Permanent Records, Greenpoint!

Permanent Records is a new-ish record store in my neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. When I started doing my record store visit posts on tour, I knew at some point I wanted to do one on Permanent. I visit this store at least once a week when I’m in town. They have an amazing selection of used cds and vinyl and the right selection of new titles so when I want to pick up a new release they usually have it.

I talked to Marjorie (owner) and Ron.

Marjorie, Ron, Me
Marjorie, Ron, Me

JO’C: Permanent used to be in Long Island, right? Why the move to Greenpoint?

Marjorie: Well, I live in Brooklyn, so the commute is much easier now. Also, as much as I liked Northport, people are much more supportive of music here.

JO’C: So you like having the store here in Greenpoint? How long have you been here?

Marjorie: Yes, I can hardly remember what it was like before. We opened the store in Greenpoint in May of 2007. It’s actually more like being in a small town here in Greenpoint than it was in Northport. Which is pretty rare for being in an urban setting.

JO’C: Greenpoint does feel like a small town. I think its one of the things I like most about living here.
What are your favorite places to eat in Greenpoint. This is the one question I ask of all the stores….

Ron: Brooklyn Label – They have a good balance of veggie and meat selections. And the coffee is good.

Marjorie: The Habitat on Manhattan Ave.

JO’C : I go to Brooklyn Label all the time. I’ve never even heard of The Habitat – new place to go!
Ok, what do you sell the most of in the store?

Marjorie: I’d say we’d sell the most used LPs, then used cds, then new lps, then new cds.

JO’C: That makes sense to me – as someone who comes here frequently and buys like 20 used cds at a time. ****

Marjorie: I’ve always enjoyed letting the used collections that I buy dictate the inventory I stock. We definitely carry new titles, but our niche is more used items.

JO’C: What’s the first record(s) you remember buying as a kid?

Marjorie: Yes Fragile. Blondie Heart of Glass 45 and Parliament Flashlight 45

Ron: Kiss Love Gun 45 and Aimee Stewart Knock on Wood 45

JO’C: Marjorie, I think you are the first woman record store owner I’ve ever come across, in all my years going to record stores. Do you know any other women who own record stores?

Marjorie: Not currently…

JO’C: I’ve always wanted to have my own store. Maybe someday….
What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about owning a record store?

Marjorie: Well, being my own boss is my favorite. And being my own boss, is also probably my least favorite.

JO’C: I hear that.
And you do instores here at Permanent right?

Marjore: Yup. We’ve done close to 20 or so in the last year.

JO’C: As a matter of fact, I am doing an instore at Permanent on Saturday August 23 at 3pm – to celebrate the Aug 19 release of my new record Here With Me. It’s free! (the instore, not the record). 🙂

****I should not neglect to note that there is an awesome 99 cent cd section at Permanent and a 5 for $10 cd section. Also, dollar lps and really great prices on everything really – new and used. If you are a record store fanatic like me, and live in the NYC area, you should really come check this store out!!

3 thoughts on “Permanent Records, Greenpoint!”

  1. thumbs up on the habitat: great set-up, and apparently, solid bar grub. had the turkey, cranberry, and asparagus pressed sandwich there just this past weekend. very tasty.

    i guess we’re neighbors. hello.

  2. Thumbs up on the $1.00 LP bin. Last time I was there (Far too long ago actually) I scored nice copies of the Joe Perry Project’s “Let The Music Do The Talking” and “I’ve Got The Rock ‘n Rolls Again”. The perfect price to relive a bit of junior high. Still on the lookout for the third Joe Perry Project LP, the one with “Cowboy” Mac Bell of Thundertrain on vocals.

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