BEGN: 2nd Mp3 Up!

The second unreleased mp3 in our Brighten The Corners: The Nicene Creendence Buy Early Get Now went up yesterday! For those of you who for some inexplicable reason haven’t signed up yet the song is a live version of “Transport Is Arranged”.

We promised a some surprise goodies for Buy Early Get Now so without committing too much, there might…possibly….probably….be a few more incredible unreleased tracks coming along to supplement the two we promised and delivered

You can get into Buy Early Get Now on the Matador Store HERE or sign up at one of the fine retailers below….

1-2-3-4 Go! Records – Oakland, CA
Aboveground Records
– Edgarton, MA
AKA Records– Philadelphia, PA
Atomic Records– Milwaukee, WI
Aural Exploits – Santa Monica, CA
Bull City Records – Durham, NC
Criminal Records – Atlanta, GA
Disconnected Records – San Diego, CA
Ear Candy Music – Missoula, MT
East Coast Music & Video – Greenville, NC
End Of An Ear – Austin, TX
Exiled Records – Portland, OR
Good Records – Dallas, TX
Graywhale – Salt Lake City, UT
Grimey’s New & Preloved Music – Nashville, TN
Guestroom Records – Norman, OK
Hard Boiled – Chicago, IL
Insound – New York, NY – Online Only
Jackpot Records – Portland, OR
Landlocked – Bloomington, IN
Laurie’s Planet of Sound – Chicago, IL
Lou’s Records – Encinitas, CA
Love Garden Sounds – Lawrence, KS
LUNA Music – Indianapolis, IN
Lunchbox Records – Charlotte, NC
Madcity Music – Madison, WI
Matador Records
– New York, NY – Online Only
Mod Lang
– El Cerrito, CA
Mojo– Tampa, FL
– San Diego, CA
Music Saves – Cleveland, OH
Other Music – New York, NY
Parasol – Urbana, IL
Park Ave. – Orlando, FL
Paul’s Compact Discs – Pittsburg, PA
Permanent Records – Chicago, IL
Reckless Records – Chicago, IL
Repo Records – Philadelphia, PA
Siren Records – Doylestown, PA
Slowtrain – Salt Lake City, UT
Sound Fix – Brooklyn, NY
Square Records – Akron, OH
Stinkweeds– Phoenix, AZ
Tonevendor – Gainesville, FL – Online Only
Treehouse Records – Minneapolis, MN
Twist & Shout – Denver, CO
Underground Sounds – Ann Arbor, MI
Vintage Vinyl – St. Louis, MO
Von’s Records – West Lafayette, IN
Waiting Room Records – Normal, IL
Waterloo Records
– Austin, TX
Wazoo Records – Ann Arbor, MI
Wuxtry Records– Atlanta, GA
Young Ones – Kutztown, PA
Zzz Records – Des Moines, IA

And, here are participating Canadian stores!
Blackbyrd Myoozik
– Edmonton
Criminal Records – Toronto
Ditch Records – Victoria
Encore Records – Kitchener
Grooves Record Store – London
Listen Records – Edmonton
Music Trader – Winnepeg
Phonopolis – Montreal
Red Cat Records – Vancouver
Rotate This – Toronto
Scratch Records – Vancouver
Sonic Boom – Toronto
Soundscapes – Toronto
Zulu Records – Vancouver

Australian stores:
Big Star – Adelaide
Planet – Perth
Polyester – Melbourne
Red Eye – Sydney
Rockinghorse – Brisbane

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