Matador Archival Madness Pt. II – A TFUL 282 Video We Can’t Recall Commissioning

June 1st, 2010 at 6:28 pm by Gerard
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….which doesn’t make it any less fantastic. Thinking Fellers Union Local 282’s “2X4’s” from 1991’s ‘Lovelyville’, directed by N. Markowski. Not seen on “120 Minutes”, but if we said otherwise, someone might believe it.

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5 Responses to “Matador Archival Madness Pt. II – A TFUL 282 Video We Can’t Recall Commissioning”

  1. Hector Says:

    I stumbled upon this video a few months ago during a late night of possibly alcohol-related youtube searches. Also found this gem of a live performance:

  2. Nick Says:

    That’s great! You guys should really reissue the TFUL282 catalog–there are about 10 people in San Francisco and 5 in New York whose day you’d really make if you did.

  3. Salman Says:

    Yeah, I’d love some TFUL282 reissues too.

  4. Neal Markowski Says:

    This is crazy! I made this video in November of 2009 for the “music video” project in my Video Production for Non-Majors class. I’m happy to see some folks are enjoying it and also to see that it wasn’t ripped off of youtube (I was a little worried about the copyright).

    I’d like to add that some 120-gram TFUL282 reissues would be stellar.


  5. Patrick Says:

    Hi guys – the rights to the TFUL282 catalog are with the band now.