Secret Fucked Up Show This Saturday in London, Blighty

This Saturday, live and for cheap, Fucked Up will be playing an additional show with some of the UK’s finest live bands of the moment, accompanied by a lengthy list of top notch DJ’s.  You’re recommended to get down there early to secure your place in the PIT.

If this week’s shows on the Shred Yr Face 2 tour are anything to go by, it’s set to be an interactive experience.

Young Guv, Mustard Gas & Gulag, Mr Jo by Sonny McCartney

10,000 Marbles, Pink Eyes by Brendan Docherty

One thought on “Secret Fucked Up Show This Saturday in London, Blighty”

  1. Judge can’t keep a secret…

    DE got some good shots from the Electric Ballroom (a braver soul than I’d have been in those circumstances). I don’t know what Damian was doing with several feet of adhesive tape wrapped around his head, but with that amount of facial hair it can’t have been fun to remove.

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