Cold Cave ‘Death Comes Close’ 12″, ultra-limited edition details AND CMJ appearances

October 16th, 2009 at 3:29 pm by Robby


In addition to the previously announced and already-limited one-time pressing of Cold Cave’s new 12″ entitled ‘Death Comes Close’, in collaboration with Dominick Fernow of Cold Cave/Hospital Productions, Matador is set to release a different extra-limited edition of the 12″

This special version features exclusive artwork by Fernow is hand-assembled, stamped and editioned. Limited to one-hundred (100) copies, these records will make it into select stores and we’ll have it available for purchase at the Matador Store on Tuesday October 20 at 3:00 PM EST – They’re bound to go fast so mark your calendars and set your alarms.


If you’re in New York City next week for the CMJ festivities, you can catch Cold Cave at the following venues:

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17 Responses to “Cold Cave ‘Death Comes Close’ 12″, ultra-limited edition details AND CMJ appearances”

  1. The Fader Says:

    Ooh la la!

  2. fish Says:

    This looks amazing. As long as your servers don’t crash i am all over this.

  3. gauthier Says:

    Ouch I\\\’m in France and I\\\’ll be in a plane at this time. Is ther any possibility to pre-order one PLEASE?

  4. Grego Edwards Says:

    That’s nice for the collector out there. I just reviewed the album on my blog. I liked it.

  5. ian Says:

    its 3 10 and sill no sign of it…

  6. Anna Says:

    So: I marked my calendar and set my alarm. But: WHERE is the record for ordering? I certainly entered the matastore a hundred times in the last half hour…
    Am I totally off base? Did I make a mistake with the day and the date? Now it is 3:39 p.m. EST My goodness: I would love to get this record!
    Will I have the opportunity? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Let me know. Anna

  7. Mehran Says:

    Ian, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for it too and hitting refresh non-stop from 10 minutes prior to sale time. I just called up Matador and they said they’re already sold out. Seems a lil’ odd, considering I never even saw it pop up… but looks like they may be adding more into the online store later tonight or tomorrow. Here’s to hoping we (the obvious Cold Cave vinyl nerds) get ’em!

  8. Thomas Says:

    no sign of it / or did i miss it already?

    gosh, i don’t even know if i can afford this anyway.

  9. Anna Says:

    I surrender myself. There is no button, nor the record in the store… buhbuhbuh Depressed

  10. Bill Says:

    is it going up soon?

  11. gauthier Says:

    Back from the airport, I’M f+++ed.
    Are ya sure ya sold all the copies?

  12. matt Says:

    never saw it go for sale :[ all i saw was the normal cover, guess that was it

  13. phil Says:

    will it be up soon? i would to order before the regular edition is also gone :-/

  14. gauthier Says:

    nothing left ?

  15. jake graves Says:

    it sold out in less than 20 minutes. maybe some will make it to ebay or something
    like that for 10000000 dollars more.

  16. jojo Says:

    i found it by going directly to the cold cave artist section

    as of 12:40am on 10/23, the “regular version” of the 12″ is still available. the super limited one sold out very quickly, but i was able to snag one going to the above link at 3pm on 10/20

  17. LA LAVAssE Says: