ABC News’ Dan Harris Does For Yo La Tengo…

August 26th, 2009 at 12:04 pm by Gerard

….what John Stossel did for “Doctor D” David Schultz. OK, it’s friendlier than that. Anytime a national news program uses words like “sanctum sanctorum” and “late to the party” in relation to Yo La Tengo, we could not be more pleased.

(ADDENDUM : not to look positive media coverage in the mouth or anything, but please accept our apologies in advance for the advertisement that plays prior to the YLT/ABC clip. Blackberry Loves U2. U2 Loves The Virgin Prunes. Does Blackberry love the Virgin Prunes? You can’t presume anything.)

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One Response to “ABC News’ Dan Harris Does For Yo La Tengo…”

  1. Funk Says:

    Thanks for the Dr. D clip, I’d never seen it. Now dig up Hulk Hogan dropping Richard Belzer on his face!