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Shearwater, Mogwai Confirmed For All Points West

By Gerard on Monday, March 30th, 2009


Crazy rock fest season is most def. upon us, and us such, you can look forward to the Matablog being routinely scooped this spring and summer by concert promoters and other rockblogs announcing which of our bands are playing in a big field somewhere.  Today’s joyous news has Shearwater playing the 2nd edition of the All Points West festival (Liberty State Park, NJ) on July 31, on a bill topped by the Beastie Boys, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Vampire Weekend.  


Two days later, Mogwai — about to start a US tour two weeks from today in Houston — will play the Sunday, August 2 version of APW II , on a bill headlined by Coldplay, Echo & The Bunnymen and MGMT. 

Finally, we’ve neglected to mention previously that Shearwater are playing Austin, TX tomorrow night (March 31) in support of Neko Case at Stubb’s.

From East Side, Toronto, to East Side, World.

By Judge on Friday, March 27th, 2009

For many, the distant lands of Japan and China hold unknown promise, a land shrouded in heritage and mystique, streets paved with stalls holding mysterious foods and even more mysterious looking karaoke bars. Sadly such a far away land will never be visited by most – our recessionary times and fear of long haul flights confining us to our locality.

However, for one such group of 20-somethings, The East became a reality.  This week, Fucked Up returned from playing a string of dates across China and one in Japan.  Having survived turbulent seas, questionable cuisine and yet another dodgy bus trip, they made it home to Toronto.

China in 90 seconds, courtesy of Mustard Gas :

YouTube Preview Image

Taken from

For fully written up school reports of the trip, check out the varying writing styles and alternative interpretations at Looking For Gold, Voice Of Dissent and the recently born, No Guv No Luv.

The trip was also documented by one naive fan for Spin magazine. Survival story here: Fucked Up In China.

HuffPo : Equally Useful For Plugging TV Projex, Defending The Sucky

By Gerard on Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Someone should contact Rolling Stone’s David Wild ASAP ; it seems the Onion’s Jackie Harvey (above) has penned a rather pointless tribute to nature kid Billy Corgan for the Huffington Post and attached Wild’s photo and byline to the article.

Now truth be told, I was not the biggest Pumpkinshead during their initial run — I was more of an aging Nirvana-man, frankly. But over the past decade, I’ve come to really admire Corgan for his talent and his strong commitment to following his own muse rather than simply taking the standard issue rocky path of least resistance. Like Pete Townshend before him, Corgan seems like a man who takes the responsibility of being a rock star profoundly and even painfully seriously, grappling intellectually with the gig rather than just cashing in at every turn. As a result, Corgan may not always make things easy on his fans — or on himself — but he’s always interesting. In an age of premature nostalgia, Corgan clearly wants his music to matter in the present tense. Not that he’s a complete purist, as demonstrated by the recent use of the Pumpkins’ classic “Today” on a Visa commercial.

But I choose to embrace Corgan in all his contradictions. And despite his apparent problems working and playing well with others in a band context, I have to report that I have found him to be incredibly bright, witty and honest on a personal level. To see some of the qualities on display, tune in April 2nd when Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin make what now looks like it will be their last shared TV appearance with the current Pumpkins lineup on the Chris Isaak Hour, a new show on the Bio Channel that I really love even if I am a producer on it.

Mission Of Burma in the studio

By Patrick on Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Some photos of Burma recording their new album at Q-Division studios Squid Hell studios in Somerville Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts this week. All photos by Bob Weston.

Roger Miller describes the album as “Casual but pretty rock. Doesn’t seem to suck.” Which, if true, would be a major departure on two fronts. The band has been blogging each day of the recording on their website.

Respected Freeform Station To Risk FCC License With Condo Fucks Session

By Gerard on Thursday, March 19th, 2009

To commemorate next Tuesday’s release of the long-awaited Condo Fucks LP/CD, ‘Fuckbook’, the fearsome threesome of Kid Condo, Georgia Condo and James McNew have recorded a live set for Joe Belock’s “Three Chord Monte” program, to be aired that same day, March 24 between 12-3pm.  You can listen online at, or in the greater NYC area on 91.1 FM.

(preorder ‘Fuckbook’ on LP, CD from the Matador Store)

Matador Alumni At SXSW

By Gerard on Monday, March 16th, 2009
YouTube Preview Image

OK, while past years have featured a half dozen or more former Matador recording artists performing at South By Southwest, this year’s batch of ex-lovers is a shorter, but no less spectacular list.  In addition to Early Man playing the Ale House on Thursday night at 1am,  18th Dye (above, as seen in New York last Autumn) are playing Submerged on Thursday at 11pm, and again Friday at Vogtsberger House (1402 E 2nd St) at 1pm.

Vinyl titles back in print

By Patrick on Monday, March 16th, 2009

All of the above titles are available again on quality wax. All are pressed on RTI‘s premium HQ-180 180-gram virgin vinyl. All contain MP3 coupons (except for cover songs) so that you can easily put the tracks on your computer and iPod if you wish.

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The week of Shearwater commences, SiriusXM Loft Sessions kick it off

By Jeremy P. Goldstein on Monday, March 16th, 2009

On top of all their SXSW activities, Austin’s finest sons (and daughter) Shearwater will be featured five times this week on SiriuXM Loft Sessions. These sessions can be heard on Sirius 29 and XM 50 and will air at the following times. Listen in to hear the genius. All times Eastern, by the way.

Monday 3/16: 12Noon
Wednesday 3/18: 2:00PM
Friday 3/20: 3:00AM
Saturday 3/21: 12:00Noon
Monday 3/23: 1:00AM

Matador’s Slimmer-Than-Usual SXSW Schedule

By Gerard on Sunday, March 15th, 2009

The (cough) executive branch of Matador Records and Filmworks will be attending South By Southwest in Austin this week, and while the label isn’t putting on a huge gig of our own, we fully intend to gatecrash everyone else’s (this is not, btw, an solicitation for invites to sundry booshit showcases — we already run the risk of missing bands we’re nuts about, such is the overload over 4 nights).  However, two members of our glittering roster will be making offish festival appearances :

SHEARWATER – 1am Friday, March 20 18th Floor, Hilton Garden

JAGUAR LOVE – 8:45pm, Thursday, March 19, Beauty Bar (I Heart Comix)

In addition, Shearwater will be performing at Mojo Magazine’s annual BBQ (Saturday afternoon, Mean Eyed Cat) and Jaguar Love will be playing the MySpace/Blacksheep Fellowship party at the Cedar Door (201 Brazos Street) on Thursday afternoon.  Neither of those shows are officially sanctioned SXSW events and as such, you’ll not need a badge or wristband to attend.

If you’re looking for more fun things to do in Austin this week, the venerable Showlist is one of the better sources for (relatively) accurate / up-to-date info regarding shows, parties, etc. that won’t require SXSW credentials (or in many cases, an admission fee).

Lamb and artichoke heart ragout

By Patrick on Saturday, March 14th, 2009

Last weekend in a fit of madness I decided to attempt a “simple autumn menu” from Richard Olney’s French Menu Cookbook. This being Olney the meal was not simple, though it looked it at first. I suppose if you’re familiar with French cooking then much of this would be second nature, but the logic of the recipe is not obvious the novice. It came out just right – possibly out of luck, and possibly from following the recipe to the letter.

The other dishes were relatively simple – a salad of grilled, peeled and cooled green, yellow and red peppers (“the taste of raw peppers contains no hint of the subtle flavor brought out through grilling”) and a method of pilaffing rice that effectively transforms it from a healthy and necessary grain into a potent and lip-smacking carrier for huge amounts of butter.

The lamb is shoulder, boned and trimmed, and then browned in the oil in which onions have cooked, in a pan “precisely the right size to hold the pieces of meat placed side by side but barely touching; if it is too large, its surfaces not contacted by the meat will burn while the meat browns; if it is so small that thepieces of meat have to be packed in, they will boil in their juices rather than brown.” So much attention to a very basic process. In any event, you brown the salted meat, caramelize sugar in it, pour off the fat, sprinkle with flour, brown the flour, return the onions to the pan, add herbs, garlic and bay leaf and cook some more. You then turn the heat up, pour in a cup of white wine, and deglaze scraping up all the bits stuck to the bottom of the pan. Tomatoes are then added, and continuing rounds of heating, skimming, skinning (two different processes, as Olney carefully explains), removing bits, returning bits – the artichokes go in only at the end.

After cooking Indian and Thai dishes with their focus on many different ingredients and pungency of flavor, or Italian dishes where the key is combining ingredients in a certain way at a certain time, I have to say that the list of ingredients looked boring and the complexity of the recipe appeared ridiculous. How could it make much difference in the taste of the lamb what size the pan was, or exactly when I skimmed or skinned?

Predictably, the answer is: a huge difference. Partly because, this being Olney, I hadn’t been keeping in mind a crucial component of the meal: the wine. His meals never stand apart from wine. We drank two wines from Maison Champy in the Côte-Chalonnaise: a white 1997 Rully “Les St.-Jacques” (the wine in the ragout) and a red 1998 Volnay “Fremiets,” both obtained cheaply as bin-ends at Burgundy Wine Company. The lamb was comforting, rich and tender on its own, but when the wine came into the equation, especially the Volnay, both took on an added dimension of voluptuousness and layered flavor.

I’ll be making this one again, when I have a lot of time to spare.