Coming April 18 : Matador, Sonic Youth, Jay Reatard, Pavement & Beck Wanna Know, “Why Can’t Every Day Be Record Store Day”?

February 2nd, 2009 at 4:16 pm by Gerard

(above : Empire Records‘ Anthonly La Paglia consoles a tearful Renee Z. after the cancellation of the Chain Gang in-store)

In honor the 2nd annual Record Store Day, we’ll be releasing the following limited edition vinyl titles, only available at independent retailers taking part in RSD.

OLE-864-7   Jay Reatard “Hang Them All” 7″ b/w  Sonic Youth – “No Garage”
OLE-865-7    Sonic Youth – “Pay No Mind” (Beck cover)  b/w  Beck – “Green Light”  (Sonic Youth cover) 7″
OLE-855-1    Pavement    Live In Germany    LP

We’re making 2500 each of the above.  After they’re gone, as the Bard Of Hookset, NH might’ve said (if he collected records), tough fuckin’ shit.

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17 Responses to “Coming April 18 : Matador, Sonic Youth, Jay Reatard, Pavement & Beck Wanna Know, “Why Can’t Every Day Be Record Store Day”?”

  1. breathmint Says:


  2. Marc Says:

    Hey. That’s a really cool idea for people… WHO LIVE IN EUROPE. thanks guys. (But according to your online shop i doubt you know about the existence of this continent…)

  3. Scarborough Ben Says:

    I\\\’m getting EVERYTHING RAWR.

  4. Elijah M Says:

    I agree with Marc. You guys are total assholes for not pressing at least a million each of these, and disseminating them through your own global distribution system that touches every corner of the earth. Also, I hate every European independent label that can’t get every one of their releases into my local Target because USA, USA, USA!!

    But I digress. Is that Pavement Live in Germany LP the one that came with teh Brighten the Corners pre-order, or is it something completely different?

  5. porridge Says:

    people who live in the boonies are fucked, I presume?

  6. Dave Martin Says:

    something completely different

  7. Elijah M Says:

    Sweet. What year was it recorded?

  8. jackinthebox Says:

    Will each of the participating stores receive at least one of each disc?

    One of the listed stores is local for me (Slackers of Columbia, MO), but there is one that deals more vinyl about 2 hours away that has better selection and usually gets more discs (Vintage Vinyl of St. Louis, MO). Just trying to figure out the best place to get the Beck/Sonic Youth disc.

  9. Salman Says:

    Hell to the yeah!

  10. noize43 Says:

    Their global distribution system hasn’t been working so well lately, as it is…

  11. Bob Loblaw Says:

    Bitchin’ dude!

  12. Grobbel Says:

    Crap. So that means us European Pavement fans will have to get a ridiculously overpriced copy from some douchebag on ebay? Or is there some way we can also get our hands on one for a fair price?

  13. Grobbel Says:

    I really love the idea, though. So kudos for that! :)

  14. spencer Says:

    all you peeps in the UK, we WILL be getting this most likely 350 of each along with tom waits, jesus lizard,domino records comp and more tbc so just go to the international stores section of to find ot if your local shop has signed up and if they havent ….make them!

  15. automaton3 Says:

    C’m'on people ‘WHO LIVE IN EUROPE,’ there are fucking european stores participating so stop bitching. I’ll to have to drive for a few hours myself to get to a participating shop, but hey – tough shit! If you don’t like that, go to your own local indie store & ask them to participate, then find 10 people who’ll shop on April 18th & get some vinyl, & there you are. Just do s’thing instead of bitching…

  16. rpd3 Says:

    hang them all = tapes ‘n tapes cover?

  17. waaaaaaaaaaah Says:

    did anyone get their blank dogs IN HERE 7″?