Girls Rule San Francisco


Being in San Francisco the last few days has been amazing. The San Francisco-only release of Girls’ “Album” was yesterday, and (for lack of a better word) the “vibe” here is electric. Upon getting off the plane I couldn’t avoid the guys’ faces placed in every SF Bay Guardian newsbox around town. I gotta say, the cover looks really really good against the San Francisco skyline.


After a couple of sold-out California shows last week with Cass Mccombs the band celebrated the album release last night at Amoeba Records on Haight Street. An estimated 400 people came out to show their support, old faces, new faces, from seemingly every generation of San Francisco music fan. The Amoeba staff were incredible, and I think we were all really pleased at the number of people that came, bought the record (an unprecedented amount for an in-store apparently) and the huge line of people that got their brand new record signed. Even with admittedly tremendous expectations, I’m shocked. After living in the Bay Area for most of my life, I’ve never seen this kind of excitement for a pack of locals- and now I think we’re all ready to take the world by storm! Click on the photo below to see some more snaps from last night.  Thank you to everyone that came out.

“Album” is out nationwide next Tuesday, September 22nd!
In case you haven’t done it yet, you can still stream the entire album at
Pre-order “Album” HERE