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Matador’s Sordid Spectacular History Continued : The Mysteries Of U-MV170 Pt. IV

By Gerard on Saturday, February 7th, 2009
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Oh boy.  All sorts of potential problems with this one.  Where do we start with the apologies?   To the estate of Peter Ivers….sorry.   Wicked Witch? WE’LL NEVER DO IT AGAIN.

Fucked Up Live Instore @ Wax Trax

By Michael on Friday, February 6th, 2009

As always, Fucked Up are knocking out as many teeth-rattling, ass-kicking shows as possible on their inevitable path to World Domination.

(big thanks to Reed Bruemmer for this totally rad flier)

Fucked Up Live Instore

3 p.m. Feb. 11 @ Wax Trax Records

620 E. 13th Ave. in Denver

And if you can’t convince your boss that you have to go take care of your girlfriend’s cat — who has anxiety disorders — in order to skip out of work, you can always check out the band’s show later that night at the Larimer Lounge.

(Hey Gerard…So I’ve got this girlfriend…and she’s got this cat………..)

Bag ‘Em Up

By Dean on Friday, February 6th, 2009

Carry your Matador records around town with fear of dog-earing NO LONGER. We’ve done a lot of vinyl specials recently so now we’re doing a special vinyl container deal.

The bags are size large Dickies record bags with front clip and flap closure, inner and outer pockets and organizers, top handle and adjustable strap. Featuring a high quality embroidery of the Matador logo. They come in black, powder blue, and steel blue.

If you order one of our new, really awesome record bags, plus a piece of vinyl from the store you get free shipping anywhere in the US or Canda. Just enter “lovevinyl” in the promo code line during checkout and you’ll be good to go.

Order HERE

Keralan chicken stew

By Patrick on Thursday, February 5th, 2009

This is a hearty, homey chicken stew. Like many Keralan dishes, it uses spices like black peppercorns, cloves and nutmeg and thus feels strangely Western… because we imported those spices from Kerala, from the sixteenth century onward. The main non-Western ingredient is coconut milk – I used canned, because I wasn’t up to hammering open the 16-20 dessicated supermarket coconuts it would have taken to yield that much milk. Doesn’t it look delicious? But that isn’t actually it – all the pictures of the stew turned out murky, so I put in the Keralan okra salad that I served with it – the creaminess there comes from yogurt.

I really enjoyed this dish – another winner from Madhur Jaffrey’s sadly out of print A Taste Of India. But it didn’t come close to her recipe for lamb in pickling spices, which I made the following day. It turned out much better than it did last year – I’m much more comfortable with the whole process of cooking Indian than I was then.

One thing I’ve noticed in Indian food, and especially Keralan dishes is that you often start by cooking something with a main ingredient, setting aside that first part, and then re-adding a different version of the main ingredient again at the end. In the okra recipe, you fry the okra in seasoned oil, remove it with a slotted spoon (reserving the oil), and mix it with yogurt that has ground black mustard seeds in it. Then you take the reserved oil and fry whole black mustard seeds in it (with asafetida and dried red chilis) and add this to the yogurt-okra mixture. The black mustard returns, in a different form, with the okra-infused oil, at the end of the preparation.

Similarly, in the chicken stew, after preparing a soffrito of onions and whole spices, you essentially braise the chicken pieces in thin coconut milk and add lime juice. Then, in part two, you make a second soffrito of shallots in coconut oil, add curry leaves, and then thick coconut milk – which joins the thin coconut milk in the main stew for a second simmering.

I don’t know why cookbooks don’t tell you the reasons why you do things. You usually pick up on this stuff after preparing a number of dishes a number of times. This particular theme – adding a variant of an ingredient toward the end of a dish, in a different form – seems to me quite common in Indian cuisine.

Jaguar Love live on Shockhound TV

By Matt on Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Jaguar Love stopped by Hot Topic HQ last Fall to record this session in the corporate cafeteria and proceeded to blow the roof off the place.

Watching this performance brings me back to last August when the following secret communique arrived from Matador head honcho Chris Lombardi post HT meeting:

Our meeting was in “the chamber” there were gargoyles and flaming towers in the reception area, it was like “am I at Ozzys house?” the reception desk was an embalming table and the ceo walked out with her dog “count woofenstien” or something like that …you guys have NO idea… Where have we gone what have we become.. I’m gonna go get a tattoo or become a “cutter” now….lightly slice my limbs away.. Anyway mtg was good they upped their order from xxx to xxxx, they want any merch we have a la stickers postcards or download cards, they were wondering if the band would be available to play the managers mtg in oct and the video is gonna go in rotation at the 200 or so stores that have that capability…the record is also going into in-store play at all 700+  stores as matt said.

I told em we want hot topic to OWN this band…. Ok I’m going coffin hunting ….later.  CL

Jaguar Love out on the road again this spring, below dates in support of OK/Go

20-San Diego @ House of Blues
21-Anaheim @ House of Blues
24-Santa Cruz @ Catalyst
25-San Francisco @ Great American Music Hall
27-Portland @ Wonder Ballroom
28-Seattle @ Chop Suey

Fucked Up – “Son Of Sam” cover, Juno Nomination

By Gerard on Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Two items of Fucked Up business to attend to this evening :

1) congrats to Fucked Up and everyone who loves award shows on ‘The Chemistry Of Common Life’ being nominated for a Juno Award in the category of ‘Best Alternative Album’. It’s customary in the U.S. record industry to call the Junos “The Canadian Grammies”, but if Fucked Up win, we’re gonna start calling the Grammies “The American Kerrang Awards”.

2) The ‘Shred Yr Face 2′ tour EP featuring Fucked Up, The Bronx and Rolo Tomasi can be ordered here. Damian and Jonah chime in with a rather faithful reading of Chain Gang’s “Son Of Sam” (more faithful than the Blues Explosion’s, anyway).

Tonight At Austin’s Alamo Ritz : “Such Hawks, Such Hounds”

By Gerard on Monday, February 2nd, 2009
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There’s some prominent Dead Meadow and Bardo Pond participation amongst other faves in John Srebalus and Jessica Hundle’s documentary “Such Hawks, Such Hounds”, playing tonight at 10:15 as part of the Alamo’s Music Mondays series. And hopefully hitting your town before long.

Coming April 18 : Matador, Sonic Youth, Jay Reatard, Pavement & Beck Wanna Know, “Why Can’t Every Day Be Record Store Day”?

By Gerard on Monday, February 2nd, 2009

(above : Empire Records‘ Anthonly La Paglia consoles a tearful Renee Z. after the cancellation of the Chain Gang in-store)

In honor the 2nd annual Record Store Day, we’ll be releasing the following limited edition vinyl titles, only available at independent retailers taking part in RSD.

OLE-864-7   Jay Reatard “Hang Them All” 7″ b/w  Sonic Youth – “No Garage”
OLE-865-7    Sonic Youth – “Pay No Mind” (Beck cover)  b/w  Beck – “Green Light”  (Sonic Youth cover) 7″
OLE-855-1    Pavement    Live In Germany    LP

We’re making 2500 each of the above.  After they’re gone, as the Bard Of Hookset, NH might’ve said (if he collected records), tough fuckin’ shit.

In Honor Of Jon Benjamin’s Super Bowl Commercial Debut…

By Gerard on Sunday, February 1st, 2009
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…we link to the comedic stylings of the Fuggedabuddies. Clearly, we’re in the middle of a recession or Bud Light would’ve managed to pair Mr. Benjamin with Jon Glaser.