Cavatappi carbonara

It looks a lot like mac’n’cheese in the picture, and it actually tasted a bit like it too. This is Ruth Rogers’s carbonara recipe. You start by frying the pancetta in a bit of olive oil until it’s crispy, and that’s actually pretty much the sum total of actual cooking for the sauce. You then begin cooking the pasta, keeping the pancetta warm in its oil and fat, but off the heat. Meanwhile, 6 egg yolks get beaten into heavy cream… this gets seasoned and a good amount of grated parmesan stirred in. Then you dump the cooked pasta into the pancetta, coating it with the oil. You then immediately stir the cream-egg yolk mixture into the pasta and pancetta, letting the heat of the pasta cook the eggs. An equal amount of grated parmesan is added at the end. It was one of the lighter carbonaras I’ve had, but intensely flavorful, each strand of pasta perfectly coated with sauce.

3 thoughts on “Cavatappi carbonara”

  1. 6 yolks is for 4 people. I actually cut the recipe in half to make it for 2 people… so my proportions were 3 egg yolks, 60 ml heavy cream, about a 1/4 pound of pancetta cooked in a tablespoon of olive oil, and probably a bit more than 1/4 pound of parmigiano.

  2. Oh, and I made about 250g of pasta.

    Sorry for mixing metric and US measurements… I think in the latter, but the recipe was denominated in the former.

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