It’s Like Halloween Never Happened

August 27th, 2009 at 4:10 pm by Gerard

Picture 469

Thanks to the folks at, for a mere $34.99 your kids can celebrate All Hallows Eve done up like the bastard love kid of Wattie and one of the stars of “District 9”. There’s no truth to the rumor, btw, the young model above was the subject of a recent bidding war won by Fat Possum. There’s even less truth to the rumor Matador made the higher offer, but talks broke down over choice of producer. (costume link courtesy Henry Owings)

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One Response to “It’s Like Halloween Never Happened”

  1. Jolly Rogers Halloween Tickets Says:

    Oh my God! I am so excited about this Halloween! So looking forward to it man! It is gonna be so much fun! I wish i could dress up like this guy!