty handed I can promise you I never would have kept telling the organizers that its their fault that I personally couldn’t attend and that they should have done things another way. You got dealt a shitty hand, but enough with the Spartacus routine, yeah? It’s not a cosmic injustice that you and a lot of other people didn’t get to go, I was one of the biggest initial bellyachers when the details were announced and I got lucky, so let’s not pretend there was any favoritism shown or that any of the other attendees are some how better than those who don’t get to go, we were just luckier in this one instance. Maybe tomorrow you’ll win the lottery.

  359. daniel Says:

    Yes Jesse, you are right. I’m pissed. I vented poorly. I’ll admit to all of that.
    I hope to win the lottery tomorrow, and if I don’t, I will live.
    All I’m trying to say, that if it was at a slightly larger venue (5000 seater) it would have accommodated more fans, and i still believe it could have been intimate and it is a 3 day show, so there will be a lot of familiarity involved. I wish this wasn’t about the lucky few, because there are so many who are dissapointed.

    But I do apologize. It’s tough to get kicked down a notch when you had such high expectations. I apologize to Matador. Sorry from Vancouver :)

  360. sean Says:

    the speed of the sellout and the level of disappointment just shows how great these bands are and how the fans of these bands understand the rarity and potential mind-bending involved with this opportunity. if i hadn’t been on the T1 internet connection at work i don’t think i would have had a chance to get a ticket and i am still in disbelief that i have one. i’m booked at the rio (short walk to Palms from there), timetable is going to be tight for me getting in and out of town so i haven’t even been able to look at flights yet but prices stand to get better on flights next month and a half before going back up to where they’re at now.

  361. Karen Says:

    A lof of wanted to buy the hotel package, but had to buy the tickets alone since the hotel was sold-out. I would have waited if I’d known there’d be another sale tomorrow. Will there be an option to upgrade to the package, if we already have tickets?

  362. Gerard Says:


    We’re not going to be able to upgrade existing ala carte ticket holders to hotel packages ; there aren’t many rooms left and we don’t anticipate they’ll last long tomorrow am.

  363. Karen Says:

    Thanks for answering, Gerard.

    It’ll be a great show!

  364. milk monkey masquerade Says:

    i belong to a GBV cover band in Phx called The Secret Fox. and while i found it impossible to get 4 tickets and a hotel room today, i am inclined to believe that the hands of fate will save the many thousands who would otherwise perish in the end times resulting from the non-attendance of said GBV cover band. i don’t want the world to end, do you?

  365. martin c Says:

    i’ve got 2 weekend tickets but no hotel room. does anyone have 2 SPARE BEDS in their room at the palms for 2 nice british men? we’ll spilt costs and buy you booze!

  366. mike gargiulo Says:

    Martin –
    Not to make light of your situation, but yours is the last post I read, and directly below “nice british men” is the captcha “tory market”. I had to laugh.

  367. Troy Says:

    shut out again!

  368. B Says:

    Well, shut out again, so is life, If anyone that scored a VIP/HOTEL package is willing to sell me one of their VIP tickets, I’ll pay for the ticket and cost of their room, your not scalping, you’re just meeting a new friend that shows their appreciation by comping your room, it’s a desperate move but that’s where we are now. Standing offer for the next 24 hours, after that I probably need to move on. Will pay the $700 immediately.


  369. Joey Says:

    Gerard, is there any chance that the Zia stores in Arizona will get tickets, if by slight chance they may be a few left over, or found after this whole mess is over. I’ve been shut out twice these past two mornings. I’ve never had so much difficulty in buying tickets before. I’m a huge Matador fan, and would love to go, thanks in advance for your time and effort.

  370. ScottDesign Says:

    Got tix and a room yesterday, didn’t see how to upgrade room, anyone know?

  371. Gerard Says:


    i’m sorry. we’ve no plans to make a portion of tickets available to additonal Zia locations outside of Las Vegas.

  372. Matthew Says:

    I’m one of the lucky ones who got a ticket. I’m travelling from the UK and, due to friends missing out, going all on my own. Just wondering if anybody has a spare bed in their room at The Pearl they’d be willing to sub-let me on October 1-2 (already booked Oct 3 across the road) – I’d pay my share of the $99 and bring in the beers.

    I couldn’t afford to pay $99 a night just for me, but I’d love to be in the Pearl and part of the party rather than trudging off alone to the EconoLodge after the shows. If you don’t mind a stray but very well behaved Englishman making up your numbers, I’m on

    Thank you!

  373. alison Says:

    manged to score two weekend passes…lucky i know! not so lucky for us as we were trying to get 4 ticket hotel option. Now i have a dilemma – we paid on husbands credit card on, with our address as our friends who we were buying for are out of the country. How will that work if id is required on pick up? I have emailed ticketfly with no joy – it’s a long way from the Lake District in England to travel if they can’t get in!!

  374. oliver Says:

    Still looking/begging/hoping for a Matafest ticket. Please help if you can.

    I’m elderly and I fear missing this might end me.

    Please email oondioline@gmail.

  375. Jerra Says:

    I am in the same boat Oliver. I know some people accidentally bought too many tickets, and hope I can end up with 1 of them. Can anyone help a girl out that is in love with stellar music?

  376. Rodrigo Says:

    NEED 1 TICKET for 3 days!
    REPEAT 1 Ticket for the 3 days!