Pavement low price vinyl reissues are here!

March 10th, 2010 at 6:04 pm by Patrick

(Click on the image for a closer view.)

You guys say we never listen to you… well we listened. All 5 Pavement LPs plus Watery, Domestic are now available as special low-price vinyl reissues. (Premium-price audiophile versions of the first three LPs also remain in print.)

(Click on the image for a closer view.)

List prices are 11.98 for the single LPs, 9.98 for the Watery, Domestic 12″ EP, and 15.98 for the Wowee Zowee double. All LPs come with download coupons.






(Click on the L(ow) P(rice) logo for a more detailed view.)

Look for the new “L(ow) P(rice)” sticker on the LPs. There will be more in this series.

(Click on the image for a closer view.)

Buy the Pavement L(ow) P(rice) Pavement Vinyl Reissues at your favorite local store, or directly from us:

Pavement on the Matador Store

SPECIAL BUNDLE DEAL FOR A LIMITED TIME: GET ALL 5 LPs PLUS WATERY EP FOR $50. HERE BUNDLE DEAL ENDED BUT WE FORGOT TO UPDATE THIS POST. So for all of you who missed it, here’s a second chance. We’re going to make the bundle available again for 3 more days only, starting Monday morning, April 12 and extending through midnight EDT on Wednesday, April 14. ACT NOW!

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11 Responses to “Pavement low price vinyl reissues are here!”

  1. Chad Pry Says:

    woah that LP logo is sweeeeeeet! and so is this deal.

  2. Kate Says:

    Aw. Wish you’d started the bundle deal before I bought all of those same records for the full price. Damn me and my tendency to jump the gun. 😉

  3. Patrick Says:

    We’re giving the bundle deal retroactively to people who ordered all the records already.

  4. Michael Says:

    Will the download codes include all the extras tracks from the luxe redux versions?

    oh oh oh, and I have another questions Mr. Kotter, does pavement plan on coming to Vancouver, BC?


  5. Patrick Says:

    Download codes will only include the tracks from the LP you purchase, or Domino Publishing would have something to say about that! (As would we. Go to iTunes to get ’em.)

    Can’t comment on Vancouver… yet.

  6. BC Says:

    anybody else having a problem getting the bundle? Is the $50 deal expired? Link still looks to work but when checking out nothing shows up.

  7. tyson Says:

    yeah…I keep clicking on the buddle and it says I have something in my cart, but nothing shows up when i try to check out…

  8. cb Says:

    yes me to having problems ordering bundle, has it expired (hope not) please let us know

  9. Patrick Says:

    The bundle deal expired, but we forgot to update this post. So for all you people who missed it, here’s a second chance: we’ll make the bundle available from tomorrow morning, Monday, April 12, through midnight EDT Wednesday, April 14. Act now!

  10. Patrick Says:

    And yes the bundle comes with all the download codes.

  11. John Says:

    No third chance? Please. Recently buy a Phonograph. Have to begin a LP collection.
    In case of négative answer I’ll kill this cat's_Dreams.html

    No it’s a joke. I love cats, I really love them.