Yo La Tengo BEGN#8: second bonus mp3 up

The office feels a little empty now that Popular Songs is shipping to Buy Early Get Now participants. It seems like only yesterday, Popular Songs was a just a BEGN preorder, full of promise. Today, the 2nd bonus mp3 is up for download, a demo version of “Periodically Double or Triple,” in mp3 and FLAC formats. Before you know it the album will be on your doorstep, in your hands, real. They grow up so fast…

7 thoughts on “Yo La Tengo BEGN#8: second bonus mp3 up”

  1. I have ordered BEGN but the password does not work and I cant download the bonus mp3s!!! I have sent BEGN numerous emails but nothing! Please fix or send me a direct link!!

  2. Why did you delete my post? I wrote, and I repeat it, that YLT BEGN password I got doesnt work and I cant download the bonus mp3s. Please send me a direct link for these mp3s. Nobody in BEGN and Matador replies. Check it

  3. To say I was excited to see the thin brown cardboard box from Matador on my stoop this afternoon would be a severe understatement. What was inside said box represents everything I find exciting about collecting records: the heft of the vinyl, the fantastic artwork and the amazing tunes.

    Even the vinyl labels are cool–nice touch.

    Hats off to everyone involved. To anyone reading: if you haven’t taken advantage of BEGN, what are you waiting for? Everything about this program is aces in my book. Matador, thanks for exceeding my expectations once again.

  4. Will someone ever reply?? I cant download those damn bonus mp3s though I have ordered BEGN. I demand a direct link in my email

  5. Alexis,

    I am sorry your password isn’t working, and am happy to get you a new one, today. I’m not sure which email address you have been writing to for customer service issues but going forward please write me directly at Jocelyn@matadordirect.com for the quickest response. I look forward to hearing from you!


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