Vintage Pavement videos to Brighten your day

Oh today.

Today brings us the super-deluxe over-the-fucking-top-sensational (seriously) reissue of the greatest album of 1997.

The first time we put out “Brighten the Corners”, we paid some up-and-comers to make music videos for the album’s first two cuts. Here’s what Spike Jonze (“Shady Lane”) and Jon Kelsey (“Stereo”) did with our money:

7 thoughts on “Vintage Pavement videos to Brighten your day”

  1. Shady Lane’s video did and, as I’ve re-discovered, still does weird me out something rotten – though Cut Your Hair never did and they’re probably on a par in terms of strangeness.
    Ah, Stereo – Malk at his hottest *sigh*

  2. so when am I getting my preordered copy? I really would like to hear this reissue before the next one comes out.

  3. Steve- it’s on the way! Holiday times are leading to really slow postal service. But I assure you it’s on the way and it’ll be worth the wait!

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