Did I Ever Tell You About The Time I Met Stephen O’Malley?

Fucked Up rounded up their first stint across Europe with Matador in 2008 last night at London’s Water Rats in Kings Cross.

Set list!

Vivian Girls
Black Hats
Baiting The Public
Fate Of Fates
Crooked Head
David Comes To Life
Invisible Leader
Circling The Drain
Blaze Of Glory
Color Removal
Jacobs Ladder
Nervous Breakdown

A bit of a greatest hits session, with an encore to boot. Only one new track in there, but i’ve been assured that when they get back in August tracks from The Chemistry of Common Life will be making an appearance.

Some photos below taken at Supersonic festival on Sunday night… Now that was a whole other experience in itself. The Doom crowd didn’t know what was going on. As Damian rightly pointed out, probably the only band to make a joke on stage that weekend. (Also probably the most naked band of the festival.)

Photos courtesy of the wonderful Lucy Johnston.