Sonic Youth To Release New Material On Matador in 2009

September 9th, 2008 at 9:00 am by Gerard

After rampant speculation, Matador Records can confirm the label will be releasing a new studio album from Sonic Youth sometime in 2009. Having fulfilled their contractual obligations to the Universal Music Group, Sonic Youth recently reached an agreement with Matador to release the band’s 16th album of new material in all worldwide territories, save for Japan.

While Sonic Youth’s status as one of the more innovative and influential bands of the past 30 years needs little explanation, the group’s most recent recordings for Geffen — 2006’s ‘Rather Ripped’ being their final for the label — rank amongst the current decade’s best.

For Matador, the opportunity to work in partnership with a group who’ve made such an profound impact on our roster/hometown/collective consciousness was one to jump at.   Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley will commence recording the new Sonic Youth LP/CD this autumn and we look forward to sharing further details in the very near future.

Please check out for details about their many recent and upcoming pursuits, including the travelling museum exhibition “Sonic Youth Etc.: Sensational Fix”, which focusses on the multidisciplinary activities of the band since 1981, and the recently self-released CD “Andre Side Af Sonic Youth”.

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37 Responses to “Sonic Youth To Release New Material On Matador in 2009”

  1. Paul Says:

    A marriage (seemingly) made in heaven!

  2. Jeff Says:

    Now if only they’d work with Yo La Tengo on a record…

  3. less_cunning Says:

    they’re gonna be labelmates w/ Jennifer O’Connor I am SO SIKED!!!

  4. Mike H Says:

    Fuckin’ awesome!

  5. Randall Says:

    Now if Forced Exposure would start publishing the ‘zine again, the circle will be complete.

  6. Funk Says:

    Who will they take from Matador’s roster to the revitalized SST in 2010?!

  7. Salman Says:

    The rumours are true! Can not wait for this.

  8. Benjamin Says:

    You guys have to sign Bob Dylan. Then you will be canonical.

  9. 9000 Says:

    did patrick wear his daydream nation or supreme clientele t-shirt to the signing?

  10. b. ill Says:

    they owe gerard!

  11. Gerard Says:

    actually, I was gonna lend him a vintage Death Trip films tee, but Patrick declined, citing the suspicious stains.

    Well, that and the fact it was size triple XL.

    B – I respectfully disagree.

  12. dodo bürd Says:

    way cool.

  13. Disco Pete Says:

    Fantastic news! The last 3 SY albums have been amazing, can’t wait for the next. Hopefully they’ll come to Toronto again

  14. will Says:

    i’m psyched that they’re going back to you gerard. they released some of their best stuvff with you at the helm. 🙂

  15. chad pry Says:


  16. Jo Jo's Pin Striped Suit Says:

    So who gets the Japan rights I wonder? Rumor has it that Jim O’Rourke will get boxes of the new LP to self distrubute not unlike a samuri soldier on a warpath with destiny.

  17. Tom Says:


  18. Mat Says:

    Sonic Youth on Matador records, that’s really super sweet, super nice, looking forward for the LP edition

  19. skunk Says:

    wowzers! i hope they work with cat power!

  20. Fabrice Says:

    Ah ouais? Sonic Youth de retour sur un label indépendant? Incroyable!!!

  21. the enviable trait Says:

    cat power and sonic youth on matador? this is wonderful news, even if i have plenty of respect for geffen.

  22. fairclough Says:

    who is the greatest – gerard or gerrard?

  23. Gerard Says:

    Steven Gerrard, obviously. Though his haircut sucks.

  24. fairclough Says:

    did u ever see gerards haircut – no doubt – i love the ever teenage cut of gerrard’s. kind of related to thurstons….

  25. Fred Says:

    Cool..this music not infected with creativity of the major major labels..

  26. Rodrigo Aranda Says:

    Matador es el gran sello que necesitaba Sonic youth para desenvolverse realmente como músicos, larga vida a sonic youth!! saludos a todos.

  27. Poop Says:

    thats mad awesome

  28. steven Says:

    cant wait for the new album! its been a long time coming!

  29. Ricardo Says:

    I hope to find their cd here in Brazil by the time it will be released. Congratulations to Matador and to SY: Kim, Thurston, Steve and, of course, Lee Ranaldo.

  30. Homeless Artist Says:

    Mixing! SY is MIXING!!

  31. charles Says:

    Yeah, SY + YLT = HEAVEN

  32. Alan Says:

    Extra special bonus goodies included with pre-order on the way from Matador!

  33. Ray Homelessartist Says:

    I want to pre-order! Where? and what is the goodie?

    It’s a great idea. I would have just waited for a download otherwise.

  34. ry X sonik Says:

    where are the posters i asked from you sonic youth guys? remember?
    i sent it to sonik death or was it sonik tooth? oh gerard, whoever you are.
    send me some.

    check out 13th floor elevators search impervious but dulcet video on youtube guys!
    that’s our band influenced by you guys.

    i’m ryan from the philippines,

    my home address is
    104 molave st., monte maria village, davao city, philippines 8000

  35. ? Says:

    This is not the same 13th Floor Elevators from Austin, TX, right?
    How did you guys get away with stealing their name?

    Anyway, can’t wait for the sy album.

  36. Laura Says:

    I’m pretty nervous to hear ‘The Eternal’. I hope that Sonic Youth will come to Argentina sometime. The first time they came i couldn’t go. So, i hope to hear them live sometime.
    God save Sonic Youth!

  37. ry X sonik Says:

    I wonder if you could play again in the Philippines.

    And this time in Davao not in Manila.