Pavement track listing second prize winner – limited-edition Record Store Day vinyl release

February 2nd, 2010 at 3:55 pm by Patrick

We announced the grand prize winner of the Pavement guess the track listing contest last week. That guy, from Brazil, won an all-expenses-paid trip to New York to see Pavement in Central Park next September, for coming closest to guessing the actual track listing to Quarantine The Past: The Best Of Pavement, in stores on March 9.

The no-less-coveted second prize, for most imaginative track listing, goes to Gwendael Gouriou of Plougastel-Daoulas in France. The sequence, as chosen by the band from over 1200 entries, is as follows:

1. Zurich Is Stained (SLANTED AND ENCHANTED)
2. Trigger Cut/Wounded-Kite At :17 (SLANTED AND ENCHANTED)
3. Grave Architecture (WOWEE ZOWEE)
5. …And Carrot Rope (TERROR TWILIGHT)
6. Shady Lane / J Vs. S (BRIGHTEN THE CORNERS)
11. Extradition (WOWEE ZOWEE)
14. Shoot The Singer (1 Sick Verse) (WATERY, DOMESTIC EP)
15. Kennel District (WOWEE ZOWEE)
16. Price Yeah! (SLAY TRACKS 1933-1969 EP)
17. No Life Singed Her (SLANTED AND ENCHANTED)
21. Forklift (DEMOLITION PLOT J-7 EP)
22. Fight This Generation (WOWEE ZOWEE)
23. Box Elder (SLAY TRACKS 1933-1969 EP)

Gwen’s sequence will be pressed up as a limited-edition double vinyl LP only available on Record Store Day, April 17, at participating shops. The silkscreen cover art may have some resemblance to the image above – the band are customizing it later this week as they get together for their initial reunion tour rehearsals.

In addition to 5 copies of his sequence of the album, Gwen will be getting a complete Pavement 12″ vinyl catalog on Matador. Four runners-up will be receiving these as well – we’ll be announcing those shortly, so keep your eye on this space if you entered the contest.

Pavement’s tour dates in 2010 as announced so far are as follows:

Mar 01 Auckland, NZ Auckland Town Hall
Mar 04 Sydney, AU Enmore Theatre
Mar 05 Sydney, AU Enmore Theatre
Mar 06 Meredith, AU Golden Plains Festival
Mar 07 Adelaide, AU Thebarton Theatre
Mar 08 Northbridge, AU Metro City
Mar 10 Brisbane, AU The Tivoli
Mar 12 Melbourne, AU Palace Theatre
Mar 14 Melbourne, AU Palace Theatre
Apr 07 Tokyo, JP Studio Coast
Apr 08 Tokyo, JP Studio Coast
Apr 10 Osaka, JP Zepp
Apr 12 Nagoya, JP Zepp
Apr 18 Indio, CA Coachella Festival
May 04 Dublin, IE Tripod
May 05 Glasgow, UK Barrowland
May 07 Paris, FR Le Zenith
May 08 Amsterdam, NL Paradiso
May 10 London, UK Brixton Academy
May 11 London, UK Brixton Academy
May 12 London, UK Brixton Academy
May 13 London, UK Brixton Academy
May 15 Minehead, UK All Tomorrow’s Parties
May 18 Brussels, BE Ancienne Belgique
May 19 Berlin, DE Astra
May 20 Prague, CZ Palac Akropolis
May 21 Vienna, AT Arena
May 22 Munich, DE Muffathalle
May 24 Rome, IT Atlantico
May 25 Bologna, IT Estragon
May 28 Barcelona, ES Primavera Festival – Main Stage
Jun 19 Toronto, ON Olympic Island
Jun 25 Berkeley, CA Greek Theatre
Jul 04 Roskilde, DK Roskilde Festival
Aug 12 Oslo, NO Oya Festival
Aug 14 Gothenberg, SE Way Out West Festival
Sep 21 New York, NY Rumsey Playfield/Central Park
Sep 22 New York, NY Rumsey Playfield/Central Park
Sep 23 New York, NY Rumsey Playfield/Central Park
Sep 24 New York, NY Rumsey Playfield/Central Park
Preorder Quarantine The Past: The Best Of Pavement

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18 Responses to “Pavement track listing second prize winner – limited-edition Record Store Day vinyl release”

  1. Radixxs Says:

    Congrats to Gwen, ’tis a nice track list. Keep the news a’comin’!

  2. SourGrapesMan Says:

    Not be all sour grapes (or, to be), but it IS truly imaginative to use a different first track than was spec’d…

  3. Bear Says:

    Come on… We’re ready… Post the Runner Ups… The girl from France had some good picks but all us other losers (so far) want to know if we are runner ups.

  4. Fatah Ruark Says:

    What is “…And Carrot Rope”???

    Is that a mix between …And Then and Carrot Rope??

  5. Ryan Says:

    PLEASE come to TX. and sign me up to any email list for when u announce more dates!


  6. fp Says:

    yaar…. i read the rules multiple times to see if i absolutely had to have gold soundz as the lead track in order to enter, and it definitely said that was a condition. i live in NYC and have tickets for all the central park shows already, so i was trying for second prize… had i know winning w/o gold soundz as the first track was a possibility i think i could have been a whole lot more imaginative. hopefully the directions will be a little more clear if something like this (which was a KICKASS idea) happens again.

  7. Chris Says:

    Hey, that’s great. Just one problem.


    Yes, Coachella and that one Toronto island but the rest of the country needs some Pavement.

    I hope the one month gap between Sweden and Central Park is filled with American dates.

  8. Bear Says:

    When are the runner ups going to be announced?

  9. Patrick Says:

    2 weeks. Keep your eye on this space.

  10. Parlane Says:

    so who wants to guess the setlist for the auckland show on march 1st?

    closest entry wins my ticket stub.

    i’ve got no idea what they’ll start with so there’s no fear of controversy there…
    however, i can’t completely guarantee i’ll be able to remember exactly what they played.
    or even remember to remember…

  11. yonan32 Says:

    so is the vinyl from the different master from the CD?

  12. Patrick Says:

    The vinyl is a different master from the CD of course for Gwen’s version, and also for the official version. Both LPs were mastered from the original sources.

  13. Tony Says:


    Any word on russlin’ up them their other winners?

    Happy trails

  14. Mike Says:

    Any word on the four runner ups yet? We can’t wait to know….

  15. Nay Says:

    it was all a sham

  16. Patrick Says:

    Coming soon. Just waiting on some info from the band.

  17. Spiral Says:

    Patrick, You must let the fans know today. We can not afford to lose any fans because you are having a hard time counting. We are busy creating a set list for tonight’s gig and we can’t be bothered with this. Also, Malkmus needs more socks (folded properly) and six boxes of Golden Grahams please ship them to our hotel in Sydney. Thanks for all your help Broseph.

  18. Patrick Says:

    Runners-up announcing with the next batch of dates here, very shortly: