Matador At CMJ 2008

October 20th, 2008 at 11:02 am by Robby

2008’s CMJ Music Marathon in New York City begins tomorrow (10/21), but for us, the festivities start tonight with Shearwater’s performance at Le Poisson Rouge (LPR).

Find below, your guide to the official and unofficial CMJ Marathon showcases featuring a trio of Matador acts: Shearwater, Jay Reatard and Mission of Burma.

With quite the live-act triumvirate and manning of the 1’s and 2’s by Billy Hayes and Times New Viking at the Beggars/Matador After Party, this’ll be a week to remember.

We’ll see you out!

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8 Responses to “Matador At CMJ 2008”

  1. Fiona Says:

    Santa’s coming early? Must be different in Chinatown 😉

  2. 9000 Says:

    chabad house was booked.

  3. Professor Griff Says:

    158 Bleeker?

    NYC Department of Tranportation fucks that up now and then, both in Manhattan and Ridgewood/Bushwick but… the Matablog?!

    No biggie but I (who make a jillion typos) did notice so others might too.

  4. Fiona Says:

    9000 I’m surprised you weren’t hurt by the apparent encroachment of Williamsburg into north Greenpoint.

  5. 9000 Says:

    i CANNOT stand when people co-opt neighborhoods for purposes such as selling real estate or promoting lame indie rock shows. in this case, however, matador is neither guilty of promoting a lame show nor of annexing greenpoint. they are, however, guilty of confusing streets with avenues amongst many other egregious typographic errors.

    griff says, go get a late pass. STEP.

  6. kt Says:

    “manning of the 1’s and 2’s”

    this phrase makes me irrationally violent towards those that use it.

  7. 9000 Says:

    wheels of steel?

  8. kt Says:

    that phrase leaves me disproportionately sad for those that use it 9000.