Yo La Tengo BEGN#8: first bonus mp3 up

August 26th, 2009 at 11:19 am by Jocelyn

It’s not too late to preorder Popular Songs via Buy Early Get Now. As of today all BEGN participants can download the first of two bonus mp3s, a demo version of “Nothing To Hide.” They also get a full album stream, a poster, a bonus LP, and a copy of Popular Songs on their doorstep on release day, September 8th.

Prettay, prettay, prettay good.

YouTube Preview Image

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3 Responses to “Yo La Tengo BEGN#8: first bonus mp3 up”

  1. A-Squared Says:

    Yeah! I was a little let down by the demo/alternate versions with the last YLT BEGN, but this one is outstanding. Very different (longer, slower, instrumental) than the album version. It almost sounds like a jam from which the actual song was developed.

    Prettay, prettay good indeed.

  2. Alexis Says:

    Will someone ever reply?? I cant download those damn bonus mp3s though I have ordered BEGN. I demand a direct link in my email

  3. Alexis Says:

    Problem fixed!!
    Sorry if I was a bit aggresive. Thanks a lot!!!