FAQ for Matador at 21: The Lost Weekend

July 7th, 2010 at 5:38 pm by Patrick

Lots of you have raised questions about our 21st anniversary event happening in Las Vegas from October 1st-3rd, both via the comments thread to Monday’s info post, and via email.

We’ve done our best to answer these questions in the following FAQ.

Remember, tickets go on sale this Friday at 9 AM Pacific via, and at the two Zia Records locations in Las Vegas at 10 AM Pacific.

UPDATE: for information on how to get tickets at Zia, click here.

NEW UPDATE: The Ticketfly links are live for the three packages (tickets+hotel rooms, tickets a la carte, and tickets installment/layaway plan: HERE.

NEW NEW UPDATE: THE EVENT IS NOW SOLD OUT ALMOST SOLD OUT (SEE DIRECTLY BELOW). For those who were able to get tickets but not reserve a room at the Palms, please look into the Gold Coast which is located across the street from the Palms Resort. The rooms are very affordable and you will be close to the event.


1.) What is the cost and how do the tickets / hotel rooms work?

The cost of the show starts at $SOLD for a three-night pass plus an additional $SOLD per night to stay at the Palms. You can have up to 4 people in one room and the option to purchase up to 4 tickets. After the initial swathe of tickets is sold out, the cost of the show goes up to $SOLD for a three night pass. You must buy hotel rooms with these tickets – sorry if that seems extreme, but it’s how we were able to make this work economically with this lineup of bands in an intimate venue. We negotiated this rate for you and it’s a good one. There will be all-night events going on at Palms, and the concept is for a familial event with label staff, artists and fans all mingling and staying at the same site.

VIP tickets are available for $SOLD. These tickets (21+ only) will get you:

- Reserved Seating at the Pearl (AT THE FRONT)
- Access to Opening Party on Friday with open bar with staff and bands
- More TBA

For Las Vegas residents, there will be 100 tickets available for $SOLD at the two Zia Records locations in Las Vegas, for locals. These do not require purchase of hotel rooms. Tickets will be awarded via lottery at both locations, so please, don’t attempt to camp out at either store early that morning or the night before.

In response to demand, we are also offering a limited number of a la carte passes for $SOLD for those who choose not to stay at the Palms. These will be available Friday, July 9th with a 2 ticket limit via the Ticketfly site only.

Once the a la carte passes and the local tickets at Zia are sold out, ALL TICKETS WILL REQUIRE THE PURCHASE OF A HOTEL ROOM.

2.) Will there be an installment plan to buy tickets?

Yes. Details will be available on the Ticketfly site. (The installment plan does not apply to the Zia tickets.)

3.) Can I purchase multiple hotel rooms at the time I purchase the tickets?


4.) Can I purchase a ticket without a hotel room if I’m staying in someone else’s room?

No. The only tickets without rooms are the Zia tickets and the limited $250 a la carte passes. Sorry, but that was the only way we could make this work.

5.) Does the VIP package include a room upgrade?

No. You’ll have to purchase the room upgrade separately. When you get the rooms/tickets this Friday, it will tell you that you will have the opportunity to upgrade your room (as well as your ticket package, should you so desire) subsequently.

6.) Is the event all-ages?

The Pearl Theater is all-ages, however access to the Palm’s casino floor, as with all other bars and lounges, is restricted to those 21 and over. 95% of the performances are at the Pearl.

7.) What time are the shows starting / ending? What’s the running order?

We’ll be posting full schedules shortly before that weekend, but we intend to start the music early Friday evening, and concluding late Sunday evening.

8.) Will more bands be added to the bill?

A few more, yes. We’ll be making periodic announcements on the Matablog.

9.) Given the interest in this event, why wasn’t a larger venue chosen?

We were pretty keen on maintaining some level of intimacy; we’d discussed a number of different locations around the country, but sound and sightline considerations trumped our thoughts of how-to-sell-the-most-tickets-possible.

10.) Can I bring my cat?

Matador Records and Palms Casino and Resort respect all State of Nevada laws concerning service animals.

11.) What sort of additional events — parties, performances — etc. are planned for the weekend?

That’s still being determined, but rest assured that we are taking full advantage of our host venue.

12.) What sort of merchandise will be available?

A series of items commemorating the weekend will be for sale on site, as well as merch from the respective bands. In addition, we’re making arrangements with an independent record retailer to sell various vinyl and CD titles.

13.) “If I reserve a room can it be transfered to someone else?. Can I sell the room on eBay or another site to someone that wants it?”

No. You can share your room with whoever you want, but reservations cannot be resold or transferred.

14.) Will tickets be shipped or available via will call?

All tickets will be available for pickup at the Palms starting Friday, October 1. We’re trying to prevent the sort of scalper/eBay action alluded to above.

15.) “Can I record, photography or videotape the performances?”

What we’ll loosely dub “professional recording / photography / video equipment” cannot be brought into the Pearl. Point and shoot cameras are permissible, but flash photography will not be allowed.
If you require a photo pass or work for a newsgathering organization, please take that up with our publicity department.
16.) Are the seats reserved, or is the event general admission?

Regular tickets are general admission. You may watch from the standing area in front of the stage (limited capacity, first-come first-served each day), or sit in any available, non-reserved seat.

VIP tickets are reserved seats in the front.

17.) Is the Pearl accessible to persons with disabilities?

There are handicapped-accessible seats in the Pearl. Please refer any more specific questions on this topic to Palms Casino and Resort.

18.) What is the address of Palms Casino and Resort?

It is 2 blocks west of the Strip, on West Flamingo:

4321 West Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89103-3903
(702) 942-7777

19.) What are the rules of 5-card stud?

5 Card Stud Poker – How to Play Five Card Stud Poker, Rules, Strategy Tips
The objectives and basic strategies for playing 5 Card Stud Poker that are shown here are those generally agreed to and recommended by the experts on bet limit poker games. Understanding the rules and basics is needed to know how to play at all competetive levels. Solid intermediate and expert level poker normally requires lots of at-the-table, or online game playing experience.

Limit 5 Card Stud Poker – 2 to 8 Players, Rules
Highest hand wins || Ace plays both high and low for straights || Three raise limit per round || Cards speak

Card Distribution and Betting Procedure

Example: $2/$4 Five Card Stud games.

After all players have anted $.25 or so, (1.) Each player is dealt one card face down and one face up. The player with the lowest upcard makes an forced bet of either $1 half minimum bet or $2 full bet (player’s choice) to start the game*. The rest of the players, in clockwise order, either call the opening bet, raise it, or not call and “fold” their hands back to the dealer. (2.) All get a third card face up followed by a round of $2 betting. From this round on, the player with the highest upcard(s) is always first to check or bet. (3.) After the fourth card is dealt face up, the minimum bet goes to $4. (4.) Then the fifth card is dealt face up and followed by the final round of $4 betting. The dealer then determines the highest hand and awards the pot.

*(Note). Only for the purpose of determining the lowest upcard to bring in the betting, the card denominations are sub-divided by these suit values in decending order: Spades the highest, through Hearts, Diamonds, and Clubs the lowest.

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HIGH CARDS – 10 thru A .
LOW CARDS – 2 thru 9
DOOR CARD – The exposed upcard of a starting hand.
LIVE DARDS – Cards that have not been revealed on the board and are possible to get.
DEAD CARDS – Cards that have been revealed and no longer in the deck.
FAST PLAY – Bet, raise and re-raise to get as many other players out as possible.
SLOW PLAY – Just check and call along to keep other players in the game and increase the pot odds.
CHECK-FOLD – Check when you can and fold if you are bet into. Gladly accept all free cards offered.
Playable Starting Hands:
ANY PAIR – Fast play low pairs to try to get heads up. Consider folding if you don’t get trips or a live upcard on third street. Bet/Call high pairs.
BOTH CARDS HIGHER Than the BOARD – ie: You hold 9 8 and there is no opponent upcard that is higher than 7.
HIGH HOLE CARD that BEATS the BOARD with ANY UPCARD – ie: You have Q down/ 6 up and there is no opponent upcard that is higher than Jack.
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Remember the folded cards so that you know which cards are “live”.

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Study your opponents. When he or she plays a low upcard, it is likely that the card is paired or just a loose starting hand of some sort. Does the player bluff?

Can he or she be bluffed, etc.

Unless you are playing a strong draw hand, usually fold if your complete hand is beaten on the board by an opponent’s upcards.

Usually don’t play low hole cards.

Don’t fall in love with your Ace in the hole. If that’s all you have, against apparent strong hands, usually fold early.

Beware of the paired door card. This often means trips, especially if it is a low pair.

Get caught bluffing once in a while. It is a way to vary your play and not be too predictable. You win pots that you don’t deserve when your bluff works. You lose a few chips when it doesn’t work but it will get you calls from weaker hands down the line when you are strong and need the action.

Look for reasons to fold early. When someone else gets the card you wanted or you suspect that you are unprofitably chasing a better hand – fold it up. Trust your instincts and you will usually be right.

Make’em pay to try to draw out on you when you have a good hand.

Have fun and GOOD LUCK!

“Bullet Bob” Maxwell

20.) Why is it called The Lost Weekend?

Any questions on any of the above, please comment below, or email

And keep checking the the Matablog or for more updates.

(FRIDAY, JULY 9 ADDENDUM : Earlier today, we sold out of our initial quantities of tickets and hotel packages for Matador At 21 : The Lost Weekend, taking place October 1, 2, 3 at the Palms Casino & Resort in Las Vegas. Said sales took somewhere between 2 and 15 minutes to complete, and we sincerely apologize to anyone who was stymied in their attempts to purchase tickets.

We are putting additional tickets on sale tomorrow morning (Saturday, July 9) at 9am pacific time (noon eastern) via Ticketfly. There are limited quantities of tickets paired with hotel rooms ($225 per ticket plus a $99 per night room charge, 4 ticket limited per person) a few remaining VIP tickets ($399 each plus a $99 room charge per night, two ticket limit) and weekend passes only ($250.00, no hotel reservation required, two ticket limit).

We’re pretty certain these tickets will sell out very quickly. At present, we cannot guarantee any additional tickets beyond this batch will be offered for public sale, but if that change, we’ll certainly let you know.


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281 Responses to “FAQ for Matador at 21: The Lost Weekend”

  1. Scott Says:

    Thanks for the FAQ guys. Questions about the room upgrade: what kind of room/suite options will there be, and what will those different options cost? Me and 2 friends are going, but we’re looking for more elbow room then the standard double has.

  2. Olivier Says:

    Thanks for setting this up, so excited!
    Can we assume that Pavement, Sonic Youth and Belle & Sebastian are each night’s headliner? Is it guaranteed they won’t conflict?

  3. Katey Says:

    Thanks! You have answered every single one of my questions. I think the whole event and the deal sound lovely.

  4. glen danzig Says:

    This whole thing is a rip off. Old bands, lame excuses. I will not be in attendance.

  5. Rety Says:

    Cool… reaaaally cool! I wish I was there… =’(

  6. mike o Says:

    Uhm this is great and all but WTF…

    They don’t spread $2/4 5 card stud anywhere in Las Vegas…

    Unless of course we have 8-9 people ready to play…Can I call dibs on the 8 seat?

  7. Eric Says:

    What if I am fortunate enough to get tickets on Friday, and then something horrible happens between now and October 1st (e.g., the government re-institutes the draft and I get sent to Afghanistan)? Can someone else take my ticket?

    Are VIP tickets purchased at the same time as regular tickets? If one is buying multiple tickets, can some be VIP and some regular, or do they all have to be the same?

    Thanks for putting this on!!

  8. evan Says:

    Hey Matador dudes – this is all great, and helps clarify a LOT. One quick question though – if I buy 4 tickets and a room, and only 2 of us want to upgrade to VIP, will that be okay? In other words, can you choose to upgrade tickets to VIP individually? Thanks!

  9. Isabell Says:

    I’m not going until Katy Perry is added to this bill. She made this label and consequently has more talent in her left breast than these bands combined.

  10. Gerard Says:

    we can guarantee they won’t conflict. Running orders will be announced closer to the first of october.

  11. Patrick S. Says:

    Great post, thanks! Hopefully this will settle some people down.
    I’m so excited, this will be an event to remember. I just hope I’m able to snag a pair of tickets Friday!

  12. BC Says:

    Great FAQ! Thanks to Gerard and everyone else for clearing up a lot of outstanding questions. Looking forward to Friday.

  13. Jamie Says:

    Installment plan?

    I don’t see any details on the Tickeyfly site yet. This could actually help substantially as it will help determine how many friends I need to shake down by Friday morning. Can we get more details on that before Friday so I can plan accordingly? :)

  14. Laura Says:

    When will the tickets go on sale at Zia??

  15. OS Says:

    So I must be terrible at reading comprehension but I swear I can’t figure this out.

    If I’m going to this with three of my friends all planning on taking part in the Palms deal, can we each buy our tickets separately? Or is the only way to do this for one of us to buy four tickets and the three nights at the Palms deal? Because I don’t think any of us have the allotted funds right now to put down money for all of us.

  16. Gerard Says:

    10am local time, Friday, July 9

  17. netto Says:

    Hey Guys from Matador! We´re so excited down here in Brazil!!!
    I cant wait to buy tickets on friday!!! Really cool!

  18. Gerard Says:

    A) there will be an installment plan option
    B) if that’s not helpful in your situation, try to get your friends to paypal you the loot before Friday.

  19. OS Says:


    Thanks for the speedy reply. I guess I normally shy away from installment options, but seeing as that might be the only way I’ll have to go with it. Regardless, thanks for your never-ending effort and help in answering everyone’s questions, it really is appreciated by me at least. This will be the best present I could have ever imagined for my 21st birthday.

  20. CB Says:

    Hi Gerard-
    Super excited for this show! Will we have to provide the names of each concert-goer at the time we buy tickets? I’d like to buy tickets for myself and a few friends, but I’m not sure exactly which ones will end up going (i.e. coming up with the money) so it would be better to not have to provide names.

  21. James J. Says:

    The FAQ differs from a statement in the other post with 300+ responses on the topic of seating: the FAQ says General Admission (other than VIPs), but there was a post by Gerard stating “Seats at the Pearl are reserved, but there is a limited standing room in front of the stage”. Could you please confirm which is the case?

    Thanks again for putting this event together!

  22. Gerard Says:

    One name will suffice, though you’ll be receiving non-transferable wristbands at the Palm on October 1.

  23. Gerard Says:

    My apologies ; Patrick’s statement in the FAQ regarding seating is correct.

  24. Jay Neil Says:


    if there are 8 of us that want to go, can one person purchase two hotel rooms X 4 tickets on Friday? or do they need to be done as two separate transactions? is there any limit to the number of rooms and tickets per credit card?

  25. LL Says:

    Question about the VIP package: if two people get VIP tickets, is there a way to ensure that their reserved seats will be next to each other? Can the regular ticket be upgraded to VIP at any time, or do you suppose they will sell out quickly as well? You probably answered this elsewhere, but will there be seats for regular ticket holders or is it standing room?

  26. spacejace Says:

    man, I hope I get tix! here’s my question (as dumb as it may sound): if we purchase VIP tickets and get reserved seats, we are, in fact, still able to stand on floor, get close to stage if we so desire, as well, correct?

  27. Gerard Says:

    There’s a limit of 4 tickets sold per c.c. holder, so you won’t be able to purchase 8 tickets on Friday.

  28. fax Says:

    900 people on the floor of the Pearl? That has to be a typo. Can you confirm that? I saw NIN/Jane’s there last year and i’m going to say 300 max will fit on that floor.

  29. Natasha Says:

    I will be flying in from mother Russia! I am an excellent listener and love to talk to drunken Americans who work for the state dept and share naughty secrets. Keep the alcohol flowing, Agent Sprout!

  30. Junester Says:

    So how are you going to fit all these bands? Are we gonna be watching them one at a time? I thought a music festival was suppose to be outdoors. It’s gonna be chaos for the first come first served seating.You guys should of done this at the Sam Boyd Stadium with vendors and food. Just a heads up everyone the drinks at the Pearl are like $15.00 each, so preapre to blow some serious money LMAO

  31. Donnie Vegas Says:

    Nice job Matador. Even after you put a ton of work into this you are open to changes and adjustments. Very cool qualities to have (and very rare).

  32. Gerard Says:

    J -

    None of the bands playing the Pearl are going head to head with each other.

    Re : Sam Boyd Stadium. Thanks for the suggestion.

  33. Veto Raven McKevich Says:

    What time does this rave start? And are we allowed to bring our own glow sticks or will we have to purchase them at the show. These promoters rip you off with the mark up at the event, and I don’t want to fall for that little trick! Anyway, I look forward to meeting all of you in Vegas!

  34. Eric Says:

    As of right now, when I talk to the folks at Zia records, they tell me that they haven’t confirmed their involvement in the ticket sales (less than 2 days away).

    What’s up with that???

  35. doughie Says:

    For those who aren’t keen on flying in on the Friday, checking in mid-afternoon, trying to recoup from jet lag/Vegas heat, going to the show/after parties (IF a VIP ticket is scored) then check out zombified Monday morning…is it possible to add on a fourth night (of hotel stay) at the same $99 price OR is it safe to assume you’d have to book a single night at the Palms yrself at a higher rate (OR entirely different hotel )therefore flying in Thursday to check in mid-afternoon, spend the night, check out by 11am Friday morning, jabroney around with luggage for a few hours JUST to check BACK IN Friday afternoon at the same hotel for the event?

  36. Charlie Says:

    As for the part about photography equipment, would bringing a point and shoot camera be ok? I know some venues are a real pain about that kind of thing.

  37. Scot Says:

    I’m seriously considering this, however – you made such a big deal on your poster that the rest of the bands will be announced July 5, yet now say you’re “dragging it out”? Lame. The rest of the bands will make my decision, namely Thinking Fellers. Could you please at least just tell us if they’ll be there or email me, I need to know

  38. Gerard Says:

    Hate to contradict anyone at Zia ; sorry there’s any confusion but tickets are still being sold at both locations Friday morning at 10am. I’m sure if you ring them later today they’ll be able to confirm as much.

  39. Paul Says:

    The only way I can handle a long event like this is with the VIP seats. Will these be specific reserved seats for us for all shows? Or are there say 200 seats for 200 VIP’s and they are first come first served? Are these seats literally on the floor?

    Sorry for the questions but it is a big chunk of money!

  40. Zac Says:

    Hey, for those of you just going for GBV, here’s some good news…

  41. Gerard Says:


    Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 will not be taking part. We asked ; they declined.

    Though we will be adding another 2-3 bands, I can’t promise they’ll be appealing enoughto you personally. If the list we’ve revealed to date is insufficient, I respect your decision to pass

  42. Gerard Says:

    You’ll have to take up the notion of a Monday booking directly with the Palms. That said, mondays being what they are, there’s a good chance you’ll get a favorable rate

  43. Gerard Says:

    If you have specific questions rather than general inquiries and/or comments about this event, please email them to and we’ll do our best to reply promptly. Thanks

  44. Jay Neil Says:

    Sorry to inundate you guys with questions, but I couldn’t find the answer at the faq: for an individual Palms room purchase, if we’re getting 4 tickets to the festival, is it possible to \mix and match\ and split it up and get, say, 2 regular passes to the festival (for $199) and 2 V.I.P. passes (for $399)?

  45. john Says:

    What are the chances of Liz Phair being added?

  46. Gerard Says:


    yes, you’ll be able to do exactly that.

  47. Junester Says:

    This is how the Pearl venue looks like.

  48. Patrick Says:

    Sorry for any confusion with Zia… we have been in touch with them, and both locations will be selling the $199 tickets as advertised.

  49. Gerard Says:

    point & shoot cameras are cool, Charlie. But please, no flash or we’ll have to drive you out to the desert. Or ask you to leave, whichever’s easier.

  50. LL Says:

    If two friends get VIP tickets, is there a way to ensure that their reserved seats will be next to each other?

    Can the regular ticket be upgraded to VIP at any time, or do you suppose the upgrade will sell out quickly as well?

    Will there be seats for regular ($199.) ticket holders or is it standing room only?

  51. Steven D Says:

    are the VIP tickets with room reservations or available without?

  52. Theo Says:

    Thank you for putting this together, this is a fantastic lineup. I hope I can get tickets on Friday. All the whining on these threads is getting stale, obviously you can’t please everyone. I appreciate the efforts made to make this a cool event.

  53. AD Says:

    so regarding question & answer #4, just so it’s crystal clear…

    4 people want to attend and stay in the same room at Palms discounted rate. Assuming it’s 1 order from Ticketfly website, it would look like this:

    Person 1 – $199 (or $225) festival pass + required hotel room at $99/night
    Person 2 – $250 a la carte festival pass
    Person 3 – $250 a la carte festival pass
    Person 4 – $250 a la carte festival pass

    Am I understanding this correctly?

    Thank you. Realllllllllly hope I can get tickets on Friday!!

  54. Burt Halsh Says:

    for all of those us wjp probably can’t make this, you all should make a dvd of it, you know like a double disc thing of performances from all the bands, and all that jazz.

    cause really this sounds like the coolest thing ever!
    and i’d for sure spend 30 bucks for a dvd, but it will probably cost like 800 dollars atleast to go.

    but really Pavement, Guided By Voices, Sonic Youth, Belle & Sebastian, Superchunk, Come, Spoon, Yo La Tengo, Cat Power, John Spencer Blues Explosion, Harlem, New Pornographers, Ted Leo, and Chavez is awesome. basically a list of my favorite bands, please document this.

    it would be sweet if Times New Vikings, Mission of Burma, and Interpol played since they’re all still around

  55. Gerard Says:


    the VIP tickets are only available with room reservations.

  56. darrell Says:


    I already knew u were supercool when you gave us free texxass jamm t shirts at the matador sxsw showcase way back in the day upon entry to the show…(trying to remember the other gift ….some sort of cardboard gun maybe??? Dk). Anyway how you handled this whole situation was beyond cool especially considering most everything was pretty reasonable from the get go. So thanks. Here’s a fun suggestion….how bout some sort of comp you guys can sell at the show of matador people covering matador people? Gbv doing cut your hair. Pavement doing everything flows. Cat power doing tomboy. Etc etc. I think u can make this happen cuz you ve proven how awesome u r. Envelope does big day coming? Hey even if u can’t make it happen by then…maybe somettime later down the road. Anyway hats off to you gerard. And if I can’t get a ticket on Friday I won’t join all the whiners when they start blogging about how poorly plannedall of this was

  57. Wendy Says:

    I just want to thank you for asking TFUL282. That would have made a dream come true into a wet dream come true! Thanks for the effort. Now I just hope I can get tickets!

    Also, as for the standing room, will there be big security guards or something there limiting the number of people in there? Do we have to line up early for each show? If we’re in seats, do we actually have to sit?

  58. Gerard Says:


    sorry if this has been hard to follow.

    If you’re ordering from Ticketfly on Friday, you’ll either be purchasing 4 tickets at $199 each + one room at $99 a night, or 4 tickets at $225 each + one room at $99 per night. The early bird price of $199 starts when the tickets go onsale — once that allotment is sold out, you’ll no longer have that price point option on the Ticketfly order form.

    The other 3 tickets in your party need not be “ala carte” as you are reserving a room. If everyone is under the same room reservation, they’re eligible for the lower ticket price (ie. $199 to start, increasing to $225 later)

  59. Gerard Says:


    though there will be security on hand, they’ve done all sorts of shows at the Pearl before. the standing area in front of the stage will def. be a limited capacity.

    As far as whether or not you’re expected to sit in your seat, this will probably be one of those self-policed things. I don’t think we can realistically expect people to sit still when their fave band is playing. By the same token, not every ticket holder is gonna be wild about someone standing in front of their seat for 6 bands in a row.

  60. Wendy Says:

    Wait! One more thought.

    OK, Suppose I get a room with 3 tickets. Later, we find another person who wants to go. Could we buy a ticket for that person (assuming it’s not sold out, which is a big assumption), and assign that ticket to our room after the fact?

    This may be a moot point since it will probably sell out in 10 seconds anyway.

  61. Gerard Says:

    thanks, Darrell. We’ll try to come up with some sort of memento for everybody who gets in…..but it’s a secret for now. The matadorians covering matador idea is pretty cool, but a) it’s awfully close to something Merge already did and b) there’s no chance we can get it together in time for these shows. and while i’m grateful for your kind words, i should stress that others at matador have been working super hard on this event, Chris and Patrick especially (along with our colleague Sean at FYF). and if the bands weren’t willing to give of their time, this wouldn’t be happening.

  62. Gerard Says:

    “OK, Suppose I get a room with 3 tickets. Later, we find another person who wants to go. Could we buy a ticket for that person (assuming it’s not sold out, which is a big assumption), and assign that ticket to our room after the fact?”

    No. Sorry. You could, however, buy 4 tickets and give that 4th ticket to a friend whom you’ve not determined the identity of yet.

  63. CPA Says:

    Are there going to be taxes charged at the time of purchase on the $199 for the show ticket and the $99/night room? Also, do you have an idea how much, if any, ticketfly will charge as a service fee? I am trying to get a clear idea of the grand total for this event, it’s gonna be sweet.

  64. Yvonne Says:

    So, when I buy a ticket how many days am I required to pay for? In other words, may I purchase 1 night at the Palms, when I purchase my tickets, and stay someplace else for the other 2 nights of the shows?

  65. Jess Says:

    I know you don’t have the set times, but…after I buy my 4 tickets and room on Friday…the next step is to determine flight plans. Any idea when the earliest the Friday shows would start and latest the Sunday shows would end? Thanks.

  66. andrew Says:

    Do we know if there will be ins and outs during the fest? Like, can we go to our room and take a nap during bands we don’t want to see or play blackjack for 30 minutes between sets or..whatever? i’m assuming each day is going to be pretty long and that’s a while to be confined to a theater.

  67. darrell Says:

    Isn’t that the way it always goes-lead singer gets all the praise. Well big thanks to everybody responsible-bands included. And as far as the merge cd goes that is true it is very similar but they didn’t invent the idea. Iguess its just too close on the heals of theirs. But I just love things like that generally speaking. Though I wouldn’t have ever tried to cover neutral milk hotel even though it turned out pretty okay. Another interesting album idea was the judgement night soundtrack-loved all the pairing up they did. Especially the de la soul teenage fanclub. Maybe u can inspire some weird collaborations someday. Always loved the kim deal pollard version of love hurts. Also love tribute songs like unseen power of the picket fence. That was my fave gem on that no alternative cd. and back on covers. The pavement version of rem camera is just great just always love when a band I love covers another band I love. And speaking of rem I always loved their song. Voice of harold just becuz it is an interest outtake of 7 chinese brothers. And one more odd story before I go. Back when I was 34 me and gal were gonna go to spain because of that fall song (which is actually a cover too). Because in the song he is 34 (though that’s not the age in the original lyrics) when he goes to spain. Actually didn’t get to go becuz of. Money reasons and job responsibilities at the time but 7 years later my girlfriend turned34 and so were still planning to go and so when I looked up the pavement reunion tour I thought I wonder if they’re playing spain and sure enuff they were playing barcelona and then as I scanned the other groups at the festival I noticed the fall were playing. So that just sealed the deal. And obviously spain in and of itself had so much to offer

  68. darrell Says:

    Cell phone sent message before I was done rambling. Anyways just love. Interesting covers. Sorry to get so far off track. And again thanks to everyone involved for making this happen.

  69. darrell Says:

    Oops my phone sent that message before I was done rambling. So anyway I just love covers and such. So again thanks to everone involved for putting this event on .

  70. Junester Says:

    I’m still not convinced about this whole event. My concerns are, what time and how long the concert is gonna be? …since there’s only one stage. So that means each band only plays one song? It has to be atleast 5 hours with a couple of songs each. Damn…5 hours is a long time when you are standing or sitting in one spot. Zia just posted there ticket sale for Frid. It’s 50 tix for each location.

    For non-nevada residents this will be an expensive trip with the room rates, food, and drinks. But this is also smart, that means The Palms Casino makes money out of this event.

    There’s just not enought details!

  71. AD Says:

    Thanks for being so accommodating with your time and answering all these questions Gerard. You’ve gone above and beyond what most organizers would do to and it sure bodes well for this festival. Cheers!

    As my captcha says, nipple heart!

  72. Charlie Says:

    Thanks Gerard!! I never use the flash as I know how annoying it can be (plus from a distance, it has no effect anyway).

  73. Gerard Says:


    we’re still working on the set times but we intend to start at approx. 7pm Friday and earlier on Saturday and Sunday. I can assure you we’re not limiting bands to a couple of songs each.

    5 hours is indeed a long time to be standing or sitting in one spot, 7 hours even longer. However, we are allowing reentry and you’ll have the rest of the Palms at your disposal, if not your own hotel room.

  74. Gerard Says:


    if you’re purchasing the the weekend pass + hotel package, you’ll be paying for a ticket plus three nights at the Palms. If you’re purchasing the $250 weekend pass only, there’s no hotel included (though those tickets are available in limited quantities). We’re not offering the option of one night’s stay at the Palms, though you if you obtained one of the $250 tickets, you could always make your own reservations (though we couldn’t guarantee the $99 per night rate).

  75. Gerard Says:


    expect Friday to start at around 7pm. Sunday finale sometime between midnight at 2am.

  76. Gerard Says:

    We are allowing reentry. Just don’t lose your wristband!

  77. LL Says:

    I haven’t had much luck getting an answer, so I’ll try posting this again. Please respond? Thanks.

    If two friends get VIP tickets, is there a way to ensure that their reserved seats will be next to each other?

    Can the regular ticket be upgraded to VIP at any time, or do you suppose the upgrade will sell out quickly as well?

    Will there be seats for regular ($199.) ticket holders or is it standing room only?

  78. al Says:

    one lingering question, since ticketfly is showing absolutely NO info as of yet: do you have any idea on what the installment plan rates will be? just trying to get a feel for how much I’ll need to provide/get from fellow travellers…thanks again, this is gonna be sweet!

  79. Gerard Says:

    “If two friends get VIP tickets, is there a way to ensure that their reserved seats will be next to each other?”

    if their seats are purchased as part of the same order, they should be adjacent

    “Can the regular ticket be upgraded to VIP at any time, or do you suppose the upgrade will sell out quickly as well?”

    that’s harder to answer. really depends on demand.

    “Will there be seats for regular ($199.) ticket holders or is it standing room only?”

    there will be enough seats in the Pearl for everyone who purchased a ticket, however only the VIP tickets are reserved seats. The remainder are general admission.

  80. Gerard Says:

    we’ll know for sure pretty soon, Al, but I believe it’s gonna be 50% on your credit card now, the balance paid by the same c.c. account by 8/16

  81. LL Says:

    Thanks Gerard!

  82. Wendy Says:

    Seriously Gerard, you’ve been super responsive! Kudos!

  83. sean Says:

    yeah thanks again for everything gerard…. it’s going to be fascinating how fast this all shakes out tomorrow.

  84. Ryan Says:

    Any chance of The Fall coming over? They did just release their best record in years and MES can do a lot of damage in Vegas!

  85. Tim Says:

    Do you guys know which section numbers the VIP tickets will be for and how many rows in each? Looking at the seating chart here it looks like it could be 101, 105, 202, 203 and 204. But the first row in 101 (off to the side) is probably more desirable than, say, the 20th row in 203. Thanks!

  86. steven m Says:

    John – according to Rolling Stone Liz Phair is playing this fest:

  87. Ben Says:

    Gerard, thanks for the clarity on the room + ticket situation. So, for 4 tickets + 1 room for the entire time, the cost should be $1093 + any applicable taxes/fees, correct (199×4 + 99 x 3)? If you had one other person staying outside of the palms, for a total of 5 people, that 5th person would need to buy a $250 ticket, correct?

  88. Smokey Says:

    Gerard — Huge thanks and sorry for adding yet another question…

    I’m not a scalper, just have a friend who is 75% in and want to cover myself if that friend ends up not being able to make it.

    If I buy 4 tickets ($199 or $225) and one room:

    Will the tickets all be under my name at will call, or do I need to pre-assign them by name to myself and my three companions (young people)?

    If the former, and I find out in September that I only need 3 tickets, can I make arrangements to sell that 4th ticket to someone else (i.e. a stranger on ebay, craigslist), meet them in Vegas to make the exchange, and then they find their own accommodations?

    Or will there be some complication arising from the fact that the buyer has a $199 or $225 wristband but is not staying at the Palms?

    Thanks again. See you at the Final Four.

  89. James J. Says:

    About the VIP seats, I just wanted to confirm: are those seats in front of the standing area or behind the standing area?


  90. spd Says:

    Very interested in VIP seating, and I’d like to add on to James J’s question:

    IS there any chance VIP seats will be in the boxes?

    Thanks, keep up the great work.

  91. mike a. Says:

    gerard, thanks for your responsiveness on these questions.

    the original post mentioned a link to be posted today from this website
    that links to, but the FAQ page does not.

    currently, has no search results for this festival.

    1) will a direct link be posted later today?

    2) will you need to link from the matador site to, or will
    you be able to go through ticketfly directly?

    i can just see this thing selling out while i’m stlll trying to find the link tomorrow…

  92. Walker "Texas Ranger" Calderon Says:

    Veto – I just IM’d you, please respond. Don’t worry I’m bring a suitcase full of glow sticks, neon jewelry and a couple beach balls for the concert. Half of the merch I used a black marker to write GBV on, and on the other half I used a red marker and wrote Sebadoh, who I am hoping will be added to the bill, otherwise I am going to lose my butt bigtime on this business venture.

  93. AJ Crowley Says:

    Curse my enthusiasm and early booking….

    I want VIP passes, but don’t want to stay at the Palms (since I’ve already booked another hotel). Will VIP passes be available a la carte?


  94. Ben Says:

    Gerard, thanks for the clarity on the room + ticket situation. So, for 4 tickets + 1 room for the entire time, the cost should be either $1093 or $1197 + any applicable taxes/fees, right.

    (199×4) + (99×3) or (225×4) + (99×3)

    Any additional people not interested in staying at the hotel would need to buy an a la carte ticket at $250, right?

  95. spd Says:

    Sorry, one more VIP question: will we be able to pick sections/seats at purchase? Trying to coordinate with a few other people buying VIP on their own.


  96. Andy Hampton Says:

    Hi there. What a great party! A group of us are going to come from New Zealand if we can get tickets. I’ve never used the Ticketfly site before to buy tickets and I might be looking in the wrong place but I can’t see any reference to the Matador event. Will it only be listed at the point tickets go on save? Thanks Andy

  97. jazzmaster Says:

    Sorry to add yet another question- When tickets are purchased can the tickets/reservations be in someone else’s name other than the purchaser/credit card holder?

  98. Bags Says:

    I sent an email, sorry to ask again, but have to know before I try to buy tix tomorrow. Will the tickets and room be cancelable/refundable? I understand barring transfers to protect against scalping, but there’s a 50/50 chance I cannot attend and $700 is a lot to lose (rather than just the ticket, for instance).


  99. mikeycee Says:

    I too would like to hear an answer to jazzmaster as I do not own a credit card but have a family member who does and will allow me to use it?

  100. sean Says:

    bags i don’t even work for matador but i can guarantee you this will not be refundable. maybe you stand a chance at room refunds. my guess is you will have no problem re-selling this if you need to.

  101. Sérgio Felizardo Says:

    Mickeycee and Jazzmaster,
    I asked the same question to ticketfly and they assured me (after talking with the promoters) that I couldn’t get the tickets if I bought them with another person’s credit card, as I myself have the same problem.

  102. Gerard Says:


    I’m sorry, but tickets won’t be refundable. If you’re not pretty sure you’re able to attend, you might want to give this one a miss.

  103. Gerard Says:


    tickets can be purchased in a name other than that of the card holder.

  104. Sérgio Felizardo Says:

    Dear Gerard,

    tickets can be bought in a name other than the card holder? I asked today to ticketfly and they assured me that I couldn’t. And these would be very important to know as I’m in pORTUGAL AND WILL FLY FROM portugal if I can buy the tickets and would make a great diference to know these, because if I can buy the tickets with another person’s card I have my immediate problem solved

  105. Bags Says:

    Alas, sean, not refundable and available via Will Call only means if there’s a chance you can’t go, you can’t try.

  106. tink Says:

    this is such an amazing line-up! thank you for making my husband a very happy man!! that line-up reads like his ipod! i am crossing my fingers that i can get him a ticket tomorrow and get him in the door. i just want one ticket!! my fingers are crossed! thank you!!!

  107. Sérgio Felizardo Says:

    Dear Gerard,

    is it possible to know for sure if I can buy, or try to buy at least:), tickets for me and my wife with other person’s credit card? will I be able without any trouble to get my tickets when I get there? I can take the credit card I’ll use with me and an authorization from the owner, that’s no problem at all.
    If you could guarantee these it would be excelent

    best wishes and sorry for these

  108. Jackpot Says:

    I’ve also been looking for the link.

    Good luck everyone!

  109. Gerard Says:

    link will be posted shortly, thanks.

  110. sean Says:

    i wonder if maybe dead meadow is one of the final-addition bands?

  111. Gerard Says:

    they’re not.

  112. Gerard Says:

    Sergio, a photocopy of the credit card holder’s ID brought to will call will suffice.

  113. AnneD Says:

    Can we purchase 4 tickets and 2 hotel rooms in the same order? Or does it have to be two separate orders? i.e., two orders of 2 tickets and 1 hotel room

  114. Sérgio Felizardo Says:

    many thanks Gerard, I had already straighten things with ticketfly (amazing simpathy and kindness from their part as well).
    see you there (I hope)

  115. Gerard Says:


    you’d have to make 2 separate transactions. There’s not an option to purchase 4 tickets and 2 rooms in the same order.

  116. kip Says:

    If this event comes near the excitement/quality level of the Touch & Go 25th Anniversary, it will be a runaway success. With a lineup like this, it’s hard to imagine this being a failure. Chavez should definitely tour the US.

  117. Kevin Says:


    Let’s say I buy 2 – 4 tickets and a hotel room, but I can’t get Friday off from work. Is there any way my friends (not sure which ones are going) can still attend the show and stay in my pre-paid room on Friday? Or does the room stay empty and the wristbands remain unworn until I show up in person? I don’t know the other ticket holders in my party at this time, but I will by the week of the show.

    Thanks for your patience with all the questions and for putting this show on!

  118. Gary Says:

    Gerard, from the FAQ:

    3.) Can I purchase multiple hotel rooms at the time I purchase the tickets?


    This question & answer sure doesn’t give the impression that separate transactions are required. Is the reason for this restriction due to limited rooms available at the Palms?

  119. finks Says:

    Anybody know the g.d. GbV tour dates?

  120. Tim Says:

    Am I just going tomorrow? Or is there a specific Ticketfly/matador21 link that is going to appear? If so, where is this link going to be?


  121. steve Says:

    if vip doesn’t sell out online, can a la carte tix be upgraded at the palms (subject to availability)? is it too late to suggest a $450 vip a la carte option? are vip seats behind the standing room audience? can vip seat holders switch between floor and seats mid show, or do we have to commit to one or the other for each show? or for each day? thanks.

  122. Jeff Says:

    Gerard – a few things:

    1) I REALLY REALLY think you should revert back to what you claimed in this initial post about general admission seating being open. A lot of people will not have read the comments and seen that you misspoke, plus as I already mentioned in the comments section on the original blog that this is only going to piss off A LOT of fans who can’t sit together for what appear to be completely arbitrary reasons (plus many will say screw it and just sit wherever if you keep the rule). I understand that this isn’t realistic for VIP seating at least, but I see no reason why first-come-first-serve won’t work for the rest of the arena.

    2) You haven’t yet clarified whether the standing area will be in front of the VIP seating. The Pearl’s seating chart on the Palms’s Web site has three different configurations: one with a ~3500 sq ft standing area, one with floor seats and one with what appears to be a boxing ring. Can we assume the first one will be what you’re using?

    3) Which sections on the following seating chart will be reserved for VIP, and will we be able to specify a section and/or seat, as is done through Ticketbastard for theatrical productions?

    4) I of course understand your desire for tickets not to be scalped, but the fact of the matter is that some people will have a last-minute emergency and be unable to attend, and that those people will be out $500 (or at least $700 if they go VIP), a HUGE amount of money to many. This is not comparable to other music festivals given the hotel component. I live in Austin and go to SXSW each year, and honestly, the scalping is not all that bad. Wristbands *might* go for $50 or so above cost, and by the first day of the fest people are desperate to dump them and usually sell them for face (that’s how I got my last one since I was out of town the day they went on sale). I would suggest that at the very least the Palms offer a refund on the room, at least if given the 24- or 48-hour notice that is standard in the hotel industry.

    5) Does have a robust enough server to handle the undoubtedly huge amount of traffic it will be getting at 9am PST tomorrow, or is there the potential for something along the lines of the recent iPhone 4 launch disaster? (e.g. have you tested it out or just taking their word for it). Ticketfly, judging from its Web site, is used to handling requests from well-known from smallish individual clubs, so I worry about server scalability. Do you know how many users the servers can handle simultaneously? It will take much longer than normal to order a ticket given the hotel component and the VIP upgrade/suite upgrade elements.

  123. steve Says:

    are vip seats the same each show/each night? ie: if i get imaginary seat 4a on night 1, am i locked into seat 4a (plus the option of the floor) for all 3 nights?

  124. AnthonyCMoreno Says:

    Tiny wife is tiny. Are VIP seats on the floor or elevated? Sorry, but haven’t seen this answered.

  125. LJL Says:

    Reading up on the Palms it seems they have several buildings: Palms Tower, Fantasy Tower, Palms Place, etc. Which of these buildings will you be booking us into? Do we have a choice? One of the reviews said there is no guarantee when booking a double that one will get a king sized bed vs. two double beds. Can we confirm how many beds we will get in a room as well as other preferences? (i.e. high or low floor, view, etc). In other words, can we deal with the hotel directly to specify things? One of the reviewers mentioned something about a food credit – do they offer anything like that?

    I too would like to know where the VIP seats are located and whether or not there will be an open floor/standing area in front of them. Thanks.

  126. Jackpot Says:

    Gerard and Patrick, thanks again for taking the time to answer all these questions.

    Like Gary, I’m now confused about purchasing multiple rooms on the same order. Gerard and the FAQ seem to be saying two different things.

    I’d like to get four tickets and two rooms at the same, which the FAQ suggested was possible. If I can’t do that, I’m a little concerned that the tickets will sell out before I can place a second order.

    Again, good luck to everyone trying for tickets tomorrow. I haven’t been this excited about a concert in ages.

  127. Gerard Says:


    General Admission is Floor and Top Level seating. If you get to the show early you’ll be on the floor. If you show up late you’ll be on top. There will undoubtedly be some moving around during the course of a 6+ hour show.

    VIP ticket holders will have assigned seats but you won’t know your exact seat location for a few weeks.

    We’re not going to be able to offer refunds.

    We are very confident TIcketfly are able to handle this. That said, they cannot sell tickets once the supply is exhausted. Not to confuse the issue — we’re hopeful that once you reach the sales page, the experience is as smooth as you’d find from any other large ticketing concern. But some aspects of the supply and demand —- ie. how fast this might sell out — are out of our control.

  128. sean Says:

    it is very difficult in vegas for any of those places ever to guarantee any kind of room/bed combo, they always have those kind of room disclaimers at casino hotels as far as king/queen, non-smoking, etc, but from my experience you usually can end up with something even better than what you’ve booked instead of settling for something less than you asked for…..just be reallllly nice when you check in :-) i have never stayed at the palms though so i can’t pretend to know about that place specifically. i just wouldn’t worry about that at this stage

  129. mave Says:

    Thanks for all the info. I’m also confused about booking multiple rooms. I was going to order 4 tickets and book 2 rooms for my friends and myself. Would that need to be 2 separate transactions? I’m afraid of tickets selling out before both orders are placed.

  130. iru Says:


    Same question/issue as Gary and Jackpot: FAQ appears to indicate that we can purchase multiple tickets and rooms on the same order.

    I’d like to order two tickets and two rooms at the same time. I have no idea what the demand is, but if this is going to sell out in a matter of minutes (rather than hours or days), that could really leave us up a creek if my friends and I try to order tickets and rooms separately and only one of us gets a ticket. You’re not allowing refunds or transferring of tickets. It would have been nice if we could at least refund the same day of purchase in case our friends don’t also get tickets – it’s not like it’s going to be a problem for you to sell them a day later.

    Is the FAQ correct or not?

    Again, a big thanks to Gerard for trying to clarify the details of the show.

    Not directed at Gerard: to all those whining about the “whiners”, enough already. Yes, there regrettably have been a *few* rude posters, and much too much made about the room tie-in. However, many of us are looking at a $1,000 commitment to an event months in advance, with no chance of refunds or transferring of tickets. It’s matador’s show and I can take it or leave it. But asking for clarity on basic details regarding the show and accommodations isn’t asking a whole lot considering the cost and commitment.

  131. mike a. Says:

    is the link going to be posted to this blog/FAQ page, the page, or
    the home page?

    do you need to use the link or can you go through ticketfly directly?

    i don’t want to be scrambling at 8:59 looking for a link!

    we all hate ticketmaster, but they do at least acknowledge the event and sale time beforehand… (not sure if this show is much of a secret anymore…)

  132. Tim Says:

    Where is this link? Is it just the link?

  133. Steven D Says:

    Good Luck to everyone else who i’m sure will have trouble sleeping tonight, hope to see you all there!!!

  134. Gerard Says:

    the ticketfly link will be up very shortly. We’ll do a blog post, add it to the existing blog post and put it on the FAQ as well. hang tight

  135. Junester Says:

    Gerald, Thanks for your reply and hard work =D

  136. mopey Says:

    Thanks so much to Matador and Gerard for being so accommodating and on top of answering everyone’s questions. This is a once in a lifetime event for an old 90s indie rock nerd like myself and I have my fingers crossed that I can get tickets.

  137. Karen Says:

    I’d like to say that, as someone who has been to Touch & Go 25, and Merge 20, Coachella five times, among others, I’m crossing my fingers on getting tickets to this one. There’s nothing about the thoughtfulness and consideration to detail that I find lacking. I also appreciate the fact that you guys are trying to keep the scalpers out of it and find it unfortunate that some will get them now. Hopefully the a la cartes will only be 50 to 100 tickets.

    I also believe that — for the lineup — this price point, including pre-negotiated hotel, is completely fair.

    To be honest — just to get my GBV fix filled — it’s a steal.

  138. Erling Says:

    Link is up, party people. Woot!

  139. mike a. Says:

    thanks gerald

    your replying at midnight speaks volumes… thanks to you and your crew
    for busting your asses trying to get this thing ready to go and in a fair way.

    undoubtably, there will be probably more than a few of us bummed tommorow
    afternoon, but it won’t be aimed at you guys.

    good luck everybody!

  140. Patrick Says:

    Here are the Ticketfly links for the 3 packages (tickets + hotel rooms, tickets a la carte, and tickets on installment/layaway):

  141. Karen Says:

    One more thing — yay on SUPERCHUNK!!!!! (as they are easily my all time favorite band)

  142. Keith Says:

    Will you be able to upgrade to VIP tickets through the layaway plan?

  143. Dryw Says:


    This event sounds great and I think I am going to try to purchase tickets and the hotel room dilly dally. Quick question, can I borrow one thousand dollars and pay you guys back by 8/16?

  144. Yvonne Says:

    Thanks for answering my question earlier. I have 1 more. Does the layway plan includes the hotel room. I have no problem getting the ticket + hotel package but, if I can get my ticket + hotel package on layway it will help me out.

  145. Gerard Says:

    at present we’re only offering the layaway plan for tickets sans rooms. if that changes by tomorrow, I’ll try to post something

  146. Erling Says:

    Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for the installment option. A friend of mine is playing this thing and I am going to be living on beans and rice to make it, but it’s worth every penny.

  147. Erling Says:

    Wait, what? Damn.

  148. Erling Says:

    Ah well. Have fun, folks.

  149. darrell Says:

    So vip tix are at the front of the top level ? There is not a special section of seating in front of the regular general admission people on the floor …. is this correct? Just confused if there were 2 places for seating or not…in other words all seating is on the top level or am I wrong. Reason I ask is if I can get in I want to be as close to front of stage as possible so if the vip seats are the closest I will try for those if not I will just try to get general admission and get there super early. Thanx if u can help clarify this before tix go on sale. Thanx again

  150. Charlie Says:

    So we can’t do the hotel room + tickets on the layaway plan??

  151. Gerard Says:


    as stated earlier, top level of the Pearl is general admission. VIP seats are closer to the stage, save for the standing area right in front.

  152. steve Says:

    none of the current ticketfly links show any mention of vip tix. will the option appear once the sale begins? thanks.

  153. Dave Says:

    Hi…What about the “fees” mentioned on the ticketfly site. My credit card has a pretty limited capacity right now. It would help to know how much those fees are going to be. thanks!

  154. Luke N. Atmaguchi Says:

    @LJL: “One of the reviewers mentioned something about a FOOD credit – do they offer anything like that?” I seem to recall that the CASUAL VICTIM PILE showcases in Austin back in February included “all the ‘exterior Mexican cuisine’ you can step over.”

  155. Gerard Says:


    “will the VIP option appear once the sale begins? ”

    yes –

  156. al Says:

    quick question about the prices displayed on ticketfly, as they appear to be incorrect: the absolute base price for 1 ticket and 3 nights hotel should be $496, right? ticketfly is basically showing the lowest price as $524.50 (and they say that doesn’t include fees)…is this correct and if so, where does the extra $28.50 come from?

  157. al Says:

    and wow, just saw that the layaway is only for the a la carte tickets….please tell me that has changed to include the hotel room option as well!!! that doesn’t really make sense, since the ticket price is basically the affordable part of the whole thing….

  158. ahhhh Says:

    I thought layaway plan would include hotel as well?

    So basically layaway is for $250 weekend pass only?

    Please confirm?

  159. mib Says:

    will i be able to purchase the $399 VIP package w/the 3-night PALMS stay @ $99 a night thru the LAYAWAY plan? – i ask only because TICKETFLY doesn’t seem to be showing that explicitly, though the prices imply the possibility. THANK YOU for putting this event together.

  160. marshall Says:

    Just to quickly get clarification:

    If I purchase tickets + hotel room today and end up not being able to attend, can I transfer those tickets to someone else? Not looking for a refund, but the ability to allow someone else to use them in the event that I can’t attend.


  161. BB Says:

    Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an event so unorganized and with so many questions. I see the ticketfly link, but the links make no sense. You guys really thought this one out. It’s also great when you handpick and answer pointless questions, but don’t answer ones that require actual clarifications. Great job guys, you win!

  162. Ben Says:

    Which link do you click for 3 tickets + 1 hotel room. This is too confusing!

  163. Patrick Says:

    Hi Al,

    The difference between the $496 and the $524.50 is hotel taxes at $8.50 per night.

  164. Patrick Says:

    Ben, the link you click for ANY tickets + hotel room(s) is the first one:


  165. Patrick Says:

    Sorry, obviously it’s $9.50 per night actually.

  166. Jeff Says:

    Gerard – thanks again for all the great answers. However, I remain confused on the VIP-seat subject. From the looks of the seating map I linked, sections 101 and 105 are clearly ground-level, but 202-204 are split between floor-level and mezzanine-level. Are those part of the VIP area? (and if so, how many VIP tickets are you thinking you’ll sell, considering that 101, 105 and the floor-level 202-204 add up to approx. half the seats) Also, I understand you’re not allocating seat assignments for a few weeks, but how will you do so once you do? Do the earliest ticket buyers get the best seats? Can we make requests? And how exactly would you defining “best seats” to begin with? Center orchestra, which has direct sightlines but is 50+ feet from the stage and behind the standing area, or side, which has indirect views but is much closer to the stage? Finally, what about box seats? (which are kinda super-VIP)

  167. Marc Says:

    did this seriously sell out in 45 seconds, or is something wrong with the TicketFly availability?

  168. ???? Says:

    WTF??? Sold out, I literally clicked on it, the second it came online.

  169. Charlie Says:

    Aww seriously…I’d have to buy 2 tickets in order to do the installment plan? I’m going solo but don’t have the full amount this week for the regular 1 ticket/1 room thing. That’s soo not cool.

  170. Bob Says:

    WTF? how is it sold out??? I clicked on it the second it came online

  171. Stig Says:

    Wow, so the whole online ordering system was a mess and things were sold out before they could even be placed in the cart.

    What a surprise!!

  172. Phil H. Says:

    Everything apparently sold out in 15 seconds.

    I am incredibly disappointed.

  173. Keith Says:

    This is bullshit, I got in the instant it came online and it is telling me everything is gone:

    There was a problem with your submission
    The quantity of tickets you requested is higher than the quantity available. Please select a lower quantity and try again. If you have tried a lower quantity and are still receiving this message, all available tickets are currently in other shopping carts and may become available at a later time.

  174. Christina Says:

    I got the same problem. How can it all be sold out already? I started searching at exactly noon.

  175. Larr-O Says:

    A friend of mine and I are getting the same error even though some of the sections (4 person packages) are listed as sold out and the others are not.

  176. Manuel Says:

    Same here… trying non stop. Impossible.

  177. AnthonyCMoreno Says:

    Yup. Due to all the page errors I was only able to get 2 GA tix without the room. Hopefully, I can upgrade my package later (that’s what she said).

  178. Patrick Says:

    The event sold out in 2 minutes. Thanks everyone – and sorry for all the hassle and questions and answers.

  179. theo Says:

    The indie gods shone down upon me! 2 tix & a room! I was getting the same quantity error message at first (started at 9:00 sharp) but after several tries I was able to get in.

  180. Patrick Says:

    For those that were able to get tickets but not reserve a room at the Palms please look into the Gold Coast which is located across the street from the Palms Resort. The rooms are very affordable and you will be close to the event.

  181. Cactus Says:

    Same for me. I was there the instant it opened and hotel packages were all sold out so i settled for GA tickets. They made it sound like they had a ton of hotel packages and just a few GA tickets. Oh well im just happy i got tickets but would also be interested in upgrading if that is an option. This is gunna be a great party!

  182. Krrrrrrrk Says:

    Me too!!! In!!!
    All tix went to shopping carts immediately, and the damned robot words I got first were craaaazy, so I didn’t get any, but persistence paid off and 2 GA and a room belong to me!!!
    Look for me, I’ll be the guy selling records to make money for drinks.

  183. Manuel Says:

    Too bad. There goes my dream holiday…

  184. Scooter Says:

    YAYAYAYAYAY! 2 VIPs n a room!! Now a nearly 3 month wait…..

  185. T-Bone Says:

    Pavement playing Sat and Sunday?

  186. Mike Says:

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO on you Ticketfly and Matador! Worst event preparation and sale process EVER!

  187. MDS Says:

    Was there from the first second it opened. Got nothing.

    Absolutely crushed.

  188. pavemental Says:

    I’m pissed.

    I thought if we wanted two hotel rooms we’d need to do it as two separate transactions? So i got in the instant they went on sale and put in for two tickets and was given the price for two tickets and two rooms, not what I wanted (double the cost). So I cancelled that and started trying again and of course couldn’t get in again. Sold out. So thanks to misinformation from Matador (was there discrepancy here between FAQ and Gerard’s comments?) I blew my only chance at tickets.

  189. MDS Says:

    I think i made the same mistake pavemental. At first I put in a quantity of 4 by the 4 tix and hotel room package. Except it told me i selected a number to high. By the second try, I was screwed.

    So so low.

  190. virginie Says:

    Hi Matador, I was on at 9:00am and hit refresh consistently and was not able to get tix.
    I already booked my flights ticket to that event though.
    Please tell me you will have another batch

  191. Brad Says:

    Yeah, this process was a real joke. Quantities available the entire time I tried, but continually got the ‘select a lower quantity’ message.

  192. BKLYNB Says:

    Matador puts out some great records, but their press, sales and marketing efforts BLOW!!!

  193. Marco Says:

    My deepest thanks to Gerard, Patrick, and every single blessed soul at Matador for having the grand notion of throwing a party, and being gracious enough to let me have a crack at attending. Which I am! Your hard work, enthusiasm, and UNBELIEVABLE level of responsiveness, especially in the face of much questioning, confusion, and sometimes plain old negativity, let me know just how special this weekend will be. I honestly haven’t been this excited in years. Thank you.

    From now on I can see the sun.

  194. brandi Says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Sold out. I had a meeting at 12 noon (9am PDT) got back 30 mins later and cant buy any tickets. Man I really want to go. Rearranged so much to go to this show. How can I win some tickets?

  195. Anitzy Says:

    Finally got through. Just letting everyone know they gave me no hassles over fixing this, and more importantly for all of you, my mistake will (when cleared up) be making 12 passes, and 4 hotel rooms become available.

    One big idiot

  196. Dryw Says:

    Since the entire ticket buying process was kinda screwy and a lot of people who wanted the hotel and ticket package got the shaft, it would be cool if an event line-up was listed ASAP so anyone who is flying in can plan their trip accordingly. For example, if you are not too interested in seeing band x, y, and z on friday night you can wait until saturday morning to fly in and save yourself $200+ on hotel fees, food, etc.*


  197. brandi Says:

    I need tickets….. please help me out here. This is like the show of a life time for me.

  198. BKLYNB Says:

    MDS — right on, the same:

    “Was there from the first second it opened. Got nothing.”

    I didn’t even do the quantity of 4 thing either.

  199. Chris Says:

    For all those complaining about the “screwy” sales system, it stated pretty clearly that if you received the “Select a lower quantity” message, it could have simply been due to all the tickets being already placed in carts, and that if you re-tried looking for tickets, some might become available.

    I honestly feel for all those of you who desperately wanted to attend this, but cannot. In 2007 I showed up to the Greek Theater to see Daft Punk live, and realized I had left my tickets at home, 3 hours away. It was honestly a soul-crushing experience, and it scarred me gently, but now I am about to see Alien Lanes, live, in Las Vegas. The reason I am posting this is: I know it might suck right now, but you better believe there are going to be more incredible shows in the future. Next time, you will make it, and it will all be worth it.

  200. christine Says:

    uggh! I need 2 more tickets! Please, please, please will you be releasing more? Please?

  201. Steven D Says:

    Damn, I’m from Las Vegas but got tickets online then went to check out how many people were at zia & there were less than 20!

  202. brad Says:

    This was the biggest blunder of ticket sales I have ever seen. come on now, on at 12:00 noon sharp and can’t get tickets. Never seen anything like it in buying tickets online in my life and I’ve done this dozens of times. thanks for nothing matador.

  203. Sérgio Felizardo Says:

    GOT ITTTTTTTT:)))))))

  204. BKLYNB Says:

    Chris — I’m pretty sure I can read, but thanks for your attempt at “trying to make a point?”

    I got this message the entire time, multiple windows open, multiple refreshes/retries, multiple computers, yet this message was present for 45 minutes straight, way before the ‘sold out’ messages started.

  205. Tim Says:

    With only 2100 spots in total, and probably a few hundred of those already reserved for Matador/Beggars/band folks, there were probably only enough tickets left to satisfy 300-400 individual orders, assuming most people were buying 2 or 4 tickets a pop. Obviously this isn’t nearly enough to satisfy everyone who wanted in, even if they got in right at the time the ticket links went live, so some of the anger here seems a bit undeserved.

    The only complaint I have about the Ticketfly process was the screwy way they listed each individual permutation of # of tickets + hotel room. It took a few seconds to pore through those and remember to pick “1″ on the “2 VIP ticket” link, as opposed to “2″ on the “1 VIP ticket” link. It would have been nice if the different buying options were laid out beforehand.

    In any case, I am pretty psyched to relive those ’90s glory years with my fellow old farts. Any chance at a 2 Foot Flame or Run On reunion, guys?

  206. Krrrrrrrk Says:

    BKLYNB, just think about 2500 people doing the same thing at the same time. I would just personally like to thank whoever it was that released their room/tickets at the exact time I hit refresh in my one window.
    During the time from 8:55 to 9:12 I was wondering if there were allotted tickets for different combination, because I saw the 1 VIP/Room say “sold out” early. I then started jumping around trying layaway, ga, early bird, whatever I could. As a software programmer I can see how an onsale like this presents a million problems, not to mention the problems presented by hotel rooms.
    And though I am really glad they placed precautions to stop scalping, I’m sure there will be some who will ultimately be unable to make it, and I bet there will be ways to transfer tickets at face value in extreme cases. And keep trying, maybe someone has them in their cart.

  207. BKLYNB Says:

    Krrrrrrrk — congrats, agreed on the scalping precautions, though I have a feeling some will still make it through the cracks.

    Also, just to add to Chris’ comment — the number I was trying was (1) for the hotel packages … can’t really go anywhere from there, right?

  208. dex Says:

    I too was in a meeting but was trying to buy using my phone. Was up late with the mrs trying to decide if we could make this work with our schedules. Guess we don’t have to worry about that anymore. :(

    I wonder how many people out there bought more than they needed because of the qty issue. Sure would like to help them unload those tickets. :)

    I hope they eventually release some sort of CD/DVD box set of this thing for us poor folks who don’t get to go.

  209. woooo-hooooo Says:

    I am so friggin excited!
    I love you, Matador! Stay strong in the face of all these whiny critics.

  210. Dan Says:

    I was fortunate enough to score two a la carte tickets. This is great and I am happy to have them, but I was hoping to get the hotel package. Is there any way to get the discounted rate at the Palms in my situation?

    Many thanks,

  211. AJ Crowley Says:

    Well damn, that thing sold out fast. Glad I got my hands on a couple of tickets!

  212. paper Says:

    Called the ticket company, said there was 55,000+ people at 9am trying to get 1,500 tickets. go figure.

  213. edo Says:

    I think i can help you out. reach me offiline:


  214. Dan Says:

    If anyone has 2 extra tickets, please please email me ( I am not rich but can pay a little over face-value.

  215. Kevin Says:

    Those who lost hope, there may be good news. I just got a call from Ticketfly checking that I meant to buy 2 of the 2-ticket VIP package. They might be releasing these in some way if people say they accidentally bought more than one, as it sounds like many people did.

    Not trying to cruelly prolong anyone’s hopes, just sharing info. Best of luck to everyone still looking, and looking forward to seeing all of you in Vegas.

  216. AnthonyCMoreno Says:

    Kevin, I hope they give those of us that got GA only tickets the option to upgrade to the VIP tix before they put them back up for anyone to grab.

  217. virginie Says:

    same thing here, if you have an extra 2 tickets , I would be really interested in buying them (also if you have 2 tickets and a room, of course very interested)….I already bought my plane tickets I was so sure I was going to get tickets
    virginied at

  218. wally Says:

    If anybody has the 2 ticket vip package for sale please let me know thx

  219. brad Says:

    If anyone has 2 vip tickets for sale would buy them immediately. Live in a remote part of Canada and never get to see many artists. This was a lifetime opportunity for me and my wife. Contact

  220. Keith Says:

    If anyone has a single ticket VIP or GA that they aren’t going to be able to use please email me at, much appreciated, I was really looking forward to this show.

  221. Emily Says:

    I’m so sad. I must have gotten this message 40 times in 10 minutes, as I tried in vain to get at least one ticket to this amazing Lost Weekend. I was online at 9:01 PST. Boo. Is there any hope for those of us who didn’t hit the button at the exact right time?

    There was a problem with your submission
    The quantity of tickets you requested is higher than the quantity available. Please select a lower quantity and try again. If you have tried a lower quantity and are still receiving this message, all available tickets are currently in other shopping carts and may become available at a later time.

  222. Dan Says:

    If anyone has 1, 2, or 3 tickets that they cannot use (with or without room, and either GA or VIP), please email me @ Please. I already bought a plane ticket.

  223. Chris Says:

    Ditto on the ticket request.
    Was hoping to head to Vegas for my birthday :(
    If you have one or two extras, I’m at

  224. Ann Says:

    please! looking for 1 or 2 tickets!!! please email me at already have plane tickets!! it sold out too fast this morning!

  225. Stevie Says:

    My deepest apologies to those that were shut out of this but I can’t believe how many people are leaving comments mentioning they already bought plane tickets! We all knew this was a 2,000 venue and there was a great deal of demand for it – how could anyone have been certain they’d get tickets? I waited until today to book anything so I wouldn’t be in the situation these poor souls are in. But even looking back at the comments from a few days ago, it seems it was a foregone conclusion that there would be as many tickets available as anyone wanted, and not the very finite cap of 2,000 (less when you take into account the label, bands and venue’s share – way less).

  226. Jeff Says:

    I’m also looking for 1 or 2 tickets. I too got shut out even though I was trying from second one as well. If you have extra, I’ll really appreciate and it make it worth it.

  227. Fast Eddie Says:

    Hey Matador, 1st off congratulations on a truly awesome event.

    I have a local friend that bought tickets at Zia Records. Can she give those tickets to me (an out of towner) the day of show for my birthday?

  228. And Then There's Maude Says:

    I am so thrilled someone posted an abbreviated version of how to play 5 card stud, that was a nice bonus considering that after I found out how expensive the concert was gonna be and realized I couldn’t afford it I got something for free after having to read thru that freaking tome of tour details. SCORE!

  229. Matt Says:

    Did you see that the Ticketfly website now says tickets go on sale 7/10/10 at 9 PDT? What’s up? Additional tickets released?

  230. Patrick Says:

    Yes – as Gerard has written in a new post:

    “Earlier today, we sold out of our initial quantities of tickets and hotel packages for Matador At 21 : The Lost Weekend, taking place October 1, 2, 3 at the Palms Casino & Resort in Las Vegas. Said sales took somewhere between 2 and 15 minutes to complete, and we sincerely apologize to anyone who was stymied in their attempts to purchase tickets.

    “We are putting additional tickets on sale tomorrow morning (Saturday, July 10) at 9am pacific time (noon eastern) via Ticketfly. There are limited quantities of tickets paired with hotel rooms ($225 per ticket plus a $99 per night room charge, 4 ticket limited per person) a few remaining VIP tickets ($399 each plus a $99 room charge per night, two ticket limit) and weekend passes only ($250.00, no hotel reservation required, two ticket limit).

    “We’re pretty certain these tickets will sell out very quickly. At present, we cannot guarantee any additional tickets beyond this batch will be offered for public sale, but if that change, we’ll certainly let you know.


    Ticket links and full details at the link below.

  231. AnthonyCMoreno Says:

    But can I upgrade my existing GA tix?

  232. Hey Gerard $$$ Says:

    Well, lots of us Matador loyalists are still paying off our student loans from circa 1992-96, so it feels like elitist crap that I have to buy the whole hotel package just to go to a friggin’ rock show by bands we’ve all already seen a billion times already. Pavement are playing twice in my hometown (Chicago) this year alone. GBV won’t waste getting into shape by just playing one single gig, they’ll do more in the midwest, c’mon! SY tour every year, Yo La tour every year, c’mon?!?

    This Law Vegas balding 40 something-hipsters-with-glasses (yes, I resemble that remark) is no different than the VIP packages da rich folks pay to sit in the front rows at Eagles concerts, circa 2010. Relive your youth! If you can afford it! Stay at your old college friend’s place? No way, gotta buy the PREMIUM package….man, that is depressing. Yay, “indie” rock.

    Sub Pop and Touch and Go didn’t make me stay at a hotel just to go to their rah-rah event. Neither does any other annual festival with reunited artists (that’s all of them, since at least 2004). ATP don’t count as it is something most fans know about, sometimes read about but how many actually get to go?

    Thanks for reading, my thoughts don’t reflect on the fans or the bands…just trying to show the side of those of us who can’t afford this….

  233. Gerard Says:

    “it feels like elitist crap that I have to buy the whole hotel package just to go to a friggin’ rock show”

    This wasn’t the case. We sold plenty of tickets sans hotel requirements and most of the remaining tickets on sale this morning are ala carte.

    Whether or not the bill we’ve assembled is a good deal for $250 is another matter entirely. True, most of these bands are no strangers to the touring circuit. However, I doubt you’re gonna see them all together in one weekend, nor will it happen in a setting quite like the one we’ve planned. Again, if that’s not a very exciting proposition to you, it’s probably best you skip it.

    Your thoughts about the quality of the bill and/or whether the event is unique aren’t necessarily the same thing as “the side of those who can’t afford this”. There’s plenty of people who WANT to attend but can’t afford it*. You simply don’t seem to think it’s worth it. It’s a valid opinion, though not nearly the majority opinion.

    (*- we tried to address this to some degree with the installment plan. again, i’m not pretending that dropping $250 on a 3-day series of concerts is something everyone can justify, but we never thought we could satisfy everyone)

  234. marshall Says:

    I got in the second it went on sale yesterday (7/9) and was able to purchase the tickets I wanted without any hassle or trouble that others have mentioned. When you’ve got a small number of tickets and a large number of buyers you’re bound to have some unhappy people.

    Thanks for making this an easy transaction. Really looking forward to a great weekend.

  235. AnthonyCMoreno Says:

    If I’m lucky enough to get my VIP tix w/ hotel I hope there’s a system in place for me to unload my current GA tix. There’s certainly enough people that want them.

  236. Graeme Says:

    Trying to but at 9:00am PST and getting this:
    There was a problem with your submission

    * The quantity of tickets you requested is higher than the quantity available. Please select a lower quantity and try again. If you have tried a lower quantity and are still receiving this message, all available tickets are currently in other shopping carts and may become available at a later time.

    No tickets available then?

  237. Gerard Says:

    could mean they’re all gone, Graeme.

  238. Graeme Says:

    yeah thought so, doesn’t say sold out though for GA weekend (like it does for all the hotel package tix). Shame.

  239. BrummieBoy Says:

    Yet another waste of time trying to get tickets this morning.

    Luck of the draw I know but seems odd that Matador are prepared to really disappoint so many of the fans that made their label viable in the interests on an ‘intimate’ gig.

    To me, 2,000 odd tickets is ludicrously low for a lineup of this stature.

  240. Karl Says:

    The size of the venue is the whole reason it is worth it to fork out the money for this show.

    And I think most of us are too old at this point to spend three days standing in the sun with binoculars. I certainly wouldn’t travel to Vegas and pay $250 for that. So, “change the venue” would probably result in a bunch of peeps who have tickets wanting refunds.

  241. Dan Says:

    Is there any idea how many of the tickets sold for the event are VIP vs. regular admission.

  242. Dan Says:

    I was again disappointed this morning. :(

    If anyone has a ticket or 2 they could part with, please email me ( I agree with Gerard about the venue. As someone without a ticket, I definitely still think that a lot of the value of this experience will be the chance to see these bands in a place where you can actually SEE them. I’m still thinking about flying there to try to get in. Anyone out there with an extra 1 or 2? Anyone?

    Make a very grateful friend who would love to by you dinner and drinks?

  243. wally Says:

    Same ol bs was in 1 sec after 9am today and could’nt get anything. Congrats to all that played

  244. Theo Says:

    5.) Does the VIP package include a room upgrade?

    No. You’ll have to purchase the room upgrade separately. When you get the rooms/tickets this Friday, it will tell you that you will have the opportunity to upgrade your room (as well as your ticket package, should you so desire) subsequently.

    Thank you thank you thank you. I feel extremely lucky to have scored on a room and tickets. During the process I never saw an option for a room upgrade. Will this still be offered?

  245. Theo Says:

    I got GA not VIP so that probably explains it but my question us kinda the same. Will we be offered a room upgrade or should I call the Palms?
    Thanks again.

  246. Dan Says:

    A similar question – purchased VIP tix and the Ticketfly site said we would receive an email about how to upgrade. Haven’t gotten an email, so I called the Palms today but was told by them that there was no way to upgrade prior to the event. 2 doubles is really not a comfortable option for the wife and I, especially for 3 nights. Can you offer any clarification on this point? Thanks!

  247. brandi Says:

    Well crap. Wish I checked on this blog every day. I regret to say- I missed the boat again. Can I get an email update if more tickets are going to be sold!? I signed up for the mailing list a while ago, but have yet to receive anything more than my confirmation.

    From now on I will be living on this blog in case the opportunity arises. Grrrraaaaawwllllllllllll.

  248. Theo Says:

    My question was answered in my ticketfly confirmation. I’m not good at reading everything.

  249. Dan Says:

    Keeping the faith. If anyone has a ticket they could part with, please email me at

    Compensation = face value + some extra or + dinner and drinks or + lots of drinks for my new friend
    (I am not the same Dan as the above person who already has tickets.)

  250. Jack Says:

    If you have ticket(s) you have to part with I am interested.
    or 301-908-8396

    I will buy you more drinks than Dan.

  251. Shannon Says:

    Has anyone who got the hotel package found out how to upgrade the rooms?

  252. oliver Says:

    I’m going to cry a thousand tears if I can’t go.

    Please help if you can.

  253. Krrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk Says:

    Boy, no action here for a while. Is everyone still mad about not getting tickets?
    Any word on when additional names will begin leaking out? This show is making me wish that summer was over already, which is strange for the NW. I would like to raise my voice to say that if there is Matador Karaoke at the Palms I call dibs on ‘Big Boring Wedding’ and ‘Sheetkickers’

  254. no culture icons Says:

    hey if anyone reads this and has an extra bed or even a spot on the floor of your room at the palms where i can blow up my air mattress i will gladly pay you cash in hand.

    i promise im very chill but ready to party and gamble all my money away and i know all the fun is going to be happening at the palms. dont want to have to stay at a hotel 8 blocks away and then miss everything!

    email me at and we can chat/work out details. thanks!

    GBV! GBV! GBV!

  255. dudegottix Says:

    Hello Matador,

    When will the VIP seating info be sent out? Last we heard it was 7/28, but no email ever came? What is up?


  256. dudegottix Says:

    Hello Matador,

    When will you be sending out seating info for VIP tix?


  257. Andy Says:

    Hi there,

    Is there any way to unload a single ticket (the only one I bought) at face value to someone else without making the trip to Vegas? I can no longer go and need to get rid of my GA ticket. Thanks.

  258. Kat Says:

    Looking for a single ticket (friends have room for me, but no extra ticket)… Would be very interested in a ticket! ab329(at)

  259. Patrick Says:

    Please send all questions to

  260. sean Says:

    someone on one of the other blog threads posted a ticket for sale..

  261. Jessie Says:

    Does anyone have a SINGLE extra ticket to unload? Please, please email me!!

  262. James America Says:

    Now that you have had everyone’s money for nearly 2 months, any idea when you might let us know the days / times that the bands are playing or do we need to pay extra to get that information?
    There are some people (myself included) who may not be able to be there for all three days. I would like to know which 1 or 2 days will have the bands that are most important to me so that I can can plan accordingly.
    Thank you.

  263. Gerard Says:

    Dear James,

    we’re making an announcement THIS week for sure regarding schedules. I’d love to charge you extra for this information but my colleagues tell me that won’t be necessary. Though I can’t give you the lineup info today, i can spill the beans that live music is getting started around 7pm Friday and finishing up after 1am on Sunday if that helps with anyone else’s travel plans.

  264. kmigs Says:

    Andy, yes there is a way to sell your ticket at face value and not be present in Las Vegas if you can’t go. I just did a lot of research and found the answer. If you still have it available I’m more than happy to take it off your hands. Feel free to email me at Thanks!

  265. Ashley Says:

    Does anyone have any information on room upgrades? I’m wondering if I lost it in my SPAM filter. Thanks!

  266. Dan Says:

    Same question as Ashley on the room upgrades. Any news?

  267. Dan Says:

    Is the schedule listed (tentatively) in the order of each evenings line up as it suggests? This would put all the bigger draws (SY, GBV, Pavement, Belle And Sebastion, YLT) as the openers on each night which doesn’t make sense to me that the bands with lesser followings would be following the bigger names with a dwindling audience but that’s how I’m reading it.

  268. Patrick Says:

    Headliners at the top of each night.

  269. Wendyjo Says:

    That’s why they call it a Headliner. It’s in the Headline of a sign.

  270. James America Says:

    Dear Gerard,
    Thanks so much for “Making an announcement THIS week for sure regarding schedules”.

  271. maur0 Says:

    i want tickets!

  272. kmigs Says:

    If none of you has booked a room yet, I just scored the Venetian on Priceline for $140/nt. On Priceline, you have to go to the “name your own price” section, then select “Las Vegas Strip North” as the location, then select “5 star luxury.” I started bidding at $115/nt. and finally won at $140/nt. All the rooms are suites, so with 3 people in a room it’s pretty affordable. Good luck!

  273. Eric Says:

    I have an extra ticket. If you are looking for one ticket, please let me know.
    phone: 702-287-8193 (cell)
    phone: 702- 413-7751 (home)


  274. Andy Says:

    I also have one GA ticket available. Email me and it’s yours. andrewk(at)

  275. Nerdcoreboi Says:

    I have two questions:

    1) This is for the Sept. 14th lottery winners. Has anyone hear back from Ticketfly? I sent in the required info on Tues, but have yet to hear back as to if I for sure got tix.

    2) How are the 3 passes going to work? Will I have to wear the same flimsy wristband for 3 sweaty, stinky Las Vegas days?


  276. Krrrk Says:


    Can I reiterate that I am hyper excited about this show? I mean about these shows? I mean about this whole weekend? I mean about how in about a week me and my best buddy will pack up a week’s worth of booze, drive into the desert, post up in a swank room in Las Vegas, and rock out to a fair dozen of our favorite bands?!

    Seriously, this is a supernova on the bleak horizon that is my immediate future, and I am juiced up beyond belief.

    Are there going to be a few more teasers for what we can expect for the weekend, maybe before I pack? Any planned gambling sessions with the Matador poker chips? Any raffles planned, perhaps with a few lucky rooms being gifted VIP upgrade status? Or will we be given a dossier when we arrive with all the tantalizing details…?

    Again, thanks for the party, and I’ll see you there!

  277. GFoyle Says:

    I think I have an extra VIP ticket – if interested email me:

  278. Cory Says:

    Can anyone tell me what the ticket confirmation looks like?

  279. Nate Says:

    I have one GA ticket available for face value via Paypal. You can reach me at (yes, really)

  280. Jeremy Says:

    I really need 3 passes, hopefully VIP ones. Super excited to go to the show but didnt know I could go until last week! Please email me!

  281. Krrrk Says:


    Seriously, I could do that every weekend for the rest of my life, except I may lose my job if I never get my voice back. Hopefully I can speak again by Thursday’s GbV show in Portland. Thanks for the best weekend ever, I love each and every one of you.

    P.S. The anniversary set sent me to the first bag search I’ve had to do since 9/11, and the search dude really dug the set. I think they’ll both order one.