Wouldn’t Jimmy Carter Have Preferred The Same Guitar As Dickey Betts?

June 10th, 2010 at 12:31 pm by Gerard

Rather than a Tele? Seriously? A couple of years back, we received some scathing correspondence from one aggrieved entrepreneur who couldn’t believe Chan Marshall refused to autograph some cheap-as-fuck Charvel Jackson monstrosity he’d planned to flip on eBay. A cursory glance at this crank’s eBay listings revealed all sorts of aberrant auctions, including a Gary Numan autographed acoustic guitar. With all due respect to Mr. Numan, he’s not exactly Bert Jansch.

Anyhow, it was that exchange that came to mind when I saw the auction above earlier today. Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter has an unusually impressive c.v. ; offspring of Miss Lillian, brother to beer magnate Billy, Nobel Peace Prize winner, his tireless work for Habitat For Humanity, inspiration for one of the great pop recordings of the last century, etc…..but playing the guitar was not high on the list. When can we look forward to an auction featuring an Obama-inked B.C. Rich Warlock?

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One Response to “Wouldn’t Jimmy Carter Have Preferred The Same Guitar As Dickey Betts?”

  1. Sebastian Says:

    You need to look at the guitar as a bonus item accompanying Jimmy Carter’s DNA.