Secret Fucked Up Show This Saturday in London, Blighty

March 5th, 2009 at 5:44 am by Judge

This Saturday, live and for cheap, Fucked Up will be playing an additional show with some of the UK’s finest live bands of the moment, accompanied by a lengthy list of top notch DJ’s.  You’re recommended to get down there early to secure your place in the PIT.

If this week’s shows on the Shred Yr Face 2 tour are anything to go by, it’s set to be an interactive experience.

Young Guv, Mustard Gas & Gulag, Mr Jo by Sonny McCartney

10,000 Marbles, Pink Eyes by Brendan Docherty

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One Response to “Secret Fucked Up Show This Saturday in London, Blighty”

  1. Fiona Says:

    Judge can’t keep a secret…

    DE got some good shots from the Electric Ballroom (a braver soul than I’d have been in those circumstances). I don’t know what Damian was doing with several feet of adhesive tape wrapped around his head, but with that amount of facial hair it can’t have been fun to remove.