And The Fucked Up 7″ Contest Winner Is…

We have a winner for the Fucked Up 7″ Contest. It is – drum rolls please – Steve Wiltse! His collection contained items that some of us in the office could not even identify. Well done, sir.

Steve will now receive a special 1 of 1 copy of Fucked Up’s new Couple Tracks 7″ with himself on the cover (above). Check out Steve’s Fucked Up collection after the jump. It is impressive, to say the least.

Pictures of his winning collection are below.

6 thoughts on “And The Fucked Up 7″ Contest Winner Is…”

  1. holy shit! well done! didnt know half of those records existed!
    i litteralyl have a couple that you don#t have though! (unless you are hiding some)

  2. yeah I’m with Cory, boring fucking pictures! my collection is pretty good I was just too lazy to come up with a good idea on how to present it. If I knew pics of them just on a wall was what would take the cake I’d have submitted. oh well.

  3. steve, awesome job on the test presses and the uber-rare items, but lack of creativity aside, but there are a lot of gaps with variants. if you’re going to include a special hard skin 7″, then you’ve got to include the different generation 7″ inserts (my friend has about 20 variants), the various triumph of life 7″ colors and different inserts, etc. hell, even red stamped vs. black stamped sleeves. overall, this poses an intriguing question – what does complete mean? and when it comes to complete, i doubt anyone is complete.

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