Matador’s New Advertising Design Dept. Hits One Out Of The Park

August 21st, 2009 at 12:17 am by Gerard


With apologies to Pen & Pixel, Dean and Robby did a fantastic job with the new Matador label advertisement, currently scheduled to run in trade publications this autumn.  Chris Lombardi has hung out with some pretty wild characters in his time, but rumor has it he was nearly mauled to death during the above photo session.

(sorry, I was thinking of the Wild Dogs album on Shrapnel! )

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4 Responses to “Matador’s New Advertising Design Dept. Hits One Out Of The Park”

  1. Salman Says:

    Pretty gangster, yo

  2. Sonya Says:

    where’s the Luger credit card?

  3. Gerard Says:

    no kidding. That’s an inexcusable omission. DEAN & ROBBY ARE OFFICIALLY RELIEVED OF AD DESIGN DUTIES. Gentlemen, leave your pens (and pixels) with Patrick on your way out the door.

  4. Rich Tupica Says:

    the sushi is fucking gangsta!