Jay Reatard – Second MP3 from Watch Me Fall: “Wounded”

photo by Rob Walbers

Jay Reatard’s new album Watch Me Fall comes out on August 4 (on vinyl) and August 18 (on cd and digital). The second promo MP3, entitled “Wounded,” wraps layers of Tall Dwarfs-ish acoustic guitar around a typically complex Jay song structure. In two and a half minutes it builds to an ironically celebratory refrain. We challenge you to get this one out of your head after listening to it a couple of times.

Wounded (192k mp3)

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4 thoughts on “Jay Reatard – Second MP3 from Watch Me Fall: “Wounded””

  1. this was my favorite pre-matador Reatard song, he made a good call re-recording it. I kinda miss the gritty anger of the old version though.

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