Jay Reatard 7″ #5

July 28th, 2008 at 4:07 pm by Patrick

That’s right… three different sleeves, featuring pics of Jay, Stephen and Billy. (Sorry, we cannot accommodate requests for a specific sleeve, and webstore preorders will be limited to one per customer.) Tracks are “Trapped Here” on the A-side, and “Hiding Hole” and “Dead On Arrival” on the B-side.

Release date is August 19.

We’ll be announcing preorder information shortly and yes, we have a plan in place to deal with the problems we had on #4.

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5 Responses to “Jay Reatard 7″ #5”

  1. plasket Says:

    Question: you keep saying that all the 7″es will be available on a forthcoming CD… but does that include the Deerhunter track (cover of “Oh It’s Such a Shame”) as well?

    (yes, I attempted to start a 7″ collection, but my plan was screwed from the start)

  2. gloppa Says:

    is it good

  3. vinylme Says:

    I want the cover with Billy on it. Its Sexy!!

  4. TimmyN Says:

    Oh great,
    and will the Jay Reatard Cover be limited to 12 pieces?


  5. TimmyN Says:

    … and here’s my Idea for #6:

    Two onesided 7″es on with side A and one with side B.

    I hope someone at Matador will honor that ;-))