“The Lost Weekend” – Matador 21 In Las Vegas, Tickets On Sale This Friday, July 9

July 5th, 2010 at 8:01 am by Gerard

Tickets for “The Lost Weekend” aka Matador’s 21st birthday celebrations at The Palms will go on sale this Friday morning at 9am, PST. Here’s the details you’ve been hassling all of us about over the last week (and don’t think we don’t appreciate it)

a) Tickets/Pricing : An initial quantity will be on sale Friday for $SOLD. .After the $SOLD tickets sell out, the price increases to $SOLD.  A link will be posted on this site on Thursday, July 8th.  Starting Friday, you’ll have the opportunity to reserve standard rooms at the Palms for the discounted rate of $SOLD per night (the full 3 nights of the festival, only). The rooms feature two double bed and occupancy of up to 4 persons is allowed. The above rate is only available when purchasing tickets thru us. If you are interested in upgrading to a larger room or a suite you will be able to do so after purchasing the standard room. TICKETS FOR THE 3 NIGHTS  + ROOMS are being sold jointly — we’re not selling tickets to the shows separately at this time, nor are we selling tickets for individual nights.

(ADDENDUM -i) A limited number of 3-day tickets priced at  $SOLD—with no Palms reservation required — will be available Friday morning at 9am PST  via

ii)  if, for example, you’re buying 4 tickets to the shows, the $SOLD per night hotel fee can cover up to 4 people.  $SOLD over 3 nights divided by 4 is hopefully not an crazy amount to charge for rooms in a world class resort).

B) VIP tickets. A limited number of VIP packages will be available at $SOLD — details about what you’ll get for the $SOLD are forthcoming. You’ll have the ability to upgrade from the regular tickets, assuming the VIP tickets aren’t sold out.

C) Venue. The room in question is the 2100 seat Pearl at the Palms.

D) MORE BANDS. OK, we’re working on it. But in addition to the 19 artists confirmed on the above poster, we can confirm the original lineup of COME — Thalia Zedek, Chris Brokaw, Sean O’Brien and Arthur Johnson — will be participating. Actually, we already know who some of the other bands are, we’re just trying to drag this out.    MORE MATABLOG CONTENT between now and October!

E) Set times -  we’ll post these the week before the event.

F) These shows are open to all ages.  However, access to the casino floor is limited to those 21 and over.

F) WHAT ABOUT LAS VEGAS HUMANS?  Las Vegas’ Zia Records is selling 50 tickets to “The Lost Weekend” starting Friday, July 9.  You’ll need a Nevada I.D.  Reservations at the Palms are not required to purchase these tickets.



Zia Records

4225 South Eastern Avenue

Las Vegas, NV 89119-5485


Zia Records

4503 W. SAHARA



Tickets will go onsale at both stores at 10:00am on Friday, July 9th via lottery. By overwhelming demand by Nevada Residents we will be increasing the amount of tickets available (50 X 2 = 100) . There is a two ticket limit. Nevada state ID required for purchase. Any questions please email

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303 Responses to ““The Lost Weekend” – Matador 21 In Las Vegas, Tickets On Sale This Friday, July 9”

  1. mike gargiulo Says:

    Quick question – do you know if this will be assigned seating or general admission? I like general admission, but I can imagine the painful crush of agony up front.

  2. Luke N. Atmaguchi Says:

    But damn, what if Angels @ Rangers that weekend is playoff-decisive? (Or for that matter, Natinals @ Mets!) (Are results tickers mounted around the venue?) Sigh, I guess you’ve gotta, as Rush says, “Roll the Bones.”

  3. Ryan Says:

    I noticed the band Come was referenced in the links section. Is that a clue perhaps?

  4. Zac Says:

    What if you’re purchasing tickets for more than one person? Let’s say you’re buying tickets for four people, do you have to also purchase four rooms? Can you purchase four tickets and reserve just one room for the group? Is it smarter to just buy one ticket and reserve a room, then wait until the second round of tickets to go on sale for the remaining people in my group?

  5. Armando Says:

    I think $100 dollars would be fair. Considering most of the people who are going tho this show probably own the discography of almost every band headlining. These are also the same people that bought music back when people actually paid music.

  6. Mary Says:

    Bummer that you need to stay at the Palms. Was trying to do this while staying with friends, on the (slightly more) cheap. I guess that’s what I get for not being a quadrillionare.

  7. J Says:

    So basically an out of towner will be paying $500 to go to this before they even buy their plane tickets?

  8. Chad Says:

    So how will this work? I mean if you’re going with a group of people but can’t buy tickets all at once, you all need to get separate rooms that each sleep 4 people? And you’re only allowing 50 Nevada residents to not have to buy the rooms? This doesn’t apply to me but seems ridiculous. Also, I have friends and family all over the area and don’t even really need to get a room. $200 is reasonable for 3 nights of that lineup, but forcing us to buy a room is a bit fucked up. Please reconsider.

  9. Jon B. Says:

    Can you tell us now (or by this Friday) at what time on October 1 the first band goes on? I’d like to be be able to book my flight more than a week before the event.

  10. C.D. Says:

    Wow! A whopping 50 tickets available to Las Vegas residents without having to stay at the hotel…way to go Matador…hold a concert here & screw the residents. Thanks! This will be an insider, industry party…might as well be private. What a big FU to the fans in Las Vegas.

  11. ellie Says:

    What are Beth, Jared & Adam up to this weekend?

  12. Sam Says:

    It definitely sucks that you *have* to stay at The Palms. It’s a great place, but that’s an extra 3 bills some people might not have (read: I don’t have).

  13. Gerard Says:

    we’re working on it, but assume early evening.

  14. Jon B. Says:

    Thanks, G.

  15. Manuel Says:

    Hi, really thinking about flying from Spain for this. Could you tell me, if we are a party of three, do we neccessarily have to buy 4 tickets (+the room)?.

  16. Gary Says:

    For locals….Do you know which Zia Records will have the tickets for sale? There are 2 locations in Las Vegas. The original one is Eastern & Flamingo. The other one is one West Sahara. I want to make sure I go to the right one to get the tickets.

  17. Las Vegan Says:

    Which Las Vegas Zia location: Eastern or Sahara?

  18. martin c Says:

    can i buy tickets from the UK?

  19. kneejerk Says:

    Guess you are kinda screwed if you don’t want to stay at the douche magnet Palms. Feh.

  20. Radioloveless Says:

    I love you for putting this line-up together.

  21. chris g. Says:

    dear matador,

    thank you for finally bringing some good bands to las vegas. can we get burma? cuz then i’ll love you EVEN MORE!


  22. Dan'l Says:

    You said
    “we’re not selling tickets to the shows separately at this time, nor are we selling tickets for individual nights”. The operative in there is “at this time”. Is there a chance that individual show tix will be available at some time in the future?

  23. bg Says:

    Quick question (i may just be reading things wrong): you say you won’t be selling tickets separate from the rooms, but will people who are sharing a room all have to pay the $99 a night? Thanks!

  24. Matt Says:

    “TICKETS FOR THE 3 NIGHTS + ROOMS are being sold jointly — we’re not selling tickets to the shows separately at this time”

    This is confusing. Does this mean that you have to book a room at the Palms if you want to buy festival tickets on friday? That doesn’t seem to make sense. What if we’ve already booked our room at a nearby hotel for the weekend?

  25. Patrick Says:

    Individual show tickets will not be available – only tickets to the entire weekend.

    The $99 buys the entire room – there is no additional charge up to 4 people in the room.

  26. william Says:

    is the $99 per night deal for the room per person?
    going with my wife,so am just trying to plan it out.

  27. Las Vegan Says:

    I don’t think it says how many tickets each person will be able to purchase … 2? 4?

  28. Chad Says:

    \The $99 buys the entire room – there is no additional charge up to 4 people in the room.\

    How will this work? It’d be nice to know now so we can all arrange things with friends. Will one person have to buy 4 tickets and only be charged once for the room? Because, \TICKETS FOR THE 3 NIGHTS + ROOMS are being sold jointly — we’re not selling tickets to the shows separately at this time.\ Also, from the email I received: \Note: All ticket prices include the hotel room cost.\

  29. william Says:

    i guess i got my answer

  30. Mo Says:

    I may have misunderstood (it has been known to happen) but are Palms reservations required for non Nevada residents who will be attending the event?

  31. iru Says:

    Can you tell us how seating is going to work? E.g. reserved seating or open seating? Will the floor area be open to everyone?
    Can I come and go during the show (e.g. arrive for an opening band, leave for a while, etc., come back for a later band the same night?)
    Is there anything that ties a ticket to a specific person? E.g. I go one evening, a friend goes another evening (with my ticket)? Or I buy two tickets now but don’t know who I’m going to go with yet.
    How many tickets can be purchased with a single room package?

    Thanks for any info you can offer in advance!

  32. Patrick Says:

    Chad – will have details on the logistics of this in shortly. Keep checking back here.

    Mo – yes, Palms reservations are required for non-Nevada residents who will be attending the event.

  33. Patrick Says:

    iru – details about seating coming shortly as well. And yes, you will have re-entry privileges. Finally, I believe each ticket will be tied to a single person but I will have to get back to you about that.

    The max tickets and the room package tie-in details also coming shortly as per above.

  34. Mo Says:

    This may be part of what is coming up, but in the emailer where it states “All ticket prices include the hotel room cost.” Can I take this to mean that the price of $199 includes tickets to the pearl all three nights as well as a three night stay at the palms? Sorry but this is a little confusing.

  35. Mo Says:

    Oh, my bad, I will keep checking for updates. Thanks!

  36. Zac Says:

    I’ll just get super-specific here…

    I’m purchasing three tickets and one room. Will I purchase one ticket with a room reservation plus two other tickets OR will I purchase three tickets tied to one room? Before taxes and whatever surcharges, that comes to $894.

    Also, any thoughts on how fast this thing will sell out?

  37. Jesse Says:

    What happens if someone booked accommodations at another hotel when this thing was announced? We’re stuck paying for a room at the Palms we won’t even need?

  38. Dorgon Says:

    To Matablog/Matador:

    Don’t announce things before you have it ALL together. After these dates were announced, many people ALREADY BOOKED AND PAID FOR other hotels. Now we’re being required to stay at the overpriced Palms in order to come to the show? Required? This is utter crap.

    And people are asking legitimate questions about how sharing rooms works if the tickets aren’t available separately, and the “details coming later” means you probably hadn’t thought about it at all.

    Last week, you said more bands would be announced on Monday, July 5th, and now you’re saying you’re withholding this information?

    I’m disappointed by the lack of forethought and organization that’s going into this.

    I know you don’t care one way or the other if one person or another comes to this, but by hiding behind a lot of requirements and “we’ll tell you later”s, you’re acting like a giant corporate entity. This is supposed to be a celebration of an indie label. Please start acting like the indie you are.


  39. spacejace Says:

    Dorgon, you’re out of line and just plain wrong. This has been highly-organized. They are are just keeping us in the loop – which I HIGHLY appreciate – as other details get flushed out. If they waited until every single detail was figured out to let us know everything, you’d be freaking out more than you already are. Chill dude.

  40. Gerard Says:


    we care a lot whether one person or another comes — -that’s why we’ve put so much time into it. We didn’t reveal any ticketing information until this morning and at no point did we advise anyone to book other hotel rooms. Considering the limited capacity of the show and the scarcity of tickets, it would be wildly presumptuous for you or anyone else to have booked a non-refundable hotel room in Las Vegas for a show you weren’t guaranteed tickets.

    I certainly hope that persons who already made hotel reservations are successful in obtaining refunds.

    We did announce another band today — one that many fans had specifically asked us to book. And there are more to follow.

    As far as the Palms being overpriced, if you believe $99 a night — a cost that could potentially be split by as many as 4 people — is excessive, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. I just saw that ATP are charging $710 for 3 nights at a four person room at the Raleigh during next September’s ATP in the Catskills. I’m sure that’s gonna be an awesome weekend, but I do not believe we’re gouging anyone by charging less than half that amount for a room in the same building we’re putting on the show.

    I don’t think we’re hiding behind a lot of requirements here. Putting on an event of this scale is pretty complicated, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, and if we’re unable to turn on a dime and mimmick a Live Nation for boilerplate practices (or prices, for that matter), I think that’s anything but corporate behavior.

  41. Matthew Says:

    Thank you for doing this in the West! Will there be a way to call to get tickets for those of us who don’t work in front of a computer? I’m really worried about this selling out before I can get to a computer. I guess I could call in sick on Friday!

  42. Jackpot Says:

    Well put, Gerard.

    I’m extremely excited about this event. Thanks for planning the concert of a lifetime.

  43. Matthew Says:

    Well said Gerard! And if $99 a night is overpriced, then you aren’t out too much money for the rooms you already booked. For the price of the concert and hotel, I think it is an amazing deal, I just hope I can get someone to take my money.

  44. Dorgon Says:


    How long have you known that it was going to be a hotel/show package? Do you think this would be an assumption people made? Whether you advise people to book a hotel room or not or book a plane ticket or not, by announcing the dates back in April, some people are going to start planning, as the nature of air and hotel travel is to change prices constantly. A hotel/show package would be unexpected, and therefore your advice should have been NOT to book a hotel (or to ask your parents’ friends if you can stay with them because you want to save money on a hotel).

    Considering current economic conditions in Las Vegas, $99 a night is overpriced for an off-strip room, believe me. Comparing yourself to ATP, an event done in the Catskills, is a bit silly. You’re throwing a concert in the middle of a city with the largest number of hotel rooms in the world, not nestled into the mountains of upstate New York.

    As for announcing one band, I would say that the poster says “More Artists Announced July 5″ as opposed to “One more artist announced July 5 with more to come so we can drag it out.”

    I appreciate the difficulty and the effort being put into this by you. It’s no doubt a challenging and costly undertaking for you.

  45. Charlie Says:

    What about those of us who are planning on going to the show solo? Would we have to book a double bed too? Also, do you have to pay for the room at the time you buy tickets or would you pay for the room at the time of checkout?

    There just doesn’t seem to be enough information for those of us trying to plan out the trip.

    All that being said, I am hoping to be able to get a ticket Friday because this does sound like an amazing show!

  46. Matthew Says:


    Palms may be off-strip, but it is the Palms. Can you seriously not get a refund on a room booked 3 months in advance?

  47. CC Says:


    My friend lives in Vegas so my group of friends and I were going to road trip from LA and stay at her place for free. According to this, we’d be forced to purchase a hotel and every day of the fest. Yeah… we’re going to pass. At least some of these bands have individual shows coming up elsewhere.

  48. honeychain Says:


    As an attendee of *many* other festival type shows to which I’ve traveled long distances I’d hardly call my booking a room ahead of time “wildly presumptuous”.
    I would however deem it presumptuous that people who are already paying for festival tickets would have to shell out $279.00 in addition for a hotel they may not want to stay at – regardless of the deal Matador has with The Palms….

  49. Brandon Says:

    It is a real bummer that paying for a room at The Palms is a requirement. I don’t understand why I can’t stay where I choose to. I was pumped to attend this but I’m not sure the extra $300 bucks for the room would be worth it. I have the ability to stay at any Harrah’s property free of charge. Paying for a room at The Palms would be absurd. That being said I might end up biting the bullet regardless, but i can’t help but feel cheated.

    In addition, it is unfortunate this wasn’t divulged earlier. Of course SOMEONE is going to go ahead and book a room elsewhere in advance. Now THEY are going to feel really screwed.

  50. Nic Musolino Says:

    Could we get clarification on a couple things (if the info is available)?

    1. Max tickets purchased per order.
    2. Based on replies, it looks like each ticket comes with a $99/night Palms res. ($496/head).
    3. How is the non-Nevada resident qualification verified?

    I have plenty of places to crash in LV, but actually like the hotel plan. I’m planning on coming with friends, and it seems like the ideal way to purchase would be:

    1 person buys four passes and ONE hotel res. Is this possible?

    If the person is an NV res, I assume that means they can book that order. What sort of requirements are there for getting passes? Present ID for all the names on the order? No ID required?

    Thanks for the updates.

  51. Zac Says:

    So, we should expect that Dorgon is not attending?

    I assume my earlier post was not responded to because more specifics will be released concerning this issue or it will become abundantly clear once the ticket page is up. Is this correct?

  52. pabost/soapythedog Says:

    You are crazy if you think $99 for a four person room isn’t a great deal in Vegas, much less the Palms.

  53. Marco Says:

    Gerard & Co:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am turning 40 in January, and I’m getting married next May. I cannot envision a more kick-ass way of saying goodbye to both the single life and my thirties than spending a weekend in Vegas with some friends, a few cocktails, and this utterly amazing lineup of music. I can’t wait until Friday.

    Also, I find all logistics and prices completely agreeable in exchange for this majestic experience, so Dorgon: if you score tickets and I don’t, I’ll be happy to take them off your hands.

  54. Gerard Says:

    “How long have you known that it was going to be a hotel/show package? Do you think this would be an assumption people made?”

    We’ve obviously known for a while. But there was no point in releasing such information until we had prices locked in and an onsale date.

    “Whether you advise people to book a hotel room or not or book a plane ticket or not, by announcing the dates back in April, some people are going to start planning, as the nature of air and hotel travel is to change prices constantly”

    That’s a fair comment, however, as I said earlier, this is a limited capacity event. With no guarantee of receiving one of the 2100 tickets, I’m not sure it would’ve made sense for anyone to book plane tickets or hotel rooms. For instance, I know the days and venue for next March’s Final Four, but unless I know I’ve got a ticket in hand, I’m not gonna book a non-refundable hotel room in Houston.

    I appreciate your insights regarding Vegas’ current economic climate, but $99 a night represents a substantial discount on what the Palms charges per evening during an October weekend. And since we’re on the subject, here’s other resort hotels are charging for standard rooms that weekend (avg. prices, Oct 1-3, sunday probably being cheaper than Friday or Saturday) :

    Treasure Island $297
    Mandalay Bay $200
    Luxor $125
    MGM Grand $190
    New York, NY $145
    Planet Hollywood $215
    Golden Nugget $139*
    Venetian $259
    Paris $159
    Bally’s $139
    Monte Carlo $145
    Caesars, $245
    Hard Rock Hotel & Casino $118*
    Rio $149 *
    Tuscany Suites $110 *

    (*-also, off-strip hotels)

    In light of these prices, I don’t believe $99 per night at the Palms — where you’ll be staying next to the bands, your friends attending the weekend, etc. — is in any way unfair.

    I regret you find my ATP comparison unsatisfactory, and while you’re correct in pointing out the contrasts between the Catskills and Las Vegas, my point is less about which city has the most empty hotel rooms and more to do with our efforts to make the event affordable.

    “As for announcing one band, I would say that the poster says ‘More Artists Announced July 5′ as opposed to “One more artist announced July 5 with more to come so we can drag it out.”

    My apologies, sir. The poster should’ve read “ONE MORE ARTIST ANNOUNCED JULY 5, MORE LATER IF WE’RE NOT BORING ANYBODY”. But as far as dragging it out goes, if you’d rather not purchase tickets because the lineup-so-far seems slight, that’s totally your call. Hopefully there will be tickets remaining by the time we’ve announced the entire 3 day lineup…but I’d be surprised if that were the case.

  55. Mary Says:

    While I agree that $300 across 4 people for three nights is $25/night/person, which isn’t bad… not all of us traveling will be bringing along three other people to split room costs. I was planning on staying with a friend who lives in LV so that I could afford going to this dream shindig. I’m disappointed, too, Dorgon. Glad I didn’t buy flights when I could have.

    I guess my hopes for having a Lost Weekend were a Lost Cause. Badumbum-ching! But seriously, :(

  56. Taylor Says:

    Awful planning. I completely agree with Dorgen. No individual show tickets, required stay at The Palms for the 3 nights. Even if you are traveling with a group of 4 people that’s at least $275 a person (not to mention service fees and other traveling expenses; gas, plane tickets etc.). In this shitty economy I wish you luck on making this a profitable event.

  57. Jesse Says:

    I gotta say, this set-up is not at all convenient for Las Vegas residents. You’re selling 50 tickets at one location in Vegas on a Friday. I don’t need hotel rooms, and I really resent being forced to link the tickets to the rooms. I’m really not up for paying $300 for three nights at a hotel room I’m not going to use in addition to the tickets themselves.

    My fiancee and I have been really excited about this show up until now, it seems like you’re setting up a lot of hoops for people to jump through unnecessarily, unless the Palms is giving you some sort of discount on the venue in exchange for this room + tickets hustle.

    It would have been really nice to be able to go see such a great lineup in the city that usually keeps me starved for the kind of entertainment I want, but it seems like it’s going to be difficult if not impossible for us to attend given these conditions. Not cool.

  58. Erin Says:

    so if i want to go with 3 others and share the room cost, will my other friends be able to purchase their tix and pay for a nite in the SAME room I reserved? AKA i log on and buy my ticket and reserve a room for the first nite, will my buddy be able to see that i’ve reserved/paid for room #whatever and have the option to reserve that same room and pay for the second nite, , etc…. or is it going to work where does one person buys all the tix and rooms for all the nites and just get reimbursed by their mates later? this may be a confusing question, sorry! just wanted to get my ducks/my credit card limit in a row. also any special tips on flights from Austin to Vegas would rule..some of us townies wanna well, get outta town ;) not that you don’t already have enough on yer plate to be answering airline questions, just puttin it out there.. anyhow..thanks for putting this on!

  59. Matthew Says:

    Will the suite upgrades also be at a reduced rate?

  60. Jensen Rufe Says:

    Interesting to read negativity here: I am utterly SHOCKED at how reasonably-priced this is. $24.75/night per person to SLEEP at the Palms–literally crawling distance from the stage? Holy cow!

    One word: BARGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. this is going to be the greatest rock & roll event in the history of mankind….AND I plan on winning a jackpot whilst there…

  61. Jeremy Says:

    I am purchasing these tickets as soon as they go on sale! One reccomendation for the upcoming line-up (don’t get me wrong, I am STOKED to see all the bands together) but, if any way possible of reuniting Pizzicato 5, that would be worth the ticket price alone to me. Hopefully this is already in the works!

  62. AS Says:

    What venues will the bands be playing, or will this be an outside event?

  63. Gerard Says:

    The shows are taking place at The Pearl, inside the Palms Hotel & Resort

  64. Gerard Says:


    P5 – not happening. But we hope you’ll come anyway

  65. Gerard Says:

    Jesse, the 50 tickets at Zia are not being tied to a hotel package. That’s why we’re requiring a Nevada state ID.

  66. Jesse Says:

    Yeah, it’s a great deal only if you don’t live in Vegas and aren’t bringing friends to the show who need a place to stay. Doesn’t seem like you want the Vegas residents to come that badly if a.) you force us to get rooms with our tickets and b.) only sell 50 tickets at Zia starting at noon on a Friday and don’t even specify which Zia location they’re on sale at.

    Very bummed by this turn of events. The only way I could see doing this is if I were somehow able to give up the rooms to other people who are coming, but since they’d be required to get tickets + rooms too, there would be no way for us to break even on the unnecessary rooms.

    As I said before, my fiancee and I have been salivating at the prospect of this show since it was announced and now it’s looking like it’s not going to be doable for us. Neither of us can take off from work on Friday, drive to both Zia locations and then stand in line only to be subject to the whims of a wristband lottery. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to see a show this badly, so this set-up is really a kick in the teeth.

  67. DH Says:

    So it’s $199 for the tickets and then another $298 for the room reservation, but will we need to pay the ~$500 all at once, or is it paying for the ticket and then reserving via credit card the rooms (like regular hotel reservations, ie you don’t get charged for the rooms now)?

  68. Gerard Says:


    first off, my apologies. We’ll straighten out today which of the two Vegas Zia locations will have the tickets. Secondly, it is not a requirement to book rooms if you’re a Nevada resident purchasing tickets at Zia.

    I realize waiting in line at the record store takes up your valuable time and might not be fruitful, however, there’s also no guarantee of purchasing one of a limited quantity of tickets online, either.

  69. Jesse Says:


    Yeah, but they’re going on sale at noon at an undisclosed Zia location (there are two in town) on a day when my fiancee and I both have to work. I don’t have anyone I can send down to stand in line and get a wristband for us, so that opportunity is not as great a deal as you seem to think it is. Even if we took a long lunch and stood in line, the chances that the tickets would be gone in very little time are pretty high given the fact that there’s only 50.

    Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that the logistics of something this huge are no doubt beyond my comprehension, but as it stands now the only workable way I can see for me to get tickets is to pay for three nights of hotel rooms I don’t need and won’t use in order to see the show. As much as I am dying to see the show, I don’t know if I can justify that expense.

  70. Chad Says:

    “In light of these prices, I don’t believe $99 per night at the Palms — where you’ll be staying next to the bands, your friends attending the weekend, etc. — is in any way unfair. ”

    Apparently Matador has never heard of Priceline.

    I’m happy to pay $199 for the ticket, but I’m not spending $99 a night when I have places to stay in Vegas for free. That is ridiculous. It’s a bargain for Palms, sure, but it’s $99 more than what I pay.

    “I regret you find my ATP comparison unsatisfactory, and while you’re correct in pointing out the contrasts between the Catskills and Las Vegas, my point is less about which city has the most empty hotel rooms and more to do with our efforts to make the event affordable.”

    Vegas is a huge city and many people have family and friends there, and again, Priceline. A package deal for fans willing to pay up and wanting to stay at a swanky resort is nice, but it should have been just a perk, not a requirement. I assume you guys have some kind of deal with Palms. Good for you, not so good for the fans.

  71. Jesse Says:


    As you say, there are no guarantees in either scenario, but you have to admit that the odds of getting tickets online are far greater than those of getting a relatively miniscule number where I’ll no doubt be contending with a bunch of local hipsters much more resourceful and well-connected to the people who work at Zia’s than myself. I’m not saying that the 50 tickets at Zia’s will definitely be unfairly distributed, but I don’t think it’s a stretch of the imagination to think that people who work at Zia’s will probably do whatever they can to make sure they and their friends get tickets.

    I appreciate your responses, but I guess I’m just going to have to think long and hard about how badly I want to go to the show, because I’m not seeing the Zia on-sale as much of an opportunity to get tickets without having to get rooms, and we don’t have any friends who are into the same music we are, so unfortunately we wouldn’t get any use out of the rooms if forced into that scenario. $500 is a lot to pay for three nights of shows, especially when $300 of it is for hotel rooms I don’t need.

  72. Taylor Says:

    I don’t mean to keep beating-up this event but I need to add. The majority of fans that would be attending this event would be traveling from Southern California (Sorry but Vegas doesn’t have a big enough population of hipster w/ deep pockets to make this show work). Pavement is obviously the big draw. I myself live in LA and like many people I know was debating on seeing the Pavement/Sonic Youth show at the Hollywood Bowl or driving to Vegas for this event. Now with announced ticket prices and required hotel stay it’s now a no brainer. There are plenty of good seats left at the Hollywood Bowl at $50 and under each. All you’ve really done is help the Hollywood Bowl show sell more seats.

  73. Gerard Says:


    I don’t want to sound totally unsympathetic, but it’s stuff like “we don’t have any friends who are into the same music we are” that led us to limit the number of tickets available at Zia to such a modest quantity. That’s not meant to be a diss on Las Vegas. We were just trying to make an educated guess about local demand versus not wanting to tip the scales so far in the direction of making it tougher for those outside of the city.

    As far as anyone at the store having an unfair advantage, we’ll certainly look into that.

  74. smokey Says:

    “For instance, I know the days and venue for next March’s Final Four, but unless I know I’ve got a ticket in hand, I’m not gonna book a non-refundable hotel room in Houston. ”

    Ok, but let me know when you’ve got your Final Four ticket and we’ll dial up some hoops and F/i in Planet Houston. Or would that be F/i Slamma Jamma?

  75. Gerard Says:


    if the promoters of the Hollywood Bowl would like to send me a fruit basket, that’s totally ok. Hey, that’s going to be a great show (I hope to attend) but everyone has a different opinion regarding who the real draw for matador 21 is. We’re talking about a much smaller venue than the Hollywood Bowl and very different multi-night experience — not my place to say which is better (especially if the Hollywood Bowl is a short commute) but I suspect there are enough people very keen to see the Matador 21 bill.

  76. Chad Says:

    Gerard, you’re missing the main point here. Jesse wouldn’t have this problem if it weren’t necessary to purchase the hotel package. As I said above, it’s great perk for those willing to pay up but it’s a shame you’ve made it a requirement. Again, I assume you have some sort of deal with Palms. If it means more money for Matador and the bands, well, great. Even though I have been purchasing Matador records and attending Matador shows for 15 years I understand that you guys need to get money however you can. But if the deal is simply to get the rooms at a discounted price, and for that Palms required every ticket purchase to include the room package, (I know, 4 to a room, but it’s going to be a challenge to get 3 other people to commit before Friday), then I think the value of this deal has been overestimated.

  77. BR Says:

    Y’all are a bunch of crybabies. They could have made this a private event. Stop acting so entitled. Are you going to start a boycott of Matador now? Bands play exclusive shows… deal with it.

    That being said, the VIP package had better include a “Sween Cream” rubdown from Matt himself. Make it happen.

  78. william Says:

    gerard & co.
    i just want to thanks for the opportunity to get in on this great event and the work you guys have put in to setting up very reasonable accomodations. looking forwar with fingers crossed for tickets !

  79. Taylor Says:

    The fact that the Hollywood Bowl show; has been on sale for 2 months now, is located in the epicenter of hipsterdome and still has a ton of decent seats left says a lot. All I’m saying is good luck

  80. chris g. Says:


    fuck all these cats bitching about accomodations and there not being enough tickets for locals. i’ll be in line at zia on eastern and i’ll have my friend in line at the one on sahara 3 days in advance if i have to. this shit is crucial. are VIP packages going to be available for locals too?

    chris g.

  81. honeychain Says:

    Despite all of this I’m still planning on jockeying for tickets on Friday – however, and not to cause panic or any further defensiveness but, I actually just spoke with the reservations line at The Palms and was informed Matador’s room block is only for the 1st and the 2nd – this could also be a problem? Perhaps just a misunderstanding? Can someone look into this?

    Posts/release of info isn’t exactly inspiring my confidence… because the last thing I want to do is fork over money for a second hotel room (yeah, yeah “if I’m lucky enough to get tickets”) that doesn’t exist on Sunday night…

  82. Matthew Says:

    Hey complainers, I am stuck in Arizona where Sonic Youth won’t even play anymore because of our insane legislators. I for one am more than happy to pay all costs including travel to go to this amazing event. For those of you complaining, maybe it’s just not the show for you, let those of us who will enjoy it buy the tickets.

  83. Las Vegan Says:

    Gerard, I think that educated guess about local ticket demand is way off. Assuming people can buy two tickets per, that’s 25 buyers, which is just silly. I think, with that limited an availability, you’re only going to end up creating negative feelings in the very town you’re holding this in. Something in the neighborhood of 200-300 tickets might have made sense, and still sold out day-of with ease. Worst case, you could put any unsold tickets back on ticketfly or whatever. As it is, Zia is going to be a complete clusterf–k on Friday.

  84. chris g. Says:

    also, jesus fucking christ, do you people not realise that $99 a night for a room anywhere in this city is insanely fucking cheap (unless you’re staying downtown, which just so happens to be a good 20 or so minute drive from the palms)? i sincerely doubt that everyone coming to this fest has local friends to stay with.

  85. Jesse Says:


    But that doesn’t change the fact that I can’t take time off work to drive to Zia at lunch time and stand in line only for the tickets to be awarded via wristband lottery. And I don’t know if you can infer the level of demand here in town based on my comment about my friends’ musical tastes, we just don’t have many friends here in town and the ones we do are metalheads and unlikely to be interested in this show. I happen to think that there will be more than enough people who will be willing and able to go stand in line at Zia at noon on a Friday to snatch up the 50 tickets that will be sold there, I’m unfortunately not one of the ones who will be able to do that. Also, I want to make it clear that I’m not making a specific accusation that there WILL be unfair advantage taken by people who work at Zia, I’m just surmising that the people who work there will a.) be more likely to be interested in going than the regular Vegas population and b.) be more likely to know people who want to get tickets and be able to clue them in and possibly help them to make sure they get tickets. It’s not like this is an unheard of thing among people who work at record shops. The online sale is basically my best bet to score tickets, but we’ve been over why that’s not the ideal solution for me personally.

    I know the woes of two potential ticket buyers out of 2100 some probably isn’t of paramount concern, but I have to say I’m not being particularly melodramatic when I say I’m pretty gutted by this set-up. I guess by Friday I’ll know if I can justify the expense of rooms I have no use for in order to go to a show that, frankly, is more or less my own personal Woodstock dream line-up wise, but I don’t see where I have much option but to go that route at this juncture.

  86. Gerard Says:


    sorry for the confusion / inconvenience, but we do have rooms held for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Those reservations will be handled during the ticket buying process on Friday, rather than thru a separate transaction with the Palms.

  87. Gerard Says:

    it’s a great show, but it’s one night, and it’s a 3 band bill. I’m confident both the Hollywood Bowl show and Matador at 21 will end up doing fine.

  88. Steve S. Says:

    Hey Gerard,

    Don’t let the whiners get you down. Congratulations in advance on arranging the greatest rock concert lineup I expect to see in my lifetime–by a wide margin. Can’t wait to pay whatever price you see fit to charge for the privilege.

    Any idea which Pearl setup it is going to be, the one with seats on the floor or no seats on the floor?

  89. metahousecat Says:

    I am still not sure how room sharing is going to work. Does someone have to buy 4 tickets and reserve one room? Its what we had to do for ATP’s Nightmare Before Christmas, which wasn’t that bad; we just had to make sure someone had an excellent credit line.

  90. honeychain Says:

    whew, thank you!
    Everything said and done good luck to everyone with the tix (M’dor included ;) ) and hope to see all of my fellow whiners there…

  91. Jennie Says:

    There are four of us who hope to get tickets and will fly in for the weekend. Here’s my question:
    Is EACH person who buys a ticket required to pay $99 for a hotel room?
    Or am I able to buy the 4 tickets and pay $99 for ONE room that four of us share (or possibly $198 for two rooms for the two couples)?

  92. Jesse Says:

    Nice to see so many of you have compassion for your fellow Matador fans to the point where you can’t wait to jump on the “whiners” like me who think it’s more than a little unreasonable to force people who don’t live here to fork out for hotel rooms that we don’t need in order to see the show. No matter how bummed I am by this its nice of the internet to assure me that I can be made even more bummed by the jockriders who can’t wait to call people with legit misgivings “crybabies”.

    I don’t think my concerns are unreasonable here. Unlike chris g., I’ve got a 9 to 5 job that is not going to allow me the time to go stand in line at Zia only to more than likely go away empty handed, and the more I think about it, the less I can justify the added expense of the rooms. Hell, I’d pay $299-$350 for the tickets alone, but I can’t justify $500 for the mandatory tickets + rooms deal no matter how much I tell myself this is a once in a lifetime lineup (and it is).

    I’m not going to boycott Matador or anything dumb like that, the logistics of this event don’t change the fact that Matador is responsible for a lot of great things in their storied history, but it doesn’t take the sting out of once again being treated like a second-class citizen by virtue of living in this tourist town.

  93. Gerard Says:


    I appreciate your reasoned take on things but I do want to stress that as a Las Vegas resident, Jesse has the option of purchasing tickets at a local record shop without reserving hotel rooms. True, the quantity is extremely limited, but the same can be said for the total number of tickets that are available to the general public wherever they reside.

    We’re not seeing a penny from the $99 rooms. Again, if some folks consider that to be a harsh sum for 1-4 persons to pay per night for a hotel room in the same building as the shows, they’re entitled to their opinions. In ours, the rate in question compares favorably to advance booking rates in the same city/same weekend.

  94. Chad Says:


    You’re a gentleman and a scholar, and this is my last word. It’s a reasonable deal for the Palms (generous, even), but I have places to stay in Vegas for free, but sadly no one who loves me enough to go stand in line at Zia. It’s not just a bad deal for local residents. My main point is that the hotel package should have been optional. $200 for that line-up is a no-brainer but $500 is a bit much. I’m still going to try to get a ticket, and hopefully talk a few friends into going, but this is America and I’ll complain as much as I want. If we as Americans stop complaining, then the terrorists have truly won.

  95. Gerard Says:

    first of all, we’re flattered that anyone cares enough about this event to want to buy ticket. I don’t consider Jesse to be a whiner, but do want to point out we tried to provide a mechanism where residents of said “tourist town” would have the option to purchase tickets sans hotel rooms. The number is admittedly quite low. I genuinely wish i could personally guarantee tickets for Jesse, but he’s not the only person in that particular boat.

  96. D.G. Says:

    Jesse, even if none of your friends are interested in the show, might one be willing to stand on line for you, for say, $50, a case of cold whatever, and/or the promise that you would return the favor, if the situation arises?

    For everyone else bitching here, we’re not talking about rationing penicillin. It’s a rock show. If you don’t like the rules, you don’t have to play. And if you were really silly enough to book non-refundable rooms and plane tickets before getting any ticket information, YODF.

  97. Jesse Says:


    For the reasons I’ve already outlined, it’s not much of an option. If the tickets went on sale at Zia on Saturday, I wouldn’t have as much of an issue with it even though I’m fairly certain I’d still end up walking away empty handed anyway.

    I know you’re not in a position to change any of this and I’m probably registering all of this dissatisfaction in vain, but if you’re not seeing a penny from the $99 rooms, why make the rooms + tickets thing mandatory? If it was a pre-condition the Palms put on the event, I can understand why you might not be at liberty to come right out and say that, but I don’t think they are that desperate to fill the rooms that they’d insist you do it either.

    I promise this is my last comment on the subject. I’ll watch the blog and come Friday I guess I’ll see just how badly I want to go to these shows, but please don’t dismiss my genuine dismay at how this event is set-up as run of the mill internet negativity/bitching/whining.

  98. D.G. Says:

    Should clarify, I’m not affiliated wit Matador, the Palms, or any other part involved in this, despite my use of “we’re”. It should be “they’re not talking about rationing penicillin.”

  99. Gerard Says:


    Zia Records
    4225 South Eastern Avenue
    Las Vegas, NV 89119-5485

    Zia Records
    4503 W. SAHARA
    LAS VEGAS, NV 89102

    Tickets will go onsale at both stores at 10:00am on Friday, July 9th. By overwhelming demand by Nevada Residents we will be increasing the amount of tickets available at each store. There is a two ticket limit. Nevada state ID required for purchase. Any questions please email

  100. Chad Says:

    I lied about the above comment being my last word.

    “By overwhelming demand by Neveda Residents we will be increasing the amount of tickets available at each store.”

    Who says complaining never accomplishes anything? Now if only we could get the mandatory hotel package dropped…

  101. Mary Says:

    I think a lot of people are just missing the point that we (the whiners) are just bummed it’s more difficult for us to try to go than we had planned (beyond just striving to be lucky enough to get one of the 2100 tickets). Gerard, I think you’ve missed the point about our opinions which you say we’re entitled to. Again, $99 isn’t a ridiculous price for a hotel room, it’s a ridiculous price for someone who doesn’t *want* a hotel room, that’s all. Not blaming Matador here for anything ridiculous, I just think a lot of people are sad that it’s tougher (and more expensive, with the extra money not going to the label or bands) to pull off than expected. Also, the handling here is getting a little frustrating. Just say, “hey, we wanted a great venue, so we made a deal with the Palms. It’s not ideal, but we’re trying, ” instead of “well, we think its reasonable, so deal.”

    To those who can gladly afford it, do have a good time. I need to take a good hard look at my finances. We’re talking about my top 4 bands here, but it’s tough to justify ~$800 for flight, lodging, and show for one person. I do love my rock n’ roll, but as much as I am devoted, and as it feeds the soul, it don’t pay my bills.

    Congrats, Matador, on the 21st.

    Also, the Captcha tells me to type “nauseate, mutiny”. Ha.

  102. Jensen Says:

    I don’t think people are seeing the big picture here:

    What is being offered is not just a concert series held over several days; this is a massive party celebrating arguably the coolest indie record label of the Indie Rock Era. This is a “rock & roll convention” of sorts; like-minded hipsters are going to take over the Palms for three days to pay homage to some amazing bands, some of whom (Guided by Voices, for example) are reuniting against the odds. If you wish to be a part of the retreat–whether or not you live in Vegas–this is going to cost each couple $695+tax. That includes not only a place to sleep and relax in between bands, but also tickets to the three days of shows. Really, that is an unbelievable bargain for the greatest music-filled vacation any of us will ever have. People, that’s not $695 per PERSON; that’s per COUPLE (and it’s even cheaper if you can find 3 or 4 people to fill a room!).

    Here’s a little bit of perspective: If you go to the Palms website right now to book a room there for the weekend after (10/8-10/11), the cost is $927+tax. That’s just for the room alone–no concert package.

    And yet, somehow, Matador has worked out a deal whereby a couple can not only stay at the resort but also get their two 3-day passes for $695–$250 cheaper than it costs JUST TO SLEEP THERE one week later.

    I know times are tough these days economically, but vacations cost money, and all things considered: there’s really no way to argue that that isn’t anything short of a GREAT deal.

    My suggestion to the Vegas folks is to bite the bullet and split a room at the Palms with 3 other people; having attended ATP last year, you’ll be surprised how often you go back to your room to “refresh” in between bands. For the low-low price of $24.75/person/day, you can go take a shower or a nap if you need to. And no one needs to worry about paying for a taxi or driving home after having a few adult beverages!!!!

    Again, all in all: This festival is more than reasonably priced, so let’s get the tone of this message board back up to being POSITIVE, where it belongs!

    Congrats and thank you to Matador and the Palms for coordinating the greatest rock retreat in the history of humanity (makes the uber-cool ATP NY 2010 line-up look suddenly a bit disappointing!!!).

  103. Las Vegan Says:

    “By overwhelming demand by Neveda Residents we will be increasing the amount of tickets available at each store.”

    Well done, sir!

  104. Antony Says:

    hi there,

    I am trying to get the money together to travel from New Zealand for this and whilst I appreciate that US$99 for a room in Vegas is a pretty good deal it’s not that flash if you’re travelling by yourself – any other solo attendees wanna share a room? I don’t snore and I am not a soap-dodger. assuming someone else was keen can someone tell me how that would work at the time of ticket purchase?


  105. Leslie J Says:


    My friends and I are all super stoked for this line-up, and there are a ton of us who want to go.
    That being said, my main question is the same as Jennie’s up there…in 4 days, when these tickets are released, are my friends and I all supposed to have decided who is sharing a room prior to buying the tickets, then sign up together on one credit card? How does that work? Is it $99 per person per night, or per ROOM? Because I thought it was per room, but then it seems really complicated in terms of the mandatory package hotel thing. Is everyone expected to buy their tickets in bundles of 4 in order to fill up their rooms? So much confusion.

    Sorry to stress you out, just noticed that everyone who has asked a similar question to me hasn’t really been answered thus far. And I really wanna go.


  106. Leslie J Says:

    Sorry, I see that you’ve posted a reply in the article text rather than in the comments. THANKS!

  107. EJ Says:

    Gerard, thank you for working so hard at bringing this event together & for all the hard work you’ve put in to make Matador a great label over the years. Someone will always have a complaint about something because no good deed ever goes unpunished in this world.

  108. al Says:

    can someone help me out here? still slightly confused: I (one person) am from out of town (non-vegas) wants to get one ticket for this show (assuming I get a $199 ticket). Is the 3 days’ hotel charge ($297) included/waived if I do buy a $199 ticket, or is that $297 added to the $199 ticket price, thus making my full price to see the show $496? I thank you all in advance (especially Matador who are putting this awesome event on in the first place!).

  109. al Says:

    oh, and further to my last question: is there any kind of installment plan when we order the tickets on Friday? and if so, what would that entail? thanks!

  110. Patrick Says:

    al – your full price would then be $496 including accommodations, yes. Installment plan: stay tuned.

    everyone – we will have a FAQ up shortly to answer all the questions that have been raised in this thread and separately via email, etc. – we’ll post the info here and on the 21 page as well as blast it out to the mailing list.

    Thanks for your patience & understanding – this is obviously the first time we’ve put on an event of this kind, but we really are trying to make it the best possible experience for everyone, within the obvious limits of having literally almost all of the biggest bands in our history performing in an intimate venue with everyone staying on site.

  111. al Says:

    cheers, patrick….where there’s a will, there will definitely be a way to this show!!! too effin cool for sure!! thanks, matador!!!

  112. Charlie Says:

    Installment plan? That just might sway me towards wanting to go again. $500 up front is just a little too much all at once.

    Also, to whoever keeps saying $24.75 a night, not everyone is going with 3 other people. I’m flying from Boston and going by myself (if I get a ticket) so it’s not as good of a deal for some of us.

  113. steve Says:

    first, thanks to matador for putting this together and thanks to gerard for your patience with these questions. no matter what the cost or reservation requirements, i’m going. the plane ticket is paid for. but i do still have questions.

    for the tickets at zia, does just the purchase require nevada residency, or does the use of the ticket require it too? situation is, i live in new york, my brother lives in vegas and he might stand in line. i can get a free room elsewhere. can he buy 2 tickets? can me and my ny state license get in to the shows using a ticket purchased at zia?

    is there a per-person limit at zia to prevent scalping? is there a per-person limit online?

    will vip tickets be onsale first thing on friday online and/or at zia? will vip ticket sales be delayed until after all the details are announced? (i’m hoping no, increasing my chances.)

    if by chance it doesnt sell out immediately and i convince another new yorker to go after friday, can i add just a ticket to my existing ticket/hotel package, or do they have to purchase their own package?


    ps: $297 for a long weekend at the palms is a steal, and even if it weren’t, $496 for that lineup and a clean bed anywhere still would be.

  114. al Says:

    charlie and matador (patrick): it might be worth specifying some type of way to “hotel/pool” with somebody if you are going solo, which it sounds like several of us might be…1 person with 2 beds is definitely not as cost effective as one room with 4 people (who may not know each other)!

  115. Zac Says:

    Well, I won’t complain…until I can’t get one of those 2100 tickets.


    Thanks all (Matador and non-Matador folk) for making this somewhat clear. All I know is that I need to be in front of my computer, credit card in hand, and ready to buy three tickets (plus one rather affordable hotel room) on Friday at 11 am CST.

    This is a dream lineup for me (as it is for many of you). I can’t even believe I’ll have a shot at seeing such an unbelievable event. Thanks again!

    Hopefully, I won’t see all of you online. ;)

  116. Gerard Says:


    at present I’m not aware of any plan to check ID’s at the Pearl but we cannot actively encourage the purchase of tickets at Zia for non-Nevada residents.

    The per person limit is partially an anti-scalping measure but mostly about trying to get as many different people into the mix. The only limit is going to be 4.

    The VIP tickets will be onsale Friday however we’re not adding an upgrade feature for the zia ticket holders as they were never required to reserve rooms in the first place.

    “if by chance it doesnt sell out immediately and i convince another new yorker to go after friday, can i add just a ticket to my existing ticket/hotel package, or do they have to purchase their own package?”

    that’s a pretty reasonable request. Shall forward to our ticketing mavens, expect a reply promptly

  117. Gordon Says:

    Will Hunx and His Punx play too???

  118. Phillip Says:

    Hardly a bargain when people who’d gladly pay $200 (indeed reasonable) for a ticket are FORCED to pay an additional $300 for a hotel not of their own choosing. I’d rather pay $300 for the ticket and be able to sleep where I like. The mentioned conveniences & bargain price of staying at the palms during the event do not matter because anyone who wants a ticket is being forced to stay somewhere & man, there aint nothing rock n roll about that. Not saying it’s Nazi Germany but it don’t seem right. It’s strange enough that people are forced to pay for all three days instead of allowing people who don’t have much money to go see the one event they want to see the most. but that’s a lesser issue.

    I don’t mean to be so grim, I Love & respect Matador as much as anyone else and deserve no more, no less than any other fan to be there. To see GBV reunited is the next best thing to a Beatles reunion to me, Plus all the other many great bands that will be there but I personally don’t feel good about the way it’s been set up with the hotel.

  119. Stark Says:

    I plan on attending the fest and sharing a room at the Palms with three other people. When purchasing the tickets, will one of us have to buy all four tickets at once so that we can: A) pay for only the one hotel room we need, and B) share the room? Or will one person be able to pay for their one ticket, and the room for everyone? And if that’s the case, will the others in my group be able to buy their tickets individually and use the room that’s been already paid for, and not be charged for three more hotel rooms we won’t need? I hope I’ve phrased this clearly, and I hope this isn’t a repeat question.

  120. Patrick Says:

    Phillip, it was one way to make this work economically. Normally this lineup would command an astronomical ticket price, especially because we don’t have a ton of tickets to sell… and we didn’t want to have it in a massive arena. It’s supposed to be an intimate event. We’re not making money off the rooms but bringing the hotel in on the thing makes the Pearl rental and all the other charges make sense.

    We also wanted an ATP-style sense of family with fans, label and bands all staying at the same place and crossing paths both on purpose and accidentally – and there will be all-night events happening constantly there.

    Tradeoffs for sure, and I’m sorry you feel like we’re forcing you into something you don’t want to do.

  121. Bill Says:

    I hate to beat a dead horse, but I am also not a fan of the required room stay and it has me questioning my resolve to attend. I went to one of the Vegas Grind’s and the Vegas Shakedown many years ago and I foolishly assumed that this would follow a similar model.

    My question is, it appears that the Palm’s website shows a Deluxe King room at the same price as a Deluxe Double. I will be going with my girlfriend and would prefer the King, any thoughts on whether or not this switch (please note that I did not say upgrade) will be doable?

    To the guy that says that Pavement is obviously the main attraction, I say GBV is by far a bigger draw.

  122. Matthew Says:

    Happy birthday Matador! I am looking forward to celebrating with you. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to be a part of it, that being said, I hope I get a ticket instead of one of these complainers.

  123. Charlie Says:

    @Al Definitely…but it could be a little weird yet interesting sharing a room with people you don’t know lol! At this point, bed #2 will be used to hold my luggage and backpack.

  124. Phillip Says:

    Patrick: I appreciate your response, Very cool of you and Gerard to be on here answering fan’s questions btw. Man, I just wish the ticket/hotel package would be optional because as it’s great for some, it’s bad for others and is obviously creating a bit of disappointment but that happens with such events, emotions are high because everyone wants to go.

    I don’t feel like you’re forcing me to do anything (i should have just said requiring to begin with), I personally, won’t be able to afford it now but i’m cool with it. I know it’s a once in a lifetime gig and man, props to those who put it together and to those who are lucky enough to attend. Now I wait n hope for a gbv reunion tour.

  125. Phillip Says:

    Matthew: Right, because you deserve a ticket more than someone else… I respect matador enough to be honest with them, even if it is a complaint and not just suck their dicks with words.

  126. Matthew Says:

    whoa, phillip, whatever. Matador doesn’t have to invite us, or put forth the effort they have to make this event affordable. I don’t know what you think is dishonest about anything I’ve said. I’m sorry that I’m happy about this event and appreciative. I’m also sorry that you aren’t and that you feel you have to personally attack me. I haven’t said I deserve anything more than anyone else. I am just tired of reading complaints about what I consider the opportunity of a lifetime. I’m going to have to miss work and spend more money than I should to attend this just like anyone else, but it’s worth it for me. Still I appreciate the effort and want to thank those who have put so much into the planning. Anyway, I’m glad to know you aren’t going.

  127. chris g. Says:

    phillip, just a quick note of clarification from a local: as previously mentioned, the rooms are unfathomably cheap for this weekend, and the rooms at the palms are VERY nice. the only way you’re going to find cheaper accomodations for this weekend is by sharing a room downtown, which is not at all close to the venue, or by really sharing a room at staying at the youth hostel (which is also downtown. by the greyhound station. yuck). there has been mention of an installment plan for tickets. perhaps that will serve yr purposes better?

  128. Phillip Says:

    Matthew: Didn’t think I personally attacked you anymore than you did to anyone who had a concern or issue with the set up of the event by saying “you hope you get a ticket instead of one of these complainers” Look, I appreciate the effort on matador’s part as well but I shouldn’t be trashed for expressing how I feel. It doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate them or that I don’t recognize how great an event this will be. So don’t get all serious n hurt when you start shit and someone calls you on it. The whole “how dare you complain” thing is absurd. Btw I may go after all because GBV! GBV! You my friend can suck Greg Demos balls.

  129. steven m Says:

    I just want to say that as a fellow Las Vegan I agree with Jesse that this deal is really unfair to us that live in Las Vegas. I live walking distance from the palms, I don’t want to buy a hotel room there, even if it is a very cheap price for the palms.

    I know about 30 people personally who are going to be waiting in line and that’s not even a fraction of the amount of people that will be waiting for tickets. Matador bands are popular here but always skip us on tour. When Fucked Up played the punk rock bowling fest response was huge. Same when Interpol (who I know isn’t on this fest) played here. I’m glad you guys are releasing more tickets to Vegas residents but I still think you are vastly underestimating the draw your bands have out here.

    Obviously things aren’t going to be fair for everyone and no one is guaranteed tickets but since it is in Vegas I feel that you shouldn’t underestimate your Vegas fans.

  130. Phillip Says:

    Chris G: The installment plan is definitely good news! Thank you for the info.

  131. Patrick Says:

    This looks great to me! This should be a really cool event, great lineup and an interesting locale. I can definitely see how this would be frustrating for those who live in the area/have friends in LV but it seems pretty perfect for me and I imagine it is for plenty of others. If the required rooms are part of what makes this possible than I hope that people can live with it. 2100 people is a pretty small capacity so not everyone needs pleasing.

    This is a particularly intriguing proposition for me, as I’ve been engaged for the past three years (!) or so yet the fiancée and I haven’t had the proper time/resources/desire to plan a proper wedding… we’ve semi-seriously joked about just going to Vegas and getting it over with. We love going to concerts together, so this could be the perfect opportunity (or excuse perhaps) that we’ve been waiting for, as I’m sure the weekend will be memorable. Hopefully I’m able to buy a pair of tickets Friday! Can’t wait!

  132. Patrick S. Says:

    Just to make sure there isn’t any confusion, my previous comment starting with “This looks great…” was from this Patrick S., not the Patrick from Matador. I had missed his posts somehow.
    If there’s a moderator who can edit my previous posting name, and also delete this comment, that would be great.

  133. J u d a h Says:

    Anyone complaining about the price of this show or what Matador has set up is an absolute imbecile and non-rehabilitative idiot. I was planning on paying like $850 for 3 nights at the Palm – just for the room. Now I’m going book the package, step up a level, and perhaps even buy a VIP pass. And fly in from the East Coast. If you can’t afford the gig – we’ll that sucks, but that is also capitalism. The Palm ain’t cheap. Tickets to Pavement and Sonic Youth alone would cost a hundred bucks. On a cost per band basis, it’s a freakin’ bargain! On a cost per awesomeness basis, it’s priceless. Even though I’ve seen Pavement, Sonic Youth, GBV, and many of the other bands countless times, this is a can’t miss event. Once in a lifetime. I’d fly in from Auckland if I had to. Thanks Gerard, Patrick, and Matador! Can’t wait!!!!!!

  134. Antony Says:

    any sort of installment plan would be very much appreciated – whatever you can come up with would be a massive help!


  135. honeychain Says:

    not to belabor this stupidity but, chris g., just an FYI, The Palms *itself* is cheaper for those three nights through both Orbitz and Cheaptickets, furthermore, the hotel deal I purchased with flights ended up costing me less than $34.00 a night when it all came down to it. And it’s at the Monte Carlo, which I happen to prefer to the pretentious L.A. party B.S. at some other hotels…

    *If* I happen to get tickets I will have spent, get this, $1958.00 before resort fees and taxes and any extra ticket charges for two people, and I’m sure people will end up spending even more as I’m only traveling from the east coast.

    The Palms, no doubt about it is a huge expense. Anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves.
    the insult to injury part is that every other show I have traveled and dumped a boatload of cash for has not required me stay at a particular hotel – I’m firmly in the “charge me $300.00 a ticket and let me stay where I want” camp – I know I need to suck it up and Pollyanna up – but it’s just irritating when you post that “it’s such a great deal!” because *it isn’t* I could the exact hotel, right now for less…

    Lastly (yes really, I’m cutting the cord on this nonsense until Friday), I think making people buy the hotel room for an event like this with such limited capacity might even encourage scalping, which would REALLY suck for so many reasons…

  136. Colleen Says:

    GBV gbv GBV!!!!

  137. mando Says:

    Sounds like matador is planning their own version of woodstock 99. way to hustle and shake down the most loyal and supportive fans. Considering many of their fans are poor college students, not just former college students from the 90′s that are now rich yuppies.

  138. Duke Says:

    it’s just gonna be a bunch of lame yipsters from the east coast invading Vegas for the weekend and blogging how bad it was because they saw these bands in their prime.

    Some of us are from the region and don’t feel like being stuck with a hotel room when we could find alternate accommodations.

  139. Robert Says:

    Hello, This might be a longshot but if there is any way that more then 100 tickets could be sold for locals, it would be wonderful. I’m a born and raised Las Vegan that has seen many a band skip Vegas on their tours and the thought of such an awesome show being in our own backyard and missing it would be abit soul crushing.

  140. Donnie Vegas Says:

    I agree with honeychain. The Palms is a silicone “LA East” festival and there are cheaper ways to get rooms there. The Gold Coast across the street is a prime example of a cheaper alternative. They hold the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly festival there every year. It sells out every year. The number of attendees are about the same. Yeah, its a dive. So what? I saw Pavement in crap ass places that smelled like stale beer and… well you get the point.

    As for the assertion by Gerard earlier that Matador isn’t seeing a dime from the rooms that’s not entirely true. Matador guaranteed the Palms that they would fill so many rooms. If the rooms don’t sell then Matador pays (hence the tickets + room requirement). The Palms returned the favor by reducing the rental rate for The Pearl and probably threw in some other perks. That’s just the way it works.

    All that being said, I also understand the logistics of trying to put on an event of this magnitude. It’s a difficult thing to accomplish. Big thanks to Matador for even attempting it. I have done event planning and in crunching the numbers ya’ll better drink up and I hope Matador negotiated a heavy percentage of the bar receipts. Breaking even on this show is going to be a chore.

    Yes, I live in Vegas and yes I would rather get a ticket at Zia. But screw it. I am past 40 and not going to weather a sleepover and eventual bum rush. I am going to roll the dice (YO BABY!!) and if I get lucky I will pay the freight on the hotel. Sure, I wish it was easier but oh well.


  141. Richard Says:

    Gerard, I have found out from my boss that I may have to work the weekend of the festival. Could you please bump the festival back by approximately 4 days to better accommodate me? Come to think of it, I don’t like the fact that the on sale time was announced in PCT. Please make all future announcements in Central Time for the western half of Indiana that doesn’t acknowledge daylight savings. Also, the Palms is not ideally situated to maximize my enjoyment of the sun. Please rotate the entire hotel 13 degrees counterclockwise. Finally, you have not selected my preferred GBV lineup, and the word Matador has too many vowels in it. Please remove 2 of them.

  142. steven m Says:

    Local entertainment magazine Citylife has published an article titled “Matador at 21 ticket update: This isn’t for locals” that I think is a good read regarding the issues many of us locals are having with this announcement.

  143. jeff beamer Says:

    Hey, would you mind redesigning your poster so that Yo La Tengo is in the big headlining type size? They’re legends! Just foolin’ We love you Matador!

    PS: Anybody else going to YLT show at Lincoln Center in NYC next week? Lambchop’s gonna be there! (Not to start a Matador-Merge internecine war or anything.)

  144. Peter Says:

    This is the most ridiculously over priced festival I have ever come across and Gerard those comparative room rates are completely inflated. With promo codes you can get much much cheaper deals, including the palms.

  145. Gerard Says:


    We mean no disrespect to the citizens of Las Vegas, especially those that support interesting music in the face of well, an entertainment landscape that’s not so hung up on interesting music. That said, and I’m not trying to be condescending here, we never said we thought Vegas residents would only purchase 100 tickets. But we’re uncomfortable reserving any larger a percentage than that. There’s no other city in the world that has 100 tickets being reserved for it’s residents. The venue capacity is 2100. If someone tells us “you guys could’ve sold 500 tickets locally”, that might be true, but there’s people in LA, SF, Chicago, NY, London, Austin, Toronto, you name it, that want a shot at attending, too. As of this moment, there’s no other city that has any allotment of tickets being set aside, including the town where Matador was founded and continues to operate.

    Again, I realize the fella at Citylife insists we should’ve gone for a much bigger venue, but that’s not the kind of show we wanted to attend or most of our bands were excited about playing.

  146. Gerard Says:

    “not to belabor this stupidity but, chris g., just an FYI, The Palms *itself* is cheaper for those three nights through both Orbitz and Cheaptickets”

    I just looked on Orbitz and they quote an average nightly rate of $314.00 for October 1-3. Cheaptickets quotes an average nightly rate of $259 for October 1-3.

    We still maintain that $99 per night represents a substantial discount on the regular rate for those rooms.


  147. Tamar Jacob Says:

    Everyone should just appreciate the line up and the cheap hotel rooms and quit bitching. GVB reunion tour is great. I would just like to see the actual dates that each band is performing. Looking forward to this event.
    Thanks again,

  148. Manuel Says:

    Is it so difficult to understand that the format in which the festival is taking place is WITH hotel? ATP has been doing it for years and they don’t even give the possibility of “ticket-only” to locals as Matador is doing.
    On the other hand, if it’s too expensive and you really want to go, find the way to share a room with unknown music-lovers like you. It might be fun!

  149. Tamar Jacob Says:

    oops… I put GVB , not GBV. This is what happens when you Blog at 1:30 am drunk off Fernet

  150. Jeff B Says:

    Thanks so much for bringing these great bands to Vegas. I hope to be one of the Vegas locals in attendance. I wonder how long the hat has been tipped for this show as Band of Horses and Vampire Weekend play the same week. Please hold more festivals here that I may or may not be able to get tickets to. I am sure there will be many more announcements of great afterparties at The Palms and elsewhere. Will there be any official post-show shows?

  151. Mario Says:

    Hi! I have a question. I’m from Spain and I’d go alone. If I’d get a ticket (199$) and a room (297$), I could invite 3 people to stay in the room, but, would we need 3 more tickets to go all of us to the show, wouldn’t we?

  152. Erling Says:

    Don’t want to be tedious, but allow me to join the folks who are hoping you can work out installment billing. I will move heaven and earth to get to this show from Vancouver, but getting the cash together this quickly is going to be really difficult. Cheers.

  153. Joell Rae Says:


    If yr gonna go, then GO.
    If not, then seriously stop with the bitching.

    YES-It’s expensive.
    YES we all may not wanna stay at the Palms, or any other hotel in Vegas.
    YES- we all want tickets.

    A line up of this RAD doesn’t come along every day.. unlike lame/ over priced/ out door music festivals that charge an arm and an asshole for everything from the tickets, to toilet paper, and water.

    I am broke as shit, and am still trying to make it work, so that I can go because I KNOW that it’s going to rule.

    That being said– Fuckin’ GO/ or DON’T go. Please just stop bitching about it!

  154. Revgoomba Says:

    Hi there. My girlfriend and I are wanting to go to this. The flights alone are going to cost us about $1,800 and since this is the only holiday we’re going to be able to afford for the next five years or so it would be best if we could have a hotel room all to our selves. This means another $297 for the room as well as $398 for the tickets. So what’s that $2,500 or something and we’ll need accomodation on either side of the event no doubt as well as money for food. Do you think there is any way that you could have a couples option? Just to reduce the costs for us slightly?

    Anyway… even if you can’t… I’ll probably still come. I mean, come on! IT’S GBV!!!!!!!

  155. Steven D Says:

    I’m from vegas & i really hope there will be enough tickets available so i don’t miss out. it would be heart breaking not to be able to attend the one worthwhile event that this city hosts. Hopefully my money is as good as anyone’s but i guess i’ll have to spend half my day waiting in line to make sure

  156. Revgoomba Says:

    Okay… scratch that… just read all the comments. This is a good deal afterall (just a shame it costs me so much in flights… but whatever! BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  157. lynshroom Says:

    sorry, silly question and only partly related to this amazing sounding fest: What are the chances of GBV coming back to London??! do we have to travel to the States to see the reunion?

  158. noize43 Says:

    HOLD THE PHONE HERE. you mean a brief jaunt to Vegas is gonna be… EXPENSIVE? i’m shocked, i say, positively shocked.

  159. Bill Says:

    My first post apparently did not get approved, I don’t know why because beyond some mild bellyaching I did have a valid question.

    The $99 deal for a deluxe double, is it possible to get this deal for a deuxe king which on the Palms site retails for the same money?

  160. RZA Says:

    Just commenting for the sake of it.

  161. Jeff Says:

    Two humble requests for artists not yet announced:

    Thinking Fellers Union Local 282

    Helium (or any Mary Timony related project)

  162. Gerard Says:


    according to the Palms site, a deluxe king retails for $299.00, $329.00 and $129.00 on October 1, 2, 3 respectively. The deluxe double that we’re selling w/ tickets is $99 per night.

  163. Gary Says:


    Will I be able to reserve 2 rooms @ $99 each if I buy 2 tickets?

    Thank you.

  164. tommy Says:

    So Matador was able to pull off this killer line-up and they go and book it in a place that seats 2,000 people. Hey all you folks that say your going .. I hate to tell you this but it’s going to be IMPOSSIBLE to get tickets for this Epic event. It’s extremely obvious that Matador just wants this to be a nice intimate and exclusive party for themselves, the bands and their family and friends (and the lucky few that are actually able to buy tickets online).

    Hey Matador .. Why couldn’t you just invite all these bands to your own private backyard BBQ and not make some big announcement to the world — now I have to know what I’m missing out on.

  165. Sam Says:

    I think Mary made a crucial point a bit up the page that no one is really addressing.

    Jensen, we WANT the party. We want to hang out at The Palms, watch the bands, hang out in the bars, etc. But when we sleep, some of us want to sleep at our family’s places nearby – so when the shows stop for the night (for example) – I can go hang out with my aunt and uncle (who work on other shows in LV).

    People may have friends in Vegas and want to share part of their time with someone else. I’d be coming from the east coast, and I almost never get past Chicago. Your response could be, of course, that I can still spend time with them – and that’s true. However, I can’t stay with them, and it’s the mandatory cost of a hotel room i don’t need/want that causes the problem.

    I think you went into this saying something like, “Of course! Who wouldn’t want to spend these 3 nights at The Palms?” without considering the fact that your fan-base (as well as your excellent roster of bands) is made up of people who’ve spent a very long time crashing on other people’s couches.

  166. Gerard Says:


    “impossible” is a pretty harsh way of putting it. if we sell 2000 + tickets, it wasn’t an impossible exercise for the persons who succeeded in buying them. I can assure you, if we were gonna throw a backyard BBQ, we’d not be selling 2100 tickets — for one thing, my backyard’s not nearly that big.

    If we’re guilty of prioritizing intimacy, so be it. But everyone with a computer and a credit card has a fair shot at tickets on Friday and if the numbers seem daunting, the same is true for other popular events. It’s not that we want anyone to know “what they’re missing out on” — there’s ZERO pleasure to be found in disappointing you. But if we didn’t make announcements like these —- repeatedly —- someone else would complain we’d done a lousy job of publicizing the show and only the well-connected types learned about it in time.

  167. Manuel Says:

    Taking into consideration the panic Robert Pollard has to flying, I doubt it.

  168. Gerard Says:

    some fair criticisms there, Sam, however i think the fan base is rather diverse. If we’ve not done enough to cater to the needs of every aspect of that fan base…well, we’re working on it. In the meantime, I would suggest that as one of the persons fortunate enough to have family or friends in Las Vegas, perhaps you could politely ask one of them to brave the ticket line at Zia on Friday.

  169. sean Says:

    it is going to be amusing to see the usual Palms jetset ghostbar crowd’s reaction to the matador indie crowd crashing their party that weekend. i was hoping to stay somewhere else but $99 is a pretty great deal for the Palms, it’s just that the Palms is intentionally overpriced because the kids in LA take their parents’ black amex card to vegas for the weekend and don’t care ho much the Palms costs :-)

  170. Moe Green Says:

    One more fun fact….given all the discussion of what’s “fair”

    Nevada population is 0.86% of the USA

    That means if Madador was being fair there would be 18 tickets allocated to Nevada residents, period. Remember that when you’re bummed to be waiting in line for the hundred tickets at the record store.

  171. Les Says:

    Oh, Gerard. I haven’t seen you in almost 20 years and you are gonna make me scratch and fight amongst all the others?!

  172. Richard Says:

    Moe Green, you’re one of the few people on here who is actually making sense! I suppose I should let you know that Al Neri’s coming for you. It was nice of you to take in Fredo, but Michael’s in charge of the family now, & he’s relocating the Olive Oil business to Nevada.

    As for everyone else: if you don’t get tickets or you can’t afford tickets, well, ACL is the very next weekend! And we Texans are extremely hospitable to visitors. Also, we are armed. Please keep the complaining to a bare minimum.

  173. Wahhhh Says:

    “I think you went into this saying something like, “Of course! Who wouldn’t want to spend these 3 nights at The Palms?” without considering the fact that your fan-base (as well as your excellent roster of bands) is made up of people who’ve spent a very long time crashing on other people’s couches.”

    are you kidding me? get a freaking job dude. this show is not built for twenty-something transients who don’t have their sh*t together. that’s what animal collective shows are for. this is a badass celebration of a badass lineup for a badass label– it’s not some low-budget festival of b-list indie bands. and for many– get this– it’s actually a VACATION. you know, the kind of thing that generally requires more money than $20 for general admission ticket.

    stop whining you losers. less of you is more for us.

  174. Devin Says:

    so this festival costs nearly $700 for two people not including plane fare?

    Wowie zowie

    my captcha is poor unable
    funny.. isn’t it?

  175. spacejace Says:

    what a sad, pathetic lot these whiners, haters and arrogant peopel are. PLEASE, we’re begging you: DON’T GO! It’s almost CRIMINAL how cheap this festival and accompanying room rate is – I LOVE IT. ME AND TENS of thousands of others LOVE it and don’t wouldn’t change ANYthing if we could! Stop being so selfish! Who the $%^& in life expects their own personal ‘Festival Organizer/Coordinator’ and for ANYone at Matador to honor your ABSURD requests (can’t get out of work to get tickets might jsut be the most laughable one of all. Guess you do’nt want to go bad enough then!). I LOVE the VENUE, LOVE the price, LOVE the fact they are taking care of the important things, such as a small venue, re-entry, INSANELY-cheap stay. PLEASE, PEOPLE! If you can’t deal, don’t. I’m tried of you arrogant whiners. You are in an EXTREMELY small minority, and this thing will sell out in hours, at MOST, perhaps 1 hour. Because the format and price RULE! (and even if I can’t get tickets, hey, that’s the breaks. It’s an AWESOME weekend if I do. I’d rather have 2,100 people go, me miss it, and have it RULE like it’s going to, then at a 5,000-10,000 seat place, and me actuall go! GET. A. LIFE.)

  176. spacejace Says:

    wahhh, you might’ve said it best! LMAO! Who ARE these people?!?!

  177. Taylor Says:

    I think Matador is underestimating the state of the crappy economy we are in. They’ll sell around 1400 tickets under this plan, and they’ll have to reconfigure their set-up. Mark my word

  178. crap bag Says:

    A few comments:

    1 – The Palms sucks…but $99 per weekend night is a good rate
    2 – If the venue capacity is 2100, Matador is gonna sell WAY fewer tickets than that. My guess would be closer to 1800 (band holds, label holds, promo holds, etc.)
    3 – What if everyone who buys a ticket is coming by themselves? Does Matador have 2100 rooms on hold?
    4 – It’s a bit disingenuous for Matador to assume that everyone wants to share beds with their bros from way back when. Most of us are in our late 30′s and up…if I come to this, I’m bringing the wife.
    5 – Teenage Fanclub?
    6 – From afar, I’m enjoying this thread.
    7 – Matador – you guys clearly underestimated the firestorm some of these policies would cause.
    8 – People – be nice…Matador clearly underestimated the firestorm some of these policies would cause.

  179. sean Says:

    taylor – i hope you are right for the sake of being able to get a ticket but i’d be shocked if their ticket server doesn’t crash due to all-at-once demand!!

  180. sean Says:

    at first i was disappointed simply because i wanted to stay somewhere else but it’s a good deal and there will be enough of a vibe from this event to offset the usual scene at the Palms. very curious to hear what the VIP tickets gets

  181. James Says:

    Will rooms and/or tickets be refundable or transferable? I.E. I get tickets now, but it turns out I cannot attend.

    And will you be mailing paper tickets (seems like a recipe for scalping), or doing some sort of assigned to the room will-call?

  182. swinger rob Says:

    I am totally 100% elated with this entire production, once the honies at the pool scope out my scrawny pasty white bod I will be getting so busy in my room that I will probably end missing bailter space, one question though, is it a euro rules pool cause i am not down with swimsuits of any fashion.

  183. spacejace Says:

    Taylor, how much you wanna bet? Name it. this will sell out in a DAY, tops. It’s INSANELY CHEAP!!

  184. sean Says:

    i’m guessing more like an hour, spacejace….if not minutes

  185. Ben Says:


    Go back to booking great bands, and thanks for putting this wodnerful event together. As long as Superchunk doesn’t start playing before 9pm on Friday night, we’re cool. :)

    To people who doubt the deal on this room package,

    I had already contacted the Palms and Rio for group rates (10+ rooms) and this handily beats the group rate I would have gotten at the Palms (by almost $200) and is comparable to the deal at the Rio, but the Palms is MUCH nicer. This is a wonderful deal at a great resort.


  186. steven m Says:

    I appreciate that Gerard is taking the time to address everyone’s concerns. I’m sure Matador didn’t expect to get quite the backlash they have from the announcement, and I want to say “thanks” for taking the time to address so many complaints and concerns.

    For people saying that Vegas people are complaining or don’t deserve more tickets, there are a few things to consider:

    The discount rate at Palms is a great price for out of towners, at least for a hotel as nice as the Palms. If they offered that and didn’t make it required I’m sure a lot of people would still take advantage of it and at the same time it would be fair to everyone. BYO Record’s Punk Rock Bowling festival, which took place at the Sunset Station casino earlier this year, offered discounted rates and packages to the casino’s hotel but they weren’t required so everyone had the same shot at getting tickets, whether they lived in town or were flying out.

    Outside of Fucked Up (who played another festival, BYO Records’ Punk Rock Bowling fest in Vegas earlier this year) none of these bands ever come to Vegas. I’m not just talking about the bands that are broken up or don’t play much, either. Take New Pornographers, for example. They tour regularly, and are even playing a free show in Utah this summer. Now imagine if the people of Utah found out after months of waiting for information on this show that only a tiny fraction of Utah residents got to go, and the rest were going to out of towners. Or if your favorite band was playing down the street at a venue you routinely go to shows at and found out the same thing. I know everyone is anxious to get tickets, but put yourself in our shoes for a second. I know a lot of people that are saying we are just whining would be livid if they were in the same situation.

    One thing that many Vegas residents are, I guess ‘sensitive’ is the word, about is the perception that Vegas is just The Strip and a certain ‘frat boy’ type that hangs out in the clubs and stuff (you wouldn’t believe the amount of people who have asked me if I live in a hotel or are floored to find out we have a University and public schools). That mentality has no doubt cost us many shows in the past from bands that don’t realize we have a thriving music scene/culture just like anywhere else. It’s just some comments about Las Vegas like a few I see on here and ones like Chris Lombardi’s in Rolling Stone about culture clash that make me and many others feel like our town is being unfairly, though I’m sure unintentional and with no malice intended, stereotyped. A lot of us here feel like we are being unfairly judged as a city, that people are only looking at the strip and not considering that Vegas is a whole city, just like any other. I know the strip is the “public face” of the city, but it’s like saying all southern California is Disneyland and the beach.

  187. harry Says:

    will interpol be one of the bands added?

  188. Jesse Says:

    Well, judging by the tenor of the rest of the comments here, I’m starting to feel relief over having given up any hope of going to this event. I wouldn’t want to be stuck in the Palms for three days with a lot of you people, particularly those of you so quick to judge those of us who have reservations and misgivings about the way this has been set-up and tell us we’re whiners. I’m glad this is an easy decision for you people and that you can speak as to what’s best for everyone and shoot our genuine heartbreak over this down.

    Have fun at your exclusive, intimate gathering, folks. I’m sure the knowledge that you are an elite crowd and that us “whiners” are shut out of seeing a once in a lifetime line-up will make your time at the event all that much sweeter.

  189. Jacaran Says:

    Sure hope Mission of Burma aren’t busy that weekend. Elsewhere at least.

  190. daniel Says:

    i’m with spacejace…fab event Matador! i’ll just be happy to get tickets. Matador UK press release says ’9am PST (4pm UK time)’ – that can’t be right can it? 9am PST is 10am PDT, right? PST is 8 hours behind GMT, and PDT is 8 hours behind BST (British Summer Time) – so i make it 6pm UK time…anyone enlightened?

  191. spacejace Says:

    yes, I said as much in my post just two before that one. but I’d be willing to actually bet, in a day. I think there’s a great chance it sells out in an hour.

  192. John Says:

    Hi Gerard,

    I am just really hoping I will be fortunate enough to attend this event. I must admit that I have a great deal of fear, not concerning as to whether or not I will be able to afford this event, (I have a credit card) but rather, whether or not I will be able to get a ticket. If I’m not able to get a ticket to this event, it will certainly be one of the saddest days of my life. I am not kidding when I say that I would allow a surgeon to remove my left or right pinkie toe in exchange for guaranteed admission and free beer with Bob and Tobin and the Men of Chavez. Also, I have never performed oral sex on a man, but would consider it in this particular circumstance, in exchange for free pass.


  193. spacejace Says:

    Jesse, you are the elitist, and in this case, a in a HUGE MINORITY. Just look at your ‘spilt milk’ last post, all because it’s not unraveling the way YOU want it to. Do you whine like this and expect organizers to cnosult with you first for every damn show you go to? Please dawg! Mostly everyone is WAY into this precise format, and you’ll see it when it sells out in a day. And it’s US, who don’t want YOU there. It’s obvious you all don’t want to actually go to this thing; just complain about the format, when the format RULES! Call us whatever you want: just don’t call us during the awesome event, as we’ll be busy w/ 40+ matador bands (by the time it rolls around), and all kinds of other celebrating, for a TOTALLY UNIMAGINABLE CHEAPER than you could ever possibly believe price!

  194. tim Says:

    Jesse, I think that you are taking this a bit too personal…I don’t see people saying ‘what’s best for everyone.’ I do see people accepting that this is how it’s laid out, like it or leave it.

    Given Gerard’s caustic wit tendencies, I’m impressed by his accommodating replies thus far.

  195. sean Says:

    yeah if this was three Matador bands (gbv included) at the Stratosphere for three nights at $500 that would be one thing…this is something entirely different.

  196. Richard Says:

    Jesse, you are unbelievably woebegone. You’re like some heart-rended young war widow in a Russian novel. YOU LIVE IN LAS VEGAS. You could take the day off work, call in sick, ask someone to sub for you, ask a friend to stand in line, bribe a friend to stand in line, hire a person to stand in line. Despite some of the weirdos above–who seem to think this event won’t sell out–you and I both know that this event is going to sell out in less than 5 minutes. And your chances of getting a ticket are so much greater than mine! Enjoy your significant advantage as opposed to wallowing in your self-pitying hangdog mopery. It’s going to be awesome!! I can only hope I get to go.

    And, yes, for the others who seem to think $99 is expensive for a hotel room in Las Vegas, I echo the sentiments of Wahhhhh who suggested you get a job. This trip will be TOTALLY expensive for me. It’s 2 months rent, and the economy’s bad. It’s going to wipe out a small portion of my savings. Ah… but see! There-in lies the rub! I actually have savings! Do you know why? Because I’m a GROWN UP. When I was 18 and hearing a lot of these bands for the first time, the $1400 this is going to cost with airfare and 2 tickets would have seemed like a small fortune. With dinner, drinks, and a little gambling, it’s going blow past $2500. But now that I’m 36, well, $2500 is still a lot of money. But I’m going to use the GROWN UP’s installment plan. It’s called a CREDIT CARD.

  197. Dorgon Says:

    As the original dissenter on here, I’m disappointed this has turned into shouting and name calling, although not surprised.

    Just to go back to the Palms being an “INSANELY” low price as someone here keeps claiming, I’ve got a (fully refundable) suite at the Rio, across the street, at $50 a night. Sleeps six. I’m just saying.

    The Palms only has 700 rooms, so some of y’all are gonna get a free upgrade (to Palms Place with 600 rooms?), and I’m willing to bet they run out of rooms before they run out of tickets, too.

    Hope to see many of you there, if it all works out in the end. I’m a dissenter, but not an idiot. This concert looks great.

  198. Hank Says:

    I’m a Las Vegas native and I’ve heard a lot of other locals talk about how they’re getting fucked.

    just think about it..The Palms is a 2100 person venue..Las Vegas is the only city that Matador is offering a 100 pre-sale tickets (without the room package).

    This shit is gonna be insane it will sell out..With the pre-sales at’s safe to say there will be a 100 Las Vegans in at the show.

    Also, with people coming in from all around the world for this event ..I doubt they’re will even be a 100 people from New Yorkers or a 100 from Philly ect…I think it’s safe to assume Las Vegas will be the largest group in attendance at the festival.

    From my point of view it doesn’t look like Matador is pissing on Vegas. If anything they’re giving us an advantage no other city will get.

  199. Jesse Says:


    If I could take the day off, I would. If I thought it would make any difference to take the day off work and stand in line for the off-hand chance that I might get 2 of 100 tickets, I would. If I had people I could send to stand in line for me, I would send them. I appreciate the pointers on how to live my life though, perfect strangers on the internet are always the best judges of things like this.

    The fact of the matter is that my only viable option to get tickets is online and to spend $700, $300 of which would be for hotel rooms I do not need and will not use. I think I’ve made that abundantly clear, but those of you so antsy to piss on the heads of anyone who dares to question this AWESOME DEAL OF THE CENTURY keep ignoring that and ignoring that a lot of people do have people to stay with in Vegas or can stay somewhere cheaper.

    This isn’t a difficult concept to wrap your mind around, Matador is asking me to pay an additional $300 for unnecessary rooms or skip work and stand in line with a 99% chance of walking away empty handed. I don’t know where you work Richard, but where I work taking days off or calling in sick for something that would no doubt be an exercise in futility ain’t exactly kosher. Some of us actually have a sense of responsibility to our jobs that doesn’t allow us to just fuck off and go stand in line for tickets. The two options I have for obtaining tickets are not particularly easy for me or anyone else, and if you really think I have a better chance of getting tickets than you do by virtue of the Zia on-sale, I’ve got some swampland I’d like to sell you.

    I’m not asking the event organizers to change anything for little old me, nor am I calling them crooks or jerks or assholes. I’m one guy who was insanely excited for the event up until the rooms + tickets thing was announced, and now I’m (I should hope understandably) upset and dejected. I’m sorry to ruin everyone’s buzz over this, but it would have been nice if the organizers had made it clear from the get-go that this was going to be an exclusive ATP style thing and that rooms were going to be part of the deal and would be mandatory. If I’d known that two weeks ago, I wouldn’t have spent the last two weeks awaiting further info like a kid waiting for Christmas. That’s all.

    I sincerely hope anyone who gets to go enjoys the shows, I’m sure they will be a blast and I wish I could be there, but sometimes things don’t go your way, c’est la vie. Just try to remember that those of us who are upset about this being damn near impossible to attend for us are not bad people and we’re not bitching just to hear ourselves bitch. Maybe I am being a trifle bit too emo, it is just a festival, after all, but it’s never easy to have your hopes dashed no matter how old you are, where you live or how much money you may or may not have.

  200. sean Says:

    interesting – what happens in 1800 non-vegas people buy matador/ palms tickets? to my knowsledge they aren’t affiliated with any of the other big vegas bohemoths like MGM or Harrahs so they can’t just move you to a different hotel unless they just pay for it outright. i’m sure they get some kind of insiders deal if they had to do that but it also could be cheaper to just refund the $99 a night back to the people once the rooms have been filled. just wondering out loud, it’s not going to stop me from trying to get a ticket but i fear for the ticket server more than anything else

  201. steven m Says:

    I feel you, Jesse. I found out about the show 2 months ago via Citylife and my girlfriend and I had also been waiting anxiously for more information (at the time only Pavement was confirmed). Everyone I know is/was hyped about going. And I’m in the same boat as far as working – working for the school district means I would have to get a sub on short notice to stand in line for a very minuscule chance of getting tickets. It’s just not practical to do.

    Spoon is supposedly playing in Henderson the same weekend, so at least I have that to look forward to, but it’s still disappointing after waiting months for ticketing information, and years of wanting to see bands like Ted Leo and new Pornographers (as well as PAvement, GBV, and the others). It’s an extra bummer to have an amazing show walking distance from your house that you can’t get into.

  202. rob Says:


    you seem to have ample time and access to the internet to debate this issue at length, here’s a solution to this troubling problem.

    1) Buy tickets (WITH HOTEL!!) online.
    2) Keep tickets and go to show, enjoy!
    3) Sublet the unnecessary room to another person, perhaps on craigslist? Since $99/night for a room at the Palms is a swell deal, you could probably even ask and get $149/night for the room, thus nearly subsidizing your showgoing experience and turning a slight profit.

    Maybe this will work, maybe it won’t. But you’ve got options and with some gumption I am sure you will be able to make it work for you.

  203. Erling Says:

    Richard, give it a rest. No need to be a jerk to people just because they don’t have cash at hand. Kind of funny, though, that you’re presenting yourself as a paragon of maturity, while at the same time you’re telling people to call in sick to line up for concert tickets.

  204. zippyju Says:

    Jesus, Jesse. You’ve never called in sick to score tickets to a rock show? If you have an ounce of rock-and-roll in you, you’ll find a way to stand in that line. Otherwise, I think there’s a Kenny Loggins show that same weekend… shouldn’t be any trouble getting seats.

  205. Jeff Says:


    I hate to continue to belabor the point of hotel costs, but it is disingenuous of you to use either or any major travel Web site as a barometer for the Palms being \cheap\ at $99/night. I visit Vegas 4-5x/year and am on the mailing lists of every five-star in the city. Right now for fall I can get a suite at the Wynn Encore, THE single nicest hotel in town, for $109/night weekdays and $159/night weekends. On Priceline I invariably get the Venetian or Palazzo, both much nicer than the Palms, for $80-$100/night unless there’s a convention in town.

    That said, I’m fine with staying at the Palms. My MUCH bigger concern, however, is the lack of information you’ve provided on either a) maximum number of tickets that can be purchased at one time online and b) the assigned-seating issue. I have six friends in Austin who are planning to attend. It will ROYALLY suck if we cannot sit together if, say, you can only buy two or four tickets at a time. I would strongly encourage you to work out the logistics on this before tickets go on sale!

    Finally, I think you need to make very sure with the Palms that they will potentially have the ENTIRE hotel available for show guests. I don’t know about others, but I’m getting my own room. I know many, if not most, others will double or quadruple up, but there is nevertheless the potential of all 1300 rooms being needed.

  206. sean Says:

    just playing devil’s advocate a bit here, i have no idea where Zia’s is but i know crime is getting realy bad in parts of Vegas right now, camping out anywhere all night, especially somewhere without security, is probably not on the to-do list of even the most die-hard indie music fan out there.

  207. Gerard Says:


    I only quoted Qrbitz and Cheaptickets because I was responding to what looked like an inaccurate price quote supplied by someone else on here. I’m sure the Wynn is a lovely hotel, but they’re not putting on this show.

    The maximum number of tickets you can purchase online Friday is 4 (four), so if you’re planning on attending with a party of 6, this will require two different purchasers. Seats at the Pearl are reserved, but there is a limited standing room in front of the stage (we’re not selling SRO tickets).

    We have an sufficient number of rooms on hold for everyone purchasing tickets.

  208. Bill Says:

    I think you missed my point about the Deluxe Double/King rooms . If you look at the Palm’s website, the Deluxe Double and the Deluxe King rooms are the same price. If I go I will be going with my girlfriend and we would prefer a Deluxe King room. The question is, will I be able to switch my reservation from a Deluxe Double which you are requiring that we purchase, to a Deluxe King.

  209. Taylor Says:

    Yeah, I’ll take that bet Spacejace. I was in the concert promotion business for years. Not only is Matador underestimating the state of the economy, they are overestimating the popularity of the bands on their label. If the Pavement/Sonic Youth show wasn’t happening in LA AND the required stay at The Palms didn’t exist it would sell out. Get rid of just the required stay at The Palms and it might sell out. I’m gonna take the odds and wait and see what Matador decides to to when the event date creeps closer and they still got 1,000 tickets on their hands. Anyone feeling weird about spending at least $300 a person, I suggest doing the same.

  210. fingerscrossed Says:

    Good god what a load of whinging!!! my pals and i are trying to make it posible to get there from England. It’ll be a logistical nightmare and a shit load of money but we’ve got everything crossed so we get our grubby little hands on the golden ticket. i’m still a little confused at what time tickets go on sale as i’ve got no clue what PST is, i’m presuming it’s like BST where you save an hours daylight? Anyway good luck with it and i hope to see you there…incidently captcha words – the trollope – baggsie the erotic room!

  211. steven m Says:

    I know at this point there isn’t going to be any significant change to the way Matador is doing this festival, but I hope that if one thing comes out of this dialogue it’s that Matador realizes that there is a large fan base for their bands in Las Vegas and tours of Matador bands start routing through Vegas more often. I would be very happy getting to see a few Matador bands every year in my hometown.

  212. sean Says:

    gerard thanks for the clarification on room availibility. i forsee trouble sleeping thursday night…..

  213. Bonhomme Says:

    Hey folks,

    What’s the word on the streets for Mission of Burma at Matador at 21?


  214. D.G. Says:

    Jesse writes: “I’m not asking the event organizers to change anything for little old me, nor am I calling them crooks or jerks or assholes.”

    First, a way’s back, you referred to the “room + tickets hustle”. “Hustle” implies underhanded/crooked/assholic behavior, unless you mean it in the “giving 110%” sense, which I’m guessing you didn’t.

    Second, the fact that you keep posting the same complaint over and over suggests you are asking/looking for something, like Gerard hand delivering tickets to your door, or Willy Wonka golden tickets. So, in the interests of closure, please just spit out what you want.

    I don’t think anyone here considers you a bad person–you’re just way overplaying the role of Indy Rock Victim, and I’m guessing that if you re-directed 10% of your energy, you’d figure out how to get tickets.

  215. sean Says:

    taylor – u may be right, i dunno, but i think you might be underestimating the amount of people in SoCal alone who can drive to this thing who spent the last 20 years buying matador music. maybe palms will give us odds on a first hour or first day sellout and we can make a side bet :-)

  216. Luke N. Atmaguchi Says:

    @Jeff: “Helium (or any Mary Timony related project).” I feel ya! I love MARY TIMONY’s last two albums (The Shapes We Make, Ex-Hex) more than anything she’s done, and live she’s shredding at sick Malkmus levels. Also hoping re: BETTIE SERVEERT have Oct. 3 free between Minneapolis and Denver. Carol, I know you wanna stay for the Twins home closer, but *think of us*!

  217. Gerard Says:

    steven m,

    not to change the subject too much, but we’re fully in favor of our bands playing Las Vegas. We’re not the ones who schedule their tours, however, and I suspect the respective agents would like to hear from Vegas venues/promoters if the demand is there. There’s not much reason to snub Las Vegas given the proximity to other places our bands routinely play.

  218. Gerard Says:

    sadly, Roger Miller has a scheduling conflict with Alloy Orchestra dates that weekend, so Mission Of Burma will not be playing.

  219. jazzmaster Says:

    Looks like Teenage Fanclub has Oct 2nd free between Philly and Pitts on their North American tour schedule. Might be a long haul from and back to the east coast but whats a few thousand miles to bury the hatchet…maybe they could play “The King” in its entirety.

  220. Loretta Says:


    Can we interpret your silence on Railroad Jerk to mean they are still a possibility?

  221. D.G. Says:

    Taylor, I assume you’re familiar with ATP, who routinely sells 5-6,000 tickets to festivals requiring people to spend three nights in a freakin’ British holiday camp in the middle of nowhere, in December? And, that ATP has never had four headliners this big at any one festival?

    My guess is you’re trying to lull us into a false sense of security. :-)

  222. Bonhomme Says:

    Thanks for the prompt reply Gerard. Total bummer about Burma…but there are so many other great bands playing!

    I truly hope I can score some tickets on Friday.

    Thanks again,

    London, Ontario

  223. steven m Says:

    Thanks for the information, Gerard. You can imagine how frustrating it can be to be a fan of a band like Ted Leo or New Pornographers for a decade (or close to it) and see every tour they do skip your city. I’ll definitely be looking into getting the agents and venues in touch with each other. Thanks again.

  224. mark Says:


    2100 tickets. 2100! You don’t think they’ll sell out in one day? Half of them will go to obsessed GBV fans (like me) who haven’t seen them since 2004 and may not ever again!

  225. Jesse Says:


    Sorry, some of us actually have something called a work ethic. I’m lucky enough to have a great job without a college degree that I basically fell ass-backwards into and I don’t intend to jeopardize it by standing in line at a record store when the odds are I’d just go away without any tickets to begin with. My industry is unstable enough that I am never complete unexpendable, and I’m already taking a week and a half off for my wedding at the end of this month. I’ve got no one to go stand in line for me, unfortunately, and even if I did I couldn’t justify sending them out into 110 degree heat to stand in line for it all to come to naught. And anyway, camping out is not going to make much of a difference in this case, per the Las Vegas Sun they’ll be choosing the people eligible to buy tickets via wristband lottery, so as long as you get there by 10 am you stand a chance of getting one of the wristbands and maybe getting your number chosen. I guess valuing my job security, such as it is over standing in line for this show makes me insufficiently rock n roll. So be it, where do I turn in my gun and badge?

    Look, I’m not trying to make a spectacle of myself here, I’m not asking for special favors. I’m no one special, I just wish this would have been handled differently. My choice of the word “hustle” to describe the mandatory rooms + tickets deal was unfortunate, I’ll cop to that.

    If the details announced yesterday had been “Tickets for all 3 nights are $350 per person” I would have talked it over with my fiancee and we would have decided to try to get the tickets online. It’s not that I can’t afford $700 if its just for the show, I would gladly pay that and maybe more for just the show. What I resent is the fact that I know that I’d be forced to pay for a hotel room I do not need and then have the responsibility of trying to fill that room on Craigslist and possibly having to eat the cost entirely if there are no takers. And to the person who suggested I try to sublet the rooms for profit, I’m pretty sure that’s illegal and I would not abuse the deal that the organizers of the event and the Palms management have put into place that way, regardless of how I feel about it. I don’t think that the package deal is necessarily unfair in and of itself, the issue is that there wasn’t advance warning that this would be the deal in the weeks before the official announcement. I imagine Gerard and the other organizers have known for some time that this would the arrangement, so I fail to see why there couldn’t have been some advance word.

    Imagine for a second that you are a music starved guy or gal living in one of the most creatively moribund cities in the United States and you find out that an amazing line-up of bands is going to be playing in your town. You spend weeks talking about and thinking about how great it’s going to be, and then when the details are announced, you find that you’re being asked to pay $300 for a hotel room you don’t have any use for and that would prove daunting to unload on someone else given that anyone else buying online is in the same boat. It’s disheartening to say the least.

    Like I said, I’m not asking for Gerard to try to make it up to me, I’m one of thousands who want to come and I’m not such a fool that I would expect him to make some sort of exception for me, I just want the organizers to understand that when they announce something like this and basically handicap locals who want to see it who don’t want to fork over $300 for unnecessary hotel rooms, it’s going to create hurt feelings.

    I know I said yesterday I’d said my piece, but I’m done now.

    Gerard, thank you for putting together this amazing line-up, I only wish I could make it and be part of the celebration. Please know that despite my epic butthurt on display here I am still grateful for everything Matador has done over the years and harbor no ill will towards you or the label or any of the artists. I know everyone who will get to go will have a great time and I wish everyone well and exhort you all to have extra fun for me and anyone else who can’t make it.

    And if the GBV set turns into one of the epic ones of yore, please have someone write a blog entry about it so I can at least pretend I was there, yeah?

  226. spacejace Says:

    taylor, it’s no wonder you’re not in the promotion business anymore. after it sells out in one day, I won’t see you here the next day either. dorgon and every other whiner: Matador is not \asking\ you to do anything. They’re giving you the information. You are CHOOSING not to go. END. OF. STORY. Jesse, you’re kidding, right? It jsut hit me now, you MUST be kidding you sound so absurd. It’s a joke. I get it. You had me fooled there for a second, w/ your, “I have a work ethic!” bit. That’s a good one! LMAO! You got me!

  227. Uncle Bob Says:

    I understand that set times won’t be posted now, but approximately what time will the show start on Friday? If I am lucky enough to get tickets (Taylor, they will be gone in an hour), I won’t be able to get to Vegas until late afternoon Friday. Also will this purchase be refundable? GBV! GBV! GBV! This song does not rock!

  228. Taylor Says:

    D.G. these bands all routinely play SoCal minus Pavement and Guided by Voices. Pavement of which is playing the Thur before this event in LA and has already played earlier this year at Coachella and in Pomona. I don’t know the line-ups ATP has had in the UK in the past, plus I don’t know the musical landscape of the UK. I’m guessing though ATP brings a lot of bands from around the world that don’t routinely play the UK. Festivals like Coachella sell 80,000 tickets at $260 a pop because they add acts like Jay-Z, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Paul McCartney who have gigantic fanbases. That and most U.S. festivals have a reputation as a place to “party” so every idiot, rich kid, fratdude who couldn’t care less about who’s playing comes out of the woodwork I might be totally wrong, but based on my 10+ years being involved w/ the concert business I’d bet the odds I’m right.

  229. Steven D Says:

    a dream come true reduced to a wristband lottery :-( i sure hope friday will not be one of the most disappointing days of my life

  230. benjamin Says:

    so someone above pointed out that palms has 700 rooms, and palms place has 600 rooms.

    how many of these are the standard double bed rooms that will be available for this package? how many rooms is the palms setting aside specifically for this event? i can’t be the only person who wouldn’t be sharing a room with three other people, so what’s going to happen if there is overflow? just wondering.

    and in response to the person who suggested that jesse attempt to “sublet” his hotel room, that’s a monumentally bad idea. palms would more than likely not be on board with this decision, so i kind of doubt they would be willing to put someone else’s credit card on file in place of jesse’s, meaning that jesse would still be on the hook for any charges placed to the room.

  231. ron mexico Says:


    i think epic butthurt is an understatement, your butt is gashed like the deepwater horizon, this comments section is your gulf of mexico and i am an oiled pelican. many solutions have been offered but none have been successful. however we vow to keep trying. hopefully the relief well will be finished being drilled by october 1.

  232. zippyju Says:


    You should turn in your gun and badge to Bob Pollard.

  233. Tracey Says:

    To whom it may concern:

    I tried reading through all of the stuff up above but it all seemed a little bit nuts & unorganized so I am going to lay out the issues I have.

    A group of people from Chicago (including myself) saw the initial lineup & got excited. Really excited. We like the bands, we like the label…so we booked tickets to Las Vegas along with making hotel reservations (it was a package deal). Fine.

    Then today I learn (I was busy & unable to read Monday’s announcement yesterday) the ticket price. Not going to bitch about that. It is a good price, well worth it, and I would pay that any day of the week for this lineup. Fine.

    Then I go a little further and learn that we are \required\ to stay at The Palms in order to be able to buy tickets at all unless we are Nevada residents. Now this is the one that really gets me. I can understand why you wanted everyone to stay at the same hotel, create a family atmosphere, and make it all around badass (and for a good price…$99/night is a VERY good deal at The Palms). However, why was this not announced in advance? We would have had no problem booking just a flight & complying with the routine had we known.

    Before anyone rattles off anything about \why would you book tickets & a hotel room before even securing tickets for the show?\ We knew that not getting tickets was a possibility & we still decided to book it and just, in the event of NOT getting tickets, have a trip to Vegas. However, we now have NO CHANCE of seeing this show as we are A) NOT Nevada residents B) Have reservations that may only be canceled for a hefty fee. All I am saying is that this should have been more organized & this condition should have been announced in the first press release. Thanks

    Not whining just BUMMED in Chicago.

  234. sean Says:

    assuming a sellout, will be very very curious to see the average ebay price on these in a couple weeks

  235. Dorgon Says:

    Taylor, the rich kids are on the Palms casino mailing list, and will be put on notice. If the venue isn’t keeping some tickets for their high rollers, I’ll eat my hat. Keep your eyes peeled for the Ed Hardy shirts.

  236. Striped White Pants Says:

    A scenario: My friends and I are both going to try and get through online on Friday, and if successful we’ll get tickets for each other. But we don’t necessarily want to share a room. In that case, can we get more than one room, either through the ticket sale, or after the fact with the Palms?


  237. Zac Says:

    There are nearly 200 comments on this post. Wow. I appreciate Gerard and crew answering comments as best they can, but maybe it’s time to cut people off. Folks are going to complain as long as you keep responding.

    And for all of you complainers: You know, not everyone will get to attend this show and it will be OK. The sun will come out tomorrow. Believe it or not. Sure, it’s an amazing bill and I’m hoping to somehow score tickets as well, but it’s just a rock show. Three days of a dream lineup rock show, but it’s just a rock show. There will be others. And all the whining in the world is not going to change that.

    Thank you Matador for putting this together. Even if I don’t get to go, I’ll love the many hypothetical conversations my friends I will have about our dream Matador lineup. Cheers!

    (Now, does that comment earn me any bonus points good toward tickets to the shows? I had to ask.)

  238. sean Says:

    $500 is less than most of those kids will have to pay for a room that weekend without the concert – let’s pray they don’t know about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  239. Jujubean023 Says:

    I am personally thankful for the opportunity to try for tickets to such a great event that I belive will sell out in less than 10 minutes! I am equally thankful for a great price on a hotel and becuase it’s mandatory will also mean fewer people I’m competing with to purchase tickets.

    If I’m not fortunate enough to get tickets – maybe a 22nd birthday at a bigger venue – say Coachella?

  240. TFlyAmy Says:

    Hey Guys-

    Glad to see so much buzz about this event. We are excited to be
    working on such an amazing line-up with a legendary label! I will definitely be here.

    For those of you looking for details- Ticketfly will update you as
    soon as the information is publicly available.

    Follow us at or, or check in with Matador for the
    latest updates.

    If you have purchased tickets or have specific questions about our purchase process and policies, you can email us at


  241. C.D. Says:

    Gerard’s comments on LV are definitely condescending. Almost all the bands are playing much larger arenas on their current tours…Pavement & SY are playing the Hollywood Bowl! Having it at a place that holds, say, 4000 people would’ve kept the intimacy & given more fans a chance to see it.

    And comparing us to those other cities doesn’t work either because these bands, for the most part, (GBV the obvious exception) play those cities on a regular basis & the fans there have many more opportunities to see them.

    I wonder how many of the tix will go to friends of the label & bands & the Palms? There aren’t going to be many left for ANYONE. I think we’re going to hear a lot more bitching by the out of town folks after Friday.

  242. Matthew Says:

    Here’s a tip for those who have booked rooms, live in Vegas, etc. and are having serious doubts about getting tickets. Join a mailing list, forum, fanclub, some kind of fan community, of your favorite band and maybe someone on there will have extra tickets (keyword: community!). If I am not lucky enough to get a ticket, that’s where I’m putting my hopes. If I do tickets, and can’t find a friend to go with me, then I will be offering my ticket/room to someone on the mailing list I’ve been on for years.

  243. benjamin Says:

    this seems like a legitimate question (imo), so i’ll ask it again since the first hasn’t been approved.

    so someone (dorgon) above pointed out that palms has 700 rooms, and palms place has 600 rooms.

    how many of these are the standard double bed rooms that will be available for this package? how many rooms is the palms setting aside specifically for this event? i can’t be the only person who wouldn’t be sharing a room with three other people, so what’s going to happen if there is overflow? just wondering.

  244. Gerard Says:


    we’ve gone out of our way to reserve a percentage of tickets for Las Vegas residents, a gesture we’ve not made towards any other city (including the one where we were founded and are based). Yes, Pavement and Sonic Youth and Belle & Sebastian are playing larger rooms (as have Yo La Tengo , the New Pornographers, GBV and Cat Power in the past). But the same cannot be said for most of the bands on this bill and in our estimation, it’s going to be a better weekend if you’re watching the stage rather than a jumbotron screen. We genuinely regret that more of these artists aren’t playing Las Vegas on a regular basis, but again, that’s not our call.

    As far as tickets for friends of the label, bands, etc. we are limiting these quantities as best we can. We’re putting a good deal of time and energy into making as large a percentage of tickets available to the public as possible. If the shows end up selling out and there’s resulting disappointment, that’s obviously a drag but we’re trying to walk a line between doing something on a large scale but still preserving a level of intimacy.

  245. Gerard Says:

    A limited number of 3-day tickets priced at $250—with no Palms reservation required — will be available Friday morning at 9am PST via

  246. mike o Says:

    Hey Gerard…you said there was limited space in the standing area…You said no SRO tickets…So if you have a seated ticket can you just go up front if there is room? or what?

    Thanks – oh and get TNV to play as well

  247. sean Says:

    gerard you are going above and beyond with all this !

  248. TFlyAmy Says:

    I agree! Cheers to Gerard and Patrick S for being so attentive. So excited to be working with you guys!


  249. Sérgio Felizardo Says:

    Dear matador, dear Gerard,

    just to thank you for these and to tell you that on friday i’LL be here in Portugal with my hand on the keyboard and praying to be one of the lucky buyers. Vegas here we go!!!!:)

  250. Erling Says:

    Gerard, thanks for weeding through all this and hauling ass to make this work for as many people as possible.

  251. Bob Says:

    Would love to see Bottomless Pit play a set of Silkworm songs.

  252. sean Says:

    just curious if anyone knows if rough showtimes would be announced when tickets go on sale. i will probbaly need to take a red-eye back and want to check and see if there are even flights after the show sunday night.

  253. Jose Says:

    Anyone have a ticketfly iphone app? I can’t seem to find one. on their site it shows that they do but I can’t find it.

  254. Tim Says:

    \A limited number of 3-day tickets priced at $250—with no Palms reservation required — will be available Friday morning at 9am PST via\

    So basically if I complain enough you’ll cave and give me what I want?

    Sweet- I am angry! This is unfair! (is it working) can you please put a side a limited number of tickets for cry-babies named Tim.

  255. Donnie Vegas Says:

    Nice job on the tickets available with no room requirement. This Las Vegan thanks you.

  256. Phillip Says:

    Thank You Gerard & Matador!!

  257. Steven D Says:

    Awesome, thanks so much for making tickets available to locals online. Now if i can’t get them there or at zia i guess it just isn’t meant to be

  258. C.D. Says:

    Thanks Matador! That’s a really nice gesture. Thanks for listening to our gripes from LV & trying to rectify the situation…Sometimes it just seems like everyone wants to come & party here & have a blast while forgetting that people actually live here & work here & call this place home…(and most of us don’t have anything to do with the casinos.)

    And hopefully the Matador bands will start coming here more often!

  259. Richard Says:

    Kenneth Amperes
    Park Volume
    Conga Lame
    Tristan Windows
    From Spirits
    The Timid
    Tubular Topping
    Hornier Virtually
    Romeo Particularly
    Financial Implodes
    Next Barroom

    Is this a list of indie bands playing the opening slots at Matador, or is it just the BEST CAPTCHA GENERATOR EVER!?

  260. Jim Says:

    Please tell me there will be Matador karaoke somewhere?! With Yo La Tengo as backing band!!! I’d pay 50 bucks just to sing “..and I could really give a $%^#..” with Malkmus. bon jovi, jim

  261. jenna m. Says:

    this better be the one night GBV will reunite from now until eternity, because if they do a tour two months afterwards it will be a stab and a half in everyone’s backs after all this bookings brouhaha – specially considering all the other bands play regularly and have toured/will tour the U.S. this year in smaller, better venues than Britney Spears’ vacation hotel of choice. still love you, Matador! Vegas, baby!

  262. Dorgon Says:

    Thanks for offering the tickets with no room requirement. Now when my friends and I decide whether or not to stay at The Palms, we’ll feel like it’s a choice. This makes me a happy American.

    You’ve done well here, Gerard and friends, and I thank you. If I end up making it to the show, I owe you a beverage of your choice.

    Dissent off.

  263. Chad Says:

    “A limited number of 3-day tickets priced at $250—with no Palms reservation required — will be available Friday morning at 9am PST via”

    Gerard, I’ve said it here before but I’ll say it again. You are a gentleman and a scholar, a fine judge of whisky and friend to all, couch-crashers and resort-guests alike. IF I get a ticket this Friday I will buy you a beer in Vegas that weekend.

  264. Manuel Says:

    Hello Gerard, would you know if Guided by Voices is playing on Friday? I’m flying from Spain mainly to see them (and Chavez!!), but planning to arrive at las Vegas late on Friday (unless GBV play that night!).

  265. jazzmaster Says:


    You always have had a choice. If you didn’t like the way the fest was set up, you could have chosen not to go! But instead you came here and bitched and whined about this incredible festival that Gerard and all the other great folks at Matador have spent, no doubt, countless hours working on.

    Many of the blog responses to this entry have served as cold, hard reminder of just how much the internet sucks nearly every fucking last drop of joy from everything about the music I hold so dear.

    This festival could possibly be the single greatest indie label showcase in history (Merge XX was pretty damn good, so we will have to wait and see!) and the amount of entitlement that people falsely believe they have toward it sickens me!

  266. spacejace Says:

    jenna, and others whining about how all the bands tour and you can see them w/out this festival… 1) not for anywhere CLOSE to THIS cheap you can’t! 2) not in this kind of awesome, festival, party atmosphere you can’t (this is to say nothing of all the Matador/band related parties and extras), and 3) you’re obviously only thinking about yourself, because almost everyone going to this thing don’t live where all these bands tour anyway. And your, “GBV better not tour again after this,” just smacks of something tween fans of Britney (you brought her up, not me!) would say. like…get over yourself, and stuff….!!

    but here’s perhaps the best post in the entire comments section, that sums up how us normal folks feel about the elitist, selfish, whiners…

    “Gerard, I have found out from my boss that I may have to work the weekend of the festival. Could you please bump the festival back by approximately 4 days to better accommodate me? Come to think of it, I don’t like the fact that the on sale time was announced in PCT. Please make all future announcements in Central Time for the western half of Indiana that doesn’t acknowledge daylight savings. Also, the Palms is not ideally situated to maximize my enjoyment of the sun. Please rotate the entire hotel 13 degrees counterclockwise. Finally, you have not selected my preferred GBV lineup, and the word Matador has too many vowels in it. Please remove 2 of them.”

  267. Chris Says:

    Is there a way if you do end up getting a room that it can be transfered to someone else? Say I get a room, have a place to say and want to get rid of my room. Can I sell the room on Ebay or another site to someone that wants it? Not sure if anyone who’s been complaining about the room has asked that question or not. But was thinking of possibly doing that if I do get a room.

  268. Catherine Says:

    For the GBV acolytes: Looks like there WILL be U.S. dates following this show:

  269. Dorgon Says:

    The everything is wonderful this is so amazing you should be on your knees thanking everyone for everything people are worse than anyone who brings up an actual issue. The fact that more Vegas tickets are available and that you can now buy a ticket without a room are testament to the fact that these ideas make sense to Matador.

  270. D.G. Says:

    i just wanna know if someone told Jesse about the no hotel required tickets before he jumped off the roof of the Luxor…

  271. Gerard Says:


    though you can share the room with whoever you want, the reservation itself can’t be re-sold.

  272. james america Says:

    Thanks for the non-hotel option!
    You guys rock!

  273. D.G. Says:

    Thanks for posting that link, Catherine! Friday just got a bit less stressful! :-)

  274. Gary Says:

    Gerard, do you know if I’ll be able to get 2 tickets + 2 rooms?

  275. Bags Says:

    Any idea if tickets and rooms will be transferable? I am trying like hell to get to this, but have a family event I may not be able to get out of (while maintaining a semblance of a relationship with certain family members). BUT, if I can get out of it, obviously I need to get a ticket this Friday.

    Thanks, I know there are a million questions. This is the MOST awesome…I wish I were closer than DC or I’d just bop out for my family crap…I mean event.

  276. What's The Matador? Says:

    Reading all the comments here certainly proves that no great deed goes unpunished.
    You guys have put together an amazing festival.

  277. Gerard Says:


    as the ticket and room sales are intertwined (save for the “ala carte” option of tickets at $250 each), you’d need to make two different transactions — one ticket + one room, and then again, one ticket + one room. Space/tickets permitting, you should be able to do it.

  278. Bags Says:

    I think it’s clear many of you with concerns about the rooms have never planned an event at a hotel. It is usually required to have a block of rooms in order to then have access to the ballrooms, etc., at the hotel. I have no doubt that this arrangement is the only way that Matador is able to host a three-day music festival for less than $200. I would assume that without the room blocks, tix would be over $500. Aha, the price of them with the rooms!

    This is the economics of event planning, and a simple fact of life. Matador is clearly really working hard to craft an amazing, memorable experience for those who are able to be there. With 2100 seats, my concern is that it sells out in seconds… Best of luck to those of you who are truly excited about this once in a lifetime three-day event! [IE, this is not a run of the mill concert, but a true musical journey.] Thanks, Matador. My fingers are crossed I can be there.

  279. Bags Says:

    PS, if you’re a poor college student, this is life. We’ve all been there and had to make choices. The great thing is that you have years and years ahead of you full of all kinds of great experiences you can’t even conceive of now. Relax.

  280. Gregg Says:

    Bardo Pond please.

  281. AD Says:

    Would love to read an answer to the question of buying multiple tickets and sharing the same room.  

    A great example: I wish to attend with my girlfriend and stay at The Palms with the Matador discounted rate.  Can I buy 2 tickets @ $199 and 1 room @ $99/night, or will I have to buy 2 rooms (1 per ticket), or will I have to buy 1 ticket @ $199 + 1 room @ $99/night + 1 ticket @ $250?

    Thanks for organizing this, hopefully your headaches are subsiding now that more information is coming out…

  282. steven m Says:

    Bags – Punk Rock Bowling, Viva, and other festivals here don’t require you to get a room with your ticket, and they are also at hotel/casinos. This is the first I’ve heard of this happening. Usually there is a discounted rate offered at the hotel hosting the fest for people traveling but it’s not mandatory to stay there. Granted, since the Pearl is a relatively smaller venue (it’s where bands like Bloc Party, Vampire Weekend, and Band of Horses play when they are in town), maybe they were worried that the percentage of people staying with them wouldn’t be large enough.

    Gerard – I really appreciate that the $250 no room required tickets are going to be available. Now I feel like I have just as much a chance as anyone else without having to pay for a room I don’t need. Thanks again for taking the concerns posted here to heart and making those changes.

  283. iru Says:


    Regarding what Gary above asked about two tickets plus two rooms… now we have the opposite issue of people who didn’t want hotel rooms.

    Scenario: A friend and I (and maybe our girlfriends as well, for sake of argument) want to go to the show, we want to sit together at the show, but we want to stay in SEPARATE rooms. To do this, you’re saying that we’d have to each try to get tickets separately? What happens if one of us gets tickets, but the other doesn’t. We’re either all want to go or none of us goes.

    Is there some way around this? We’d like to order tickets together with separate rooms. I think a large portion of the “die-hard” audience here are “mature” adults who are a little past wanting to “bunk” with other people, even if they’re good friends.

    Can you please look into allowing us to order multiple tickets with multiple rooms?

    Thanks for your consideration.

  284. Cat Says:

    Hey Matador,

    Thanks so much for this show. I haven’t been able to think of anything else all week:)

    Someone mentioned Railroad Jerk… that would be the cherry on my sundae. Any comment on that?


  285. BC Says:

    To the guy who wrote, “You’re all crybabies, stop acting entitled, they could’ve made this a private show.”

    My primary issue here is that Matador 21 was announced and hyped like any other destination festival. Only after many people began making accommodations did the event start to take the tone of an industry party.

    I appreciate the difficulties that go into planning an event of this magnitude. However, I agree with the person who said “Don’t announce anything until you have all of the pieces in place.”

    The result of the constant back and forth for me has been a quick change from elation upon reading the initial announcements to not giving a hoot if I go or not. And I’m going to be in Vegas, at that! It will be a bummer if I’m in Vegas and can’t see some of the Matador 21 shows…but it might be a blessing if the festival is as shambolic as the announcements and releases of information have been thus far.

  286. BrummieBoy Says:

    Hi from the UK

    Trying not to get too excited about this til I’ve bagged me and the missus some tickets. Guessing it’s gonna sell out pretty fast right? What do people think – seconds, minutes, hours or days??

    By the way, 9am PST is 5pm BST right?!


  287. Gary Says:


    iru describes the scenario that I’m interested in as well. Please consider the option of purchasing multiple tickets with multiple rooms.

    Thank you, and the Palms, for trying to accommodate everyone’s wishes!

  288. Jeff Says:

    At some point, going to great pains to make this the PERFECT situation for EVERYONE is probably going to backfire and screw things up royally for all of us.

    We’re ALL going to have to accept SOME degree of imperfection here, folks.

    Let’s quit trying to micromanage this process before we unleash a slew of unintended consequences.

  289. Gerard Says:


    I’m sorry this has been so tiresome for you, but I don’t think our policies and prices are totally different from other “destination festivals” (ATP certainly comes to mind). As far as the event “taking the tone of an industry party”, we’re attempting to sell about 90% of the tickets to a 2100 capacity venue to the general public. I don’t know how many industries parties you’ve been to that operate that way (admittedly, I don’t go to a lot of industry parties). I think the bigger frustration comes from simple supply and demand. We’ve touted a cool event and there’s angst over our inability to promise easy, affordable access to every person who wishes to attend. Yet if we didn’t trumpet said cool event, there’d be anxious moments over the public not receiving ample warning or even knowing about the show in the first place (you’ll note that we’ve yet to place a single advertisement for “The Lost Weekend”).

    I hope you’ll try to attend and if successful in obtaining tickets, end up with a better feeling about the whole thing.

  290. DER Says:

    I’m one of those people who booked a hotel room before getting tickets (it’s fully refundable and I can cancel) — but it’s *at* the Palms (Palms Place). The rate is actually higher than the $99 for the standard double, but I’d prefer to stay there if given the choice.

    Assuming I’m lucky enough to get tickets, is there any way I can keep my reservation at Palms Place, and not have to stay at the Palms proper, and we can just call it even, since it’s the same property? Heck, I might even be doing someone a favor, in case there’s a run on the 700 rooms at the Palms!

    Otherwise, someone asked this above, yet I don’t think it’s been answered: Will upgrades at the Palms also be offered at a reduced rate?


  291. BC Says:


    Thank you for your comments, they are truly appreciated.

    When I said “destination festivals,” I was thinking of something like Lollapalooza or Pitchfork or Bonnaroo or Coachella, for which you just get a ticket, and then you can look for hotel deals or packages. Granted, those things don’t take place IN hotels like Matador 21 will, so it is true that your festival must be handled differently. My disappointment comes not with the prices, but with the lack of clarity on the requirements of ticket purchases vis-a-vis hotel bookings. In hindsight, of course it makes sense that an event in a hotel might require booking a room at that same hotel; it’s the lack of information on that in the earliest days of this festival’s marketing–not to mention the sometimes contradictory information that has appeared on Matablog and your Twitter feed–that has disappointed me and others.

    As for my comment that Matador 21 is “taking the tone of an industry party,” I concede that my turn of phrase wasn’t accurate. Rather than taking the tone of an industry party, it has taken the tone of an exclusive event (which it is, yes) to which entrance is not as simple as it may have appeared to the general public when the thing was first announced. Now, what I mean here has nothing to do with easy, affordable access–it’s been clear from the beginning, to me at least, that only ~2,000 tickets would be available at a cost to be expected of such an event. I have no complaint about the cost, accessibility, or supply and demand. The only thing that has disappointed me, aside from the confusing flow of information, was the news that to attend the event a person must also book a Palms room, because I made housing accommodations before this detail was announced. Never before in my twenty years of attending music festivals has advance booking even been an issue. Now that you plan to release some tickets without the requirement of a Palms reservation, my primary complaint is assuaged. On Friday, I’ll find out if I’m one of the lucky ones.

    (Incidentally, you mentioned that you’ve yet to place a single advertisement for the event, though there is currently a banner running on Pitchfork that has all of the signposts of an advert.)

    Thanks again for taking the time to respond on this message board. I know all too well how frustrating it is to contend with a complaining public, and your patience and candor here is to be commended.

    I do hope to make it to the shows this October, and look forward to having a great time.

  292. bonhomme Says:

    Hi Gerard,

    When can we expect further updates? I keep checking this thing every 5 minutes and it seems that you mostly handling damage control duties…

    The anticipation for this Friday is making me feel ill.

    Thanks for your help,

  293. TractorRapeChain Says:

    So myself and two friends are coming down to this thing and wanting to stay at the Palms. Will one person need to buy the tickets for the three of us and three nights at the Palms? Or can we all buy 1 ticket and 3 nights at the Palms? I can’t seem to figure this out by sorting through all the comments. Thanks for any help.

  294. Tom Says:

    OMG, you guys are killing me. Please add one good band, just one so that I could justify dropping this much money! Really, you guys are killing me.

  295. Gerard Says:

    Dear BC,

    I take your main points and yes, while no hotel stay is required in order to attend Bonnaroo or Coachella, we think the environment in question is substantially different enough to justify what we’ve put in place. I do regret any inconvenience you or others have suffered by making early hotel reservations, but I would hope those advance bookings are refundable. No one was guaranteed a ticket back in April.

    re : Pitchfork. I’m sorry, I should’ve said “print advertisement”.

    Indeed, there’s been some contradictory information, but we’re attempting to put revised plans in place across multiple platforms. Hopefully sometime before Friday morning we’ll appear sufficiently organized. FINGERS X’D!

  296. Andrew Says:

    If a friend buys a ticket separately but wants to share the hotel room that I purchased how would this be done without him paying the $250 rate?

  297. Stuart Says:

    For all those asking about the UK time tickets go on sale – it is 5pm (not 4pm as my previous press release stated) – sorry about that, I failed to take in to account our daylight savings over here too! My bad.

  298. AD Says:

    Yeah, seems my comment / question similar to TractorRapeChain has been moderated out or something. Strange.

    My question was this: How can I buy the following – 2 tickets for the festival, and 1 room at the Palms with the Matador discount. Will I have to buy 1 ticket at $199 to get the hotel room, then one ticket at $250 because that ticket doesn’t require a hotel room? If so, will the two prices of tickets be available in the same transaction? I can see this selling lightning fast and it would be a real bummer to come away with just 1 ticket.

    So yeah – I want one hotel room and 2 tickets for an awesome vacation with awesome bands. Can it be done?

  299. Gerard Says:


    I would suggest that your friend NOT buy a ticket separately but instead go in on two tickets ($199 each if you get the early tickets) plus the $99 per night room with you. I am very hopeful that if you trust this person enough to share a room, the two of you can work out reimbursement. :)


  300. dick Says:

    here’s hoping all the haters decide to stay in the bitter barn so us half-full types can play in the hay! i am literally shaking with anticipation for friday. i NEED a ticket to this. i don’t think there will be another chance to get drunk with bob nastonovich, bob pollard, AND motherfucking matt sweeney whils rocking out to many of my favorite bands ever in the world. i know it probably won’t happen but this is my dream and i need a goddamn ticket for it. stay away if you aren’t 100% on board for this please! don’t spoil it for the rest of us.

    thank you matador. luffs forever.

  301. Ryan Says:

    How many tickets is one person allowed to buy online? I am assuming it’s up to 4 in conjunction with 1 Palms reservation for up to 4. Is this correct?

  302. Alan Says:

    i’m very excited for this upcoming weekend – it would be nice to see a Pussy Galore reunion (SY vs PG – that would be amazing!), an Uzi reunion, a Helium reunion, Matmos, Arab Strap, Pole, Mogwai … oh heck, even a Burma reunion would be nice…. and don’t forget about all of the Matador Un-bands like Unsane, Unrest and Unwound.

  303. Patrick Says:

    Guys, we’ve set up a FAQ post, so I’m closing the comments on this thread now. Hopefully the FAQ will answer most of your questions, and if you have more, post new comments there. Thanks.