Coming To Austin April 5 and 6, Emily Hubley’s “The Toe Tactic”

April 3rd, 2009 at 5:41 pm by Gerard

When’s the last time you went to your local multiplex and every film on offer had a score by Yo La Tengo?  Such an occasion will occur this Monday, April 6 when roughly the same time Austin’s Alamo Ritz theatre screens Greg Mottola’s “Adventureland”, an adjoining room will be showing Emily Hubley’s “The Toe Tactic” at 7pm.

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“The Toe Tactic” is Hubley’s first full-length feature combines animation and live action, and includes performances from David Cross, Eli Wallach, Andrea Martin and Marion Seides…along with the previously mentioned Yo La Tengo music.  Later that evening, the Ritz will present “Hubley Films”, a collection of Faith & John Hubley‘s animated works, as curated by Emily Hubley.

There’s a screening of “The Toe Tactic” on Sunday, as well.

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One Response to “Coming To Austin April 5 and 6, Emily Hubley’s “The Toe Tactic””

  1. Dave Martin Says:

    I just heard today that Adventureland was filmed at Kennywood in Pittsburgh. That right there puts it into must see status. Also, in Pittsburgh, if someone tells you that “Kennywood’s Open” it means your zipper is down.