Times New Viking take on Yo La Tengo and “Nothing To Hide”

August 18th, 2009 at 11:17 am by Gabe

It’s all love at Matador, all the time, and today is no exception. Two of our finest purveyors of rock and roll have teamed up (Times New Viking – along with directors Pelham Johnston and Brandon Reichard – took the driver’s seat on this one, with Yo La Tengo supplying the tunage and the inspiration) for a video that immediately takes its rightful place in the pantheon of Matador and Yo La Tengo classics.

Our friends at AOL Spinner bring us the “Nothing to Hide” collabo, a celebration of the upcoming full-length releases from both bands: “Nothing to Hide” can be found on Yo La Tengo’s Popular Songs, out September 8th (pre-order action), and Times New Viking unveil Born Again Revisited September 22nd (you will need to OWN THIS ALBUM, it’s a stone-cold sucker-punch, best-of-their-career stylez). Pre-order Born Again Revisited from the Matastore and receive TWO free TNV 7″s and a free poster. Yeah, I hyper-linked it twice. Born Again Revisited is that essential.

OK check this out, it RULES:

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3 Responses to “Times New Viking take on Yo La Tengo and “Nothing To Hide””

  1. baconfat Says:

    here’s an idea: YLT/TNV split 7″, with TNV actually covering “nothing to hide” (which i think they’d do a great job with), and YLT covering a song from born again revisited. let’s make it happen, matafolks!

  2. chavez Says:


  3. Leevil Says:

    Wow my friend is in this video. WOOOOWOWOWOowoowowow.