Julian Plenti: Fun That We Have MP3

May 15th, 2009 at 3:00 am by Patrick

photo by Matthew Salacuse

The first MP3 from Julian Plenti Is… Skyscraper: “Fun That We Have.”

Fun That We Have (160k mp3)

Album in stores August 4.


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33 Responses to “Julian Plenti: Fun That We Have MP3”

  1. Patrick Cronin Says:

    So interesting to hear this. I have been watching Paul evolving into the confident singer/guitarist/frontman? he’s become based on the two shows I’ve been to and now he’s evolved yet again into Julian Plenty- pop star with a bit of crust and teeth- I love “Fun That We Have” and look forward to the album!

  2. winterversion Says:

    Sorry, but the first thing I noticed when I saw that picture was the word CRAP. Maybe you should show the full, zoomed out version of the photo.

  3. Stella Says:

    Great job Mr. Banks! Beautiful song….I can’t stop listening to it….

  4. mike atkinson Says:

    Fantastic! Can’t wait for the album.

  5. Juan Victor Says:

    Nice song Paul…very cool…i want the CD !!!

  6. Dario De Rosa Says:


  7. Jose Angel Says:

    In the picture you can read “Julian Plenti is Crap” hahaha I think it’s intentional

  8. Jagger Says:

    Not vibing this at all. It’s in the past tense, he should have left it there back when he was having the fun

  9. StellaLuLu Says:

    Sorry, but I don’t like…

  10. Victor Says:

    Interesting. But I’m still loving Stella.

  11. Nathália Says:

    I just can’t wait for more more more
    Love Mr. Banks
    really good job

    “Get close without touching
    In circles”

  12. carmen Says:

    Muy bien Paul, un temazo, un besazo desde España

  13. carmen Says:

    Un besazo desde España

  14. Thomas De Brun Says:

    Excellent solo outing. Different from Interpol but like their stuff this grows on you the more you hear it. Looking forward to getting the cd.

  15. Jose Says:

    No me acaba de convencer se aleja demasiado de lo oído con Interpol,pero se le ve mucho potencial futuro.

  16. Helena Says:

    I love the music!

    Can’t wait to hear the others!

    Paul/Julian is so f*&^ing amazing!

  17. Andy Says:

    I think it’s a slow burner, there’s certainly a lot going on in there. May take some time to decipher.

  18. Jio Says:

    mmm…… Lado B de Interpol?

    No se pero a mi me gusto, ya lo extrañamos mucho en Mexico

    aver cuando viene por aca con Interpol o como Julian Plenti

  19. Cliff Says:

    This song to me is very mediocre…filler at best. It just does nothing.

    Im looking forward to other offerings though, the loop on the website sounds much more promising.

  20. victor Says:

    Loving the sound, looking forward for the whole album….

  21. thisismyhappening Says:

    Excellent. Thanks for posting.

  22. Leo Says:

    Hey! Es un buen trabajo, aunque no sé para que se cambió de nombre.
    saludos desde Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz México

  23. stephanie Says:

    i love this song, i’m waiting for the album.

  24. Berna Says:

    Paul is pure magic.
    Love, pure and simple, from Lisbon…….

  25. Pedro V. Says:

    I love it. Poetry, music, strength. Paul is just good. Looking forward to the album!


  26. Morpho Says:

    sounds weird yet amazing. looking forward to 4aug!

  27. Daniel Says:

    Hahaha I was listening to this song at the gym today and I was like “Man, this sounds a lot like Interpol” Well that would make sense now wouldn’t considering it’s the same guy! Great song, I love the hook where he sings “with all the fun that we have”

  28. Simo Says:

    I worship Interpol but I hate to say that I am not crazy about the song. However, I am still looking forward to Aug 4th. Love you Paul…

  29. Webcuts Says:

    The album is fantastic. Julian Plenti is an exciting new talent, but who is Paul Banks?

    Our take on the press release and album


  30. Stefan Says:

    I am impressed by this song, nice sounds.

  31. ambeehimself Says:

    is it just me who thinks it sounds like gwen stefani’s “what you’re waiting for” ?!?

  32. kat Says:

    I found this review kind of funny: http://www.tinymixtapes.com/Julian-Plenti
    (esp since the beginning of this song sounds just like Lou B)

    I actually really love the whole record. If I had to compare to Interpol, it just seems that everyone is having way more fun & leave it there.

  33. adlfm14 Says:

    Ta chido el disco de Paul, pero espero y lo lean los de Matador Records, me gustaria que viniera Interpol a México y sobre a todo a Monterrey, viviste mucho tiempo aca Paul y solamente vienes al Df una ves, en verdad tienes muchos admiradores por aca, espero ver a Interpol o Julian por aca, lo que sea.