Pat Leonard, RIP

(l-r : Pat Brady, Kenny Chambers, Pat Leonard. Photograph by Bruce Rhodes, taken from the cover of The Noise, March 1986, used without permission)

There’s a post about the passing of Moving Targets bassist Pat Leonard on the Targets’ MySpace blog, composed by his friend, guitarist/vocalist Kenny Chambers. You can read it yourself if you’re inclined, but here’s just one sentence that sticks out : “through out the post Targets years I lost count of the number of times that fans and fellow musicians came to me to sing the praises of his talent as a player. He really was someone they all looked up to.” Amen. The original Moving Targets were one of the greatest American bands of my youth (Mr. Amory’s as well), and their 1986 debut LP ‘Burning In Water’ (Taang) compares very favorably to many of the iconic works of that period. Our thoughts go out to Pat’s friends and family.

One thought on “Pat Leonard, RIP”

  1. Oh man, that’s terrible news. Pat was an unfailingly kind and sweet person as well as being an incredible bass player. I haven’t talked to him in years but I’ll miss him.

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