Jay Reatard Single #5 Pre-Order Tuesday at 3pm

August 11th, 2008 at 8:00 am by Dean

Pre-sale for the 5th installment of our Jay Reatard 7″ singles series begins this Tuesday at 3pm.

Here’s how it’s gonna to go….

On Tuesday, at 3pm EST we will reveal an email address on preorder.matadorrecords.com

Please send an email to the revealed address with “Jay Reatard” as the subject line. Those that email us in time to get a record will see a buy-link appear in the store when they log into their account within the hour. Make sure to send an email from your Matador Store registered email address. To be clear, sending an email DOES NOT ensure that you’ll get a copy. If you have yet to sign up for a Matador Store account please do so here.

We have even fewer copies of this 7″ than we had of the last one so we’re taking these extra steps to ensure that everyone gets a fair shake at getting a copy. That means less server lock-up, no waiting in the checkout line, and (hopefully) less confusion in general. Good luck!

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35 Responses to “Jay Reatard Single #5 Pre-Order Tuesday at 3pm”

  1. Tom Says:

    This is horrible. I cannot access my hotmail account at work.

  2. ry Says:

    Just create a new address and a new account today. Tomorrow you’ll be ready!

  3. pete Says:

    just register a new account w your work address!

  4. doug Says:

    I am faced with a similar issue, so when I tried to register a new account with my primary work email, I am getting an error saying “The supplied phone number is not valid.” Which is funny because I think I know what my phone number is and the supposedly incorrect number is the one listed in my profile (which I can see). This should be a big bowl of fun, huh?

  5. Ken Says:

    I think this is a good idea. Well done Matador.

  6. Dean Says:

    Hey Doug, could you email me the email addresses you’re using to register so I can try to fix your problem? Dean@matadordirect.com


    Left-to-Right: Lorca, King Buzzo, Dale Crover.

  8. evan Says:

    i never got my copy of #4 despite successfully ordering during the first preorder 🙁
    also never got a response to my email asking what was up 🙁
    hope to get one of these!

  9. Tim Says:

    I haven’t received mine either… I was concerned, so I e-mailed and did get a response on July 28. They said they were waiting for more paper sleeves before sending them out. So I hope that’s soon. There is hope for you yet, evan.

    We may get #5 in the mail before we get #4!

  10. Dean Says:

    Hey Evan, I wrote you last week! Send me an email again and let’s figure this out

  11. evan Says:

    haha alright, i think i got my email in within 10 seconds of the address being posted! let’s see how this turns out!

    i say scavenger hunt for #6

  12. nm Says:

    Did anyone get the link for to order the 7″ #5 yet? I was on top of it, but yet to get an email.

  13. ry Says:

    So, I haven’t received an email yet! Is this thing on?

  14. Michael Says:

    don’t have an email yet and there’s no link when i go to the store…is this working for anyone else?

  15. A Says:

    Has anyone received an email yet? I’ve been refreshing my inbox for 45 min! My email was in seconds after it was posted!

  16. Michael Says:

    Cancel that, I got an email. Sweet.

  17. Little Robbie Says:

    Fuck, I hope I get one of these. I’m guessing if I haven’t gotten it yet, I’m fucked.

  18. ryan Says:

    If we receive an email but don’t purchase the 7″ before 4:00, will we still be able to order? (Still waiting on mine, btw)

  19. brett Says:

    sent an email at 3pm on the dot, still no email confirmation

  20. nm Says:

    Damn! Did anyone else get an email otehr than Michael? This is killing me. I know (i HOPE) I was one of the first 100.

  21. Little Robbie Says:

    I’m pretty sure I had to be also. I got it in at or before 12:01.

  22. Dean Says:

    Hey everyone,
    At this point the confirmation emails have been sent out. Those who got one should be able to log into the store and will see a buy link on the Trapped Here page.
    The link is not time-sensitive so order when you want.

    If you haven’t gotten an email, I’m sorry to say we don’t have a copy for you. As you saw, the copies we had for mailorder sold out in less than a minute.

    Please send an email to dean@matadordirect.com if you’ve received a confirmation email but don’t see a buy link on the site!

  23. ryan Says:

    Thanks for the update Dean. I’m bummed, but this was very fair.

  24. brett Says:

    Dirty… literally hitting refresh since 2:58, sent the email, i guess im out of luck.
    I like the way this preorder went. i thought it was very fair.

  25. doug Says:

    Wow, I really thought I would have gotten in since I sent my email within like 10 seconds. Oh well….Thanks for the info, Dean. This was a lot smoother than last time 🙂

  26. timothys Says:

    Yeah, darn. My e-mail was sent out at 3:00:09… so it sold out in less than nine seconds!!!

    The quest to complete my set now lies with the middlemen…

  27. Dean Says:

    Hi Ryan,
    The buy link will be good until everyone who has a record reserved for them gets one, so get it at a convenient time for you. The madness is over!

  28. Dave Says:

    Hi Dean,
    I think this system is flawed. I have a bunch of friends on the west coast, and we all logged in right at 3 pm est, had emails prepared, copied and pasted within a second or two, etc., and none of us got an email confirmation. One of my techy friends said people emailing from New York IP addresses were far more likely to get through faster, even seconds ahead. Maybe a lottery system would be more fair? Just sayin’.

  29. ben Says:


  30. Timmy Says:

    I think this whole singles program (despite the glitches) has been fun as hell. I’ve only nailed the 2 most recent preorders, but was able to get the other three through conventional means (merch table and record store). My heart was pounding yesterday afternoon!

  31. Dean Says:

    Hey Dave,
    Thanks for writing. It’s really crazy how quickly all of the emails flooded in. I’m going through the orders from yesterday though and want to let you know that we received orders from Arizona, Oregon, California, Sweden, Ireland, Canada etc.
    Take care,

  32. Dave Says:

    I stand corrected. Thanks, Dean.

  33. nm Says:

    what time do they go onsale today?

  34. Michael Says:

    I wonder if they’re ever gonna send these out…cause I definitely paid for mine and still haven’t gotten it.

  35. Dean Says:

    Hey Michael,
    Can you send me an email at dean@matadordirect.com so we can figure out what’s going on? All copies have been shipped out