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Don’t Feel Too Bad, Tom Zutaut…

By Gerard on Friday, November 28th, 2008

(above : world famous perfectionist/ingrate)

…Chris and I still get chucked out of Dee-Lite listening parties.   What’s all this about?  According to a post at the endlessly entertaining Metal, former Geffen A&R exec Tom Zutaut was physically removed from a listening party for the new Guns ‘n’ Roses opus, ‘Chinese Democracy’.

“Yeah, sadly it is true that I was escorted out of the Roxy by a beefy security guy just prior to the last three songs of the playback. I did stand on the sidewalk and hear the last three anyway.

“It is sad and disappointing to me that those around Axl would lie to him to fuel his hatred towards me with imaginary events used to drive a wedge between us. I love him deeply, will always love him and wish only the greatest success to one of the world’s last true creative musical sparks with a god-given voice. I am proud of my contributions to his career and am always there for him should he one day become enlightened to the truth of what surrounds him. It is also sad that he doesn’t mention the hard work I put in on my short involvement with ‘Chinese Democracy’ with even a ‘Thank You’ considering lesser players are credited or thanked in the liner notes — even those who ridiculed him, belittled and made fun of him behind his back while I defended his genius ’til those around him poisoned him against me with distortions and lies.

“I wear his hatred as a badge of honor as it would be far worse for him not to care at all.”

Mr. Zutaut has a substantial connection to the Matador Records family tree, having signed Tommy Keene to Geffen, and many years later, starting the now defunct label known as The Enclave, home to the initial US release of Belle & Sebastian’s ‘Are You Feeling SInister?’. As such, we can promise him that if he’d ever like to attend one of our listening parties, we’d love to have him along.

A.C. Newman’s “Get Guilty”

By Dean on Tuesday, November 25th, 2008
Get Guilty

We’re really excited to announce that pre-order for A.C. Newman’s 2nd solo album, Get Guilty, is now available. You can get $3 off of the CD version and download an exclusive, pre-order only B-side immediately. The B-side is A.C’s take on the Go-Betweens’ “Love Goes On”. It rips. The song will show up in the “My Downloads” section of your account right when you complete your order. It’s available in both mp3 and FLAC format for audophiles out there!

Pre-order Get Guilty HERE
Listen to “There are maybe ten or twelve” on the Matador Sampler HERE

Fucked Up at Daytrotter : If “Epically Monumental” wasn’t a real phrase before, it is now

By Gerard on Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

(photo taken from Dave Stocks’ Flickr stream)

“Fucked Up are not at all about the blood, the guts, the controversy, the crying mothers, the glass in the forehead, the vomiting, the destruction, the dick-dangling and the encouraged mayhem – despite what everyone wants to tell you. They might be a terminal band with only a few weeks left to live, but they may also be a band that is going to make sure that it is nothing short of being epically monumental, a group that lives on as a valuable and coveted icon of underground madness.”  So reads Sean Moller’s introduction to Fucked Up’s 4 song Daytrotter session (dick-dangling!), currently available for download.

Jeff Jensen Takes On The Nation’s No. 1 Purveyor Of 100% Cotton, Made In The USA Tees & Intimate Wear

By Gerard on Monday, November 24th, 2008

This is one heck of a way to seek revenge for a modeling invite that never materialized, but never doubt the ability of Earles & Jensen’s Jeff Jensen to hold a major grudge.   Andy penned the following descriptions of calls Jeff make to three American Apparel outlets, as heard on VIva Radio.

Jeffrey Jensen as Jeff “Skunk” Baxter. (AA location: Coconut Grove)

Let me give you a little background on Jeff “Skunk” Baxter, perhaps the last musician on the lips of someone between the ages of 18 and 26. Baxter plied his trade (mostly rhythm guitar) in both Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers, while spending much of the 80’s and 90’s peddling instructional (again, mostly rhythm guitar) video tapes to nobody. The Viva Radio Blog posted a helpful image to go along with this call. While hilarious, this one is just a warm-up. Now, I hope you packed a lunch…

“Michael Anthony’s Bad Boy Image Has Been Shot” (AA location: Echo Park)

No explanation needed. To fully understand this call, buy our CD. There, you’ve now purchased what experts are calling “The Last Comedy Album.” It’s time to experience the undeniable highlight of this prank call trio…..

“Newline Cinema’s ‘Mom’ Hits the Stores” (AA location: Capitol Hill)

What’s Up Nerds?

By Gabe on Monday, November 24th, 2008

More from the 12 hour marathon, Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend joins Fucked Up for Blitz and Descendents covers, while fans help the band thrash through “Nervous Breakdown” by Black Flag.

“Someone’s Gonna Die” and “Parents”

“Nervous Breakdown”

Date w/ Ikea….well, with Pavement at Ikea

By Blake on Monday, November 24th, 2008

A date with a member of Pavement at Ikea…it may be obvious, but lets all agree it’s original.  Here’s the deal, if you think your home needs an upgrade, submit a photo at imeem and write a short essay on why you derserve to win a shopping spree at ikea.  Winner will be joined by a member of Pavement on their $500 Ikea shopping spree.  Swedish meatballs are on us.  To enter, just submit your photo and essay here.

Brighten The Corners: Nicene Creedence Edition is out December 9th and available for pre-order.

Hear Fucked Up on the radio today…

By Annette on Monday, November 24th, 2008

Tune in to Radio 1′s Rock Show tonight between midnight and 2am (GMT time, so that’s 7pm-9pm if you’re east coast stateside) and hear Fucked Up playing three tracks live for you, the discerning music fan. Go to either 97-99FM or listen via the website here.

If you miss it you can listen again any time for 7 days afterwards on the website.

Flyer Art For A Pair Of This Week’s Jay Reatard London Gigs

By Gerard on Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

I hope someone is archiving these…’cause I’m certainly not keeping track. I’ve been told by a local authority that earlier arrival this evening is advised. Is 4pm early enough?

Stevie (Jackson) and Chris (Geddes) of Belle and Sebastian

By Miwa on Friday, November 21st, 2008

In support of the BBC sessions that came out Tuesday, Stevie and Chris go deep in discussing the Belle and Sebastian’s early years…1996 (the year the band formed) to 2001 (the year Bobby replaced Stuart David as guitarist/bassist). And so much more…

Click Here

Boys (and Girls) on Film

By Judge on Friday, November 21st, 2008

Another film gone, more ridiculous photos taken.
This time : Fucked Up – on the road in the UK doing what they do best:
Wearing Burberry
Gallivanting with ladies of the night

In Photos : Matador UK on the Road

By Judge on Friday, November 21st, 2008

From the north to the south – the past couple of days in the UK with Fucked Up and Jay Reatard in photographic form, courtesy of some multi-talented photographer friends.

Fucked Up at Manchester’s Roadhouse
Photos by Danny North

And from our own Fiona Diffley

Jay Reatard at the Deaf Institute
All photos by Fiona

Fucked Up at Guildford GYC
Photos by Annette Lee, many thanks to Tom Ellis for the show.

Jay Reatard – See/Saw video

By Gabe on Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Jay Reatard’s first ever music video, for Matador Singles ’08 standout “See/Saw”. Directed by SUPER! ALRIGHT!

Watch the video on Jay’s page at the Dell Lounge



Matador’s Crazy House of Crazy Bargains

By Dean on Thursday, November 20th, 2008

To celebrate new releases of some of our most beloved artists of all time, we’ve set up a couple of CRAZY bundles in the store.

Pavement- Deluxe Editions Bundle

An add-on to our current Buy Early Get Now promotion, you can now purchase all 3 available Pavement deluxe editions AND the to-be-release Deluxe edition of Brighten The Corners. Only $50 and you still get all of the Buy Early Get Now goodies!

Belle and Sebastian Bundle

If you somehow missed the boat on one of the best bands of all time and have been drawn in by all of the positive vibes around the BBC Sessions you can pick up the first 4 of B&S’s classic albums PLUS the newly released BBC Sessions for only $45.

Jennifer O’Connor : New Song On Ugandan Benefit Comp.

By Gerard on Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

(Jennifer posted the following via her MySpace page earlier this week.  She’s still on tour with Amy Ray as of this writing and can also be seen at a benefit for the Willie Mae Rock Camp For Girls on December 3 (Zipper Factory, NYC) and Woodstock, NY’s Bearsville Theatre on December 12 (supporting Dar Williams)

Hey everybody-

I recently recorded a version of “Deck The Halls” for a Christmas compilation. Caleb Palma of the awesome Hard To Find a Friend blog asked me to contribute and I did (as did the likes of like Oxford Collapse, Bodies of Water, Jason Colett, American Analog Set and more….). The comp is available for $7.50 as a download right here, and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Children of Uganda Fund.

Brother, Can You Spare 440 Microsoft Points? – Mission Of Burma For Rock Band 2

By Gerard on Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

(now THIS is what we call a video game)

Lovers of the first or second most popular rocker simulation console game will be thrilled to know 3 Mission Of Burma songs are now available for the XBox 360′s “Rock Band” ;   “Mica”, “That’s When I Reach For My Revolver” and “That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate”.  The Burma 3 pack is available for download for 440 Microsoft points, or you can order the songs individual for 160 points each.  Whether Burma’s video game debut will prove to be as hot a seller as the Century Media Girls Of Metal Pack remains to be seen, but I must admit we’re feeling a little left out in the cold on this one.  For the past 25 years, Matador’s team of programmers have been working on “The Deacons : Escape From Johnny D’s”, and it appears there will be little love for our pioneering title with all this Rock Bandmania going on.

Fucked Up 12 Hour Show: The Movie

By Gabe on Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

OK, we’ll spare you a feature-length dramatic interpretation of the day’s events (but can we please start a thread about who would portray each member of Fucked Up if we did make one? I think Thora Birch could be a dynamite Mustard Gas).

Rhapsody made a little documentary about the event:

12 Hours is Forever

By Gabe on Monday, November 17th, 2008

Here’s to posterity.

Rhapsody filmed and recorded Fucked Up’s already-legendary 12 Hour Show last month at Rogan in New York City (and pulled a “Where’s Waldo” with their logo – see if you can spot it!). Soon, they’ll make much of the show available to the world via streaming video and audio, as well as cuddly MP3 downloads. More on that shortly.

In the meantime, relive the magic of the longest day of our lives with powerful takes on The Chemistry of Common Life standouts “Black Albino Bones”, “Twice Born” and “Crooked Head”:

YouTube Preview Image
“Black Albino Bones” and “Twice Born”

YouTube Preview Image
“Crooked Head”

Congrats To Third Eye Blind On Discovering Their Own Paradigm

By Gerard on Monday, November 17th, 2008

In announcing their upcoming indie / digital-only EP, the auteurs behind such hits as “Semi-Charmed Life” and uh….whatever their other hit was, have penned the most confusing, self-congratulatory press release this side of my early draft for the Condo Fucks’ ‘Fuckbook’.

Becoming superstars took its toll on the band members’ psyches, and as 3EB ground through the star-making machinery, they eventually found themselves losing creative control of their music and their image, until one day in 2004 they woke up and realized they didn’t recognize themselves anymore. It was then that they decided it was time to take a break — time to take a look inside, re-evaluate who they were as artists, and get back in touch with themselves and their music.

3EB have been inspired by the possibilities and potential that new media provide, and are discovering their own paradigm on how they create and reach people with music. They have toured consistently over the past two years, and sold out every show, playing in front of crowds of up to 11,000 fans, in response to an entirely new fan-base who have discovered this music on the web.

These new fans have proved that, despite a 5-year hiatus between albums, 3EB has in fact deepened its connection with its community.

It’s a pretty amazing piece of work, and aside from their publicist deserving a raise (if not combat pay), we’re now left to ponder the following : just what sort of groundbreaking stuff would these schmoes have come up with had they not “lost creative control of their music”?

Matador take over Manchester next Wednesday

By Annette on Friday, November 14th, 2008

Residents of the north, why go to one Matador-related show on Wednesday 19th November when you can go to two?

For one night only, you can see both Fucked Up and Jay Reatard playing in completely separate venues in the beautiful city of Manchester. But never fear dear Northerners, you don’t have to choose one show over the other (which would be as cruel as making you choose between Man City and Man United, I’m sure).

Fucked Up play the Roadhouse at 8pm (there’s a 9pm curfew; it’s an all-ages show) whilst Jay Reatard and company head up the Deaf Institute (oh, the irony) at midnight. There’s even enough time to fit in a Reggae Reggae Chicken Subway between shows. Anyone would have thought we’d planned it.

So in a nutshell, your Wednesday night should look something like this:
8pm-9pm – watch Fucked Up @ The Roadhouse
9.05pm – High-five/back-slap/shake hands with Fucked Up
10pm (approximately) – eat Reggae Reggae Chicken Subway
10.30pm – watch Lovvers @ Deaf Institute
12 midnight – watch Jay Reatard @ Deaf Institute

Tommy Silk – The Greatest Producer Of All Time?

By Gerard on Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Well, since Dick Urine, anyway.